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3.7 out of 5 stars73
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 17 March 2005
I'm listening to this album now, after having had it for a few weeks. To be honest, I absolutely despised this album when I first listened to it and found myself only being able to tollerate the first two singles: "Lose My Breath" and "Soldier" which had been my main reason for buying it.
However, this album does actually grow on you and when you learn to appreciate it, it's then that you can fully understand Destiny's Child's development as women. It's true that this album is completely different from the massively successful Survivor, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I think that Destiny Fulfilled definitely succeeds in reaching a new, more mature range of listeners.
Their target audience from the days of The Writing's On The Wall have matured and the fact that Destiny's Child are simply moving on with the times can't be a bad thing surely.
I'll let you be the judge of whether or not their destiny has actually been "fulfilled" or not, but I think that this is undoubtedly a great attempt at producing an album full of new material, following the vast success the group has already achieved with their previous albums. Thanks for taking the time to read my review of this product!
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on 20 November 2004
before i got this album i read some of the other reviews about this record and found some very misleading and others very truthfull. considering their brilliant form on the previous 4 albums they have tried to change their music and done it very badly. trying to change from poppy rnb to a more grown up rnb is very hard and the girls should have taken ideas from aaliyah who did it very well before her death. the only standout tracks i found were lose my breath, soldier and through with love. if u want an album full of stomping tracks u would be better getin the writtings on the wall where there are no filler tracks unlike this cd. while beyonce has previously had the lead vocals she is still in the lead but kelly and michelle sing the odd verse now and again which isnt a bad thing as obviously beyonce is the most talented member of the group. the album is filled with slushy ballads, and considering i am not a fan of ballads at all i find myself skiping most of the songs. this is a very bad let down 2 all of the fans who were expecting the up beat songs they are famous for. if you are a fan of DC this review will most probably not stop u buying the cd but if u are planning on getting this cd on the strength of lose my breath i would advise you 2 buy the single. the album is only 12 songs long and i have heard that DC recorded over 70 tracks for this album i wonder how bad those songs must have been not to make it on here. the only reason i hav given this album 3* is that lose my breath, soldier (the next single)and through with love are excellent songs and it shows how DC can preform like on jumpin' jumpin', say my name, survivor and bootylicious.
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on 8 January 2005
Released hot off the heels of Beyonce's mammouth success as a solo artist, "Destiny Fulfilled" is the fourth original album from the girl group that have been top of the R&B Babes for nearly 6 years now. Believed by many to be the group's last album before the call for solo recording becomes too loud for Beyonce and her bandmates to ignore, this LP will be seen as a fond fairwell by some, but a good riddance by others.
A quick listen to the 12 new tracks here quickly reveals which of three women is in control of the group's sound. The Beyonce trademark can be heard throughout the album [And also seen in the shape of a "True Star", the beauty's perfume, advert flyer inside the case]. And this trademark is one of classic sounding R&B and love fuelled lyrics and meanings. Strangely, this trademark is both the album's greatest strengths and it's greatest weakness. Simply put, when done correctly this sound is a joy. Tracks like "Is She The Reason?", "Through With Love" and "Bad Habit" are stunning to the ears and reveal new and refined vocal ability from each of the three women (Particually improved is the, in places, stunningly distinctive voice of Kelly Rowland). But on the other hand, long drawn out tracks like "Cater 2 U", "Game Over" and "T-Shirt" are the kind of self-indulgent slush that are to blame for Beyonce's solo debut falling just short of greatness. But there are more positive elements of the album, with tracks like "Lose My Breath", "Soldier" and "Girl" displaying the sort of high-end production and writing that have made the group's name in the past and that have secured thier previous releases a place in the R&B Hall of Fame.
In the end though, much of the tracks here will end up unplayed and skipped through at every listen. It's such a shame, because what the album does well it does to perfection, but the handful of poor and lacklustre tracks here destory an otherwise amazing vibe to the CD. Perhaps the speedy release of this album are to blame for the bad tracks here, or maybe they are testiment to talent that's there but is yet to blossom. Either way, this album is, all said and done, 50% good and 50% forgettable, and for fans who have come to expect the best - that's not going to be enough.
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on 17 November 2004
I'll have to agree with the other reviews in that expected something big from DC and sorry to say this but i'm left very disappointed with this album. In fact the only reason why i have given it 2 stars is because of "Lose My Breath". The other songs are forgetable except for "Cater 2 U" (which the intro of this song is featured on the new McDonalds advert). My advice is to just buy "Lose My Breath" and save the rest of your money.
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on 2 April 2010
I have loved every single one of Destiny's Child's previous albums, so I was looking forward to getting this one. However, the girls have taken a very different direction on this album, and old fans may be a little disappointed. "Soldier" and "Lose my breath" (my fav track on the album) are in line with their old, upbeat sound. However, the rest of the album takes a much more ballad-y, grown up tone than any of their previous work. This is not necessarily a bad thing, and it's a good thing that their sound is maturing and changing, but I think it's caught out a lot of people who bought this album expecting instantly memorable hits like "Survivor", "Jumpin" and "Independent woman". Give it a chance though, because there's not anything wrong with the smooth, chilled out songs on this album, they just take a bit of time to grow on you.
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on 17 November 2004
Michelle,Beyonce,Kelly r bac with an album packed with stunning vocals n chillin grooves. I love DC3 n i loved all of the girls solo stuff especially Michelle's 'do you know' album-brilliant-a shame she gets less recognition despite her more distinctive voice. This album hasnt quite got the punch of 'Survivor' or the older stuff but is still a great album definetly reflecting the ladies growth.
Highlights; 'Loose my Breath' 'Soldier' 'Girl' 'Through With Love' 'If' -stunning vocals on that track - highlights michelles talent !
If your a DC fan you gottabuy this album, it's worth it !
Im going seeing them in June 2005 and CAN WAIT !!!! LUV DC !!!!
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on 27 June 2009
If there's one thing you can say about Destiny's Child; they don't do half measures. This is an all-out slick, shiny, up-market effort for their 4th and final album, and If you're looking for tiresome R&B clichés exhausted to their limits, then you need look no further. Still, there's no doubting the abilities of Michelle, Kelly or that other one whose name I forget. No, Beyoncé is, of course, the star of the show and her expressive range and power is what sets her apart from the others- don't doubt it: most singers wouldn't stand out alongside Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, and it's also worth remembering that if you're looking for a group of stunning vocalists who are prone to moments of brilliance, then DC are your group. Once (or if) you can get past the lack of direction and prolonged spells of confused and meaningless songwriting that 'Destiny Fulfilled' throws at you, you've got a pretty enjoyable album on your hands.

The opener, 'Lose My Breath' runs the risk of getting the listeners hopes up and it's a better song than any of the catchy hits on the lauded pop-fest 'Survivor'. 'Soldier', momentarily resuscitated by Lil Wayne (not so much T.I.), is produced by Rich Harrison but certainly not reminiscent of any of his (formidable) body of memorable work ('1 Thing', 'Crazy in Love'). In fact, for a half-hour long extravaganza, it's incredible how little actually happens in 'Soldier', which is pleasantly minimal but devoid of variety and electronically lifeless.

If 'Soldier' hasn't induced a mild coma, by the time you get to 'Cater 2 U' you'll wish that it had done - this is a simply dire song and anyone with the misfortune/insomniac tendencies to stay awake during it has to endure Beyoncé singing about her devotion to pleasing her man - a bit of an inexplicable U-turn from the happier, empowering days of 'Bills, Bills, Bills', 'Nasty Girl', etc. 'T-Shirt' continues in the same vein, but somehow manages to be even worse. As I said, Destiny's Child don't go half way and they don't mess about with subtle sexual metaphors- in fact I don't think 'metaphors' come into the equation: think "give it to me deeper", "keep it right there, oooh" (genuine lyrical excerpts).

Fortunately, 9th Wonder, who has done good work with Erykah Badu and Jay-Z amongst others, saves the day and provides the soul-powered beat to the excellent 'Is She the Reason' (possibly the best song here) and to a lesser extent 'Girl' which (the clue is in the title) probably isn't really aimed at male listeners such as me, so I won't comment. 'Bad Habit' is dull, in a word, and produced by WyldCard (me neither). 'If' is instantly forgettable as well. 'Thorough with Love' is pretty simple and could be forgivable were it not for the gospel choir clichéing their way in towards the end, combined with the line about "finding a new love in God". The hypocrisy I mentioned in the themes of 'Cater 2 U' etc. is surpassed at the end of the album, where the song 'Love' immediately follows 'Through With Love'. The bizarre choice of putting 'Love' here on the album is the only reason it's worth mentioning.

'Free', at first glance could be lost under the overwhelming quantity of tedious ballads here, but it shouldn't as it is actually Destiny's Child's best and most accomplished ballad. OK, so that may sound a bit like saying "it's Arnie's most convincing acting performance", but this song nearly delivers on subtlety for once, and testament to its quality is that Beyoncé's twice repeated hook "No no no no, get up outta here" at the end is almost surplus to requirements, despite the fact it's memorable and catchy. Pop hooks are sparse on 'Destiny Fulfilled'; if you're looking for catchy songs, try an earlier album. But if you can get it cheap, this is just about worth the space in a CD rack, if only for a few of the songs. (And if you've got plenty of space for CDs).
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on 19 December 2004
Ok, so there are lots of bad reviews of this album and the first time I listened to the album I was really disappointed. However I listened to it a couple more times and now I thinks it's great. There are a couple of boring tracks but there are some that are fantastic, just give them a few listens. Anyway here's my opinion on each song.
Lose My Breath 10+/10 brilliant song which should've been number 1
Soldier 10+/10 second single, even better than Lose My Breath (my favourite)
Cater 2 U 10/10 took a couple of listens but really catchy (even if the lyrics are rubbish)
T-Shirt 10+/10 fantastic song which I loved since first listen, should be a single
Is She The Reason 8/10 very good song, a grower
Girl 9/10 great song which could be a single
Bad Habit 8/10 good song which gets better with each listen
If 7/10 average but a grower
Free 8/10 good song, but not the best
Through With Love 9/10 ~ brilliant song which I think will be the next single, although I do prefer Cater 2 U and T-Shirt
Love 7/10 another average song
Game Over 10+/10 amazing song which would make a brilliant single, although it wont be as it's a bonus track (fantastic lyrics)
Best Songs/ Lose My Breath, Soldier, Cater 2 U, T-Shirt and Game Over
Worst Songs/ If and Love
Give the album a chance as it is really good, however don't expect any tracks like Soldier or Lose My Breath except for Through With Love as all the songs are ballads, but very good ballads nevertheless!
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on 31 December 2004
When I heard in August DC where back in November I was overcome with glee!!!! After getting this album for christmas my glee soon disapeared. Most of the tracks are weak at best, all mid-tempo dare I say it ALBUM FILLERS! Loose My Breath, Girl and Through With Love are the only saving graces. Although it is great to see Kelly and Michelle getting some lead vocals they always seem to be after Beyonce has done the majority of the song(I guess some things never change) To conclude Buy it if you're a die-hard fan if not don't bother!
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on 9 December 2004
Just got my copy of Destiny Fulfilled taday and was prepared for a disappointing album because that was all i had heard about it. But I have to say that it is a lovely album. Great harmonies, songs and lyrics. It is their most mature album to date and it shows how much they have grown as women.
I wish Michelle had more verses though. Her voice is very soothing. And i love Kelly's new look and her voice has matured too. I loved her song 'Bad habits'. And Beyonce - still brilliant!!
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