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3.5 out of 5 stars85
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 5 April 2005
Four stars for the material - lots of great sketches from Kenny Everett but the release could have been better. The extras are nothing special to speak of and both shows appear to be compilations previously released on video.
A disc of the complete shows would have been far better, but alas, two hours of Kenny on DVD are better than none.
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on 12 February 2005
Kenny Everett's legacy really is rather ill-served at the moment -
as other reviewers have noted, this DVD is simply a re-package re-issue of two old VHS compilations of the Thames TV "Kenny Everett Video Show".
Although there's plenty to chuckle at, even the odd belly laugh,
you can't help feeling the whole thing has been hacked and edited to death - you miss the surreal flow and momentum of an individual episode of the show - on the DVD, the comic pace is skewed somewhat, the running gags no longer run, the characters don't develop from week to week.
And there's no way this is all the BEST material, even from the 1970s Thames TV show (and of course, there's oodles of 80s stuff from the BBC's "Kenny Everett Television Show" that needs to be seen as well)
For a man who was an indisputable televisual genius, and considering some of the other TV tat which has been lavished with DVD box sets, it really is a crying shame that more of Kenny's material isn't available.
We need a multidisc box set of the Kenny Everett Video show, and another of the Kenny Everett Television Show! Anyone who disagrees, I say round 'em up! Put 'em in a field! And BOMB THE B*STARDS!!!!!
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I had great happy memories of this comic genius - but sadly, this compilation doesn't really do them justice.

For starters, it certainly isn't the naughtiest of the "naughty bits". That, surely would have to include the Hot Gossip dancer who famously hadn't ... er-hem... shaved too well. Not to mention the classic Brother Lee Love scene in which the audience repeats the last word of each line, to extremely naughty effect. Or how about the Sid Snot classic - "So I said to my girl - your knickers are coming down. How do you know? She replied. No no. It's an order, not an observation... (or words to that effect).

Sorry, but this is pretty bland material, that covers none of the edgier stuff that cuddly Ken famously got away with on TV.

Some of the Marcel Wave scenes are still very funny (the mirror scene with David Essex is brilliant), and the final scene, with Kenny being dumped in a dustbin is genuinely poignant, but overall, this is a generally uninspired collection.

Finally, the disappointing "extras" are just a flat text account of Kenny's life and a superfluous repeat of some Carla and Hot Gossip bits that are already included in the main feature!

Please, let's have a genuine naughty bits DVD sometime soon!
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on 6 October 2005
I remember Kenny Everett well when he was on TV. He was zany, politically incorrect and full of enormous energy. His invention of characters and sketches seemed to be never-ending. The sets were all paper and cardboard but that didn't matter - Kenny made them work.
I think that we always knew that he was a one off. And certainly we have never seen his like before or since. But this DVD only gives a partial flavour of Kenny and probably was not his best work.
If you haven't seen Kenny Everett before then this DVD is a good introduction, but there is much more!
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on 1 February 2005
This DVD is indeed a reissue of some of the material KE recorded for Thames in the late 1970s. At its' time, this was one of the best things on early-evening TV. However a lot of the best stuff is missing from the DVD, presumably due to clearance issues. This includes all of the guest bands, so you don't get to see any of those (Bowie, Roxy, Costello, Lizzy, Pretenders et al). Also, the deadpan cameo appearances by many other guest stars (Mercury, Bowie, Billy Connolly etc) are conspicuous by their absence. What you get instead is few of the Kremmen cartoons and a selection of Kenny's early characters all performed to camera, and a lot of filler (Hot Gossip...oh please). I would recommend tracking down the original VHS tapes if you want an idea of why this show was so good in its' day.
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on 25 October 2004
This DVD is based on two long-deleted VHS video compilations of material from the earliest of the Everett TV shows, recorded for Thames TV in the late 1970s. You get an assortment of Kenny's comic links that originally linked pop music videos and live bands. You should note though that hardly any of the music is included here, presumably due to clearance issues. But you do get the wonderful Angry Of Mayfair ("Hello! Bangs camera!!"), Marcel Wave, Brother Lee Love et al (no Cupid Stunt or Gizzard Puke - they came later). There is no studio audience and Kenny just plays to the crew, often corpsing his lines, ad-libbing all over the place, pulling the camera around and very likely having a great time. To the uninitiated modern viewer, it's probably all pretty tame, but at the time this was pioneering stuff and IMO it beats the later BBC series outright. Watch for the inebriated guest stars (Rod "the Mod" Stewart, Billy Connolly etc) only too pleased to make twits of themselves. We could do without the cheesy dance troupe though.... Hot Gossip? oh puh-lease!
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on 3 March 2011
A few other reviewers have said the same thing. Picture quality is not what you would hope for in this day and age - it is distinctly 'video'. Some of the material looks a little dated but if you consider what else was around at the time then you will come away thinking that Kenny was very funny and a genius.

Having said that it was great to see Kenny once again and it is still, for me at least, laugh out loud funny in places. I don't get to say that too much these days. The material is not overly well chosen - too much 'Brother Lee Love' and I could have done without so many Hot Gossip videos.

No Gizzard Puke or Cupid Stunt (from later series? can't remember). 'Extras' are poor - couple of ads, a biog, Hot Gossip vids and the Kremmen story - most of which is from the main feature.

I am guessing that releasing the original programmes 'as broadcast' has some cost implications - music rights are not cheap in some instances. The release of classic BBC drama Shoestring suffered from similer problems.

Worth a punt at the price tho until something more substantial comes along. There are much worse ways of spending two hours!
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on 11 April 2011
kenny everett,what a date this is what you get,quite frankly i feel disgusted that no retailer manufacturer of dvds offer up what is a very small pathetic tribute for some one who is greatly missed by many people & fans.a poor tribute indeed.come on granada,lwt,bbc get your heads together & give the people what they want,BIGGER-BETTER,THE WHOLE KENNY,im sure the material is there,give it to us please,cupid stunt et al.
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on 17 January 2011
Kenny Everett was just so funny and so clever and so man next door! It's a shame there's so much hot gossip on it as they don't look naughty any more just very, very shiney! Just wanted to see more of Kenny and his characters. really glad I bought it!
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on 14 January 2010
What a disappointing DVD! I was looking forward to "The Naughty Bits" and if that is all they can find, I wouldn't bother! There are one or two amusing moments but the compilation does Mr Everett no favours at all. Perhaps it should be retitled "The Hot Gossip Boring Bits"! They seem to appear with monotonous regularity - goodness, they were awful! Lets hope that another compilation comes along soon to really show the comic genius that was Kenny Everett, but in the meantime - don't buy this one.
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