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4.5 out of 5 stars85
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 26 December 2004
Wow! Britney's Greatest Hits...Her Prerogative! I just got this album for Christmas with the accompanying DVD and must say I love them. Maybe a bit early in her career to have a GH album but she's had soo many hits so think now's the right time to close this chapter in her career. That's what this album represents.
I've always Liked Britney Spears ever since I saw her Baby One More Time video when I was still in primary school. Okay Britney may not be incredibly cool or have huge artistic integrity and she may not be the most intelligent of us...but there's definitely 'Something About Britney' that I and millions just love! Think it's down to the fact she actually does have great songs their very cleverly crafted and are just great Pop records! Great escapism and still has meaning and you can relate to them especially as a teenager. You'd be surprised how much I have soo related to 'Oops I did It Again' and 'Baby One More Time'. Sad but true lol am proud! Her early records produced by Swedish Hit maker 'Max Martin' I heard had studied Abba and well I'm not comparing but his studying must be how he found how to make great Pop records.
This CD shows Britney's Evolution as a singer starting off all sweet and nice then the real Britney that I love so much more has come though. Especially suddenly in 2001 when she just decided to be herself and released 'Slave 4u' which showed the Raunchy Britney she always was. People were shocked but who wants a goody two shows Popstar anyways...Britney was by then a Megastar anyways, a household name. She just got better and better. The Euro version of GH:MP is the best includes like all her singles and a bit more. We get three new songs and oh so many hits. Put it on and you'll wonder why you know every word! (Coz it's great pop music) Al her singles are here we all know, it's nice to have them all on one CD! We get all the hits from Baby all the way to her latest single the great cover (Which is sucha grower and pretty good song) My Prerogative. I won't dwell on the songs as if you've not been living under a rock for the past 6 years you'll know at least some of these songs. Also find out for yourself. Listen to the samples here if you wanna hear the songs on the album. Britney does great sexy dance songs such as 'Slave' and 'Toxic' to meaningful ballads such as the haunting and critically accepted (Kinda) 'Everytime'. These are definitely the highlights in my eyes.
The album is presented in a beautifully designed Digipak case with platinum reflective foil type packaging with a now Iconic Image of Britney looking well Absolutely Fabulous! The front cover also has a cool Embossed Lace design which is fab too! It folds out into a three-compartment set. The first Embossed lace cover housing the gorge booklet, which has many photos of Brit and some career info. It's all very deluxe! The second has the actual GH:MP CD! With a great shot of Britney behind in silver cool effect. And the third as the Bonus Remix CD! With a shot form her 'I Love Rock N' Roll' video behind the clear CD tray. So all very classy indeed.
We all know Britney Idolizes a lot of us including me! So of course she will have it reminiscent to Madonna's 'The Immaculate Collection' another amazing hits compilation. Madonna is the opposite of Britney tho but must admit way more artistically Innovative and well she's MADONNA! So anyways the new two songs at the end and Britney added a new hit to start it off. Love the My Prerogative title btw! And the fabulous photo on the cover very iconic. Tho M's TIC did have a logo artwork. But the cover pic has something reminiscent of the interior of M's TIC booklet. I feel anyways. With modern ways Brit has made her's extremely fabulous with the whole Platinum deluxe packaging thing going on. Oh must say cute collage of Brit's album & single cover sis ace too! The collage of photos and memorabilia in the booklet is just great!
The tracklisting is flawless practically all the hits you consider to go here are here. Maybe except 'From The Bottom Of my Broken Heart' but it wasn't a UK single anyways. Though must add the song here 'Overprotected' isn't the Darkchild remix it's the original which is way better anyway...but may have been a nice bonus to include both versions. There's about 10 mins left on the CD...oh well. Boys has the single remix included which I also think the original is better but it's nice to have it. All in all a great Greatest Hits Package here! A Must for your record collection. Of Any Pop Music Lover or collector. I'm sure this is the first volume of Britney's Greatest Hits! Can't wait til' next time! Go Britney Keep On Rockin'! I Luv Britney 'Loud N' proud'
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on 23 November 2004
Spears' career has had it's ups and downs. Her debut single "...Baby One More Time" was an instant classic, but the follow up, "Sometimes", was awful. Things didn't really pick up amazingly until her second album, with the fantastic title track "Oops!...I Did It Again". A better album, but the singles (with the exception of "Oops!" and "Stronger") weren't as good.
Then, without any real warning, things started to turn around greatly. Her third self titled offering was fantastically done, very little filler, and a whole lot of killer. Lead single "I'm A Slave 4 U" was the standout, definitely, but it was unwise to overlook "Overprotected", "Boys" or even her cover of "I Love Rock & Roll". Even the initially nauseating CrossRoads ballad "I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman" was a grower. Spears' credibility continued with her fourth album, In The Zone, which featured contributions from Madonna, the Ying Yang Twins, Moby and R. Kelly, among others.
It is telling that the real standout track on Greatest Hits: My Prerogative is from In The Zone. "Toxic", with it's orchestral strings and mid-tempo dance beat, is a playful joy of a track, and in my opinion, Spears' best yet. GH:MP really is a collection of practically perfect pop music. If duff tracks such as "Sometimes", "Lucky" and "Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know" had been cut, then the collection would be damn near pop's classic hits collection (Madonna's Immaculate Collection) in quality.
All the Britney hits we know and love are here - from the debut "...Baby" to the gorgeous "Everytime", with three 'new' tracks included for good measure. The first is a reworking of Bobby Brown's 1980s classic "My Prerogative". I myself believe that Brown's original lacked production, and the overproduced R&B/Dance sound of Britney's cover sounds fantastic. When Britney growls "I see nothing wrong in spreadin' myself around!" you really do believe her.
Second new track on the collection is "I've Just Begun", an outake from the In The Zone sessions. Some may recognise the track from Special Editions of In The Zone. It's funky and catchy, sounding at times vaguely like No Doubt's brilliant "Hella Good". Another potential hit for Britney, if she wasn't taking a break.
But for those with Britney's previous albums intact, there are two real bonuses with this collection. Firstly, closing track "Do Somethin'" and the extra disc. On "Do Somethin'", which follows "My Prerogative" brilliantly, Britney yells "I see you lookin' at me like I'm some kinda freak! Get up outta ya seat - why don'cha do somethin'?" with more attitude than she has in any previous song. If only she'd release "Do Somethin'" before her break, she could have a massive hit on her hands (especially with the right video), but that's quite unlikely.
As for the bonus disc, the remixes are all good, but a majority are too lengthy. The remixes of "Toxic", "Breathe On Me" and "I'm A Slave 4 U" spring particularly to mind. The real standouts here are the Hi-Bias Radio Edit of "Everytime", a nightclub love song to rival such club hits as Angel City's great "Do You Know", the JXL Remix of "Outrageous", in which Britney goes all reggae on us (reminiscent slightly of "The Hook Up" from In The Zone). Finally, the absolute stunner of the bonus disc comes right at the end. The "Chris Cox Megamix" is an incredible rush through "...Baby", "Crazy", "Slave", "Oops!", "Stronger", "Everytime", "Overprotected" and "Toxic". Sounds weird, I know, but listen to it. It's brilliant, and a good single choice (the video is currently being rotated on the music channels).
So, all in all, My Prerogative is a fabulous celebration of all things Britney. Oh, hell... all things pop. One little ommission - all the tracklistings suggest that the DarkChild remix of "Overprotected" is featured. It's not. It's the original version - but they're both as good as eachother, so who cares?
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on 17 November 2004
I must say first, that I am not the biggest fan of Britneys. Often her voice, unless controlled can be too nasal sounding and 'effected'.
HOWEVER, this really is an outstanding greatest hits package, jam packed with dance floor fillers (such as 'Toxic', 'Stronger' and 'Crazy'), perfect pop ('Oops! I Did It Again', 'Born To Make You Happy' and the iconic 'Baby One More Time'), at times sexy (as in the Prince-ish 'I'm A Slave 4 U' and 'Boys') and gorgeous ballads ('Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know', 'Sometimes' and 'Everytime'). This cd also includes a duet with Madonna, the dance floor hit 'Me Against The Music' - Madonna's only single duet in her 21 year career, quite a coup for Britney. With a couple of new hits to, the best of which is an electro-pop cover of Bobby Browns early 90's hit 'My Prerogative'. The only weak moments for me are 'I Love Rock 'N' Roll', which to be honest isn't bad, just not worthy of inclusion, and the pleasant 'I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman' (which was co-written with Dido, though she remains un-credited). As for 'Lucky' this really is one of the most saccharine sweet pieces of pop I've ever heard, however, I can't help enjoying it.
This really is an excellent hits package, and one that must make fans of hers long to see what she will do next.
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on 27 March 2005
As a die hard fan of pop music, i really appreciate a good Britney tune. Throw her greatest hits at me, and i'm just gonna get excited. I agree with certain reviews in that maybe it is too soon to give us this treat, as far as i know Britney wasn't overly keen on releasing this now either, which may be why she has not promoted it. Perhaps it should have been called Britney The Hits or something. Because all of her material is here, not the Greatest, all of it...If you're a fan of the occasional Britney track, this is worth your money too. The queen of pop, and probably biggest pop icon of the 90s/noughties has delivered an album of 19 tracks, of which atleast 15 will have you bopping in your kitchen. Ear candy this definitely is. As of March 2005, 4 million people seem to agree.
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This album contains many of 'The Lady's' hits up to and including 2004'
Must admit, though I wouldn't call myself a fan, I did like much of the
material she had released up to that time.
Her chart success both sides of the 'Atlantic' is of course 'phenomenal'
Up to 2004 'Britiney' had achieved '5' U.K Number Ones those being....
'Baby One More Time' (1999) 'Born To Make You Happy' (2000) the same
year 'OOOP's ! ...I Did It Again' 'Toxic' (2004) and again the same year
'Everytime' The Title track of this release 'My Prerogative' reached number '3'
also in 2004.
Of course between 1999 and 2004 she had many, many Top Ten Hits in addition
to the numbers I've already listed.
Among some of the other well known numbers on-board......'I'm A Slave 4 U' ..
(Chart '4' 2001) 'Stronger' (Chart '7' 2000) I'm Not A Woman Yet' (Chart '2'
2002) along with her version of the 'Joan Jett' Smash-Hit 'I Love Rock 'N' Roll'
(Chart '13' 2002) I've listed just some of the Twenty Tracks harboured on this
'Britney' album.
Certainly 'POP' wall to wall, the Lady has certainly had her fair share of bad-press
down the years, however if you enjoy her music this is a pretty representative
album, of course she continues to Chart and had many hits beyond the release
of this album.
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on 26 December 2004
hi i think that this album is great. It is so good im going to keep it all my life and i said that about the very first one she did and what did i do i cept it. I think that this one is so good ill do the same with it.
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on 10 January 2009
This album is packed full of Britney's most successful songs, from her first album to her fourth album.
1. My prerogative. A great start to a outstanding album, great backround. 10/10

2. Toxic. In my opinion one of Britney's best songs,great to dance to.10/10

3. I'm a slave 4U. Another one of Britney's best songs,sticks in your head, very catchy. 10/10

4.Oops! I did it again. Good song,never get bored with it. 9/10

5. Me against the music. Quite good, not my favourite Britney song though.7/10

6. Stronger. Very powerful,emotional song with lots of feeling to it.8/10

I'm not very keen on slower songs for Britney I prefer her faster songs with more beat but this i still a good song to sing. 7/10

8.Hit me baby one more time. Britney's first ever song and very memorable. 9/10

9. You drive me crazy. Britney at her best good beat. 10/10

10. Boys. Good song not up to the standard of some of the other songs on this album but still high quality. 8/10

11. This song in my opinion is the weakest and most dissapointing song on the whole album, as it's very boring and repetitive. Just goes on and on. 4/10

12. Overprotected. Another great hit. 8/10
13. Lucky. Great melody and lyrics. 8/10
14. Outrageous. One of my favourites 9/10.
15. Don't let me be tha last to know .Very boring and repetitive,forgetable.4/10

16. Born to make you happy.Another weaker song. 4/10
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on 23 January 2005
Britney just keeps on proving to the world that SHE IS WORTHY of the Pop Queen Crown! Since strutted in with ....Baby One More Time at the tender age of 16.....we've been glued to our screens! And addicted to her sound.
Not many people know that this Woman actually writes, co-produces and arranges alot of her songs. She plays instruments including the piano and the guitar too people!!
Anyway, to the point. The Greatest Hits is EXCELLENT for any Britney fan or occasional listener. It's packed with all her famous hits....with some addes newbies. Including an amazingly attitude packed song called Do Somethin' which is pure grown up Elektro Pop.
From Baby One More Time, to Oops!, to Slave 4 u - Me against the music....Toxic and My Perogative! It's insanely cram packed with Britney goodness.....and naughtiness! lol.
Listening to this CD takes you back, and makes you realise why you liked her in the first place, and why she's so hugely successful and still around!
This artist has staying power.....and the hits just keep pumping out!
The Bonus CD is excellent with some remixes....a few remixed by The Pop Kitten herself.
Well worth the money!
I suggest when you buy buy the DVD too! Becaused the DVD is something soooo advanced and special!!
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on 29 April 2009
I bought this album for a girlfriend and she seems to love it! As far as I know, 'Toxic' is the best track La Spears has released to date, whilst the song that thrust (literally) her into global superstardom 'Hit Me Baby...' is as vibrant and hypnotically danceable as it ever was. The remix album feels a bit tacked-on but at least it represents an attempt to give fans value for money.
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on 27 January 2005
Fabulous album,I love to listen to this whenever im getting ready to go out.The incredibly sexy "my prerogative" starts the album and it continues from there, all your favourite brit songs plus another 2 previously unreleased. Great for singing along to and dancing round your bedroom (even if you are over 18!)
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