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on 7 September 2005
I have always been a fan of Angel but never really got into Buffy....until NOW. It is great to have all the seasions together in one box set with bonus material, seven years of Buffy's life in one place. It's a shame that there are no interviews with the leading lady herself.
Long live Buffy (and Angel).
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on 25 November 2004
This is what any Buffy fan has been waiting for and should be purchased without doubt - If you have all seasons on video (like me) upgrade to this most magnificent boxset, if you have all seasons on seperate DVD collections, sell them (and your parents)to buy this!
The quality of this show speaks for itself, anybody who knows Buffy knows what to expect from this boxset - the set itself is impressive to look at, with the outer casing made of good quality cardboard which has a leather look finish, the buffy logo and writing is in gold giving a quality look to the box.
Lift the lid and the front of the box folds down to show a colour picture of the scoobys minus Buffy, she has her own spot which is made up of each season layered on top of each other.
At the top of the box is a booklet which starts with Joss Whedons favourite 12 episodes (it should be 10 but he got carried away)it then goes on to list every episode from seasons 1-7 with a short rundown of each episode. What makes this a real treat is the fact that all the DVD extras that were included in the individual season boxsets are also included here and these are also outlined in the booklet, letting you know what disc they are on and what they are - these include all scripts, commentaries, outtakes,profiles,easter eggs,cast biographies,trailers everything!
Next, each season is contained in its own mini-box with season 1 at the top and working its way down to season 7 - in the spine of each minibox is a part of Buffys face, so that when all the seasons are lined up vertically you get to see the whole picture (which looks like it has been taken from season 4) Also included is a letter from Joss Whedon which I have yet to open. On the back of the box there is also the limited edition number of your boxset (Ltd to 10,000 I think)
All in all if there is one thing that you must buy this year on DVD - make it this - I just hope they do the same thing with Angel next year after season 5 has been released!
GO BUY...........NOW!!!!!!
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on 23 December 2013
I grew up at a time when there were excellent series on the television, both American and Australian imports(before it became compulsory for you to own Sky or Net flicks).

I've always been a fan of the Buffy Series, and like many others, previously watched the programme when it used to air on BBC Two. Like others, I missed several seasons and episodes when the programme frequently changed channels, or due to work commitments, purchased seasons 1-4 on DVD in the original packaging etc.

But, THIS box set, HANDS DOWN, is one of the BEST box sets I've owned!

The quality of this product is AMAZING!

From the excellent casing, which comprises of a very sturdy box, that contains series 1 to 7 on discs, packaged as individual 'booklets' for each season.
The individual booklets are of good quality, with separate plastic 'pages' for each DVD,(unlike the re-packaged version, that comprises of discs packaged in a 'mosaic' pattern, with discs layered on top of each other, with the propensity to scratch).

This box set also has an episode guide, which consists of a small bound booklet containing glossy pages with a brief synopsis of each episode, which is very useful, nicely made and likely to last, and a letter from the series creator (a nice touch, but not essential).

This box set really does look beautiful and very well made, with a lid that you flip back, and a front that you drop down to reveal the DVD's.

I had no idea until this year, that the Buffy series had been released as a special collectors edition (have no idea how I missed that, but I digress).

It really is worth owning this set if you can find it for a decent price. I think that it originally retailed for approximately £145 when initially released.

I'm assuming Buffy fans will be looking at this review, so I won't go into how great the series is, and ground breaking for its time etc., as that is a given.

What I am mainly focusing on, is the excellent quality of the packaging of the collectors edition.
I gifted myself with this product due to the busy year I've had.

Buffy fans will ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, it really is a beautiful gift!

Cannot recommend this Box Set more highly.
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on 17 October 2005
I really love the series and was an avid fan when it was on TV. The box set is really clear to use and looks great, however it takes a long time to get to the menu options as you have to watch all of the official notices first. Also, there isn't a lot in the way of bonus material, for example gag reels or deleted scenes.
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on 3 December 2012
This box set is THE best DVD box set in the world. NO contest. The box is a thing of beauty in itself, with easy access to all the DVDs and an episode guide that tells you a little about each episode. Also inside each series there is a list of the episodes - VERY useful for knowing which disc you are on. The special features are BRILLIANT. I am currently watching every episode (for the millionth time) and watching the special features as they come. There is also the amazing letter from Joss Whedon. It made me cry, because I think he is awesome. If you are a crazy, cannot live without Buffy kind of fan who wants to know every detail of the show and the meaning behind it, then this is for you! I am SO lucky to own my copy! I love that only 10000 were made too. True fans only! Enough said.
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VINE VOICEon 27 October 2004
Well after collecting five seasons ranging from 16 to 40 pounds each i feel ever so slightly foolish as this fantastic boxset is released. If only I'd waited I could afford to snap up this beautious bargain, only 20 pounds a season! In one boxset and all, no need to lose a season and stress yourself out searching for it. This is what I've always wanted, but its a little late to be frank. So if you're new to collecting the Buffy show buy this this instance never again will you be able to own such a fine piece of television history for so little. The series is fantastic hilarious, moving, scary and action-packed all in little 45-minute chunks. The scripts are superb and if you need to escape the dregs of reality TV Buffy is always there to take you to sunny Califorfnia to battle demons and most importantly... PARTY!
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on 18 November 2004
I've been waiting for something like thi to come it in a long time. I have loved watching Buffy ever since it was first aired here in the UK and rarely do you get a cult TV show with such unique acting and storylines. Every character within the series has a great talent for acting which is one of the good things about Buffy.
The episodes range from all different kinds of genres, there's even a musical episode.
A 'must-buy!'
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on 6 January 2005
I only ever caught a dozen or so episodes coming in from work and although I enjoyed the ones that I saw I never got carried away with the Buffy phenomenon. However, when I spotted this box set for £140.00 I thought, why not !
After watching all 39 discs I have to say it is the best £140 I have spent. Even sweeter now seeing that unsealed boxes are being offered at way OTT prices. The power of Joss Whedon's autograph I have to assume. But buying it and not watching it is like having a Porsche and not driving it. The fact that it is going for such prices speaks volumes itself for the show.
The presentation of the box is very well designed, it sits proudly by the side of my 9 individual X-Files box sets. The show itself, like the X-Files, might not be bettered for humour, pathos and superb story lines for some time. The scripts, acting, camerawork and music are A1. The ingenuity of the stories from an almost silent and brilliantly creepy one (Hush) to a complete musical episode shows the skills of all those involved.
Suffice to say that I will be viewing these discs for many years to come although if the prices keep going up I might keep a few sharp sticks by me at night, just in case any weird looking sharp toothed burglars try to steal it.
Thanks to Amazon for the opportunity to watch and own the complete series at a ridiculously low price.
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on 24 November 2004
I have all the dvd's already and i bought them when they were mega expensive so i totally wish i had waited, but i guess that's life, i would definitely urge other people to buy this it's totally worth the money, and it will work out so much cheaper than buying season by season. Buffy rocks so what is everyone waiting for?
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on 27 November 2004
This is by far the best dvd box set i have ever bought!!! 39 dvds in total! I recieved my box set just the other day and ive been watchin it non stop! The special features across all seasons are amazing, especially the featurettes! And Outakes! And the Menu screens are really cool also! And the packaging is to die for! It screams Buffy lol!! Ive been watchin this tv show since it started back in '97 and i have them all recorded, but there is nothing like the quality of dvds! The only season wit dissappointing special features is Season 1, but the rest make up for this! This is a MUST have for any Buffy fan!! So buy while they are still available, u wont regret it!
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