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3.9 out of 5 stars27
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 4 November 2008
Police forensic examiner Sam Rivers(Tory Kittles) is called away from the case he is working on, to examine a mutilated corpse that has been found in the Louisiana swamps. Rivers grew up there, so he is needed for his local expertise. He teams up with marine biologist Mary Callahan(China Chow) as there are large unidentifyed teeth marks on the corpse. Together they travel to where Rivers grew up to try to discover what was responsible. What they find is a new mutated species of amphibious fish, with a very large appetite.
This starts off very enjoyably with a nice array of believable characters, and a good deal of atmosphere too. It does come a little unstuck when the director starts to concentrate a bit too much on the next elaborate death scene, at the expense of plot, but on the whole is an enjoyably old fashioned creature feature. The cast all do a good job, and Kittles is very likeable as Rivers. Great fun. 4 out of 5
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on 29 July 2008
I first stumbled across this title a few years back and on the insistence of others,ignored it.The title makes you think of some GOD AWFUL B movie or equally poorly made recent creation,BUT!!!!!THANK GOD I came upon it again a few weeks ago and this time took a minute to read the box.I stuck it in my player,pressed play and bit my lip.What I got was a waaaaaaaaaay! beyond the norm low budget monster movie.A movie that infact could put BIG BUDGET efforts to shame,its tight scripting,its mostly great performances,its great direction and excellent effects made for a wonderful piece of horror entertainment,buy this and if youre a true fan of horror you will NOT be Dissapointed.
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on 25 May 2011
Have to agree with reviewer who said this reminded him of Tremors, This is a sort of Tremors set in the swamp. Take the film for what it is a "Creature Feature".
It has humour,action,bit of nudity,innuendo and basic fun, the variety of characters who live on houseboats in the swamp are as varied as the plot.
I have owned this for some years and have seen it on more than one occasion and will watch it again.
Do not take it seriously, enjoy it for what it is, a cheesy B movie creature feature.
4 Stars.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 April 2012
I never knew what to expect when I first ever watched this, I bought it on the off chance as it was cheap and was very surprised to find it was brilliant. The film has rather an excellent effects budget and for a 15 certificate is mega, mega gory and bloody. The story is pretty straight forward man vs giant mutated fish but is done with some real class and is pretty entertaining especially if you love horror movies.
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on 29 March 2010
This is a movie which manages to be a lot better than it should be,especially as the DVD cover boasts "from the director of Spawn".This only appeals to those who have never seen Spawn.Suprisingly good production values,plus half decent acting and CGI make this a pleasure for those prepared to give it achance.Basically,bear in mind its called Frankenfish, dont expect to much and you might be pleasantly suprised
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on 14 November 2012
When a mutilated body is found in the bayou, medical examiner Sam Rivers is sent to investigate. Sam grew up in the area, so he's the ideal man for the job. When he arrives he examines the body and meets up with biologist Mary Callahan from the department of wildlife and fisheries, and the two of them set off to find out what happened. Along the way, they come across the severed head of a crocodile and meet Elmer who is noodling for catfish, he seems cautious of the two but agrees to take them to the wife of the dead man. After they speak to Gloria and her daughter Eliza, Gloria tells them that a large abandoned boat showed up a few miles away and strange things have been happening ever since. Elmer agrees to take Sam and Mary to the boat and the two climb aboard, they discover that it was a Chinese boat and the crew are dead inside. As Mary is getting back on Elmer's boat, she accidentally knocks him into the water where he's dragged away by what appears to be a giant fish. Whilst they were on board the Chinese boat, they unknowingly triggered a homing signal that alerts the whereabouts of the boat to a team on the mainland, who in turn contact their boss who is a wealthy hunter. With Sam and Mary safely back at the small fishing community, they inform the locals of what happened. Later that night whilst having dinner, Sam and Mary hear screams from the neighbour after her boyfriend is decapitated by the fish. Now everybody in the small community is potential fish food. Will the imminent arrival of the hunter and his men be a help or a hindrance? What are the fish and why are they so big, and why does the hunter seem to know exactly what they are?

I'm not that familiar with some of the main actors in Frankenfish, but I feel they all did a good job, especially compared to most made for TV movies. Tory Kittles was pretty good as Sam, he seemed a little young for the character but had enough charisma to pull it off. China Chow also seemed kind of young and maybe a little too attractive to make her biologist seem real, but that's not her fault. I'm certainly not trying to say that there aren't any young, good looking biologists out there, but whenever I see them on TV in documentaries, they never look like they do in these films. Sometimes I think believability is sacrificed for the sake of having a hot young cast, something that doesn't happen anywhere near as often in older or foreign films. Where Frankenfish really succeeds is with the smaller supporting roles, Muse Watson from Prison Break played Elmer, Mark Boone Junior and Reggie Lee are both fine character actors and appear as part of the hunter's team, and Richard Edson who most people will know as the garage attendant who steals the car in Ferris Bueller's Day Off loses his head. It's tightly directed by Mark Dippé who made his directorial debut with the slightly underrated Spawn, he never allows the film to drag and even though it's no Jaws, there is the same kind of atmosphere created. The effects were pretty good and the fish look real for the most part, considering I'd watched Dinoshark and Sharktopus a few days earlier, the effects looked incredible. There's some pretty good gore but it isn't over-the-top, some of the kills are quite inventive and some characters die when you don't expect it. Some people have also mentioned Tremors in their review of Frankenfish, I agree as parts of the film also reminded me of Tremors from the people stuck on roofs whilst the creature is trying to get them, to the music that has a similar feel.

The DVD has very good picture quality and sounds fine, but sadly there's no extras at all. There's English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Arabic subtitles. I absolutely love a good creature feature/monster movie and coming off the back of a few major disappointments, Frankenfish felt like a breath of fresh air. It is a made for TV movie but is a huge step up in quality from the Mega Piranha, Mega Python vs. Gatoroid, Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus type of film, its effects are far better, the acting is way better and it actually attempts to have a story about the dangers of meddling with nature. It's not as good as the very best the genre has to offer, I rate Jaws, Jurassic Park, The Reef, Black Water, Rogue and quite a few more much higher, but it's head and shoulders above most of the nonsense that appears on the Sci-Fi channel. If the disc wasn't barebones, I would definitely have bumped it up to a 4.
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on 9 November 2013
Frankenfish is a pretty good creature feature/monster movie. Most movies of this ilk can suffer through really bad acting but this is pretty good. It could have been made a bit better with more 'flesh' to the characters and the dude who 'created' the fish could have been in it a bit longer. But its a good laugh and not gory.
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on 23 April 2009
I have purchased lots of films off Amazon and Frankenfish has to be one of the best yet.
The sheer randomness of this film is breathtaking and the plot line is genius. The best part has to be the over the top deaths and near death experiences.
All in all this film is awesome and i really do mean this.
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on 9 September 2010
In this edition there is the movie, absolutely nothing else. No extras whatsoever.
It has spanish (from Spain) audio track, by the way.

Btw movie is cool $ funny, you get to see the monsters and blood quite often! couple naked girls as well.
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on 2 May 2011
I bought this film after watching Mega-Shark v Giant Octopus and Mega Pihrana.

It's got to be said, it isn't as funny as the first two I watched but it was still amusing. A good edition to my DVD collection.
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