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4.8 out of 5 stars34
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 27 December 2004
What a pleasant surprise this album is...a sound for sore ears to be sure! With a less than favorable set of albums before it, Nightbird vanquishes the stigma we've been left to fight with for the last 4 years! The album opens with No Doubt, a gr8 song of ethereal nature, and sets the stage for the angelic environment Vince and Andy have weaved together. Other songs that stand out are "Let's Take One More Rocket To The Moon", the 1st single "Breathe", "Don't say you love me", and my new favorite erasure tune "All this time falling out of love". Each very distinct from the last and each with its own special spark of genius baked right in!
I believe Erasure will be farming in new fans in Early 05'! Many of a new generation to be sure...
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on 4 December 2004
Nightbird is the first album of original Erasure material since 'Loveboat' which was released back in 2000.
The result I have to say is very impressive indeed. Gone are the poor lyrics and quality from the 'Loveboat' album. Nightbird is full of catchy classic Erasure music, in fact many of the songs on Nightbird bare a striking resemblence to Erasure's music from the 1980's and early 1990's when they were at their peak.
There really isn't a dull moment on Nightbird. Of course there are favourite tracks on the album, but even the tracks I consider to be the weakest songs on the album are still very catchy.
The key tracks on Nightbird include Let's Take One More Rocket to the Moon, Breathe, I'll Be There (my personal favourite on the album!), Because Our Love is Real (a very close second favourite!), All This Time Still Falling Out of Love, I Broke It All in Two and I Bet You're Mad At Me.
There honestly isn't a single thing wrong with Nightbird. I think Erasure have a top 10 album on there hands here and it is easilly the best Erasure album since 'Chorus' back in 1991.
Overall, Vince Clark and Andy Bell really have delivered the goods this time.
2005 is going to be Erasure's comeback year if the quality of Nightbird has anything to go by.
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on 24 March 2005
Erasure have been with me off and on throughout my music-appreciating lifetime. They've written some of THE defining pop songs of my generation, and I stand up and applaud the fact they're still writing brilliant material together.
They've had a severe dip in recent times, and I certainly was worried they'd never return to past glories. Fortunately, they have. I know the whole 'return to form' is such a cliche, but it's absolutely fitting in this case.
I had the very good fortune to see them live in concert a few weeks ago (thanks Ken!) and they played a good number of songs from this album, and they translate exceptionally well in front of a live audience ('No Doubt' and 'I Bet You're Mad At Me' were just amazing). I left that concert feeling on top of the world.
The five stars isn't a balanced review - I admit that. There's nothing new with this album - it's Erasure by numbers. If you don't like Erasure, you never will, so go look elsewhere. If, like me, you used to like them - please give this a go - it's a wonderful album. It's easy with the deluge of new acts to forget about older acts - but these guys run rings around the competition.
Andy Bell has never sounded so good (and from the concert - has never looked so good also!) - his voice is just amazing. I've got SO much respect for him.
Class tracks here are 'No Doubt', 'Here I Go Impossible Again', 'Breathe', 'Dont Say You Love Me' and 'I Bet You're Mad At Me' (one of the finest songs they've ever done).
I will await the next album with anticipation now!
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on 27 January 2005
I am not a die-hard Erasure fan, I admit. I own Wonderland, The Innocents, Chorus and Loveboat. However, having read the reviews of Nightbird, I decided I would give it a go, as I have been a fan of Vince since the ealry days of Depeche Mode, and have been missing his particular brand of electro-pop.
What Vince and Andy have created here is a masterclass in electro-pop. From beginning to end this album oozes class, yet does so in a very soft and comforting way. The use of very soft basslines has made this album very very special indeed, as has the tip of the hat back towards Wonderland.
Some of this album seems quite 'tongue-in-cheek' to me, almost as if you can see Vince and Andy grinning like Cheshire Cats as you listen.
Despite the fact that this is unmistakably Erasure, and that there is a welcome return to some of the older sounds, this album still sounds surprisingly fresh. The perfect antidote to the rest of the dross around at the moment. If you're not a fan of Erasure, try this - you may like it. If you are, why haven't you bought it yet?
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on 21 December 2004
Having received this album early last week, I was still in shock over their last album 'Other Peoples Songs' this was a very big disappointment to me.
I am delighted that Erasure has gone back to their original style in writing and producing.
Andy & Vince have created one of their best albums to date with this album, I cannot fault it in anyway, I was hooked the minute I heard it.
Erasure doing what they do best, classic pop songs and melodies. A rollercoaster of emotions. The songs are some of the finest the boys have created, stirring emotions of Love, Hate & Tragedy....
Don't Say You Love Me, Lets Take One More Rocket to the Moon & Breathe are the best tracks and I look forward to the single releases.
Well done Andy & Vince on creating this album, you have restored faith in your fans. A great start to 2005, with undoublty one of the 'BEST ALBUMS' of the year.
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on 29 April 2005
I hear bands criticised for not changing but I ask myself... Why should a band change? Erasure is a perfect subject for such a debate. The reason I love Erasure is because I love the 'Erasure' sound. After their eponymously named album, surely their most self-indulgent and gloriously colourful piece of work, things started to go downhill for them. A flatter, dryer sound emerged and I wondered if Erasure as I knew and loved them were gone. If I'd wanted to listen to something different I'd have bought a different band's work. I wanted Erasure and now, I am glad to say, I have them back in full, high definition colour! Nightbird is the warmest, coldest, softest, hardest, lightest, darkest, sharpest, bluntest, sweetest, savouryest piece of work since the glory days. Andy and Vince are both at their utter best in this outstanding piece of work - every listen is worth the asking price - It's 'Erasure', but even more so! If you're a true Erasure fan, do the only correct thing and buy this album now!!
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on 22 January 2005
Vince Clarke and Andy Bell have made their best album since the self-titled release in 1995, thats ten years ago! the albums in between have certainly been mixed, the lowest point in their career being the guitar influenced Loveboat, a good album but a commercial diaster which had many believing Erasure had come to the end of the road.
Nightbird proves this isn't the case.
What we have with this album is a collection of very fine pop songs, the lead single Breathe completely encapsulates the mood of this album and fully justifies its #4 in the UK singles chart.
Standout tracks on the album are Here I Go Impossible Again, Sweet Surrender and All This Time Still Falling Out Of Love.
Nightbird has enough quality to give Erasure a well deserved hit album, if anyone still doubts their ability to cut it in todays music arena then then try Nightbird and let the music speak for itself as I think it will be a pleasant surprise.
Overall - a charming, well crafted album. 5/5
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on 10 March 2005
This album is Erasure back on form. I purchased it in preparation for going to their gig this month. After Other Peoples Songs and Loveboat, my expectations were not high, however, I was over the moon to find that this album is one quality track after another. I have listened to it over and over and never have to skip a song - they are all GREAT!!!! It certainly brought joy to the heart of this die hard fan. For anyone who gave up after Chorus - try Nightbird, you will not be disappointed.
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on 22 June 2005
I've always classed myself as an Erasure fan, but became disheartened with the albums they released after Chorus, they seemed to have lost their spark, but boy is it back now! After seeing them live earlier this year, I was hooked again and went out and bought Nightbird straight away and now I can't stop playing it. It's got everything you need in a pop album, slow love songs and up tempo dance classics (All This Time Still Falling Out Of Love for example). This may not be their best work, but I'd rate it a close one behind The Circus and The Innocents.
Even if you aren't a die hard fan, but like a few of their previous hits, I'd still buy this album.
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on 26 January 2007
Recently erasure have been on a slide.Cowboy was impressive but loveboat is easily the poorest studio album they have produced.This is why when nightbird was released it was difficult to see how erasure would return to good times. However they have gone back to simple electronic catchy pop songs.This is highlighted by the outstanding 1st single breathe. The opening track no doubt is my favourite andy's vocals are incredible. There is not a weak song on this album and my personal favourites are don;t say you love me broke it all in two and i bet your mad at me. I love this album it is incredible and i reckon is one of the best erasure albums standing alonside the classics of chrous and the innocents
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