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3.8 out of 5 stars14
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 14 February 2006
I missed out on this title when I first got my PSP. Lumines seemed to be the big puzzle game, but I found that to be a simple Tretris clone dressed up in a shiny interface.
Mercury is where PSP puzzle games are at. Screenshots don't do this game justice - you have to see the blobs of mercury moving to appreciate it. And its not simple either - the puzzles will appeal to adults and kids alike.
People who see games like Wipeout or Everybody's Golf running on my PSP are impressed but they aren't seeing anything new or different. When I show them Mercury: they're blown away. Buy it now!
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on 30 April 2006
I bought Mercury as soon as it was released. Its an excellent game. Its based on the old marbles game but instead you are a ball of mercury which you need to guide around various platforms and complete certain tasks. There are 72 levels and each level is unique and different. The graphics are superb. Each level has its own unique style of music and there are also bonus levels to complete for highs scorers. Some of the later levels do get particularly tough and this is one game you wont complete in a couple of hours, which adds to its appeal. If you're a serious puzzle fan, I'd definately recommend this game.
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on 5 October 2005
Short and sweet review: Buy it!
I've just spent what could have been the most boring night shift ever, saved by Mercury. Excellent graphics that make WipEout seem ordinary, good music, and psychosis-inducing gameplay! Move a blob of (physically very realistic)liquid metal from start to finish; sounds simple? It is. Or it would be if you didn't have to worry about colour changes, bits of your blob falling off the sides, ramps, conveyor belts and other weirdnesses!
This game is so good one of my colleagues (who has no interest in video gaming)is buying a PSP just to get it.
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VINE VOICEon 6 October 2005
This is one of the few launch titles worth owning. Remember the old mercury maze puzzles? This is the PSP equivellent. Doesn't sound much, but there are many twists in the gameplay. Some of the levels are very enjoyable, some frustrating.
A near perfect game, my only complaint is that sometimes load times can be a tad annoying...
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on 24 March 2007
When I first heard about Mercury back before the PSP came out, I thought it sounded boring. However, I am a huge fan of Super Monkey Ball on the Gamecube and many of my friends told me that they thought I'd like Mercury because it has that same element of highly refined skill that Super Monkey Ball has. So I picked Mercury up cheap and was indeed pleasantly surprised by the depth and elegance of the title.

Each level is a maze with a blob of mercury in it which you move by effectively "tilting" the maze with the analogue nub. The other buttons provide detailed camera control so that you can position the view to show exactly where the mercury is going. Some levels involve pressing switches, some guiding the mercury through a tricky maze in as short a time as possible, and some demand that you lose as little mercury as possible (it is easy to split the mercury so some falls off the maze). A lot of the later and secret bonus levels are a combination of these objectives.

What I like so much about Mercury is the way that the levels require you to work out a strategy (it is not usually obvious exactly how best to get through a level) and then develop the skills, over many attempts, to carry out that strategy. In the same way that Monkey Ball was challenging and offered extra specially difficult levels for those willing to put the time in to master it, so too does Mercury offer steep challenge in the form of competitive in-game score boards which encourage players to work out the best possible way through a level. By getting to number 1 in the rankings, extra levels are unlocked with more exciting gimmicks and more elaborate designs.

Mercury belongs to that school of video games like Marble Madness and Super Monkey Ball and board games such as Labyrinth and Screwball Scramble: it's a test of strategy and skill that is immensely satisfying to master.

If you like games of high skill then you'll love it. If not, then try first and see if the Mercury buzz hooks you.

Some have criticised the game for being too short, but I don't agree with this criticism because there are lots of levels to be unlocked, they just require mastery of the basic set - Mercury isn't about rushing through doing the levels to a mediocre standard, it's about putting in the time to be perfect. In this way, the game offers great value for money.
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on 1 February 2011
...I'm amazed that one or two of the reviewers for this game talk about how easy it was to play. These are probably the kids who are able to solve rubik's cubes in 10 seconds flat! I have the reverse problem I'm afraid. By the time I got to the third room the puzzles were nigh-on beyond me. I'm sure this is more to do with my being a middle-aged bloke rather than the actual difficulty of the game-play - I wasn't born with a game-controller in my hand. In terms of the presentation and graphics, I don't think the game can be faulted - and some of the puzzles are fiendishly contrived. Obviously designed for someone with a lot more experience of the PSP console, I only give the game three stars because eventually I got so frustrated with failing puzzles that I took the game out of the PSP and resorted to my nicer, kinder, gentler Tiger Woods golf game!!!
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on 21 April 2016
Great game and a good supplier
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on 29 December 2005
Mercury was one of the range of titles released to coincide with the launch of the PSP. As is common with launch titles, it showcases the technical and visual capabilities of the machine excellently.
In Mercury, you are required to guide one or more blobs of Mercury from a start to a finish point/s within a 3-dimensional maze. Often it is necessary to change the colour of your blobs and combine them together to access further areas of the maze in order to complete it. Unfortunately that's where nearly all the game's focus is. Whilst very pretty, the game gives you an overbearing feeling of 'is this it?' after extended play. There is really only one single player game mode with multiplayer available over the net via wi-fi (but not gamesharing or local multiplayer).
The difficulty level starts off easy enough but as soon as you hit the second group of puzzles (of 6 groups or 'worlds') the difficulty begins to ramp up significantly until it is nigh on impossible to continue and with no alternative game modes to distract the player momentarily you'll soon find yourself frustratedly turning off the console.
Each puzzle contains a hi-score table but even the most seasoned of gamers will struggle to get off the bottom slot with pre-programmed hi-scores that are just too high to be realistic.
So if you want a pretty game that will certainly challenge the most hardened gamer then go for Mercury. If however you want a puzzle game that's going to continue rewarding the player with additional modes and unlockables then I'd recommend Lumines.
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on 9 October 2008
I purchased my first Archer Maclean game around the mid-80s, Dropzone for the Atari 8-bit computers. It was an arcade quality video game on a home computer.

Well here is another Maclean classic over 20 years later. It is original, highly addictive and makes excellent use of the PSPs capabilities. I would happily pay £35 for this game.
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VINE VOICEon 29 October 2005
Can be fun, you just have to be a sort of puzzle person to be addicted to it, but i do like it, and have found that it is one of the best PSP games available. So might you.

Great graphics and physics, aswell as sound and longitivity.

I would reccomend.
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