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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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This is great release, with loads of special features. It comes with a nice little book, and the cover is reversible, which shows the original plus new artwork, me personally i prefer the original, The Blu-ray is nice, it gets a 4/5 from me, but the sound is brilliant which is in 5.1 DTS-HD, and sounds very good. The best feature for me is the interview with John Carpenter and Kurt Russell. This is a brilliant release and a must if you love this film.
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on 7 May 2002
My brother, and I, first saw Big trouble..., when we were about 8 years old. We were just about to go on holiday and my father rented this video, immediate addoration!!! I mean it sounds silly now that I'm older, but my brother and I still have a copy each, it's true! Of course the subject matter is a must for all John Carpenter fans, (i.e. horror, sorcery, Kurt russell).Whilst admitting it never reaches the genre-defying heights of The Thing, or Halloween, the film never tries to be anything other than pure theatrical madness, check out Russell's performance for instance, never will you see a bigger all-american hero wannabe than Jack Burton. The special effects are great, the fight scenes are amazing, (the street fight in the alley especially between the 'wing-kong' and the chang-sings') and the script is, admirably, taking the mickey out-of-itself. All these elements make for a real good film, and with this DVD you get the extra bonus of deleted scenes, commentary, alternate endings and a much looked forward to music video starring, yes its true, John Carpenter himself...MAGIC!!!
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on 14 October 2012
As with a few of my other reviews i don't feel i need to review the film as its already a classic but instead intend to put down a few bits that will assist people who are considering purchasing a copy of this title from the US.

1) The Blu ray states on the back of the cover that it is a region A disc. After checking various sites which say its multiregion i tried it out. It currently works on my F&H multiregion DVD player and it also works on my Region B PS3.

2) Picture and sound quality is as i have come to expect for Blu ray excelent like on all but 1 of the 80's classics.

3) Special features music video, deleted scenes, alternative ending and a few others but not really worth mentioning on here.

This version is also cheaper than purchasing the region B version which some people appear to be selling at £15 plus.
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on 26 March 2002
A tale of sorcery, romance and bravery in the tongue-in-cheek movie! After visiting his friend Wang, Jack Burton is thrust into a world which he cannot believe. Trying to save Wang's Fiancee, Jack finds himself fighting the evil sorcerer Lopan, in a quest to save the world (and his beloved truck). With action, comedy, magic and superb characters (including
Kim cattral as reporter Gracie), this is a worthy addition to anyones dvd collection! Who cares about extras when you have such an enjoyable, fantastic movie! A must see!
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The Critics shredded and diced this movie so I really went to the theatre expecting to see one sick puppy. Instead, I was delighted and I continue to be delighted every time I watch this marvelous movies. John Carpenter created an original howl of a time, with tongue firm planted through the cheek and simply went wild with fun and throw away lines, that will keep you coming back again and again. The Critics just did not get the JOKE!! Sigh...fortunately, the public did not agree.
A great cast Kurt Russell, Kim Cattrall, Dennis Dun, Kate Burton (Richard's Daughter), Victor Wong and James Hong take several wrong turns and end up in a war - kung fu style - kidnappings and all sorts "some very unreasonable things". Originally the manuscript for the second Buckaroo Banzai movie, Big Trouble hits bulls eye where BB just missed. It's over kill to the max, but such a great way to go as Jack Burton - Russell doing a BAD John Wayne Imitation - runs headlong into the magick underbelly of Chinatown. One critic put down Russell's performance as "was so poor, it was like he was doing a poor John Wayne imitation" WELL, DUH???? Earth to LM!!
Russell is taking Dennis Dun to pick up his bride to be, but she is mistakenly snatched. It's up to Russell, Dun, Wong and crew to try and get her back. Instead, they lose Kim Cattral to Hong as well as Burton's Peterbuilt "the Porkchop Express", so old Jack has to get mean.
If you don't want to laugh so hard your ribs hurt, you don't enjoy parodies, you don't enjoy bad John Wayne imitations...fine give it a pass. But everyone else wanting a great time, this is one you should not miss!
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on 22 March 2014
I love most of John carpenters films, but not all of them cause not all of them are excellent in my opinion
BIG TROUBLE LITTLE CHINA is one of his best films i think
i used to watch this film when it was on VHS and then i bought it on DVD that had some extras
and now on Blu-ray by Arrowfilms
the picture quality and audio quality are amazing
excellent High definition transfer in 2.35:1 widescreen
the picture quality is so clear there is no grain like what the dvd release had
so much better than the DVD release of course and the audio mix has a new Master audio 5.1 mix
i believe this new transfer is exactly the same as the region A blu-ray version of BTLC
cause Arrowfilms obviously had to get the copyrights of the film from 20th Century fox for this U.K. release

now to the special features,
there are old and new special features on this blu-ray
all the extras from the old dvd release are on this blu-ray
plus all new never seen before interviews with
John carpenter, Kurt russell, Dean cundey, Producer Larry Franco, stunt man Jeff imada
and richard edlund so about 1 hour's worth of new interviews that were recorded back in 2012

all the extras from the dvd release are on this blu-ray
TV special making of featurette from 1986, Deleted scenes, extended ending, TV spots, 3 Theatrical trailer's
Behind the scenes Photo Gallery and John carpenter's audio commentary from the dvd release
incredible version all on 1 blu-ray Disc, Arrowfilms really did make an effort for this film for sure
the all new 1 hour of new interviews is only available on this U.K. Blu ray version
so there is more, lots more special features are on this U.K. release than the U.S. blu-ray release

you might as well throw out the old dvd release and get this new Blu-ray release
definitelytime for an upgrade and worth the money, i gave it 5 stars.
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on 11 March 2008
Everything about this movie is absurd..and purposefully so. Try to read the plot aloud without laughing: A mullet-wearing truck driver, Jack Burton, teams up with his Chinese-American buddy to battle ancient Chinatown demons commanded by the ethereal 2000 year old Lo Pan and rescue their respective green-eyed (would-be) girlfriends, all with the aid of local magician/tour bus driver Egg Sheng and his lazy-eyed sorcery.

Yet, somehow, it all works perfectly. Kurt Russell is a riot as the hero, Jack Burton, a bumbling and inept, yet surprisingly hardy, truck driver with a lot of buddies in Chinatown who has to take on a world of Chinese legends. His loud-mouthed bravado at all times (presumably he's intended to be a classic jerk American foreign devil) forms the basis for his irrepressible camaraderie with the other heroes in the movie. He may have no idea what he's doing..... but he's gonna do it anyway. Some viewers may be misled (as I was) into thinking this was some sort of cheesy martial arts film. It isn't. This is a flat-out comedy that just happens to involve a lot of swordfights, demons, and electrical discharges. Some classic examples of the typical humor drenching the film include 1) several Chinese elders and mystics sitting around a table discussing ancient curses while Jack Burton shouts at his insurance carrier about the loss of his big rig truck in the background, 2) At the start of the climactic pitched battle, Jack Burton, in a fit of adrenaline-stoked fury, fires wildly into the air with his gun and dislodges a rock from the ceiling that knocks him unconscious, 3) Jack Burton facing off against evil demonlord Lo Pan while wearing lipstick from his smooching of one of the female love interests.

And I haven't seen a film this packed with quotable comments since Predator: "Great, a six-demon bag! What's it do, Egg?" "Are you crazy? Is that what your problem is?" "... and let me drive right over him? With light coming out of his mouth?!" "Whaddya mean there's no listing? There better be, honey, 'cause I pay 'em 6 grand a year in premiums."
"China is here? I don't even know what the Hell that means!".
"Its all in the reflexes."
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on 9 January 2016
This is a great improvement on the DVD. If you have a 48-52 inch TV you'll much prefer this upgrade to the old DVD release. The picture quality is very good and makes watching this film enjoyable again. I like the DTS 5.1 mix, sounds full and warm. (But I did listed to the old dvd which sounded sharper but not as dynamic. It's helpful that the film format is 2.35:1 these old film look better in this format on bigger TVs.

I like the new packaging which can be flipped with an alternative cover like the old film poster, very good. This edition is basic plastic case.

The extra's seem to be the same as old DVD but with new items which at first glance I missed! But this is whats included
"Here is where Arrow vaults ahead - including all from the Fox Blu-ray, including the commentary, and adding over an hour's worth of new interview material with John Carpenter, Kurt Russell, cinematographer Dean Cundey, producer Larry Franco and Jeff Imada. There is also a liner notes booklet featuring new writing on the film by John Kenneth Muir, author of The Films of John Carpenter, a re-print of an article on the effects of the film from American Cinematographer, illustrated with archive stills and posters. "

Booklet is nice too, good pictures and design.
I think Arrow could have included some more extra's if they exist or a separate sound track surely they have the muscle to do this now.
A UV or iTunes digital version would make this almost timeless.

The Blu-ray menus could be a bit more dynamic and faster. Also they aren't that many chapters which is a bit annoying

Good release but not the ultimate release!

Here's a full review by DVDbeaver
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on 28 December 2014
Although this is considered a 'cult classic' as are all John Carpenter films, this should be considered a genuine 80's action blockbuster, and puts many of its more recognisable rivals to shame.
The pace is frantic, there is next to no let up and absolutely no fat or filler in the script, every millimetre of the film is used to great effect. Although there is probably days worth of information on Chinese Black Magic, Sorcery and Mythology available which is a pretty big part of the film, 'Big Trouble' does a fine job of giving you the jist of it without imposing it too much on the film and spending huge amounts of time of it. The action is great and pretty hardcore at times and is amazing.
Kurt Russell is fantastic as the burly, motormouth, wise-cracking anti-hero Jack Burton, who has to be the most out of his depth hero film has ever seen and constantly manages to mess up a situation.
Also worth mentioning is that the 'Thunder God' character is directly stolen by the Mortal Kombat video game ('Raiden') a bit of pop culture trivia right there!
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on 19 May 2014
well if i was reviewing the film alone i would still give this review 5 stars because it screams 80's. catchy music, random fighting scenes, funny quotes and cool effects, yep i love this movie. The blue-ray quality is great but what really makes this special are all the extra features you get. commentary, trailers, music videos, a special booklet. plus the case is metal. would highly reccommend to movie fans, particularly those that are mad about 80s film.
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