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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 20 June 2005
..When it's perfect? This, contrary to what many people will have you believe, is Rammstein's best album. The creativity and variety in it is staggering: the themes of love, sex and death are still there, but handled in very different ways. Dalai Lama, a song about the fear of flying, is based (loosely) on an old German poem, "Der Erlkönig", and carries through all the sinister malice of the original. See what I mean about creativity? You don't see many other contemporary bands doing that!
Best song on the album in my opinion is Stein Um Stein. It's enough to make a grown man weep.
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VINE VOICEon 17 November 2004
Unlike Sum 41's astonishingly inaccurately titled album, Rammstein have managed a trick not pulled off (by anyone except themselves) since Faith No More put out Angel Dust in the early 1990's and produced an album of consistently high quality, with not a single duff track on the entire disc.
Rammstein, uniquely, have a habit of doing this - I considered writing a review of Mutter a few years ago saying much the same, and their trademark sound ramains as strong as it ever was. One has to wonder if somewhere in East Germany in the 1980's the DNA of Motorhead, Reni Leifenstahl, JS Bach and Gary Numan was somehow spliced into one consumate music producing entity which started producing music and simply hasn't stopped.
As an album, just plain great. The best thing I've heard, a couple of years ago, and probably the best overall since the glory days of Faith no More or AC/DC a long, long time ago.
Just plain great.
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on 2 October 2004
The latest Rammstein album, Reise Reise, is truly one of the best albums I have been lucky enough to enjoy lately, and in my opinion, one of their best. Herzeleid is still in my book an incredible album, but this latest release reminds me of it in a way. Back then, Herzeleid was a major leap, and one of a kind. Nothing sounded like it before, and many tried so hard to sound like it after. Sehnsucht was different, and I am glad they did not continue to follow that path, as it would have been without me. Mutter, though at times fantastic ("Links 2 3 4 " is a great example), became kind of boring after a while. I keep going back to Herzeleid when I want a true dose of the good old Rammstein.
Then comes Reise Reise. The first time I heard it I was a little shocked. It starts off with music you would expect from such a great band, but nothing new. Then track 4 hits you.. starts off slowly, but wow, what a beat, and what an incredible combination of sounds and truly fantastic strong and very powerful. Which is why in my opinion, track 4 "Keine Lust" is the most innovative part of this new album for Rammstein. It suits them so VERY well. It does remind you of music by "System of a Down" - but you know what? they do it so much better!
The rest of the album has many highlights, and overall, this seems to be an incredible surprise. One I have listened to over five times in the last week, and I still feel as if I need more.
Once again Rammstein has provided great music. I HIGHLY recommend "Reise Reise" to any Rammstein fan, but also to anyone who enjoys real good strong rock. Rammstein's music is special, unquie, and this album is yet another example on why Rammstein is one of the best bands around.
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on 25 January 2007
Germanys rammsteins reputation as a live act is undisputed,their live show is a mass of chaos,fire and visual effects that would put many films to shame,on cd the band just have to deliver and here they deliver the album of their lives,and what a belter it is.

The bands fourth album is their most melodic yet,still industrial in places of course but more commercial,thrashy riffs give way to an inclusion of more keyboards,accordian,mandolin,violins,synths and choirs that will rip your spine to shreds,well it did to mine.

The lyrics are again in german,bar the song 'amerika' which contains some english and sang in the commanding tone that we all know,but for rammstein,no other style would work.

Opening up with the stunning 'reise reise' its clear that the band want to create anthems and this is heightened with the remaining tracks in truth,each song builds and reveals itself to be a real sing along classic.The quality never stops,songs like 'keine lust' are just addictive,killer riffs with all the melodies thrown in that you could ever wish for,one of my favourites here is ''moskau' which features female vocals,originally meant for one of the members of russian pop group tatu,but her loss is evident as this is a masterpiece of epic proportion,there is even a ballad or two thrown in to diverse the sound just a little,but after 47 minutes and the end of this 2004 album,one thing is clear,rammstein deserve all the praise that is lauded on them,i havent enough superlatives to throw their way.
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on 16 September 2006
German industrial metallers Rammstein have always been one of the world's must-see live acts due to their frequent use of fire, pyrotechnics and god knows what else, but it wasn't untill Sehnsucht and the widely advertised Mutter, the group became known in the media conscience.

During that period, the strains of Mutter took its toll on the group which nearly split them, and left fans wondering if they would ever peform another infamous live show. Those questions were immediately answered via the release of 2004's Reise Reise.

Possibly Rammstein's most accessible album to date, Reise Reise is 48 minutes of anthemic orchestral monsters. Whilst Mutter seemed rather gritty, Reise Reise has a more poppier leaning, but without going beyond the point of corniness. Certainly Moskau is reminiscent of the bubblegum songs in the 90's, with that familiar sounding female voice on the chorus.

Apart from the poppiness of Moskau and the tongue-in-cheek tone of Amerika, Rammstein revisits some of their orchestral sounds, from the gigantic opening title track, the disturbing cannibal song Mein Teil to the bittersweet ballad Ohne Dich. When listening to them they sound very similar to the choir sounds of Nightwish.

Of course unless you're bilingual, translating the lyrics is going to be hard, but because the music is catchy with great riffs like Los or Keine Lust, the meaning of the lyrics is easy to look past.

I've heard various opinions on this album, maybe cause its more poppier, die-hard fans would be a bit disappointed but there's nothing bad going on here.

Buy it now!
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on 7 October 2004
Finally - and about time, too - Rammstein release their fourth studio album, and it's great. It hasn't been out of my Walkman since I bought it on its release day; OK, that's not true, I've put it on in the car stereo, too. Definitely a worthy addition to the Rammstein oeuvre.
"Reise Reise" is a great intro track, building slowly into one of their trademarked mixes of haunting vocals and crashing chords (if you'll pardon the clichés). Love the accordian, too.
"Mein Teil" took a couple of listens to grow on me, but the chorus ("Denn du bist, was du isst, und ihr wisst, was er frisst") is genius.
"Dalai Lama" is one of their story songs, like "Spieluhr" on Mutter, and a very good example of one, too. One of my personal favourites on the album, and the lyrics are excellent.
"Keine Lust" - "Ich hätte Lust mit grossen Tieren/Hab' keine Lust, es zu probieren" - made me laugh, anyway! A sort of 'typical' Rammstein song, if such a thing exists, and none the worse for it.
"Los" - pulls off the trick of being menacing with only acoustic instruments. A grower.
"Amerika", with its happy-clappy children's choir and killer riffs, is one of the stand-out tracks of the album. "Amerika ist wunderbar!" Segues smoothly into ...
"Moskau" - great tune, very catchy, nice imagery. Though it didn't really make me want to visit Moscow.
"Morgenstern" is definitely one of the best songs on the album. "Hässlich! Du bist hässlich!" Hard-hitting.
"Stein um Stein" is your average, typical song all about walling someone up alive - ah, Rammstein, we've all missed you so much! Welcome back. Melancholy, yet kicks a*se.
"Ohne Dich" is a love song. Beautiful melody.
"Amour" is my least favourite song here - it's good and morbid, though. "Mutter, Mutter, gib mir Gift" ...
Thanks for your time. Rammstein fans, you will not be disappointed. It's hard to compare it to their other albums - each of them has something different to offer (although imo "Mutter" is their best yet). Those new to the joy of Rammstein - what are you waiting for?!?
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on 30 September 2004
While this album is not as instantly impactful on the first hearing, like Sehnsucht or Mutter, upon subsequent listens you realise that this album has so much depth and character, and is as good, if not better, than their previous work, which is an astonishing achievement seeing as their previous work is some of the best music in recent times (my opinion of course). The music is much deeper than anything Rammstein have done in the past, much more melodic, and less industrial. Songs like Mein Teil and Amerika are deeply rooted in Rammstein tradition (heavy crunching riffs, sweeping keyboards) however the real gems on the album are some of the more emotional and slightly off kilter songs, like Los and Ohne Dich. However, the stand out track for me has to be the wonderful Moskau. A mix of German and Russian lyrics make this song so interesting to listen to, no matter how many times you run through it. This album is a real departure for Rammstein into a wider world of music, where I'm sure they, and the fans, will enjoy the exploring.
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on 11 October 2004
Not as immediate as "Mutter" or "Sehnsucht", this takes a few plays before you really get into. The band have reinvented their sound to expand musically and creatively. However this has largely replaced the hard riffing, headbanging anthems of old with a more mature hard rock sensability that may lose them some of their less enlightened fans.
In many places, the trademark crunching guitars are mixed into the background in favour of the vocals and keyboard sonics - but this remedied by playing it LOUD!. The vocals seem less 'hooky' than previous which loses one of main attractions of a band who predominately sing only in German.
The mid-paced anthemic and string laden title track is strong reminding one of a subdued "Mein Herz Brennt" yet is a strange way to open the album compared with previous albums that will only disappoint fans looking for a follow-up to "Mutter".
A better choice would have been the excellent "Mein Teil" with the twisted vocals and chacteristic light/shade chorus/verse style suitable for its dark subject matter (German cannibal who advertised on the Internet for his dinner guest. The title loosely translates as 'my tool').
Ironically "Los" wouldn't have been out of place on their debut except that the riff is thrased out on an acoustic guitar with restrained drums and even a harmonica solo that puts you in mind of Dr.Feelgood !.
The anti-globalisation "Amerika" with its corny yet catchy chorus sung in English countered with increasingly nastier guitar work during the verse gets better with each play.
This is suitably followed by "Moskau" (Moscow) a faster paced rocker with an echoey russian singing female vocalist (now if they had only got Tatu !).
"Stein um Stein" is probably the highlight of the album. Starting slow, you are lulled into a false of security that this is 'just another ballad' when BLAM! in come the heavy guitars and Till Lindeman pulls off one of the most emotional deliveries to date - brilliant stuff.
Disappointly the album finishes with a ballad followed by another slow track which closes the affair on a low whereas another rocker would have finished things on a high.
On balance, if you appreciate good hard rock music that is not afraid to be experimental then this is a good album. If you only like hard riffing headbanging music then you will be disappointed. For those new to Rammstein then "Mutter" followed by "Sehnsucht" are better selections.
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on 4 June 2006
Reise Reise is Rammstein's finest achievement to date; it combines both the heavier sides of Mutter and the melodic creativity that gave that and Sensucht their sound, while dropping the horrible over-used synth effects that brought the latter down. The lyrics, are, as always, delightfully dark, from an homage to the German killer who ate a volunteer (Mein Teil - "Denn, du bist, Was, du isst") to a modern version of the Erlkönig in Dalai Lama, fishing in the title track, a love song or two (Amour, Ohne Dich), a dig at the Americans in the anthem-esque Amerika to a song all about self-gratification in the form of Keine Lust.

The stoundouts on the album, though, are the darkly comic Morgenstern, about a hideous woman desiring beauty, and Moskau, a ballad about both a whore and the ancient Russian city.

The only weak point on the album is Los, an acoustic song that just fails for me. Otherwise, this is an awesome album that never fails to bring a grin to my face. The lyrics are typically dirty, the music is heavy and gritty, this is Rammstein through and through.
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You have to give them credit for sticking to their principles and singing in their own language. It does add extra power to their work as a whole.
Reise, Reise is a storming opener that makes the hairs on the back of your neck start to crawl.
Mein Teil hits you right from the start and is power metal at its very best. You are what you eat.
Dalai Lama and Keine Lust continue at a lower pace.
Los is a brilliant play on the German language and a slower track that leads to Amerika.
The English language intro to Amerika is precursor of the verbal bashing the USA are to receive. Translated lyrics include "When there's dancing I want to lead, even if you're whirling around alone. " well hardly alone with Tony. "We're all living in America Coca-Cola, sometimes war."
Moskau sees the other old power getting a bashing to even things out, with a Russian chorus added.
Morgenstern is a more melodic track.
Stein um Stein is a wonderful track with a powerful chorus. It's about building a house the Fred West way, walling someone up inside. Ending in a scream.
Ohne Dich "Without You" is a beautiful ballad. "Without you I count the hours without you,With you the seconds stand still.They aren't worth it." Even without the translation it is a stunning track and show that Till's vocals can cross the language barrier.
Amour is a slow ballad
The tracks I play most are Reise, Reise, Amerika, Mein Teil and Ohne Dich. Amerika being my favourite as it shows the Germans do have a great sense of humour.
This record has something for everyone. I got into Rammstein from picking up Mutter and from the opening track Mein Herz Brennt I was hooked.
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