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3.6 out of 5 stars9
3.6 out of 5 stars
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 3 February 2007
Chris Benoit and William Regal vs Ric Flair and Batista 8/10

A great tag match with a good blend of different abilities and styles (most tag matches that start off a PPV are above average)

Women's Title Match

Trish Stratus vs Victoria 3/10

A typical women's match you can see nearly every Monday on Raw

Tyson Tomko vs Steven Richards 0/10

A match that was made at the last second (literally) and was a complete waste of time SKIP NOW

Intercontinental Title Ladder Match

Chris Jericho vs Christian 10/10

One of the best ladder matches I have seen in a while and Jericho and Christian have great chemistry in this type of match

No Disqualification Match

Shawn Michaels vs Kane 7/10

This match had some great wrestling but HBK and Kane didn't seem to blend well enough so in some places it felt a bit sloppy. Plus Lita being at ringside was a bit annoying (but necessary)

World Tag Team Title Match

La Resistance (Sylvian Grenier and Rob Conway) vs Rhyno and Tajiri 4/10

Not as good as the other tag match but it was ok nonetheless.

World Heavyweight Title Match

Triple H vs Randy Orton 9/10

It started off slow but picked up eventually it also had some sloppy moments in it and the ending was kind of disappointing but it was a great main event nonetheless

Unforgiven was a great first class PPV that proved that Raw is the top rate show in the WWE
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 4 July 2005
Chris Benoit and William Regal vs Ric Flair and Batista: The main grudge between both teams was the whole thing with Evolution and Eugene, Eugene wasn't even in the match! Still a fairly good match though. 7/10
La Resistance vs Rhyno and Tajiri World Tag team championship: The only thing we realyy wanted to see was La Resistance lose, and did that happen? NO. A poor match. 4/10
Trish Stratus vs Victoria WWE Womens Championship: Why are nearly all payperviews ruinned by pointless matches like these? 2/10
Tyson Tomko vs Steven Richards: Who the hell is that person dressed as a woman who keeps annoying Tomko? Oh it's Steven Richards...That sums it up really. 0/10
Shawn Michaels vs Kane: HBKs back and he's opening up a can of whup-ass on that ugly psyco Kane! With a perfrmance like that we know Shawns still got it in him! 10/10
Christian vs Chris Jericho Intercontinental Championship Ladder match: Don't you just love ladder matches? And because they're fighting for a vacated title we know we're getting a new Intercontinental Champion! Definitely the best match of the night! 10/10
Randy Orton vs Triple H World Heavyweight Championship: Who's getting tired of Triple H being handed championship shots? I know i certainly am, without Evolution he never would have won this match! The match itself was very exciting but unfortunately the better man didn't win. 9/10
Get this if you like Triple H, if you don't like him then it might be worth it for the return of Shawn Michaels and a superb ladder match.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 17 October 2010
WWE Unforgiven 2004 Match Ratings:

1. Ric Flair & Batista vs Chris Benoit & William Regal 4/5

A great tag team opener with Chris Benoit & William Regal really working well together to beat Evolution member's Ric Flair and Batista :) one of the best tag team matches in my opinion.

2. Trish Stratus vs Victoria (WWE Women's Championship) 3/5

Good Divas match between two of the greats, which are Trish and Victoria. The match ended with Trish picking up the victory over Victoria to retain the WWE Women's Championship

3. Steven Richards vs Tyson Tonko 1/5

This match sucked and was complete rubbish, this match should have been kept off the card.

4. Chris Jericho vs Christian (Ladder Match for WWE Intercontinental Championship) 4/5

Great Ladder Match between two superstars who have had experience in a whole range of Ladder Matches. I wouldn't say that this was my match of the night but a match that is a good to watch, with Jericho becoming the new WWE Intercontinental Champion for the eighth time in his WWE career.

5. Shawn Michaels vs Kane (No DQ Match) 4/5

Match of the night in my opinion with this being a great match and should be match candidate for match of the year of 2004. I loved seeing the return of Shawn Michaels to get his revenge on the psychotic Kane, who had taken him out of action three months ago before this pay-per-view.

6. La Resistance vs Rhyno & Tajiri (WWE World Tag Team Championship) 3/5

Not a bad tag match :) some good tag team action with La Resistance finding a cheating way to retain their WWE World Tag Team Titles.

7. Triple H vs Randy Orton (World Heavyweight Championship) 4/5

Great main event with this being the first Orton Triple H match at a pay-per-view with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line. I have to admit that Orton shouldn't have lost this one, with this being his first title defense at a pay-per-view but overall a very good match between the two.

Best Match: Shawn Michaels vs Kane (No DQ Match)
Bad Match: Steven Richards vs Tyson Tonko
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on 6 October 2010
William Regal and Chris Benoit vs Batista and Ric Flair: Benoit is demoted to opening the show a month after headlining Summerslam?!? Anyway this a a very decent opener with an interesting mesh of wrestling styles blending together well, as well as Regal managing to bust himself open for the second Raw pay-per-view in a row. 8 out of 10.
(Woman's Title)
Trish Stratus vs Victoria: Standerd over-rehearsed woman's match with no high spots to think of; it's what your skip butten was invented for. 4 out of 10 .
Tyson Tomko vs The Mystery Woman: I went out of the room for this match but my girlfriend assured me it was crap.
0 out of 10.
(Ladder match for the Intercontinental Title)
Chris Jericho vs Christian: By far the match of the night, and only a notch below classic status with both men delivering tour de force performances in a hard-hitting thriller of a bout. Christian once again proves he is main event material, shame WWE wern't paying attention. 9 out of 10.
(No DQ)
Kane vs Shawn Micheals: If you can ignore Lita's distracting presence and the wedding/pregnancy storyline; which served to bury Kane for most of 2004, this encounter actually comes about as close to being great as you can expect from a match between men of such contrasting styles. Once again Shawn Micheals proved that he can work with anyone, and once again Kane showed that he is only as good as his opponent. 8 out of 10.
(World Heavyweight Title)
Randy Orton vs Triple H: A match of two halves; it begins as a slow building and heated match with great phychology, which is then ruined by Triple H using the same lazy, cliched, inteferance heavy screwjob ending he has been shoving down wrestling fans throats for over a decade to justify his main event status. Earliar in the DVD Triple H said he was going to win the World Heavyweight Title to spit in the faces of all the WWE Fans, job done.
5 out of 10.

Overall: An event with only a few matches worth watching and only one truly great match, you will be dissapointed by this DVD. However if you find it for a couple of quid its worth buying for the ladder match alone, if you spend any more then that your either rich, easily amused or a completist.
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September 2004 and all RAW branded pay per view occured and is a mixed bag of goodies and God awful nonsense that guaranteed this wouldnt go down in history.
The event opened with a good tag team match between ric flair and batista going up against william regal and chris benoit,this was a good encounter that contained a classic flair face flop when he got a good hiding then backed away and started punching fresh air and then fell like a bag of rocks,how the heck the wrestlers didnt laugh is beyond me,that being said,there is more to this than comedy and these two teams worked well together and warmed up the crowd in a good manner.
The womans title was up next as trish fought victoria in a real howler but compare that to the next match and the trish match was a classic,as steven richards fought tyson tomko in what was an unscheduled match straight from the vaults of garbage,this was the worst match i have seen in many a day,if you want to see a bored and very quiet crowd then watch this ,i get ill as i think back so i will stop doing that then.
A ladder match for the vacant intercontiental title was up next and it was a great match,it featured chris jericho and christian,this was a classic match and both men had chances,close calls,took a severe beating,some shots looked like pure agony,it was a match you could believe in,the crowd were quiet enough during this but maybe they were still in shock at having bought a ticket to see the previous match.
Shawn michaels fought kane in a no disqualification match next,there wasnt a great deal of hype going into this but this was a solid and well crafted match with both men taking plaudits after this,it wasnt an out and out classic but did enough to bring praise.
The tag team titles were up next as the champions,la resistance went up against the team of tajiri and rhyno,the match started well,then got annoying and then got very lame and thats it really.
The main event was up next,the champion randy orton going up against his old colleague triple H for the world heavyweight championship.This match wasnt as good as it could have been and it was certainly a hyped match but there was plenty of talking points,an eventful and chaotic finish to it meant that i was happy enough but there was some time wasted in it which isnt what you expect but not the worst main event i have seen,all in all a 2.5 out of 5 event.
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1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 22 January 2006
Unforgiven 2004 is presented by RAW and features some of it's biggest superstars!
Match 1- Batista & Ric Flair V.S William Regal & Chris Beniot: This was an okay oppener, apart from the fact that it was pretty bland with no real character, a big comedown for Chris Beniot after his world title regin. 6/10
Match 2- Women's Championship: Trish Stratus w/ Tyson Tomko V.S Victoria: Some good moves from both women (who, in my opinon are the best on raw) but Trish proves she may be the best ever women's champ by getting the 1.2.3, good efort. 7.5/10
Match 3- Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match: Christian V.S Chris Jericho. This had alot of hype, and in many areas it delivered, but i could'nt help but feel slightly empty afterwards,but still one of the best on the card. 8/10
Unscheduled Match- Tyson Tomko V.S The mystery Woman(Steven Richards) Just plain bad,skip this! 2/10
NO DQ Match- Shawn Michaels V.S Kane: This match was pure classfrom top to toe. the showstopper returns to take on the big red machinein the 'show stealer' of the night. Fantastic, and a good length too. 10/10
World Tag Team Championship- Rhyno and Tajiri V.S La R'esistance: I was hoping Rhyno and Tajiri would win this but hey, this is the WWE we are talking about, This had alot of potential but unfortunately it did'nt fufil most of it. Okayish 5.5/10
World Heavyweight Championship Match: Triple H V.S Randy Orton: This was a really great match from the start until abou t just before the end when Evolution played it's part in Triple h's 9th World title regin.
All in all this was a prety good event with most of the matches paying off....9/10 great event!!! just watch out for Tyson Tomko V.S The Mystery Woman... You'l see!
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5 of 8 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 23 January 2005
Unforgiven was a good Pay-per-view but was let down by one or two bad matches. The main event saw World champ Randy Orton go head to head with his former Evolution team mate Triple H. We also saw the return of Shawn Michaels and a brilliant ladder match for the Intercontinental title.
Here are my reviews:
Chris Benoit & William Regal Vs Ric Flair & Batista 4/5
Any match with Chris Benoit in it is a good one.
Womens Championship
Trish Stratus (W/Tyson Tomko) Vs Victoria 2/5
Boring match, card filler really
Tyson Tomko Vs Stevie Richards 1/5
Awful, Awful, Awful. Not even going to get into it.
Shawn Michaels Vs Kane (W/Lita) 4/5
HBK made his return and looked as good as ever against the 'Big red machine'.
Intercontinental Championship
Chris Jericho Vs Christian 5/5
Edge was forced to forfeight the IC title through injury. Jericho and the returning Christian would then compete to to find a new champion. Briliant match that is a definet contender for match of the year.
World Tag Team Championship
La Resistance Vs Rhyno & Tajiri 2/5
Poor match but it's always good to see someone as good as Tajiri in the ring.
World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton Vs Triple H 3/5
Originally booked for Wrestlemania 21. Decent match but it was marred by a bad ending.
Definently worth buying for the IC title ladder match and maybe the Kane/HBK match but the rest is just bad-average.
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on 5 October 2014
A great buy at a great price.
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0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 11 February 2005
It is well-known that 2004 was not wrestlings strong point unless of course you had access to TNA. This event was a good attempt to brush up but not successful. A ladder match provides the highlight of the card between Christian and Jericho, however if you are able it is worth splashing out for Rumble 2001 for a superior ladder match. Michaels Vs Kane is an attempt to carry a strong storyline in an under performed match. Kanes best performance this year is found on Bad Blood 2004's disc and recently Kane has nopt improved due to a dire storyline. Extras are as standard, the Heat match and interviews and promos. A good card but worth waiting for a second hand copy unless you're a collector.
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