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3.4 out of 5 stars11
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 1 December 2004
Since the lottery that shook up both the Smackdown! and Raw rosters back in April, the roles of both WWE brands had reversed somewhat, following the previous year. Raw now thrived whereas Smackdown! now sucked (For a time, anyway. Both shows are equally healthy now in terms of ratings).
On Raw, Chris Benoit was world champ and involved in an awesome feud with Triple H and Shawn Michaels. On Smackdown!, Eddie Guerrero was WWE champ and giving us a brilliant and memorable title reign. So what was the problem? Lesnar was gone, Angle and Show were injured, Triple H had decided to stay on Raw because he could even though he was originally drafted for Smackdown! in the lottery, and any other worthy contenders were being misused.
So what does Vince decide to do? Well, the APA had split up and Farooq was now gone from WWE, leaving only Bradshaw, so the boss decides to give a former tag team wrestler who hadn't exactly succeeded in previous singles gimmicks the sudden ascension to main event status and a shot at the WWE championship. could tell the creative team for Smackdown! was desperate for new ideas.
To be fair, though, Bradshaw had been wrestling for more than a decade. He was a veteran. Whilst he had found more success in the tag team ranks than as a single wrestler on previous occasions, his new gimmick as a millionaire and stock broker turned out top be a great debut of a new heel that was thoroughly enjoyable. Now he was wrestling under his real name of John Layfield, being given the chance to cut some really good promos, and the fact that he was a veteran with a now successful gimmick, it now seemed a very good idea to give him a shot at the title. The ultimate question was had his wrestling skills improved enough to entitle him to such a position? The answer to a resounding 'yes'.
However, whilst the WWE title match is one of the best ever and a true classic that saves the PPV, only a few other matches on the DVD are acceptable, whilst the others represent how much of a rut Smackdown! was in at the time in terms of storylines and ratings.
Rob Van Dam + Rey Mysterio vs. The Dudley Boyz:
Great tag team match, superb opener and one of the only matches on the DVD worth watching. I've dreamt about RVD and Mysterio teaming for years and they don't disappoint. Dudleys do well as usual. This is more of a Smackdown! main event but that's not a bad thing. (7/10)
Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie:
Both are hot, but really they should leave the wrestling to the ladies on Raw. (4/10)
Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Mordecai:
Question: Did we really need Mordecai when we already have the Undertaker and Kane? Answer: Of course we didn't. (3/10)
WWE Tag Team title match
Rico and Charlie (C) Haas vs. Hardcore Holly and Billy Gunn:
Not bad, but really belongs on Smackdown! (6/10)
WWE Cruiserweight Championship match
Jacqueline (C) vs. Chavo Guerrero:
Why was Jacqueline the Cruiserweight champion on Smackdown! when it would've been better to have her being the Women's champion on Raw?! More proof that the WWE needs new writers. The only thing that helps is the outcome. Poor Chavo. He deserves better. (1/10)
WWE U.S. Championship match
John Cena (C) vs. Rene Dupree:
A good feud carried well by two rising stars but again, the match should've taken place on Smackdown! A lot of people criticize Cena as being a terrible wrestler who wouldn't be here without his charisma and I think that's unfair. Give him a few years and he'll be main event level. (7/10)
Undertaker vs. Booker T:
Watching it the first time, I wasn't fond of this. After repeated viewing, I thought it was a very good feud with a very good conclusion. The outcome is questionable but still a very good effort by both men who help save the PPV and should be rewarded for it. (7/10)
WWE Championship match
Eddie Guerrero (C) vs John 'Bradshaw' Layfield:
The match that saves the PPV. Easily JBL's best match ever and that's saying a lot. An engrossing brawl that evolves into a blood bath that establishes both men as credible and worthy main eventers. Eddie's integrity and ability can never be questioned again after performing for half an hour whilst losing more blood than anyone I can think of. Despite what others may think, the ending did not hurt the match at all, as it gave us five minutes of one of the best aftermaths in years. This proved that the feud was a legendary one, and was here to stay. (10/10)
So, all in all, Judgement Day 2004 is a mixed bag, somewhat. In general, it represents how much Smackdown! suffered at one time, as you can tell by the number of bad matches and few enjoyable ones. It's a shame too, as it causes people to judge a book by its cover and think that the main event is terrible because of the PPV's low buyrate and JBL's heavily criticised push. However, JBL shows that he deserves to be where he is today and Eddie shows why he deserved his awesome title reign.
But is it worth £16 just for a classic main event and two more matches that you can see on Smackdown! ? Personally, I say yes as Judgement Day 2004 is better than people say it is. However, I do recommend that if you decide to get it, buy it for Eddie/JBL, as you probably won't get your money's worth out of anything else on this.
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on 7 May 2008
Judgement day in 2004 came not long after a draft lottery,and many say that smackdown came out worse and whether that is true or not this is a mixed pay per view with some very good and some lame,mismatched matches that had no hype or story going into them so the crowd couldnt give two hoots.
Anyway,the event opened with a corking match,the tag team that couldnt fail,didnt last long mind,but couldnt fail to entertain of rey mysterio and rob van dam against a great team in the dudley boyz,this was a 15 minute match that had it all,i loved this,great.
Torrie wilson was up next against dawn marie in a poor match,worth skipping ladies and gentlemen.
Kevin fertig was up next in his debut as mordecai,when i think about this and i may be wrong,the mordecai character lasted four months before being released,that isnt long hey,anyway,he was up against scotty 2 hotty,i hated him,this was a squash match,plain and simple,i tell no lies,it was set up to showcase mordecai as a man that takes no messing,wasnt great but ok.
The WWE tag team championship was up for grabs next as the champs rico and charles haas went up against billy gunn and hardcore holly,this match wasnt that great,lasted a while due to rico prancing and camping it up much like goldust did during his early time in WWE,so thats a good time wasting ploy within a match,not overly memorable.
The cruiserweight championship was next,the champ was jacquline,the first female to win that i think,she went up against chavo who had his father chavo classic by his side,this match wasnt funny or clever and was a bit of a drain,chavo fought with one arm tied behind his back but kept cheating,not great by any stretch of the imagination.
The united states championship was contested next as the champ john cene went up against rene dupree who worked so hard to get the crowd to hate him but people werent that fussed in truth,this match was decent though,i quite liked it,they worked well enough together,not too bad.
The return of the undertaker was up next,he leaves and returns alot say the cynical,they arent that far of the truth,anyway he returned to fight booker T,this wasnt an out and out classic but featured some good stuff and passed by without any real complaints.
The WWE championship and main event was up next as the champ eddie guerrero went up against JBL who hadnt long stopped being a member of APA so some thought he shouldnt be given this chance,they were wrong,and this was great,so much blood poured that the hospital must have been taking donations to save these men,eddie bled like a pig hey and this was brutal clearly but also entertaining with some good clever moves being portrayed,a mixed event for sure but i have seen worse.
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on 3 April 2005
Judgment Day 2004 is a good pay-per-view.There was some great matches and some bad ones.
Tag team match
Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio vs The Dudley Boyz.
This was a match with acrobatics by rvd and rey.Quality when Rey did a double 619 to bubba &D Von and RVD leaping on top with a 5*frog splash.
winners:RVD & mysterio with a leg drop.6/10
Torrie Wilson vs Dawn Marie
(if Torrie lost,she was fired)
entertaining match.The best bit was when torrie rolled up dawn and torrie pulled her strap down and her bum was showing.
winner:torrie wilson with a rollup.7/10
scoty 2 hoty vs modicei
Boring match. it would have been me as the general manager it would be a cage match to make it more interesting.
winner:mordici with a crucifik.2/10
Jaquline vs cHavo Guerrero for the cruserweight championship.
Chavo is rubbish.if it wasn,t for chavo classic,jaquline would have kept her title.
winner;chavo w1th a gory bomb.4/10
wwe tag team title match charlie haas and rico vs billy gunn and hardcore holly.
the flamboyant rico really helped charlie a lot to win with the superkick.
winner:haas and rico.5/10
John Cena vs Rene Dupree for the united states championship
Dupree only made one big mistake.Cena giving him the f-u.
The Undertaker vs Booker T
booker t put dirt into the eyes of the deadman but he didn't care by laying out a tombstone and he did rest in peace.
jbl vs eddie guerrero for the wwe championship
match of the night.jbl made eddie bleed first then jbl started bleeding.Eddie lost by disqualification but still held on to the coveted prize.
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on 2 September 2004
Before I start, I should say that this review may be slightly biased. I would certainly consider myself to be a WWE obsessive, and I would normally award all PPV events at least 4 stars and normally 5, so the fact that I have opted for three here tells the story itself. This was quite honestly the worst event I have seen since I started watching WWE and WWF programming in early 1998. It was a good episode of SmackDown! as opposed to a pay-per-view event. The WWE struggled to scrape this together and after taking place it seemed extremely desperate. You have been warned. I will run through each match.
Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio VS Dudley Boyz
This is essentially a SmackDown! main event. Stood out as one of the better matches of the night, but could have been better and wouldn't have caught the eye at some past events at all. 7/10
Torrie Wilson VS Dawn Marie
Eye candy may be all well and good, but I think I echo the sentiments of thousands when I say that we are now tired of being fed this garbage, and on a pay-per-view, come on Vince! Even Kurt Angle's appearance couldn't save this and only served to make it more predictable than it already was. I'm being generous. 3/10
Mordecai VS Scotty 2 Hotty
Squash alert. Boring if watched twice to be honest, we all denied after Judgment Day how badly we thought Mordecai performed. Now that he didn't last three months under the gimmick we can be honest. His moves? Punches and an unnamed version of the Razor's Edge. Poor match. 4/10
WWE Tag Team Championship
Rico & Charlie Haas (Champions) VS Hardcore Holly & Billy Gunn
This was decent entertainment. Could have been much more exciting but it was funny enough and had the right outcome. Still didn't seem like a PPV match and was another victim of the WWE now seemingly refusing to hype single-brand PPV matches. 7/10
WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Jacqueline (Champion) VS Chavo Guerrero (with one arm tied behind his back)
Yes, you read correctly. Someone upstairs in Stamford, Connecticut is having a right laugh. Jacqueline as champion? Chavo having one arm tied behind his back is seriously not going to help this match. Very short, very poor and very predictable. The final insult as the WWE urinated on the cruiserweight division. 3/10
WWE United States Championship
John Cena (Champion) VS Rene Dupree
Better stuff but still not good enough. One of Cena's poorer matches and probably started his decline towards becoming an average wrestler. If the outcome of this match had been different then Dupree may have been believable as a star. Now the WWE are left with two bland talents. Cena may be an ineviatble future star, but this match is seriously laughable as part of the triple main event. Plenty of mistakes here and the worst match the duo put on, but still accessible. 6/10
Booker T VS The Undertaker
Not the best match of the night surprisingly, but went a long way to try and improve things. Two veterans put on a good match but the WWE makes another poor decision. Where was the Mordecai interference everyone was looking forward to? All that happened was that the WWE made the storyline going into this match look hilariously bad. Still, the match was good, but not great. 8/10
WWE Championshp
Eddie Guerrero (Champion) VS John Bradshaw Layfield
I know everyone wants to bash JBL but I like the guy. He can cut an excellent promo (don't deny it). He has decent in-ring talent in my opinion. Blood shouldn't help an average match become superb but that is what happens here. As a human being I shamefully admit that the blood enhanced my enjoyment of this match. A complete bloodbath which isn't recommended for the weak. Good ending to a shocking pay-per-view. 9/10
Basically, steer clear unless you are a fanatic or want the two main events.
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on 2 June 2013
great product, fast delivery, very happy with my DVD and such a great film, great film for the money i paid for!!!!!!!
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on 2 March 2015
Love this DVD as Old School John Cena is in this!
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on 24 January 2005
Having watched this ppv again, I realised it was better than I first thought.
1) Rey Mysterio and RVD vs The Dudley Boyz - A great match and a fine opener. Bubba's heel tactics in this match are fantastic. It was given a lot of time and I believed it certainly delivered - 8/10
2) Torrie Wilson vs Dawn Marie - This is very good for a Smackdown women's match, one of the better matches between these two ladies - 6/10
3) Scotty 2 Hotty vs Mordecai - this is basically just a squash match which I hate to see on a ppv. Mordecai doesn't really show us that match except a lot of kicks. He does have a cool entrance and a good finisher though - 4/10
4) Rico and Charlie Haas vs Hardcore Holly and Billy Gunn - not much of a story here but it was a good match. Rico is very funny, Charlie shows us his great skills, and Hardcore and Billy are consistent and help carry the match over - 7/10
5) Jacqueline vs Chavo Guerrero - Jacqueline should not have been the Cruiserweight champ. This should not be a ppv match but Chavo makes this one more than watchable - 5/10
6) John Cena vs Rene Dupree - A good solid match between these two youngsters, it should have been given more time though I felt - 7/10
7) The Undertaker vs Booker T - A very good solid match from these two veterans. This was way better than I remembered it being when I watche it live - 8/10
8) Eddie Guerrero vs JBL - This was a good match, although JBL's lack of offense is exposed a little. Eddie blades himself real deep in this match and it is actually quite difficult to watch as the blood literally covers the ring. People that say JBL sucks are wrong, he put a lot of effort into this match and personally it is one of my favourites of the year - 8/10
All in all this is a solid ppv.
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on 22 August 2004
This was a very horrible wwe ppv event the worst for a few years.
first match. Rvd and mysterio vs dudley boyz 4/10 nothing special hear at all a smackdown match.
Torrie vs sable 0/10 what in the hell is vince mcmahon thinking you call this a match?
scotty 2 hotty vs mordecai 2/10 a squash match nothing more.
Billy gunn + Hardcore Holly vs Rico + Charlie Hass this match was decent and it had funny spots in it which was good decent wrestling to. 6/10
Cruza weight title
Jaqaulin vs chavo guerrero with one hand tied behind his back. A bad match 2/10
US title match
Dupree vs john ceana. 5/10 I thought this would have been a show stealer but it wasnt to be.
The undertaker vs Booker t
not the best match these guys have had but it is still decent although the story line is pathetic 6/10 ill give it one extra mark because of the dead man.
The main event? WWE TITLE match
JBL (Bradshaw of the APA) vs Eddie Guerrero belive it or not this was a decent match these guys did pull it off but the ending is stupid the ring is like a blood bath not for the weak at hart! a decent match but not main event quality 7/10
so that wraps it my advice is save your money for Baklash 2004 instead overall 33/80
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on 15 October 2004
People have been talkin bad n very negatively about this ppv, which to some point i agree with. however i dont think it was as bad as some people are making it out to be. I personaly enjoyed some of the ppv, although admitidly found some parts bad and not entertaining atall.
Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio Vs The Dudleys
A fast paced entertaining match, one of the best of the night. good efforts by all four men. [7/10]
Torrie Wilson Vs Dawn Marie
Despite it being two HOT woman wrestling, this was a waste of time, comeplete rubbish!!! [1/10]
Mordecai vs Scotty 2 Hotty
Complete squash match. Mordecai's debut. ok match which served its purpose which was to introduce Mordecai. Although Mordecai is gone from wwe at the time im writing this, i personally liked the character, and didnt know why everyone was bashing him, but owell jus my opinion! [5/10]
WWE Tag Team Championship
Rico & Charlie Hass (C) vs Billy Gunn & Bob 'Hardcore' Holly
This match was surprisingly GOOD. I was impressed with Charlie Haas as usual - such a great athlete. Only bad thing bout this was that it had literally no buildup, and after the actaul match, the teams havent interacted since (to my knowlege) [6.5/10]
WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Jacqueline (C) Vs Chavo Guerrero
Poor match with a stupid stipulation (chavo's arm tied behind his back). Jacqueline as champion is a complete JOKE. A load of rubbish. [2/10]
WWE United States Championship
John Cena (C) Vs Rene Dupree
Not as good as i antisapted it would be. Just an average match that should of been better. Still watchable though. Dupree showed that he is not ready of his push at the current time, although im sure will be a star in a few years time {6.5/10]
The Undertaker Vs Booker T
First of all Undertaker coming back with his 'deadman' gimmick sucks! its really damagin his charcter and Smackdown!, bring back the 'american badass' !. Im diggin Booker as a heel though. The match itself is arguably the best of the night. Very good efforts by both men. [7/10]
WWE Championship
Eddie Guerrero (C) vs John "Bradshaw" Layfeild
Better than antisipated! JBL didnt really deserve his push at the time, and arguably still doesnt now. But the man has improved alot, and can do a GREAT promo - although promo's dont get tv ratings do they? At the time the match looked like a joke, however turned out to be not bad atall. Good efforts by both men. The ending sucked, however the blood bath kinda made up for it (",) still not a main event level match though sadly... [7.5/10]
A some what disapointing PPV, however has some decent moments and matches (",)
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on 16 July 2005
The Dudley Boyz vs. Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam 9/10
Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie 4/10
Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Mordecai 2/10
WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Chavo Guerrero vs. Jacqueline 5/10
United States Championship
John Cena vs. Renee Dupree 7/10
Booker T vs. The Undertaker 9/10
WWE Championship
John "Bradshaw" Layfield vs. Eddie Guerrero 10/10
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