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4.6 out of 5 stars158
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 26 October 2004
It seems that a review for either pro evolution or Fifa wouldn't be complete if the other game wasn't mentioned in comparison. I however haven't played the latest Fifa game which allows me to concentrate purely on the matter in hand and that is How good is pro evolution?
Simple answer is it is great. At last this is a football game that feels more real.
Gone are the games where the ball sticks to your feet and the players move more like an ice hockey player than a footballer. The game itself is also more intelligent than it's former incarnations. The defence try the offside trap - the referee plays advantages a lot more realistically and the fouls are no longer a case of a leg breaking sliding tackle. I have been on a 50-yard run and a big centre half has just blatantly turned his back to me and stood in my path, and shoulder barges are used more often too.
The shooting system feels more accurate too. You can round the goalie (leaving him lying on the floor helpless as you tap the ball in from 1 whole yard!) Also you can stretch your leg and poke the ball past the on rushing keeper and centre half too.
And finally - something I find myself always being critical towards and that is Goalkeepers themselves. I either find that they pull of near impossible saves or let a snail paced rolling ball pass them from 60 yards - not any more - they rush out full stretched to block a one on one - they come for crosses and on occasions spill the ball (not quite to David James' level) the one handed saves are special.
The license still isn't quite right but it is getting there. Quite a few club teams now have sponsors on their kits and real names too.
And one feature that I found annoying on PES3 was swapping players between clubs. Now it is a simple click of a button.
All in all this is a quality game of football. Pro evolution regulars will be happy with the new more realistic engine and first time players will have a treat.
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on 25 July 2004
Here Are some of the features for Pro Evo 4 :-
- More master league teams; 138 teams
- A total of more than 200 club and national teams
- Fully licensed leagues from Holland, Spain and Italy
- More elements added to the development/retirement of master league players
- Free Kicks can be changed quickly after player presses shoot button. EG Player shoots but before he reaches the ball, the dummy taker kicks the ball to someone else.
- New modes for through pass and centering allowing more control to the player
- New feint turn and ball control techniques
- New soccer rules and game control help screens
- User-friendly pause menu with quick control view
- Referees will be seen on pitch during the game
- According to the pitch conditions, wear and tear/dirt will be see on the player's uniforms
- Editable trophy and league names
- JFA licenced Japan A team and Japan under 23 team
- Game will be on DVD-Rom
- Almost all club team players will have their real names
- Zico will be the leading PR figure
- New stadiums will be added
- Adidas Roteiro ball will feature in the game
- No online play
- High through-pass ( + ) now has a power bar
- Post-tackle brawl animation in which the referee gets involved
- Linesman animation seen after a player is given offside
- 5 new abilities: Keep Dribble, Line Positioning, Side Player, Centre Player, Sliding
- New passing system. You can now choose the distance of the pass and more accuratley select the player you want to pass too
- More dribbling movements
- New types of Penalty and Free Kicks
- Increase in the AI of the CPU
- The referee will not issue a yellow card for the first 'average' tackle, but if a player continues to commit 'average' fouls, a card will be given
- Winning a game in Master League will raise the abilities of your players
- Indicator displaying the amount of Injury Time
- Default Master League players (Huygens, Valery etc.) can be turned off
- Ball physics are now affected by the stadium in which the game is being played. In stadium "A" the ball may only have a small amount of bounce, but in stadium "B" a ball may be seen to bounce more freely.
- 6 star difficulty can be unlocked in WEN-Shop
- MVP award for best player of the year in ML, with that award you can update your player.
- 3 types of ML; Default ML Team, Real Team Members and Original Team (Default ML Team + the abilty to swap three default players for three real life players)
- Feints are completely enhanced - There will be a slow feint and
and a faster feint of (Pushing L1 contiously) Feint, and will be more
effective to fake the opponent.
- New fakes will be used - Beside those there will be a left-right
fake, player is going to fake as he is going right, and then he will rapidly
drag the the ball to the left.
- Special actions for MANY specific players:
- New Ball Control : in other WE series, player first holds and touches the ball and then turn. Only by pressing L1+R1 freely you can do some tricks. But in WE8, player with a high technique will controll a pass with a minimum touch on the ball, and turn his body to the direction that you want him to go.
- Pace and Accelaration Difference will be clearly seen. It
says, even a player has a slow pace and accelaration, it was easy to go from
wing and make a cross was easy. Especially computer used players with slow
paces, can make great distances with ball wihout losing. In we8, differences
between attributes (especially pace and accelaration) will be seen very
- AI is improved alot, Sidebacks will be more
affective thoroughout the game, and player logic and decission making
is completely enhanced. Especially shooting decisions are tuned a lot. It
- 5 star leveled match will be a real challenging and realistic match
with WE8'
- 5 new Stadiums:
*Stade Velodrome (Marseille)
*Parc Des Princes (PSG)
*Råsundastadion. (AIK)
*Westfalenstadion (Dortmund)
*St. James Park (Newcastle)
- Direct pass using chest (like Jan Koller does)
- Knee-height volley shoot while turning round
- Many outside kick motions - This means lower weak foot frequency players almost always use his main foot.
- Improved turn motions in dribbling
- 20% More Soccer Actions
- First-person perspective added.
- Flexible Dribble; you can control to which direction the ball heads while bypassing the others with it. Do a reverse pass and trick your opponents!
- Players do not just stop dead after reaching full speed and stopping. It takes a while for them to stop
- New effects (fire works,smoke)
- New animations of supporters.
- New banners/flags in stadiums.
- Many star players will have their own body/-shape/-movement.
- By pressing the dashbutton (sprint) more times, the player will go faster than by pressing and holding the dashbutton, but the handling of the ball will be worse then.
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on 6 December 2004
Pro Evo is truly the greatest football game (to date) created for the Ps2.
Are you are Pro evo person or a Fifa person? -That has usually determined the outcome of which one, one buys.
Well the answer is simply thus: Pro Evo plays like real life, you can play as bad as pub football on a sunday or as good as arsenal in the league(pre pizza crisis). Fifa on the other hand is still mightly unrealistic and how many players can curl the ball 50 yards around the length of the pitch?!
Pro Evo has so many levels to it I can't help but playing it. The changes from pro evo 3 are quite huge. The players no longer run in right angles, the goalies are a lot better and so is the AI, you can even win 6 Star difficulty!
You can be a plethora of club teams including all the premier league teams. Okay, okay, so the names are'nt exactly correct but with the huge editor, if you really do care, you can do a couple every time you play it and you're done!
Pro has also got all the rights to Italy, Holland and Spain so all those who love Fifa's nice kits better take a look! Indeed Fifa does have more rights but who wants a complete lookin' game with no depth.
Pro Evo on the other hand has the deaded master league as well as individual leagues (eg premier league etc).
All in all, Pro Evo will certainly last a lot longer. It has an immense array of varieties of game to keep me and Henry up well until the early hours. The multiplayer games are always fun and with an improved game engine, it really is perfect. Time a shot right and you will score the greatest goal ever, wrong and you'll see it fly a 100 yards over and watch your man drop to his knees - just like on that Sunday morning!
Bad: Some teams do have perculiar names and the commentry lives up to being as comedy as ever!
Good: Excellent gameplay and lifespan. A lot of the rights are there now and it looks and plays great!
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on 22 November 2005
Well people spoke highly of the Pro Evo series so i purchased Pro Evo 3 and it left me savouring its brilliance, some people picked faults with it, apart from the main one which is always: Its not the right names!!!!
Well if you are a fan of true footie games then Pro Evo series is the 1. Pro Evo 4 is class in every sense of the word. Everything that was wrong with is preddesecor(which wasnt a lot!)has been rectified, it all flows perfectly and it mixes perfect gameplay and a lot of little details which keeps all us footie fans smiling.
The gameplay is perfect but still hard but if you want easy goals play Fifa, its just perfect, sometimes you gave a tense 0-0 sometimes u get an amazing end to end with your keeper going up for the last chance.
Pro Evo 4 has made the Master League much,much better aswell. The edit is so good it makes me want to kiss the game with the aility to choose a celebration to go with your created player, gone are the days of being satisfied with being able to wear silver boots!!!! It is absoulotely class, undoubtadly, with the likeness of all the players so good it makes you think your involoved in live football.
All in all the best football game ever.
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on 1 April 2005
And that is coming from a person who before purchasing this was a Huge die-hard FIFA fan. Most of my mates pestered me into renting this and I have to say I havent really put it down since and that was about 4 months ago!
Full licenses for Italian, Spanish and Dutch teams;
All 20 teams from the english premiership are in the game;
Most realistic football game (far more realistic than FIFA);
Addictive & So easy to play;
Will last you for ages;
Loads of new additions from previous PES games;
Newly modified 'master league' mode;
More club and international teams than any other PES;
Brilliantly unrivalled edit mode.
Poor commentary still;
Some teams & players still dont have real names;
Some Editing required to achieve real kits;
After owning EVERY fifa game from Amiga through to PS2, I can truly say without any bias that this is the best football game ever on PS2. The playability and realism of the game makes FIFA look poor. Highly recommended and an essential purchase for REAL football fans. People who buy FIFA will regret it.
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on 4 April 2005
Before i played pro evo 4, i had no interest in football games whatsoever, and i didn't intend to. And even after i played the demo, i didn't like it. But i was a very stupid and inexperienced gamer back then. I played the demo again, and, knowing more about football i could appreciate the likenesses of the players.
The fact is, the more you play it, the more you love it. i just had to buy it and did, and was not disappointed. The animations and graphics that you see not ust in the animations but during the game are superb. No-one could make a beckham free kick look like a beckham free kick more than this game. Ok, so maybe the commentary isn't great, but you learn to understand what poor old peter brackling means, rather than just take in what he says.
NOTE ON the referees:
i have heard a lot of positive feedback about the refs, but i have a few problems (that are easy to overcome of course). If you run up behind a player, they are likely to fall over and you will concede a free kick, and if you challenge for the ball, there is a slight liability that the player will just leap over your leg and get you a card. but once you know this then you can easily avoid it by timing your defensive running and challenges better.
Also, despite the more tactical set-up of FIFA 2005's free kicks, you are far more likely to score i pro evo if you know what you're doing.
All in all, this game is extremely entertaining and is the game you will play when you are saying, "im bored, whay game should I play?", the graphics and animations are great, ewven if John Terry does look a bit Chinese! The fact that you can edit a players stats and make them really good is a bit of a cheating advanteage, but hey! who cares? the ref may give stupid decisions some times, but it is not annoying unless you have been playing for seven hours non stop, or you are rubbish at it. commentary is average and i admit i do notice the difference with FIFA, but it takes nothing, NOTHING away from the pro evo 4 experience.
Looking for the perfect footy sim? YOU'VE FOUND IT! The game screams "buy me!", even when you haven't played it yet. (NOTE: The game doesn't actually sream "buy me!", in case you were worried)
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on 5 December 2004
Where to start? This game has everything. Every year there is an argument over which is better, Pro Evo or Fifa? 2 years ago, Fifa was easily better than Pro Evo. Last year, Fifa may have just edged it, but this year, I reckon Pro Evo is the better of the two games. Yeah it doesn't have the full licensing and it doesn't have the proper kits. So what! You can change it. You can change the team names (the players' names are all there). You can even create the sponsor for the front of the shirt! This year there is a referee who can actually be seen during normal play (unlike Fifa) and you can hit the ball at him and it will actually bounce off. He is also far less harsh, so a small offence will go unpunished by the referee (of course he will still give the free kick) In career mode, when looking for a signing, if you are looking for a particular type of player, you can now choose between types such as 'playmaker'
When a player is injured but can still continue, you will see him stretchered off. The only problem is that he doesn't wait until the ball is out of play. A symbol appears in the top corner to tell you that he has come back on as it will when telling you the ref has played the advantage. Fifa also allows an advantage but when it shouldn't do. Some ofd the players including Ronaldo, Henry and Ljungberg wear gloves and again there aretrademark celebrations such as Shearer's arm up, Henry sliding on his knees, Beckham's crucifix pose, and Figo kissing his ring. As with Fifa, there arenew skill moves. Again Pro Evo has selected the better moves which are also more efficient.
The last thing I will tell you is that with some of the offside rulings, the player will continue to celebrate a goal that will not count. Thanks for reading this review. I hope it was helpful to you.
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on 20 November 2004
now when i got pro evo 3 and played it i thought to can Konami games make a better game, well my friend they have.Pro Evolution Soccer is the Arsenal of football games - it's undoubtedly the best and somehow it keeps on getting better and better.
The key difference to last year's release is the improved player animation and realistic ball movement, which translates to smoother gameplay and more accurate control.
It's the little things that make the difference - the tighter turns, the half-tackles, the shirt-pulls and the shoulder barging. It just feels right.

From a tactical point of view playing this new edition takes a little adjustment. Heading in from a cross isn't so easy now, for example, while the lofted throughball is often more effective.
It's easier to pull off slide tackles without being punished and the ref - now shown on the pitch - plays a much better advantage system.
Brilliant new cut-scenes show players writhing on the floor after a tackle, remonstrating with the ref over decisions and more. Sometimes you'll even see the ref having a 'quiet word'.

There are also nearly 40 different goal celebrations. Amusingly, goals are sometimes disallowed after the player and crowd have begun celebrating.
For player-managers who want a long-term challenge the Master League has been revamped and now allows you to start your own team with real players. The PES Shop and training modes have also been expanded.

Sadly, Premiership clubs still have names like 'North London' and 'Man Red', but Spanish, Italian and Dutch teams now appear with correct kits and sponsors.
The stats are also out-of-date, so Rooney is still at 'Mersey Blues'. Thankfully, swapping players between teams and editing data is easy
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on 23 September 2005
As Pro evo 4 is slowly replaced by pro evo 5, i would like to thank the makers KONAMI for many hours with friends playing the game into the night - i'm sure most people who have played this game will agree with me. However, having narrowly avoiding failing my degree because of PES time, I wonder if there is any "lock" i can put on to help me concentrate on work? no! Oh well, back to another master league game! Gr8 Game.
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on 18 June 2005
Pro evolution soccer 4 was one of those games where you pick up the box and you buy it like that! The graphics are fantastic and the effects are also good. The one tiny problem is that like the other ones in the series, it isnt licensed so all of the english team names are wrong. Unlike Fifa 2005, the controls are so simple to grasp. You can make them whatever you want and unlike fifa you dont have to push r2 for the selected player but just push the corresponding button. I bought the game for £40 and to me, it was well worth the money and i think that this is another superb game from the makers, KONAMI
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