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4.7 out of 5 stars50
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 10 April 2006
Maybe it's just me but does Larry speak for all of us? The strongest comic element seems to rely on the frustration of the one sane man in an insane world.
The premise is simple. The execution sublime. Larry is a rich, well-connected man about Hollywood with an uncanny knack of putting his foot in it. Most episodes are based on Larry making a rational or humourous comment which is then misunderstood by some pompous and/or humourless aquiatance and so it spirals on.
These are essentially old fashioned farces but the take on it is unquestionably modern. The show is far edgier and riskier than you would normally associate farce with and has elements of the raging comedy of the Richard Pryors and Bill Hicks's of the world in Larry's "world gone mad" rants.
I suspect that Larry's interpretation of Hollywood establishment sub-culture speaks to that society with the same head-noddingly frightening familiarity that Alan Partridge's inspired portrait of middle-England does to us over here.
It takes a little getting into but all the best comedies do and don't be put off if you didn't like Seinfeld. I hated it but this is probably the first American comedy to match up with the recent dramas coming out of the same HBO studio.
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on 28 March 2009
The well-meaning but eternally tactless and self-centred Larry David returns for a second series of cringe worthy encounters, after the runaway success of season one. This time around, Larry manages to alienate two more TV studios through sheer pig-headedness; convince his entire social circle that he is a sexual pervert; assault basketball start Shaquille O-Neal; lead his long-suffering wife Cheryl to believe he is having an affair, and get arrested for stealing a fork from his favourite restaurant.
As usual, Larry's misplaced trust in his oafish manager Jeff is the root cause of many of his troubles, whilst his hard-headed determination to insist that others see the world his way invariably leads to conflict and social trauma.
It is sometimes easy to sympathise with Larry; for instance when a well-meant but clumsy hailing of his next-door neighbour leads her to accuse him of harassment, and most of the people he encounters seem to be either hyper-sensitive or emotionally fragile. However, many of the problems he comes up against are entirely self-inflicted and it is this combination of pathos and embarrassment that makes the show so addictive.
I would recommend that you get this series if you've seen season one; the opening series served to establish Larry's character and introduce his world, but this one really takes off and is consistently hilarious, albeit in a way that makes you squirm in embarrassment.
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on 15 October 2007
I am a massive fan of Curb your Enthusisasm and this series is possibly the best one. There are so many memorable episodes - my favourites are 'The Shrimp Incident' where Larry accuses an HBO executive of stealing some Shrimp and then says the C word at a poker game, before being accused of domestic violence, 'Shaq' where he trips up Shaquille O'Neal accidentally (I love the Richard Lewis quote 'It wasn't an assassination attempt for christ's sake'). 'The Doll' where he cuts a little girl's doll's hair... and 'The Baptism' where him and his wife Cheryl go to the baptism of his sister-in-laws soon-to-be husband and he starts a religious argument. I have gone into this much detail because I love the program so much and it makes me laugh through every minute of it. A must-buy if you don't already own it.
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on 3 January 2007
season two of this amazing show is indeed more of the same,but the same is great as larry david,who is socially awkward tries to get through his life thinking only his way and getting into confrontation with strangers and friends alike and series two is again genius.

In this series the main story is that larry has an idea for a new tv show and is trying to get a tv company to produce and air it,but along with all of that he has trouble with a professional wrestler,trouble with a dolls head,trouble with shrimp,trouble with baptism,well you get the idea im sure,if you like your comedy to be cringe inducing,awkward and clever beyond the obvious then this is for you,but make sure you have seen series one first
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VINE VOICEon 3 October 2011
Larry David's improv style in Curb Your Enthusiasm is quite refreshing compared to other shows, Larry doesn't tell his actors what to say, but just gives them a situation, and lets them run with it. This season sees some of the funniest things to happen to a man - and some of it you'll be thinking "but he is right!"

Some of the finer moments in this include Larry's unfortunate incident with older teens trying to get sweets on halloween; his argument with a wrestler, cutting some doll's hair and he has to go to a party in the middle of nowhere.

This is, again a good series from Larry, and the supporting cast are good and quite sharp. Jeff Garlin has to be the best on this, followed closely by Richard Lewis, who just cracks me up. I have to feel sorry for Cheryl at times as Larry can be just too much, but usually the fun had here really shows what a bizarre place the world can be.

This DVD set is not too bad, you get 2 DVD9 disks, so as usual HBO are bringing a quality product to the market. Sadly the extras are non-existent, which is really annoying. I can't see Larry being keen on publishing a blooper reel, but I am sure they could have done like Scrubs and had interviews with the cast - it would have made interesting viewing. Otherwise this is fine, and as it is in 4:3 I can't ever see a reason for needing this in HD, it's not that sort of program.

Great fun, just not always to everyone's taste.
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on 8 February 2012
Well to be honest, the first one I saw was Season 7(or 8?) when Larry 'accidently' killed a black swan which was a classic, the music and pace reaching the cilmax with his shocked 'I didn't know' expression while he was still holding up his golf club and the black feathers fluttering about had me and my sister on the floor as we could barely breathe. I really like his character and can totally sypmhatise with it majority of times as I go through similar calmaties like him! I definitely love the theme tune to it and the emphasise of the horn (or tuba) they use for the next scene as it gives you an impression 'oh no something is going to happen or Larry you really messed up big time!' Suzie is just the best! I love the way she insults her estrange husband and both him and Larry always look so dumbfonded like they don't know what She will say or sometimes DO next! How Cheryl manages to keep calm when Larry messes up, she must have a lot of patience, almost like me in a way!! But I won't be surprise when she finally snaps!
Thank you Mr David for giving me hope on not giving up on TV and making me smile with your wicked sarky comments on life. The current comedies they try to dish up is the same old formula and outcomes and I resort to watching vintage (friends excluded) ones instead. I shall now begin watching this and hopefully catch up with the current season soon! :)
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VINE VOICEon 21 October 2015
Larry David is trying to pitch a new idea for a new TV show with his former Seinfeld star Julia Louis Dreyfuss and ends up in a series of embarrassing events and situations. Larry David is one of those guys who seems to have it all, rich, successful, good looking wife, a lot of friends but is constantly moaning about life and always getting into embarrassing situations sometimes not his fault and due to bad luck and other times due to his own shocking behaviour. He gets accused amongst others in this second season of being a wife beater, child molester, a stealer of forks at a restaurant and trips basketball star Shaq O'Neill at a major basketball game and ruins a baptism. As in the first season it's a show about nothing, following the same formula as Seinfeld except a lot meaner with more swearing and adult content with Larry David as himself on excellent and hilarious form with his long suffering wife Cheryl and agent and best friend Jeff along for the ride with various celebrities as themselves. No real plot, and only 10 episodes but each one sheer comic genius though probably best to avoid if you are easily offended. One of the best American sitcoms ever made.
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on 15 October 2015
I have to say, that I got into Curb Your Enthusiasm very late in the game. I happened to catch an episode one time on a late night tv re-run and really enjoyed it, so bought a couple of the seasons on DVD. Those of you that aren't familiar with the show, I would say it is filmed in an almost quasi mockumentary style, which is somewhat unusual, but it gives a real human side to Larry David's character (if you could call it that - seeing as he is basically playing himself - lol). The neverending mix of politically incorrect situations this man finds himself in, and the amount of time he does and says the wrong thing - I think he is definitely a guy we can all relate to in one way or another. The guest stars (including some former Seinfeld cast members) also "play themselves" which I find entertaining. I only take one star off, due to the fact that the older series' are a bit dated now - you know the sort of thing - perms, no cell phones etc. But I'm sure this will improve as I work my way up to the more recent series'. And the comedy is still fantastic.
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on 15 April 2008
The Car Salesman
- Thor
- Trick or Treat
- The Shrimp Incident
- The Thong
- The Acupuncturist
- The Doll
- Shaq
- The Baptism
- The Massage

The second season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is even better than the first. The main characters are the same, with Larry David playing himself, Jeff Garlin as Jeff Greene (Larry's agent), and Cheryl Hines as Cheryl David (Larry's wife). As with the first season the shows are unscripted, and they focus on a single character (Larry) as he manages to rub people the wrong way in almost every facet of his life, and yet still manages to remain sympathetic enough for the show to work..

I found the episodes in the second season to be less predictable than those in the first season. In addition, the humour is drawn from many more diverse elements than in the first season.

There are ten episodes in the season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm". As was done for some of the Seinfeld series, this season the show has a season long plot which is present in most of the episodes. That premise is that Larry is trying to develop a series where the main character is an actor from a successful situation comedy and who is trying to distance themselves from their former role. Jason Alexander and Julia Louis-Dreyfus each play themselves in this storyline. Each episode also has its own storyline, which range from Larry trying his hand at being a car salesman to Larry accidentally tripping Shaquille O'Neal to his misunderstanding a Baptism for an attempted drowning, and more.

Every great TV show has a particularly great series where everything about the execution peaks and for Curb Your Enthusiasm it has to be this second series. The 'running' subplot of Larry trying to restart his TV career first with Jason Alexander and then with Julia Louis-Dreyfus playing themselves is a hilarious catalyst for all of the brilliant plotting in these eps. Curb already revolutionised the modern sit com with it's tightly plotted storylines, and who would've thought - all of the brilliant dialogue in this series is ad-libbed by the sensational cast (many of them standup comics or experienced comic actors). By shunning artificial studio sets in favour of real locations, it makes 'Friends' look like a Fisher Price commercial. The best thing about the show is the courageous presentation of Larry David as a weirdly sympathetic anti-hero. Why do we always go with him on these gut wrenching, doomed for failure hair-brained schemes? His self interest and miserly tendencies always get the better of him and like every good song that we already know the words to, we're happy to go on the same journey and see just how he manages to screw up his life this time. There is an episode in this series which for me, shines above all other Curb shows involving bottles of water, a bathroom without a lock and a doll's head. It is magnificently relentless and absolutely hysterical. I rank it with 'The Rat' episode in Fawlty Towers as one of the funniest eps in sitcom history.
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on 14 August 2012
Curb Your Enthusiasm centres around the misadventures of Seinfeld Co-Creator Larry David as he goes about his daily life with hilarious and cringe worthy consequences.

Season 2 story arc find's Larry pitching a new show to the networks first with Jason Alexander in the lead role and then later Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Episode list:

-The Car Salesman
-Trick or Treat
-The Shrimp Incident
-The Thong
-The Acupuncturist
-The Doll
-The Baptism
-The Massage

With some excellent episodes and hilarious set pieces Season 2 of Curb Your Enthusiasm is well worth your consideration if you enjoy hide behind the sofa comedy.
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