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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 15 September 2006
I was never really a fan of Genesis until I bought this album for my Dad, and then stole it from him one night because I was bored. He highly recommended that I particularly listen to disc 3 because he thought that I would get on with that Genesis style best - and did I ever! This platinum collection must be one of the best around. The carefully chosen combination of songs work so well and in a way different to nearly every other band's "greatest hits" this travels backwards. Disc 1 being the most recent, and 3 being the earlier work featuring Peter Gabriel. This is a stunning collection of songs for any fan of Genesis and I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking to find out more about the band, as it converted me!
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VINE VOICEon 20 February 2006
For anyone wanting a great value album covering all of the career of one of the most successful bands of all time this is a great place to start. There are some excellent tracks on the 3 albums but too often the selection appears to be the ones which are verging on commercial rather than the best songs from the various albums. This is particularly true on CD's 1 and 2 where the epics such as 'Dreaming While you Sleep' and 'Living Forever' from 'We Can't Dance' are left off for more commercial songs such as 'Hold on My Heart'. It is not until you get to CD3 that the real power and beauty of Genesis shows through with some excellent tracks from their earlier albums - unfortunately there are not enough of them and the album would have benefited from more tracks from 'Trespass' and 'Nursery Cryme'. This would have allowed the casual listener to hear something more interesting which may have helped give them greater insight on what Genesis were like 30+ years ago.
However, as I said above this is fantastic value and worth a buy.
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on 22 May 2005
What can i say. I am 16 and i'm supposed to like the R and B rubbish but this album is brilliant.I listend to tracks of my dads old lp's when i was much younger and i loved them so i decided to buy this album. It has songs that are very hard to find and great instrumental tracks e.g. Behind the lines. The album also features tracks that are from the very early period like the knife taken from the album trespass which was there first album. The album also has a book which has a kind of story of genesis, telling you how they started and what happend when Phil Collins started to be a singer. in the whole A GREAT ALBUM FULL OF BRILLIANT SONGS.
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on 16 December 2004
The the writer of the sleeve notes on this album assumes that you won't find many die hard Genesis fans who have every track on this album. Whoops.
So if I already have all the tracks contained within, why did I buy it?
I heard "A Trick Of The Tail" on the radio, and even through the airwaves to my car stereo it became clear that Nick Davis' re-working of most of discs 2 and 3 are an absolute revelation, if you'll pardon the pun.
Hearing classic pieces first played on 1970's 'stereos' in their newly re-mixed form is like having a classic oil painting cleaned, or having your ears syringed!
Many of the previously inaudible secrets of these songs have been revealed to give even those who have enjoyed these pieces for more than 30 years a fresh perspective.
Ignore the pointless politics of the Gabriel v Collins v Wilson arguments and just enjoy.
You might think you already have many or all these songs in your collection. Trust me - you don't.
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on 6 April 2006
What an absolutely brilliant listen this CD is! Well to be more accurate I mean CD3 of this compilation. As a long-time genesis admirer from the 1970's i.e. when they were actually putting their best work together, it is a very useful reminder of the times. If you ever wanted to see (hear) what difference it made when Peter Gabriel left Genesis, and just how the band slid into pop mediocrity then I suggest you listen to the CDs in reverse order. The work from "Selling England By The Pound" is often under-rated, but here the selections are excellent, and lead nicely into Suppers Ready and Musical Box. If you are fond of the 1980s sound-bite music that Genesis produced there is also plenty for you. All the commercial hits are covered. To be fair there is still some good music mingled in on Cds 1 & 2. I personally feel that the tracks from "Trick of The Tail" and more particularly "Lamb Lies Down..." seem a bit lost out of their context but you can't help but enjoy tracks like Ripples & Carpet Crawlers.
This is definitely a good buy at the price. You'll enjoy the quality of the instrumentations on all three CDs and its so easy to skip those annoying tracks - thats what CDs are for. My overall advice is to buy it for CD3 alone and then you can decide on whether to buy any of the back-catalogue. I'd disagree with earlier reviewer about the very early work. I think there's enough from the first three albums. Once you've got "Suppers Ready" you've really got the essence of Foxtrot. Finally one thing they could have put on - "Match Of The Day" - you never seem to hear that one!
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on 29 November 2004
Three very different CD's make up this impressive collection. The first - covering most of the 80s and 90s - is Genesis of the top 20: a mix of well crafted, pop songs. Many mistakenly assume that Phil Collins - the band's drummer and singer - was responsible for this poppier sound, but the other two surviving members of this time, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford (of Mike and the Mechanics)were in on the act. Tonight Tonight Tonight, No Son of Mine, That's All and Mama are the highlights.
Most of disc 2 features the band in the late 70s - the sort of adult, lush, tuneful rock that Radiohead, Coldplay, Keane and others have rediscovered. This is a world away from the Genesis most people know from their 80 radio play and there are real gems here - such as Afterglow, Ripples, Undertow and Duchess.
Finally, and for me the best, is the very different Disc 3 covering the era when Peter Gabriel was lead singer. Experimental, long tracks, but not always accessible on first hearing, these are some of the best crafted songs of their time. The epic 20 minutes of Supper's Ready, the menance of The Knife and the stunning Cinema Show are mindblowing. Phil Collins proves here that he was one of the best drummers of the era.
Over the three discs, all tastes are catered for and the new stereo mixes are an improvement on the originals. Essential stuff and don't let Phil Collin's involvement put you off.
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on 14 April 2005
I must be one of the few people around who actually liked Genesis in all their incarnations, from the prog-rock of the Peter Gabriel era, through the transitonal period when he left but they still sounded like a rock band, to the more recent times when the output became thinly disguised Phil Collins solo albums.
This collection is unique (as far as I'm aware) in that it is compiled in reverse chronological order (with the exception of the post-Collins "Calling All Stations", which is inexplicably tacked on to the end of CD1) going back as far as the start of their contract with Charisma. The most popular or commercial numbers from each of their 14 studio albums are included, plus "Paperlate", from the "3x3" EP, which is the nearest thing to a rarity.
As has already been observed, most, but, oddly, not all, the tracks pre-1983 have been remixed, and this does give them more body, a fuller sound, like using the loudness button you used to get on cheaper hifi amplifiers. The tracks that miss out on the treatment - "Behind The Lines", "Your Own Special Way" and "Supper's Ready" - sound leaner but clearer to my ears.
Long gone are the days (as a bachelor) when I could spend a whole evening and fill the house with the sound of the complete "Lamb Lies Down..." or "Trick Of The Tail". At just six minutes under four hours long I may be pushing it to play much of this collection in mixed company, but it is great to have this summary of the band's material to dip in to now and again.
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on 14 September 2015
I know its unfashionable but I love Genesis, I have most of the albums on tape as I listened to them all over so I have walkmans, cassette players all over the house and in the car, I stopped listening gradually as I got more music by other bands, Now this is letting me listen again to the main tracks that have punctuated my life. Few bands have always been there for me since I started seriously listening in the early 70s, Genesis have grown up with me in a way, I still love listening to them, they tell stories of love loss dreams fantasies even nightmares, they are all here somewhere, I always feel better after a few songs, you will too if you listen, they are a great band that have been through it all then put it in songs for us to enjoy.
I can recommend this collection as one of the most complete ones without the stupid price tags, 40 great tracks
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on 30 November 2004
At last an album that gives a much needed overview of a band, once dubbed the quintessential English prog-rock band, I say dubbed as if you compare something like 'Suppers Ready' with 'Abacab'you are talking two different bands with certainly two different sets of musical priorities! Consequently there is probably something for everyone here and not everything for someone.
A particular strength is the price - a full length CD for just over £4 is a bargain, particuarly as a new release. But it's main selling point is the selection and organisation of tracks onto each disc. For me Disc 3 is faultless, a long awaited epitaph for a huge band creatively. Others are bound to disagree but that's just the point - each disc recognises a distinct phase in the band's artistic development.
A must for all fans and the best possible entry point for the curious. Surf the net and I'll doubt you'll find it cheaper. Doesn't the music scene need a new Genesis now?
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on 3 December 2012
I got into Genesis following Duke, brought all the albums preceding this, then brought the new releases as they came along up to We can't Dance all on vinyl! My favourite albums are the earlier (pre-1977) but I still continued to listen as Collins became more influential in the band, coinciding with his commercial success.
This 3- CD set is an ideal opportunity to get a broad selection of the best of over 30 years of studio recordings at a very reasonable price. The CDs mark the three major periods of the band, as a 5-piece with Peter Gabriel (CD 3), as a 4-piece with Phil Collins as vocalist (CD2), and the "And then there were three" period post-Hackett onwards(CD1). There is also 1 track from the post-Collins album, the title track of Calling All Stations.
As with all compilations there will always be some debate about the track listing, but in my opinion selection is very good and I agree with over 90% of these.
Most of the singles are included in the selection giving the album maximum commercial appeal, along with Paperlate from the 3 x 3 EP. The majority of the tracks pre-Duke have been remixed allowing you the opportunity to really appreciate the musicianship and beauty of the band. eg Firth of Forth. There are no tracks from any of Genesis' live albums, which is a pity, considering these contain many gems.
The case includes a booklet which gives a potted history of the band, with words of wisdom from the band. Really good value for money and a good introduction into one of Britain's most cherished bands.
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