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4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 7 April 2014
Kylie's second official Greatest Hits album, only this time a double CD that includes all of her brilliant smash hits such as "I Should Be So Lucky" to "Can't Get You Out Of My Head". CD 1 covers her PWL era, while CD 2 covers her Deconstruction era right through to her Parlophone era with 33 tracks in total.


1. Better The Devil You Know 10/10
What a way to start the album with this true gem of a classic, showing a transition from girl next door to sexy siren with this dancefloor anthem that may have been a risk but pulled off to perfection.

2. The Locomotion 10/10
A fun cover that was originally by Little Eva and yet Kylie made this her own, another fun upbeat track that will get you up on your feet and dance, maybe a bit dated now but that still doesn’t stop this song from being great. Released as her debut single in Australia hitting #1 over there and her third hit over here reaching #2 in the UK charts, as well as being a massive hit in the US charts peaking at #3 over there, making this yet another memorable track for the princess of pop.

3. I Should Be So Lucky 10/10
The track that really started it all, a simple yet effective and catchy number that made me fall in love with her to begin with, everyone should know this by now, topping the UK charts for a massive 5 weeks and topped the charts in Australia, Germany, Ireland and Switzerland, its pure cheesy pop at its finest.

4. Step Back In Time 10/10
Kylie goes disco and again a different sound for her. With gloriously cheesy lyrics and a funky sound that makes this an instant pop gem.

5. Shocked 10/10
An awesome track that continued her reign of hits becoming her 12th UK top 10 hit and with it's cool sound and sexy music video and even the female rapper in the middle still only adds to the brilliance of this track.

6. What Do I Have To Do 10/10
Kylie again showing off a different edge, going even more dance and clubbier sound. Along with a really raunchy video that makes this track a highlight in her discography.

7. Wouldn't Change A Thing 10/10
Showing a more definite sign of maturity in her sound, and her voice but still pure pop and instantly catchy none the less and memorable. Becoming yet another smash hit by reaching #2 in the UK charts.

8. Hand On Your Heart 10/10
A brilliant track first taken from her second album , a bright and fun poppy track, that’s instantly memorable, becoming yet another chart topper for her and quite rightly so with its bright and cheery music video and quite cheesy lyrics, but I love it.

9. Especially For You (Ft Jason Donovan) 10/10
Okay this may be a bit dated and cheesy but it's still a Kylie/Jason classic becoming her 2nd UK #1 and selling close to a million copies at 997,000 copies.

10. Got To Be Certain 10/10
A fun catchy and cheerful, the music is instantly upbeat that will pick up your ears and listen and really makes you smile, and I can see why this was the follow up to “ISBSL” and becoming yet another instant hit reaching #2 in the UK charts and hitting the top 10 all over Europe.

11. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourqoui 10/10
Slowing down the pace which only makes this track beautiful with lyrics about her singing her love for a man, and quite inventive with the French title and becoming another instant hit for her reaching #2 in the UK charts, originally meant to released as a double a-side with “Made In Heaven”, but as it turned didn’t need the backing as this track well and truly overshadowed the latter and quite right as well.

12. Give Me Just A Little More Time 10/10
Now I don’t care what anyone says, I love this song even though it’s a cover and it’s cheesy that doesn’t stop this from being fun and Kylie does show some impressive vocal moments on this track.

13. Never Too Late 10/10
Yet another instantly danceable track that you will not get out of your head, which flows perfectly with tracks 1 and 2 and this, was the late Michael Hutchinson’s fave track of her. No wonder this was the 3rd single peaking at #4 becoming yet again another smash hit.

14. Tears On My Pillow 10/10
A cover a classic 50’s ballad and doesn’t stray far away from the original. A short but sweet ballad that takes you back in time and again becoming yet another chart topping smash hit for Kylie.

15. Celebration 8/10
The only weak track on CD 1 but a great way to end the album aptly titled "Celebration"




1. I Believe In You 10/10
The first of the 2 new tracks on the album and what a way too kick off things with this Jake Shears penned track that's very camp and very disco and very Kylie.

2. Can't Get You Out Of My Heart 10/10
Well what can I say about this, Kylie’s biggest hit of her career a mid-tempo dance pop number with elements of disco with the ever famous (La, la, la) hook . Kylie has never sounded better and it really lived up to its potential topping the charts in 40 countries and putting her back in the American charts and further cementing her iconic status forever.

3. Love At First Sight 10/10
Now this is where things really get going, this stylish dance pop, which edges between both electronic and disco which lyrically it’s all in the title and of course had to be a smash hit and pure brilliance.

4. Slow 10/10
Wow well I must say that this is very different to anything Kylie has ever done before, and being the first single as well which is a mighty risk that pays off. This track is very simplistic piece of synthpop that’s very sophisticated, along with a pulsating beat and Kylie’s vocals are very laid back and seductive

5. On A Night Like This 10/10
A more club/dance sound, with pulse sating beats immediately making this an epic Kylie track, and the perfect follow up single to Spinning Around, with its summery vibe and along with a glamorous elegant music video to boot.

6. Spinning Around 10/10
The track that put Kylie back on the map, this smash hit chart topper that was originally meant for Paula Abdul, thankfully she turned it down, Kylie turned this into a joyous disco dance track, along with those famous gold hot pants which made her an icon and Kylie’s staying power was well and truly back on track.

7. Kids (Ft Robbie Williams) 10/10
Sung with Robbie Williams, a quite a different pace to the rest of the album, as it’s again quite rocky. But an instant anthem and a definite standout in Kylie’s epic career.

8. Confide In Me 10/10
The first single and a what a way to begin a new chapter, a big risk that has definitely paid off, her breathy vocals and more relaxed sound, makes this one her most interesting offerings yet, a dance type ballad done to perfection becoming a massive hit reaching #2 over here and topping the Australian charts.

9. In Your Eyes 10/10
Yet another fantastic pop dance number, with its mixture of house and disco music blending with her sensous vocals, which sound a lot more sexual on this track and of course becoming the perfect follow up to the mega hit (CGYOOMH) along with it’s perfect production and no wonder becoming yet another smash hit single.

10. Please Stay 9/10
A nice paced track, I love the Latin and Flamingo rhythms, which is totally different to anything Kylie has done before.

11. Red Blooded Woman 10/10
A much danceir urban flavoured track, that’s very American feeling, but still very much a Kylie record, making this a very solid sounding track with its catchy hooks.

12. Giving You Up 8/10
The second and last of the new songs on this album, an okay song but the B-Side "Made Of Glass" was a million times better.

13. Chocolate 8/10
Slowing it down now and becoming very seductive and sexy where Kylie’s vocals are very sultry on this track, which to be honest wasn’t one of my fave singles from her, but I have to say that this track does display a truly sexy romantic feeling to it.

14. Come Into My World 9/10
To be honest it took me a while to warm to this track, but in the end I loved it, it’s sound is remincisent of the first single but has a more dance and house style to it, and overall a decent track.

15. Put Yourself In My Place 10/10
Kylie going for a adult contemporary sound and pulling it off to perfection, her vocals sound stunning on this track and becoming one of her underrated songs yet.

16. Did It Again 10/10
Kylie going a bit more rock with trip hop influences and especially loved the guitar twangs to this song.

17. Breathe 9/10
A gorgeous track that took me a while to warm to but nonetheless this takes you to a whole other place very trippy and psycedalic.

18. Where The Wild Roses Grow (Ft Nick Cave) 8/10
An okay track, not one of my faves, but a very different and unique sound for her but not to my taste.


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on 4 November 2004
OK, a few 'Greatest Hits' packages have been released during Kylie's time as Princess Of Pop, but they have pretty much been about her old record labels cashing in on her renewed success. This CD, on the other hand, charts her music career right from the beginning to the present, and not only is it endorsed by Ms Minogue but it also features a couple of new tracks (including the spellbinding "I Believe In You").
This is truly what pop music is about. The oldest stuff from the PWL days is cheesy, melodic, simple and just great fun ('Hand On Your Heart' is post-Abba singalong cheese at its best), though if you want depth and enlightenment this may not be your cup of tea. As the 90s dawned and she began to assert a more mature image her music was allowed to evolve with her (enter "Better The Devil You Know", one of the high points in the history of pop), and she even managed to incorporate a rap on 'Shocked' :-).
Eventually the constraints of PWL became too much, and off to indie label DeConstruction she went. Though commercial success somewhat eluded her during this phase, the actual records themselves were brilliant, particularly the hypnotic 'Confide In Me' and the trancy 'Breathe' (and it should be noted that many of the other tracks from her two DeConstruction albums are excellent too, even though they haven't made it on to this compilation - worth looking into...).
But of course, the Kylie we know and love today rediscovered her pop roots after her relationship with DeConstruction came to an end. Parlophone signed her, they had a mutual vision of where she should go, and voila, she was back at the top of the charts (with the help of a pair of gold hotpants). The 'Light Years' album was a return to pure pop, but with a noticeably more mature sound and a styling with which Kylie was clearly very comfortable. The singles were great, and did the job of telling the world that she was back, but in my opinion it is a crime against all that is good and proper that the album track 'Your Disco Needs You' has not made it on to this compilation, given that it has become a firm favourite amongst her fans.
It was the next project that launched her into the stratosphere, and also managed to finally break her in the USA (well, at least as something other than 'the Locomotion girl'). 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' was the perfect fusion of song, star and video, and for me it provided a very welcome boost in the gloom of September 2001. The 'Fever' album contained brilliant pop tunes and a fantastically mature sound, and the four singles went down a storm on the radio (as they did on MTV, now that some serious effort was being put into the videos). 'In Your Eyes' is just pure futuristic disco, 'Love At First Sight' is so utterly joyful, and 'Come Into My World' gradually captivates you with its brilliance.
After a bit of a break (and the enormously successful Fever Tour) she released 'Body Language'. With this album and it's #1 lead-off single 'Slow', Kylie tried an 80s-revival-with-a-modern-twist thing. Though it wasn't a commercial smash like its predeccesor it did at least show her critics that she wasn't going to get pigeonholed in the sort of sound that characterised 'Fever'. The singles provided a welcome relief from the manufactured pap being churned out by Simon Cowell and his ilk, and of course we got to see Kylie 'covering up' for her latest incarnation as Brigitte Bardot.
For the die-hard fans this album will only provide the two additional tracks as everything else is covered on her albums (though again I must point out just how brilliant 'I Believe In You' is!), but for everyone else this is the chance to add some of the best pop music ever created to your CD collection.
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'Kylie Ann Minogue' was born in 'Melbourne' S.Australia in 1968.
She first came to our notice as a fresh-faced teen in the Australian-Soap 'Neighbours' during the 80's before she broke onto
the music-scene in 1988 fast becoming an International Recording Artist, her first hit of course was 'I Should Be So Lucky'
which became the first of her seven Chart-Toppers.
Things weren't always great for 'Kylie' in May 2005 she was diagnosed with Breast-Cancer which lead to her cancelling the
remainder of her - 'Showgirl / Greatest - Hits Tour'
Because she raised awareness of her condition she did get much acclaim, thankfully she got through that period and after a
complete break picked up where she had left off in terms of Chart-Success.
This 2-CD Collection which covers much of her Chart-Success between 1988 and early 2005
Upon the first disc other than the track already mentioned we find tracks such as - 'I've Got To Be Certain' (Chart '2' 1988) -
'Especially For You' sung with 'Jason Donovan' (Chart '1' also 88') which was followed by 'Hand On Your Heart' (Chart '1' 1989)
'Tears On My Pillow' (Chart '1' 1990) and 'Give Me A Just Little More Time' (Chart '2' 1992)....these among 15 tracks to be found
upon disc one........and on disc two......'Confide In Me' (Chart '2' 1994) - 'Where The Wild Roses Grow' wit 'Nick Cave' (Chart '11'
1995) - 'Breathe' (Chart '14' 1998) after a short spell out of the Top-Ten Smashing-Right-Back-Up-There with - 'Spinning Around'
(Chart '1' 2000) - 'Kids' with 'Robbie Williams' (Chart '2' 2000) - 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' (Chart '1' 2001) very few will have
forgotten the video-image performed for that one - 'Love At First Sight (Chart '2' 2002) - 'Slow' (Chart '1' 2003) and 'I Believe In You'
(Chart '2' 2004) - just some of the successes among the 18 tracks upon disc two.
Overall this is a great reflection of 'Kylie's' Chart Success up to 2005, certainly one for both collectors and indeed fans of this Lady's
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The first CD contains Kylie's hits from her time with Stock, Aitken and Waterman while the second CD shows how Kylie has progressed since then, up to and including her last UK hit of 2004 (I believe in you), which made number two (behind Band Aid 20's re-recording of Do they know it's Christmas) in the UK chart.

On the first CD, you can hear Kylie's UK chart-topping duet with Jason Donovan, Especially for you, as well as her many solo hits from the period such as I should be so lucky (the kind of song you either love or hate - I love it), Je ne sais pas porqoui (an English language song despite it's chorus line), Got to be certain, Hand on your heart, Better the devil you know and Wouldn't change a thing. There are a few covers and it was two of these - Locomotion (the Little Eva sixties classic) and Tears on my pillow (the Little Anthony fifties classic) - that originally aroused my interest in Kylie's music. They are both brilliant - indeed, Locomotion provided Kylie with her only huge American hit during this period. As to Tears on my pillow, I've heard several versions. Kylie should be proud of her cover, which gave her another huge hit. Give me just a little more time and Celebration (Kool and the gang) provide further evidence of Kylie's ability to revive oldies and take them high up the charts.

The second CD includes Confide in me, a brilliant song that Kylie took to number two in the UK charts. However, subsequent releases were somewhat less successful until the release of the album Light years. By now her style of music had evolved somewhat. Kylie returned to the big time with four hits beginning with Spinning around, which topped the UK charts, and continuing with On a night like this, Kids and Please stay.

With her next album, Fever, Kylie made an effort to promote her music in America so her first hit from the album, Can't get you out of my head, became a big hit in America as well as in the UK and her other traditional markets. Like its predecessor, Fever yielded four major UK hits, the others being In your eyes, Come into my world and Love at first sight. The next album, Body language, also yielded four UK hits - Slow, Red blooded woman, Chocolate and Can't start giving you up. It was the last original album prior to this compilation and the single, I believe in you, which completes the compilation.

While many will continue to dismiss Kylie (especially her early hits), she is much better than many of the singers she is sometimes compared to, and has proved it by lasting longer than any of her critics thought possible. This compilation is truly the ultimate Kylie compilation at the time of its release, though I expect more hits to come for Kylie.

Just a warning - if you got into Kylie's music because of her more recent material, you will find that her early music is very different. It is possible to enjoy both her recent music and her early music (as I do) but not everybody does.
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on 27 December 2004
Fans might be disappointed that 'Ultimate Kylie' doesn't quite live up to its name as some of the pop siren's smaller hits have been left off this best of package. Which is a shame as 'Word is out' and 'Finer feelings' are top drawer Stock Aitken & Waterman tunes, while 'Some kind of bliss' (Kylie's smallest hit to date at n#22) is arguably the best song the Manic Street Preachers have ever written!! Nevertheless, there's no faulting the brilliance of 'Confide in me', 'Spinning around' and the almighty 'Can't get you out of my head'. Some of the SAW tunes may sound a bit dated today, but with a back catalogue that includes 'Better the devil you know', 'Step back in time' and 'Shocked', resistance is futile. Of the two new tracks, 'I believe in you' is the one to watch. Co-written by Jake Shears and Babydaddy of the Scissor Sisters, the track grows on you after every listen. There has been many Kylie Minogue greatest hits packages released in recent years, but if you need to pick one, plump for 'Ultimate Kylie'.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 16 January 2016
key tracks...

when you look at this tracklisting over 2 cds, its remarkable to see just exactly how many hits kylie has had. from disco diva, to club queen, from indie princess, to showgirl...and back again. whats more, its quality pop music spanning over an amazing 3decades!!!

what sets kylie apart form the rest is the quality of the pop music. each song here has been a hit in its own right, and even non-kylie fans will know the majority of the songs which have crashed into the top 10 since 1988. from the first single proper 'i should be so lucky', to the epic murder ballad with nick cave, to her biggest hit 'cant get you out of my head', this album never ceases and there isn't a dull moment to be heard.

this is definitley the album to introduce a new audience to kylie, and for fans its a great way to chapter all the hits on one set. the only thing thats missing are a few songs that havent made it onto the album that were also hits such as 'finer feelings' and 'what kind of fool' which could easily have fitted onto disc 1. but thats the proof of the pudding...even though there are so many hit singles on here, there were too many hits to squeeze on, and even the tracks that didnt make it, if put onto a disc, would put many artists greatest hits to shame on there own. 10/10!!
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on 14 November 2004
Has Kylie ever truly been given recognition for the sheer quality of music she has released over the last 17 or so years? I don't think so - but this compilation should put all that to rest. But, I already have a Kylie greatest Hits you cry! It's true; there are probably no less than 4 different compilation cd's of hers. Why should you buy this one then?
As the title suggests, this is the Ultimate version. It is the only compilation of hers to cover all 3 record labels, meaning you get hits from every stage of her career in one box!
The early years; 'Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi', 'Got To Be Certain', the 'locomotion' and of course 'I Should Be So lucky' are very 'twee', however these songs really defined the era when PWL ruled the charts. No matter what people think of the PWL years, Kylie released some true pop classics in that time, such as 'What Do I Have To Do', 'Better The Devil You Know' and 'Shocked'. A startling omission from the PWL period is 'Finer Feelings' - a true fan favourite...
She left PWL for the 'cool 'DeConstruction label, and this is where Kylie really started to blossom. The truly stunning 'Confide In Me' & 'Put Yourself In My Place' are without doubt stand out tracks - no matter who would have recorded them. Her second album with this label produced perhaps some of the coolest tracks of her career, yet at the time was not recognised as such. 'Did It Again' and 'Breathe' are included here, but 'Some Kind Of Bliss' is strangely not? However, her incredible duet with Nick Cave, 'Where the wild roses grow' IS included thankfully.
After the disappointing sales of that album, Kylie was without a record label for a while. Would she revive her career?
ABSOLUTELY. Kylie came back with some of the strongest material of her career bringing her back onto the dance floor where she belonged; 'Spinning Around', duetting with Robbie Williams on 'Kids', the extraordinary 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' 'Love at First Sight', and 'In Your Eyes'.
Then she did it again (no pun intended). As with her 'Impossible Princess' album, she decided to change direction. It didn't quite work for the general music buying market, but the stunning electo pop 'Slow' and gorgeous, sumptuous and very sultry 'Chocolate' were definate highlights.
She has included 2 brand new tracks for this compilation. one of which is without a doubt, in the top 3 Kylie singles of all time. 'I Believe In You', her collaboration with The Scissor Sisters is an absolute classic and a return to her true pop roots which she had abandoned on her last album.
This is truly an extraordinary collection, and maybe this is the time her contribution to the world of music is finally recognised. There are a couple of glaring omissions, but that can't stop anyone buying and thoroughly enjoying this cd.
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on 26 November 2004
This Kylie collection is exactly what I have been waiting for. It contains all of her best songs from "Kylie" up to "Body Language", including all of my favorites like "Better the devil you know", "Can't get you out of my head", "Spinning around", "Confide in me", "Step back in time" and more. This is probably the most comprehensive Kylie compilation out there right now. Her early tracks have been digitally remastered beautifully. I also like the fact that the songs are divided into 2 discs. The first contains all of her SAW hits, and is perfect for your next 80s dance party. The second is more contemporary, and is the genesis of Kylie's career in the past 5 years. My only complaint is that some tracks from "Let's get to it" have been left out, namely "Word is out" and "If you were with me now", as well as "Your disco needs you" and "Some kind of bliss" from "Impossible princess". Since each disc roughly chalks up to 60 minutes, I don't see why the record label couldn't have beefed up each disc a little with a few more tracks.
Other than that, "Ultimate Kylie" is probably the best hits compilation I have bought this year. If you enjoy pop music, you should definitely buy this! It stands alongside Madonna's "The Immaculate Collection" as one of the best pop diva hits collection ever.
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I’ve been a fan of Kylie’s ever since she started in “Neighbours”.

I’ve now been lucky enough to see her three times on New Year’s Eve back in 2006, in 2011 and then her tour in 2014, (when I got some fantastic photos of her).

As the years have passed her voice has matured ad she sounds better than ever. :-)

Bought this double CD album back in 2010 as I’d been waiting for him to release an album with all my favourites on.

The CD booklet has an article on Kylie, includes some lovely still photos and there’s information about the songs as well.

I you were to ask me if I’d a favourite I’d have to say yes, it’s the entire double album as I enjoy every song. :-)

If you’re a Kylie fan then this double CD album is for you. :-)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 November 2010
We now have Kylie firmly warmed into our hearts. Whether you're into her style of fizzy pop, or not, everyone knows of and respects her.

Rather like a certain Mr Elton John, Miss Minogue has developed in front of our very eyes, made a few poor records and relationships but learnt from them. Had serious health battles and come back stronger. Inspirational to all.

Kylie's songs aren't my normal sort, but as this double CD spans such a long and colourful career and inevitably does include a few I really like, how can I not award five *stars? If Kylie really is your sort of 'out of a cornflake box' sort of snap & crackle pop, what are you waiting for?
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