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4.8 out of 5 stars75
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 28 March 2005
Series 4, 5, 6, and 7 of The Simpsons is considered to be the period of time during the mid-to-late 1990's that the show was most definately in its PRIME and hit the top of its game continually throughout this year and 2 more thereafter.
With the arrival of Series 5 of the show to DVD, this heralds the "Golden Age" of the Simpsons where literally every show (up until series 8) is an absolute classic !! and proves just how good the Simpsons used to be before it became a parody of itself.
"Cape Feare" has gone down in Simpson's folklore as probably Sideshow Bob's finest hour stepping on not one not two but nine rakes ! smacking him in the face ! Each greeted with the same mumbling distain as the last. Also Homer's hilarious "Mr. Thompson" skit where the Witness re-location programme agents just can't get him to understand ! - It's genius !
"Treehouse of Horror IV" - Contains probably two of the best "horror" shows ever. Flanders as the Devil "Smithers who is that goat-legged fellow, I like the cut of his gib ?" - Mr. Burns and Mr. Burns as Dracula. - A reminder of how great a character Mr. Burns is to the show and a great credit to Harry Shearer.
James Woods guest stars in "Homer and Apu" with the great Apu as a "humming bee" on the CCTV, Buzz (2nd comes right after 1st) Aldren in "Deep Space Homer" has the great "Watch out they're ruffled !" line about Homer's potato chips and even Robert Goulet in "Springfield" is great smacking Millhouse with his microphone in Bart's Tree-top casino !
All in all a great series show-casing the Simpsons at its peak, more so a great DVD box set which is quite simply a must-have. Enjoy !
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on 21 November 2004
Seems like Fox Studio is getting faster at pumping these DVDs out. This season is my person favourite when it comes to choosing. And I assume it will be jam - packed with great special features! The fifth season includes the following episodes:
Homer's Barbershop Quartet: While looking through old records, the kids discover their dad was in a barbershop quartet. Guest appearnce by George Harrison.
Cape Feare: Side show bob is out to kill Bart and the family is put in the witness relocation program. Includes the famous "hello Mr. Thompson" scene.
Homer Goes to College: After a nuclear plant inspection, Homer has to go to college. The episode is a send up of popular college movies of the 80's (e.g. Revenge of the nerds or animal house). Homer falls in with the nerd crowd.
Rosebud: In a long turn of events, Mr. Burn's childhood teddy bear ends up in Maggie's hands. Burns and Homer negotiate for the return of the bear. Special guests: the Ramones.
Treehouse of Horror IV: Homer sells his soul for a donut, Bart spies a gremlin on the side of the school bus (ala twilight zone), and Homer kills the vampire Mr. Burns (ala Braum Stroker's Dracula).
Marge on the Lam: In a spoof of Thelma and Loise, Marge and her neighbor go on a cross country chase, when her neighbor steals her ex's car.
Bart's inner child: A self-help guru uses Bart as an example of freeing one's inner child. A "do what you feel like" style festival ensues. Guest stars James Brown.
Boy Scoutz in da Hood: After a sugar binge, Bart and Milhouse find themselves enrolled in the boyscouts. Hilarity ensues.
The Last Temptation of Homer: When a beautiful woman starts working at the plant, Homer's faithfulness is put to the test. Guest starring Michelle Pfeiffer.
$pringfield: Mr. Burns opens a casino in Springfield. Homer works at the casino, while Marge develops a gambling problem.
Homer the Vigilante: A catburglar is loose in Springfield. Homer forms a watch group (read mob) to catch the thief.
Bart Gets Famous: While working on the Krusty the Klown show, Bart inadvertantly steals Krusty's thunder and has his 15 minutes of fame. Guest starring Conan O'Brien (who used to write for the show).
Homer and Apu: Homer gets sick after eating rotting meat from the Quickie Mart. As penance, Apu moves in to be a servant for the Simpsons. Homer and Apu then try to get Apu's job back.
Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy: Lisa fights back against corporate America's barbi-style image by producing a doll designed to give girls a positive image for themselves.
Deep Space Homer: Homer competes for and wins (by default) a spot on the spaceshuttle. His incompetence nearly kills them, and then saves the crew. Stars Buzz Aldrin and James Taylor.
Homer Loves Flanders: Homer sucks up to Flanders when he learns Flanders has football tickets. His relationship grows with Ned (uncomfortably so for Ned), until Homer realizes that Flanders is a jerk.
Bart gets an Elephant: Through a wacky radio contest, Bart wins an elephant. Unable to care for it, he is forced to give it up to a wildlife refuge.
Burn's Heir: Bart competes for, and wins a spot as the heir to Burn's fortune. But he renounces the throne when Burns wants him to fire Homer.
Sweet Seymore Skinner's Baadasssss Song: Bart's hijinks finally get Seymore fired as the school's principle. He re-enlists in the army. Bart and Homer try to get him back as principle when Ned Flanders becomes the new school principle.
The Boy Who Knew Too Much: When Bart skips school he witnesses a crime, allegedly committed by the Mayor's brother. Bart's testimony can clear him, but Seymore will know Bart cut class. Homer serves on the jury ("I know you can read my thoughts boy...meow meow meow meow...")
Lady Boivier's Lover: Marge's mom falls for Homer's dad, only to fall for Mr. Burns.
Secrets of a Successful Marriage: Homer teaches class as a marriage counselor, but ends up dishing the dirt on his own marriage. Marge kicks him out, and Homer is forced to look after himself.
A great buy over all and hopefully it will be a short time for season 6 like from season 4 and 5! The 5 stars are for the episodes original broadcast.
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on 16 September 2007
This season of the Simpsons is definately one of their best. Some of my all time favourites are in this series including: "Rosebud", "Bart Gets Famous", "Homer The Vigilante" and THOH 4. This season also has some of my favourite Simpsons quotes including "Don't worry I've been working on plan. During the exam I'll hide under some coats and hope that somehow everything will out" and also "Son, when you particapate in sporting events it's not whether you win or lose, it's how drunk you get"
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 February 2012
The season where everything is bang-on; the writing, the animation, the voices, it`s all sublime. Hard to believe they aired over eighteen years ago, but it doesn`t matter because they haven`t fact, they`ve got funnier.

"Homer's Barbershop Quartet" - *****, Homer tells of a time when he had the music industry at his fingertips.
"Cape Feare" - *****, AAARGGHH! SIDESHOW BOB!
"Homer Goes to College" - *****, Homer is in danger of losing his job, just because he`s "dangerously unqualified".
"Rosebud" - ****, Mr Burns as Citizen Kane.
"Treehouse of Horror IV" - *****, Three fantastic ghoulish tales, especially Burns as Nosferatu.
"Marge on the Lam" - *****, Brilliant Thelma and Louise parody.
"Bart's Inner Child" - ****, A self-help seminar is too light on discipline, causing havoc.
"Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood" - *****, Homer is confused how Bart can attend a Father-Son exercise - he doesn`t have a son!
"The Last Temptation of Homer" - *****, Is there a greater scene than Lenny and Carl as cherubs singing "Homer loves Mindy"?
"$pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)" - *****, The first time we see Marge`s gambling problem. And Homer battles the Boogeyman!
"Homer the Vigilante" - *****, Homer creates a vigilante group; "because it makes me feel like a big man" is on the reasons list.
"Bart Gets Famous" - *****, The cruel nature of showbiz revealed, as Bart goes from zero to hero and back.
"Homer and Apu" - ****, Apu`s village has an unusual way of apologising, and Homer just can`t say no to frozen shrimp, even if it "smells funny".
"Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy" - A great performance from Kathleen Turner, as a drunk creator of a Barbie-esque toy.
"Deep Space Homer" - *****, Homer realises that the Planet of the Apes was Earth all along!
"Homer Loves Flanders" - *****, One of my personal favourite episodes, brilliant all the way through.
"Bart Gets an Elephant" - *****, Another favourite, as Stampy wreaks havoc, and Homer proves he is a jerk.
"Burns' Heir" - *****, Michael Caine struggles to pronounce "D`oh" and suggests Homer may have a mental impairment, when Burns hires actors to show Bart he should discard his family and become...well, Burn`s Heir.
"Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song" - ****, Superintendent Chalmers fires Skinner, and Skinner and Bart realise they need each other.
"The Boy Who Knew Too Much" - ****, Skinner is like some "non-giving up school guy", while Homer enjoys perks of jury service.
"Lady Bouvier's Lover" - ****, Homer worries that if Marge`s mother marries Abe, then they`ll have horrible children with blue eyes, blonde hair, five fingers and no overbite!
"Secrets of a Successful Marriage" - *****, In a matter of minutes, a lonely Homer is as dirty as a Frenchman. But he just can`t keep his mouth shut about Marge`s peccadillos in the bedroom.

Not a bad episode in sight, and many that are absolutely marvellous.
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The complete fifth season of the Simpsons is presented here in box set, spread across four dvds.

One of those seasons that nobody tends to argue about the quality of.

Episodes are as follows:

Homer's Barbershop Quartet.
Cape Feare.
Homer Goes to College.
Treehouse of Horror IV.
Marge on the Lam.
Bart's Inner Child.
Boy Scoutz 'N The Hood.
The Last Temptation of Homer.
Springfield [or how I learned to stop worrying and love legalised gambling].
Homer the Vigilante.
Bart gets Famous.
Homer and Apu.
Lisa Vs Malibu Stacy.
Deep Space Homer.
Homer loves Flanders.
Bart gets an elephant.
Burns' Heir.
Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss song.
The boy who knew too much.
Lady Bouvier's lover.
Secrets of a successful marriage.

These episodes are eighteen years old now so the animation can look a bit basic and the voices can sound slightly different at times, but that doesn't take anything from the quality of the scripts.

Each episode has direct scene access and a commentary.

Some have the option to play them with deleted scenes reinstated.

One episode on each disc has an animation showcase which shows you the various stages of the making of it.

Languages and subtitles are as follows:

Languages: English.

Subtitles: English, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish. [All accessible via the language options menu for the individual episodes rather than any main one]

One episode each disc has a special language feature which allows it to be heard in either Czech, Italian, Polish or Hungarian.

On the extras on disc one there's a short introduction from show creator Matt Groening.

Plus a handful of tv commercials involving Simpsons characters that can be watched all in a row or individually.

Disc four gives you the chance to watch all the deleted scenes for the season [the ones that as mentioned can be added into the episodes] in one long twenty minute batch. These can be watched with or without a commentary.

The fourth disc also has a short look back from one of the producers. To the time when this season was originally broadcast and the show was becoming a phenomenon.

Each disc does remove some of the slight problems of earlier season dvds in that you can select play all to watch all the episodes on a disc in a row. And you just go straight into the titles of an episode when you select to play it, rather than having to get through a copuright message.

An anti piracy ad and a subsequent logo screen at the start of each disc can be skipped via the next button on the dvd remote.

So all in all it's a great collection for a great season of a great show.
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on 19 December 2009
Season 5 was another great season for The Simpsons and a progression in the show. Overall I would say that season 4 is better In terms of quality, but this is another season from the golden age of the show. There are some really great episodes like Treehouse of horror 4 which has to be the creepiest Haloween episode up to this point. It is genius with Homer selling his soul for a donut and the unforgettable jury of creepy characters from American folklore. What I was disappointed in was that the deleted scene when Bart toys with selling his soul for a Formula 1 car is not there and the scene where Homer's head is rolled by a devil henchman and it breaks open to reveal Homer has no brain is only on the animatic and it has not been animated as we see in the series 7 spin-off showcase. This is true as well for Burn's heir with that singing robot which is also not shown in the deleted scenes. The scene with that Indian movie from Homer and Apu isn't animated properly in t6hat there's no music and there's no sound effect. That's really disappointing after you have spent the money on the DVD you expect everything to be there. Bart's ride in the school bus from the Treehouse episode is edge of the seat stuff and enjoyable every time, as is Bart Simpson's Dracula. I love Homer's joke; when told by Lisa that something's strange Homer replies `I know, his hairdo is so queer' and then blames it on Bart. The Charlie Brown reference at the end with Milhouse playing piano is another snuck-in parody gem.

The return of Sideshow Bob in Cape feare is a classic episode and even though it's been criticised it is a thrilling watch. Chief Wig gum's 'Bake 'em away toys' followed with 'Do what the kid said' is great. Homer goes to college is one of the best and has some really good jokes. It's pretty bad how Homer has the Dean almost killed and he's such a nice guy too. The nerds which return in later episodes are also funny. Marge on the lam sees Marge in a developed role as someone who's led astray by Ruth Powers who earlier appeared in a series 4 episode. Lionel Hutz standing in as a babysitter is mad but hilarious. Boy scouts n' the hood reveals a dumb Homer who leads Ned Flanders, Bart and Todd into the ocean and bursts the Boat with a Swiss army knife. It leads to Homer saving them with his sense of smell which gives us a look at how Homer does have a hidden talent. Bart gets famous sees Bart appearing on the Conan O' Brien show who was a writer in the Simpsons at the time. Deep space Homer is a classic and features the voice of Buzz Aldrin. It's pretty epic and features James Taylor singing to Homer, who is in his usual dumb but hilarious role. Homer loves Flanders has a Terminator II parody when Homer hooks onto the car with golf clubs. I love the scene when Homer and Ned are at a football game and one of them recognises Ned. He says that Ned saved him from partying and women and showed him that there was more to life. Homer responds' Professional athletes, always wanting more' - excellent! The boy who knew too much is an exciting episode with Bart hiding that he knew the mayor's nephew was innocent but doesn't want to be found out that he was skipping school. There's another Terminator parody with the great scene where Principal Skinner is chasing down Bart. Lady Bouvier's lover has one of the greatest Simpson's jokes ever. The first time I saw it I couldn't stop laughing and overtime since I laugh so much. When Mr. Burn's turns up at the door of the Simpson's he doesn't know who it is so he asks Smithers who is jealous of him and Mr's Bouvier. So he goes `This must be Fred Flintsone and his lovely wife Wilma, oh and this must be bay Pebbles'. So you think it's gonna end there `cos Burn's walks in but then he goes 'I brought chocolates' and Homer takes them off him and goes 'Yabadabadoo!!'. Awesome! The final episode with Homer teaching a class on marriage is great. Homer tells that a marriage is a lot like an orange and starts eating it all. Then Willie goes 'If I wanted to see a man eat an orange I would've taken the orange eating class', which leads to Moleman saying that eating an orange is a lot like successful marriage with Grampa shouting 'Just eat the damn orange!'. I love Moe's class about dancing and says `if someone's dssing your fly girl you just give em some of this'! It's great to see characters out of their usual roles. Just like seeing that Moe shuts on Wednesdays because he reads to the tramps at the local hostel.

One thing which applies to all DVD's thereafter but was introduced into Season 4 first and is on this one is that on the main menu the episode list appears with play button or a plus sign which leads you to choosing commentary and deleted scenes etc. This was a massive plus and a well needed step up from the menu quality of series 3 and before. One thing I was disappointed with though was the crappy and uninformative commentary for the deleted scenes. Useless! Besides that this season may not be the best or have the best special features but it is a good buy for Simpson's nerds alike!
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on 22 February 2005
Having 3 other UK Simpsons Boxsets, I must say that this fifth season box set is definitely better. Maybe it is just me but it seems like more effort has been put into it, presentation wise. For instance the menu screen for each individual DVD are now more detailed and have animation which, whilst not being staggering, is quite amusing at least initially.
The DVD's and case are much more colourful. I now this is not essential but it gives it more of a polish.
Also there seem to be more extras. Most of the episodes now have deleted scenes which if you wish can be played as you watch the episode. A small pair of scissors appear in the bottom right and if you click play on the remote it will then play the deleted scene where it was intended in the episode. I like that. There are also the usual commentaries, interviews etc...
The episodes themselves are amongst some of my favourite Simpsons episodes. Some of the highlights are:
Cape Feare
Barts Inner Child
Deep Space Homer
Lisa vs Malibu Stacy
Homer the Vigilante
There are many more excellent episodes to enjoy. Even though this is a fairly early season I would say that it stands up to and even surpasses many of the later seasons. Not that I am saying that The Simpsons is starting to tire. I still love it but it has fallen in standard a little recently.
I would recommend this boxset to any fan and hope that the UK version is the same.
I was recently sent an Asian boxset of Season 4 and whilst the content is the same as UK/USA the difference in quality is marked. Avoid anything other than the UK/USA versions.
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on 25 February 2009
The Simpsons was in it's prime during season 3-8 after that it just worse and worse to the point where for me personally it's unwatchable.
However Season 5 with season 4 are the best seasons, with some of my all-time favourite episodes.

The special features are very good, there are audio commentaries on every episode. And what i personally like is deleted scenes which you insert into an episode and watch the episode with deleted scenes included.

The episodes:

Homer's barbershop quartet 8/10
Cape Feare 10/10
Homer goes to college 9/10
Rosebud 8/10
Treehouse of horroe IV 9/10
Marge on the lam 8/10
Bart's inner child 8/10
Boy-scoutz 'n the hood 10/10
The last temptation of homer 10/10
$pringfield 8/10
Homer the vigilante 8/10
Bart gets famous 8/10
Homer and Apu 8/10
Lisa vs Malibu Stacy 7/10
Deep Space Homer 10/10
Homer Loves Flanders 10/10
Bart gets an elephant 7/10
Burns' heir 8/10
Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadassss song 9/10
The boy who knew too much 8/10
Lady Bouvier's lover 8/10
Secrets of a successful marriage 9/10

All-in-all an absolute classic season which reminds you of how good The Simpsons was in it's prime, and a must for any Simpson fan, as well i recommend season's 3,4,6,7&8
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on 3 July 2009
Needed to buy this for a present for my 11 year old son.. Decided he wanted the season 5 at short notice. Couldnt find it in shops unless wanted to be paying silly money! Was told about Amazon so thought i'd give them a go. Great site, easy to navigate and order and amazing quick delivery time. Big smiles all round from me and my boy!! Well done!
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on 21 October 2007
This Is The 5th Season And Has All 22 Episodes Of Season 5!. Loads Of Extras Including Delted Scnens, A Look Back With James L. Brooks, An Intro From Mat Groening And Loads More. With Four Discs, 10 page Booklet Of Episodes... What More Could You Want? (Well Appart From All The Other Simpsons Season Boxsets!)
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