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4.3 out of 5 stars55
4.3 out of 5 stars
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on 9 July 2007
As a fan of this once great show I can say with honesty that this season falls short not only in the absence of David Duchovney (Mulder) but of Gillian Anderson, though she is in this she doesnt seem to be involved a whole lot. Gillian Anderson really doesnt apply herself here and doesnt seem to care about the show anymore which reflects in her occasionally glassy performance. Season 9 should have been the greatest of all with questions to answer that the writers have posed instead there is a lot of stand alone episodes and a 90min series finale...this doesnt answer everything just merely gives us a montage of what we have seen already! Suffice to say the creators of this show could not explain the complex plots they have nurtured over 9 years in a 90min ending!!! A good season though but not great I have my favorite episodes "4D" "William" "Providence" so all isnt doom and gloom just prepare yourself if you are an avid fan of the series especially the mythology episodes. Fans of just the stand alone episodes, fear not there is plenty here and Doggett and Reyes try their best to fill the shoes of our heroes quite well.
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24 of 25 people found the following review helpful
on 26 March 2004
This 7-disc collection, sporting some particularly impressive cover art, marks the end of an era for the first ever show to be released on DVD as a season boxset. Many fans of The X-Files would argue that this ninth and final season was a huge downturn for the series as it slowly faded out, but it is extremely important not to let this highly vocal opinion colour your judgement as the season is not all that bad. It certainly matches if not exceeds the creative level the series began with back in its first year.
The premiere episodes, “Nothing Important Happened Today”, mark the point where David Duchovny left the regular cast, not appearing at all until the finale – barring one uncredited cameo. The series coped very well without him thanks to the fine surrounding cast, but the disappearance of his Mulder character was not quite so straightforward and, in the end, pretty poorly handled – he’s just gone. Yet there is still merit in much of the opening story as with the guest appearance of Lucy Lawless (aka Xena Warrior Princess) as a menacing Super Soldier, as well as the performances of new leads Robert Patrick (Doggett) and Annabeth Gish (Reyes).
This trend is continued in a number of strong episodes in the first half of the season with the eerie “Daemonicus”, gory “Hellbound”, and the definite highlights “Trust No 1” and “4-D” – the latter of which marking the return of Assistant Director Brad Follmer, played by Cary Elwes, who was an intriguing shade-of-grey character but unfortunately under-used. However, later episode “Lord of the Flies” is possibly the worst episode in all nine years, and this is probably why Season 9 is rated so poorly (and more than a little unfairly). Just ignore this episode and put it down to the ineptitude of a certain debutant writer.
The mid-season mythology two-parter “Provenance” and “Providence” expands the ongoing mystery into Scully’s baby, William, and allows Gillian Anderson to pull off some fine acting as the desperately protective mother. Neal McDonough (of “Star Trek: First Contact” and “Minority Report”) makes a good guest appearance as a renegade FBI Agent, and the recurring villain of The Toothpick Man (Alan Dale) makes his debut in a role of little substance beyond his excellent name and enigmatic screen presence.
The second half of the season consists largely of stand-alones, amongst which the best entries have to be “Audrey Pauley”, where Annabeth Gish acts superbly in the region between life and death, and “Improbable” featuring a quirky appearance by Burt Reynolds. Also, the mystery surrounding Scully’s child is almost solved, or at least brought to an end in the strong and emotional “William” which was directed by David Duchovny. This eventually leads to the feature-length series finale which is fittingly titled “The Truth” as the ongoing conspiracy mythology is finally tied together. Unfortunately this doesn’t really give the audience any new information, but there is enough poignancy, spectacular action, and the return of several old faces via an effective plot device to make this a memorable event.
Overall, this is not one of The X-Files’ best seasons, but it is the last one and by no means as bad as the fan community or media make out. However, if you have bought all three feature videos/DVDs from this season you will already own over one third of the episodes anyway, so it may well not be worth the extra expense. But what you don’t own is the unprecedented volume of bonus material spread across two whole discs.
There are the usual documentaries, featurettes, deleted scenes (3 of which come from “The Truth”) and effects walkthroughs that fans have come to expect, but there are also some entirely unexpected features such as a 90-minute documentary devoted to the making of the series finale, two 45-mintute documentaries released several years previously, and an exciting 20-minute “Tribute to The X-Files”. On top of that there are 3 audio commentaries on the episodes “Improbable” (by Chris Carter), “Jump the Shark” (by Vince Gilligan, John Shiban, & Frank Spotnitz), and of course “The Truth” (by Kim Manners). These appealing extra special features make this last ever season boxset truly one to be savoured, as if the episodes weren’t enough anyway. Fox Home Entertainment truly deserve some thanks for this superb final release.
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23 of 24 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 27 August 2006
The problem with Season 9 of The X-Files is that it tries so hard to answer the questions raised in previous seasons, that paradoxically it seems to answer nothing at all! The last two episodes "The Truth pt 1&2" promise so much from a series that had such a great production team and cast, but they just do not deliver. As an avid fan you may have spent a decent chunk of your life watching every episode in order, just waiting to see the finale... So when you find out that the only answer revealed is a date for the final alien invasion (that nothing can be done to change!), you can't help but feel that you have ben conned into a serious anti-climax. You are not alone here and you can be forgiven for this because most of the final double-episode is spent in a Military court room anyway, not exactly explosive!

Another negative element of series 9 is that three of the best characters in the show (The Lone Gunmen) are killed off in an episode that really does not need them to die! Chris Carter's spin off series "The Lone Gunmen" only survived one series, but it was an original and highly entertaining series that now cannot be taken any further... Ok you might argue that the two shows could be promoted mutually exclusively, but for true fans the continuity would NEVER hold.

Having said all this, I have given this season 3 stars for a few reasons. Firstly, this series does have some first-rate "Stand-Alone" episodes... the problem is that because it advances too quickly towards a conclusion there are not enough of these episodes. Similarly, although I feel that Robert Patrick is a fine actor and takes on the role of Agent Doggett very effectively, I also feel that his best performances and episode storylines were in Season 8. Annabeth Gish does her CV no harm in season 9 either, but again her character really peaked with Patrick's in season 8.

So what of Mulder and Scully? Well, Mulder is in hiding for the whole of season 9 until the last 2 episodes and Scully's character is completely destroyed. What made Scully great wasn't her scepticism throughout the series but her strength; this strength (in my opinion) was burned out half-way through season 8. Overall I think it is a shame because season 9 pretty much falls apart, which is something that has never happened in previous seasons. Having said that, producing an exciting and definitive conclusion to a show as dominant and complex as the X-Files was always going to be a tall order and this season should still be watched once. Disappointing and anti-climactic but not quite a total disaster... you'll probably still enjoy it.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 5 August 2009
since buying all the x files dvds several years ago, i have watched all the episodes a handful of times, and i love how i forget certain things each time i rewatch episodes - i guess thats what happens when there are so many (over 200) episodes. i have just got to season 9 again, and i forgot how brilliant it is. i was thinking before,.... 'oh no i've got to the end.. just season 9 now without mulder'. but straight away you're hit by the intense storylines, fantastic characters (reyes and doggett) and fantastic stand alones.

i don't care what anyone says... season 9 has some of the greatest "standalones" of the show. with the other seasons, i can look at the episode lists and pick out the episodes i love, and those (small number) which were not so entertaining for me. however, with season 9 i think pretty much every episode is very entertaining and keeps you hooked. in 'trust no1' i feel emotional watching because i really feel scully's pain and her desperation to see mulder. 'william' is also a great mythology episode and very moving. i think season 9 (and season 8) makes your heart ache for scully and all she goes through. on a happier note, monica reyes is such a joy to watch. monica has such a sunny personality and annabeth plays her so well. john and monica's chemistry also keeps you hooked. gillian anderson (and annabeth gish) looks hot in this season. i think she looks better than ever in this season. overall, an amazing set of episodes and you would be crazy not to buy it. 5*+ wow, i've written loads i thought i was going to keep it short and snappy but i can't help it.. there are so many great things to say!!
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16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on 21 February 2006
The X-files is probably one of my favourite shows. After each season, something seems to happen to them. With seasons 6 and 7 they be come a bit more comedic. Season 8 shows us a change in chracters with John Doggett. Season 8 also went back to its horror roots. Season 9 is more of the same as season 8, yet it is not as superior. Scully (Gillian Anderson) is reduced to a smaller role in this season. She now seems like a minor charcter, like Skinner. Agent Doggett and Agent Reyes are basically the new main charcters. John Doggett seemed to have a smaller role in season 8, but now he gets his time to shine. In my opinion he is a very misunderstood charcter and it great to watch. Agent Reyes is decent, she's not great, but she ain't too bad either. Annabeth Gish does a good job at playing her.
The season opens up with 'Nothing important happened today' which is a two-parter. It is decent, and it gives us a bit more info about the new super-soldier story-line. Other mythology ones which follow are 'Trust no 1' which deals with Mulder's disappearence, which is quite an exciting episode. 'Provenance/Providence' is an OK episode which goes deep into the mysteries involving Scully's son William. 'Willaim' is another episode involving her son, and it also brings us back an old character.
The stand-alone episodes are probably the best thing about the season. 'Scary monsters' is a personal favourite for me, which deals with a freaky little boy. 'Audrey Pauley' is an episode to do with Agent Reyes fighting for her life. 'Underneath' is a straight-ahead horror story which includes a bit of Agent Doggetts past. 'Improbable' is a fun episode in which Burt Reynolds stars as possibly god himself. 'Sunshine days' brings some of the comedy back into the show.
Though, some stand-alones are quite bad. 'Lord of the flies' is very weak (you may already know that). 'Hellbound', while it's gruesome, it's just one of those episodes that I nearly fell asleep on. And '4-D', which dealt with a parallel dimension, wasn't as good as I expected.
'The truth' is the last episode. If you want to see Mulder one last time, then see this. For me the episode is only OK. Mulder has been in hiding, and now he is being charged for the murder of Knowle Ruhrer, despite the fact that he can't die. For the first half of the episode is basically talks about the last nine years of mythology which seems a bit unnecessary. The episode revolves more around Mulder and Scully, and leaves Doggett and Reyes in the background. It also ncludes a number of guest-stars such as Krycek, Lone gunmen and X.
Out of all nine seasons, season 9 probably contains the most extras. The extras are strangely spread on two discs. On disk 1, it has 3 documantaries: 'The truth about season 9', 'The making of the truth' and 'Refelctions on the truth'. There are also many special effects sequences. And TV spots on every single episode. Deleted scenes are also included on a number of episodes, including a scene with the president for 'The truth'. On the second special features disk there are 2 behind-the-scenes documantaries and a 'tribute to the x-files' featurette.
Also, audio commentaries are on a few selected episodes, including a Chrish Carter commentary on 'Improbable' and a commentrary from director Kim Manners on 'Thr truth'.
So, while this isn't the best season, there are still a number of good episodes. Frankly, the majority of them are good. Don't expect to see Scully that much. She is in every episode, just in a much smaller role, but she does have the main role for a few episodes. Though, Mulder only appears in the last episode. Though, a good season none-the-less.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 18 August 2010
I'm a really HUGE x-phile, I've basiccally grown up watching The X-Files for almost a decade! Season 9 marks the final installment in this tv series, which I believe is the best show ever made. Big changes for this final season: Mulder appears only in the series finale and Scully appears in fewer scenes than in the previous seasons, so the attention is focused a lot on the new couple of FBI agents, Doggett and Reyes (both introduced in season 8). Their job (and the job of the two actors) to replace such big icons like Mulder and Scully proves to be extremely difficult. The writer do a nice job into developing their charachters, but it is impossbile to think they would ever move the viewers like Mulder and Scully did. That's also why Mulder's absence feels extremely difficult to get on with. Main mithology-arc of the season deals with the mistery of the supersoldiers and the nature of Scully's baby and introduces a pair of new charachters. Writing this season went on among ups and downs. I liked many things like guest stars Lucy Lawless and Burt Reynolds, episodes like John Doe, Daemonicus, 4D and Trust no1 were very compelling, but many other stories felt disappointing (Hellbound, Scary Monsters, Lord of the flies). So the quality remains at good levels, but this is undeniably the worst season of the series. We can say the series ended at the right point, before becoming stupid or repetitive. The so called endgame (the final 5 episodes) is both compelling and shocking for some revelations. I won't spoil anything, but you may love or hate some of these episodes 'cause of what happens in this final arc, you are warned. What is really excellent is the series finale. Many argued that it was a bad written and dishonest ending. I totally disagree: the story is focused again on Mulder and Scully and is able to watch at the past bringing the viewer bittersweet memories of 9 great years, but at the same time offers some future perspectives. Many of the old charachters reappears and there are really lots of plot elements that makes this episode entartaining, compelling, thrilling and emotional. It provides action too (the scene with the explosions in the pueblo is masterfully done). As you can easily imagine, while the truth is finally exposed, the story ends with an open ending full of mixed feelings in typical X-Files style. If you were waiting for something like Mulder and Scully getting married, well...we are far from there. The ending scene is very similar to one in the pilot episode: X-Files comes emotionally full circle. If you really understood what was The X-Files, you will agree that this was the only perfectly fitting finale for this series. It is very emotional and beautifully done. I'll miss this show deeply!
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on 26 March 2004
Season 9 may not be the greatest season of The X Files ever but it is by no means as bad as some make it out to be.
Alot had changed this season, as apparant by the new and very cool title sequence, namely David Duchovny would only appear in the final feature length episode and Agents Doggett and Reyes now investigated the x files cases with Scully lending a helpful hand from her new position as a forensic's teacher with the FBI. Despite these big changes it was still very much The X Files at heart, Skinner and The Lone Gunmen were present but not as much as many fans would have wished, Kersh was his usual nasty self and the inclusion of Cary Elwes as A.D. Brad Follmer was a great addition to the cast.
The mythology this year revolved around the mysteries of Scully's baby, the "super-soilders", internal politics within the FBI and the question of whether Mulder was dead or alive. While these mythology story lines were no means the best Chris Carter and co. have ever come up with the episodes themeselves were still truly excellent. The season opened with the brilliant two-parter "Nothing Important Happened Today I & II" which aroused question for the coming year. "Trust no 1" dealt with Mulders dissapearance, the mid season two-parter "Provenance" and "Providence" were amongst the best two-part episodes the show has ever made, "William" brilliantly directed by David Duchovny was a real highlight of season 9 and then the final episode ever "The Truth". This episode marked Mulders retun and while there were quite a few things I didn't like about the episode it was an amazing ending to the greatest show to ever grace our screens.
The stand-alone episodes this season were just as good as any of the previous seasons with "Deaomonicus", "4-D", "John Doe", "Hellbound", "Audrey Pauley", "Improbable"(which guest starred Burt Reynolds) "Release" and "Sunshine Days" being amongst the greatest stand-alones ever made. There were a couple of very good episodes in the shape of "Underneath" and "Scary Monsters" but there were also a couple of absolute stinkers, "Lord of The Flies" and "Jump The Shark" were easily two of the worst episodes ever made.
Give season 9 a chance and you may well be surprised how truly excellent this final year was. The acting is, as always, superb especially from Robert Patrick and Gillian Anderson, production values and direction were second to none and as such the show has never looked better. The stand-alones were as good as any other year, the mytholgy was still very interesting and for a show in it's ninth year it looked incredibley fresh.
Plus with two discs worth of extras this Box set is definetly worth a buy.
Here's to nine amazing years and Bring on the movies!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 5 March 2012
Did anybody really imagine that, missing a key lead character, and after so many years of wonderful episodes, season 9 was going to be the greatest? So many shows deteriorate well before this point, and the entire cast and crew deserve a lot of credit for doing their best to try to match their standards - and to check out in a way that would please diehard fans. If i'm honest, there are a few more average episodes here than usual - but I accept that, because the truly magical lead character chemistry of Mulder and Scully, obvious from season 1 episode 1, is absent. But this is still a vital part of the whole X Files world. People who slate it should be grateful that Chris Carter was so determined to continue in the face of adversity, and to create (in many shows contained in this set), and in movies, something pretty special. I actually think that in years to come, this season will gain more respect - those who attack it as a season too far should look at the pain caused to fans by other tv shows which have ended end prematurely.

I loved season 9 for its conclusion of many themes and characters that have run through the show over the years, giving the fans a satisfying 'closure'. (Remember that when you're insisting it should've stopped at season 7... Although I was disappointed with the handling of the Lone Gunmnen!!). I also love the standalone shows from the latter half of season 9.

Ultimately for me Robert Patrick remains a memorable addition to The X-Files as Agent Doggett. Such a vital piece of casting. No one, though, could replace Mulder. If you can accept this, then you will still very much enjoy seasons 8 and 9 of this classic show.
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 20 March 2003
9 years, what a long time, especially for a run of a tv show. Over 200 episodes, and plenty of mutants, monsters, ufo's, cover ups and special agents, the show that gripped the globe finally draws its final curtain. I have to be one of the biggest fans of the show, and week in week out would tune in and watch religiously. So i came as a bit of bleak news when i heard the show was finally ending, but im glad to say it goes out in style. Season nine follows agent scully as she trys to find out where her baby came from, is it a miricle or a nightmare. Once again doggett, reyes and skinner return to help solve mysteries and answers scully's fears.All in all this is a very very good season and ranks up there with the best of them. Gillian Anderson is in the spotlight for the entire season and is absolutly fantastic, turning in her best performances to date, and looking gorgeous as ever!. Robert patrick has been my favourite addition to the show and is superb, along with annabeth gish who really gets time to shine in this final season. There are some superb episodes such as John Doe, Trust no 1, and the truth 2 parter. Im really going to miss this show, programs such as the office and 24 are fantastic, but nothing can replace this original and groundbreaking show. Chris Carter, and the crew i salute you all.
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17 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on 13 April 2004
Many people choose to hate the last two seasons of the X-Files because of it's new leading ensemble and Duchovny leaving the show. I do not.
Although the show is primarily based on the character of Mulder, there is no reason to end it, just because David Duchovny feels bored. As much as I like him, I have to say that I like Robert Patrick and the character of Doggett just as much if not even more. Annabeth Gish also is brilliant as Reyes, so there's no moaning there, too. Think about this: If things were reversed, and Patrick/Gish had started the show and were now to be replaced by Duchovny/Anderson, I believe that the fans' discomfort could be even greater!
So what you have here is yet another very-well thought-through season with great episodes and a strong leading cast, keeping the integrity of the story (=not getting even more illogic than already at some times...) and delivering a great final year, which honestly deserved another one or two years with the new cast. So I can only hope that Mr Carter also incorporates Doggett and Reyes into the upcoming feature film along with Mulder & Scully, since it would be more than unfair and just plain stupid to leave them out. They were and are great characters and actors, and no bad ratings, no bad reviews and no smart remarks are going to change that!
Every true X-Phile can embrace this season without any hesitation, it marks the end of a TV-legend that the world had not seen before!
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