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3.9 out of 5 stars135
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 2 December 2009
Received this today. A very good transfer in my opinion. I use to own the DVD and I can tell the difference. Colours are more vivid and I can see more detail. Sound is more powerful. I have a 2.1 Philips speaker system plugged into the headphone socket of my TV.
Languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish and Portoguese.
Subtitles: French, English, Portoguese, Spanish and Italian
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on 4 June 2012
This film is a classic. I haven't played the game it was based on, but watching this as a standalone film is a pleasure. If you like the sci-fi genre, you will love this film.

Technical: The menus and everything works great. The only thing is, I wished they had spend a bit more money and time on encoding the video. In dark scenes, it tends to be a bit grainy.
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This film (and more generally the series of films) does seem to attract its fair share of opprobrium and, looking at the spread of ratings it's got here on Amazon, it's not even just a "love it or loathe it" film - it's pretty much fairly covered by every point on the spectrum. One fairly common theme of the "hate it" reviews appears to be that it offends devotees of the computer game from which the film series originated. Only having played RE on the PS1 once, I personally have no concept of whether the transfer to celluloid has been appalingly botched but, in any case, I think that it's a little unfair: there can't be many films that were able to faithfully reproduce the game/book/comic/etc from which it was derived. Similarly, another common theme is that it's some sort of failed pretender to the Romero throne. Again, I haven't seen any of his films (I did see the Dawn remake) so I am unlikely to be offended on that score either.

Oh well, enough of that. I am one of this film's fans. Let me say up front that I realise that it has some fairly fundamental believability problems. However, if you hang your belief on the peg at the door and accept the film for what it really /is/ and ignore the director/producer/actor waffle on the "Making of" documentary about how they loved playing the game and wanted to reproduce the experience in the cinema then there should be no reason to really hate the film. And what it really is, is a zombie flick for the 21st century. Pure, simple and unambiguous. It has all the elements. A dwindling cast of "survivors" are trapped or confined in an environment that is literally crawling with the undead. Cue heroics, treachery, an enormous body-count and an ordnance expenditure that would shame the US Army. It's not all guns, though and the more usual means of zombie-disposal - decapitation by means of a handy fire-axe, iron pipe or simple neck-twist - is preserved for the pleasure of the traditionalists.

The story is admirably supported by the gorgeous Ms Jovovich, complete in knee-length boots and a strappy red dress, who literally kicks ass. She is ably assisted by a SWAT team which includes Colin Salmon, and Michelle Rodriguez adds a little more killer-chick eye-candy to the ensemble. Eric Mabius and James Purefoy also tag along, but the film is really all about Mila and the zombies and that is, perhaps, where the film suffers a little. This central theme is diluted by all the trappings of the computer game that the director felt he had to squeeze in: the all-powerful Umbrella Corporation, the computer system gone bad, the theft of the zombie virus and some nonsense about genetically engineered creatures ("Lickers" I think? and in the second film the Nemesis creature) on the loose. I suppose that some viewers may also fret that there is a bit too much of the leading lady and not enough zombie peril, but I have always been of the opinion that you can't ever see too much of Mila Jovovich (and you can parse that statement however you like).

Overall, the film works for me. I would never call myself a zombie connoiseur but, with some minor reservations, this does its job very nicely. There are plenty of shocks and thrills, an elegant sufficiency of gore and you can play the "who gets it next and how?" game with your friends. Bargain! The zombies themselves are well executed (actually, that's quite a good double-entendre, isn't it?) and the setting is suitably claustrophobic: indeed, being set in an underground research facility ("The Hive") does lend the film an constricted, linear, escape-down-this-corridor feel to it that actually recalls the game series quite nicely.

Perhaps then that is where the film fails (in a small way): it's trying too hard to satisfy two different audiences, the gamers and the Romero fans, but ends up being a compromise and maybe (just maybe) the people who will get the most out of the film are those (like me) who fall into neither category.

I tend to be quite free and easy with my 5 star ratings but, in this case, I feel justified. This film is one that I frequently return to regardless that the shocks and surprises generally don't anymore and my copy will never find its way to a car boot sale.

"All the people that were working here are dead."
"Well, that isn't stopping them from walking around."
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on 8 July 2012
"Evil Never Dies..... Apparently"
The majority of people who have seen Resident Evil will be aware of its video game background. Capcom's famous horror survival zombie game that has been actively updating the series with new installments for over 15 years. While this film isn't a necessity for the franchise, more of a solid money maker, it has not been made half-*rsed.. although they unwittingly created an abomination of a set of films with the release of several sequels. With a story that doesn't tie into any of the games, its creators have been pretty brave by coming up with an original story that manages to stand fine on its own, instead of using and abusing characters from the games (which the series would later go on to do). Clearly marketed at a younger audience despite its 15 rating, teenagers know the films connection with the games and pretty much just want to see some gory zombie action, something that Resident Evil is surprisingly scarce on..

"I shot her five times. How was she still standing? ...B*tch isn't standing now." (Characters)
5 years after playing a lead role the 1997 blockbuster 'The Fifth Element', Milla Jovovich surprisingly stars in RE, as Alice, a complete enigma suffering from the effects of amnesia. The role would prove another career booster as it guaranteed her about a thousand more paycheques for future franchise releases as well as gaining more roles. Thanks to her characters condition, she unravels as the film rolls on, starting off as a confused, introverted damsel in distress, watching on as her captors/protectors get annihilated, then regaining acrobatic skills and fighting styles later on, with a kick ass attitude. For me, Michelle Rodriguez steals the show with her devil may care mindset and direct personality as Rain, an assault rifle firing grease-monkey. Her role gives her the chance to display several kinds of emotions and offers up varying scenarios, playfully flirting one minute and unloading an entire clip into a zombie the next (and of course getting a death/zombie scene). Both Eric Mabius and James Purefoy, who feature throughout the film, seem play bitpart roles on the sidelines despite both having key story components, one tying into Alice's story, the other introducing a new character in Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Everyone else is practically expendable - cannon fodder ready to be eaten, lasered, torn apart or just disposed of for laughs (Kaplan, the stuttering techie for example). In fact, to make for a more tense, frightening atmosphere, the combatants are pretty much killed off in the space of 2 minutes where actors you thought were essential to the progression of the story, are suddenly cut out and literally fall to pieces.

"You're all going to die down here." (Plot)
You can't go wrong officially starting a film with a naked Milla Jovovic wrapped in a shower curtain.. But they show an office get filled with a chemical that kills all the staff and an elevator decapitation to sweeten the deal anyway. Jovovic awakens to find herself in a massive mansion soon raided by a team of swat like men and woman dressed in black jumpsuits with machine guns who proceed to take her with them (along with a random intruder who is handcuffed) on a mission into a secret doorway leading to 'The Hive'. On the way they pick up another randomer who like Alice, is suffering from amnesia. I really don't need to sell this story because it's cheap enough anyway. There must be about 3 casual conversations compared to the countless explanations of the situation, reporting and planning what to do next. People yell at each other for a bit and then finally explain what is going on - the team have been dispatched to enter the top secret research facility and find out why the places defence mechanism was triggered and why contact had been severed. The group trudge through offices, metallic hallways and iron works and end up getting wasted when they accidentally trigger a trap and get lasered to ribbons - which is pretty cool. With half the cast left, they discover the 'Red Queen' AI has been the cause of all the chaos and decide to shut her down. Big mistake as it causes more bad then good, killing lights, unlocking doors, opening cages...

"She bit me, man. She took a chunk clean right outa' me!" (Relation to Games)
Thanks to a brief introduction about Umbrella corporation and their base underneath the fictional Racoon City, it becomes clear that there will be some related content (Umbrella being responsible for the T-Virus and Racoon City being the setting for games 2 and 3 where said virus is unleashed). It has the dark science behind some of the creations seen in-game, such as the 'licker' and also the explanation behind undead dogs and humans via animal testing and experimentation. The commandos that explore 'the hive' however, are not the usual suspect, S.T.A.R.S but instead, employees of Umbrella Corp, sent to investigate a rogue VI (Virtual Intelligence). Of course there is gratuitous amounts of weaponry and gunfire, eccentric clothing (Alice) and the science facility containing it all in a confined space. Other than that and the abundance of zombies, there isn't anything from the games to get excited about... at least not in this one...

Manson Madness (Soundtrack)
Another shock upon release was that Marilyn Manson had produced the official soundtrack of the film, with his brand of instrumental, electro, pulsing, industrial rock. He does a grand job in making action scenes more exciting than they are (particularly when shot in slow motion). He manages to capture the feeling of dread when people are in danger, matching the gravity of the situation, be it during dissection, decapitation or down right epic fighting (see Alice Vs. Dog for cheese). The credits also feature the band Slipknot and their single from 'Iowa', 'My Plague' which is conveniently in-keeping with the theme. This over the end credits and the lazer scene are probably the best 5 minutes of the film.

It makes for a decent rental, lazy viewing where you don't have to take anything in or pay attention thanks to it fast pace, alright special effects and make up (but poor cgi) Admittedly, I may have viewed it in a more positive light after comparing it to its several sequels but still, credit where it's sort of due..
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 13 August 2011
A virus has turned the workers at an Umbrella Corporation HQ in to the snarling undead. Enter a crack team of commandos to lay waste wherever possible. But with a super-computer running the show and mistrust and amnesia gripping the surviving humans, it's a mission fraught with peril at every turn.

How many good game adaptations to screen can you name? Of course the answer to this will depend on your age, love of the genre-sub-genre, games and how easily pleased you are. That Resident Evil has to date spawned four sequels, suggests that there's a target audience lapping it up. Why I have no idea, going on this first film it's a wonder all those involved wasn't locked away in some Hive facility of their own to never be let out ever again.

Though marginally better than the quite awful Tomb Raider adaptation, Resident Evil lacks atmosphere, shocks and a distinct lack of brain usage for the puzzles in the plot. Add in that it's totally predictable, the characters are dumb and that the creatures are like something Nick Park would make to scare his children, well it's not got much going for it. And that's before we think about dissecting the C grade cast of actors who are as muddled as the potting is. Then the dialogue, oh dear oh dear, we don't expect Citizen Kane, but come on. Milla Jovovich at least earns her pay as an effective heroine, but under Paul W.S. Anderson's direction she's only really dressed up to please horny teenage boys, with one "money" shot thrown in by way of desperation one feels.

3/10 for Milla's spunky bravado, Colin Salmon's bemusement at being in such trash and the unnerving AI: Red Queen who out acts all of the cast.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 8 February 2014
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 20 June 2012
Milla Jovovich is one of my favourite actors. Love watching this series on Blu Ray as their is plenty of action and the sound is great.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 9 December 2012
Its an all round good film. Unless of course youre one of those sad pathetic geeks who has no friends and masturbates to comic books, which are the people who give this a bad review because it doesnt copy the game word for word and act for act
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on 20 November 2015
Having been a huge fan of the survival horror video game franchise this movie is based on i couldn't wait to see the Resident Evil film version.
The film itself though very creepy does away mostly with the survival horror feel of the games and goes for a more action root with some jumps and gore thrown in plus it also is not a copy of the first game(though a mansion does feature early on)and has a original plot.

When a experimental virus known as the T-Virus is unleashed in a secret underground facility called The Hive which is owned by the Umbrella Corporation a super computer called The Red Queen shuts the lace down and seals all the employees inside meaning they are all exposed to the T-Virus and all perish from it.
Just after we see a mysterious lady known only as Alice(the beautiful Milla Jovovich)wake up in a apparently empty mansion not remembering anything but who isn't alone long as a military team sent by Umbrella bursts in who are there to search The Hive and to shut down The Red Queen.
They have one hour to search the place and stop The Red Queen or the doors will be sealed shut forever trapping Alice and the team.
Whilst they search the place they not only discover two more people Spence(James Purefoy)and Matt(Eric Mabius)but that the employees supposedly killed by The Red Queen have somehow reanimated because of the T-Virus which has terrible side effects which turns the dead into zombies and the team are now being hunted by the walking dead.
Not only are the team that includes squad leader One(Colin Salmon)and tough girl Rain(the brilliant Michelle Rodriguez)facing off against the zombies but also have to contend with a mutated form of dog and a monster type creation by Umbrella known as a Licker.
With all this going on plus Alice and the others hiding secrets can the group escape The Hive,battle past the army of undead and mutants and stop The Red Queen before they are sealed forever to face their own demise.

British filmmaker Paul WS Anderson(Mortal Kombat,Event Horizon)has crafted not a brilliant movie by any means but as a fan of the classic games a fairly faithful version of the games and along with its sequel Apocalypse they share a lot of the games traits something lacking in the sequels that followed and this has elements of the survival horror and creeping dread plus mutant animals we all got nightmares over when playing the games on our own with the lights off.

The acting is ok but nothing special with Jovovich and Rodriguez the standouts with Milla much more of a damsel in distress than follow up Resi's and looks stunning in her red dress,Michelle's Rain is a tough cookie who isn't afraid of no one and loves to have a dark humored quip ready.
The rest of the cast including Brit actors Purefoy and Salmon are wasted a bit but others get more to do plus the voice of The Red Queen which is the voice of a little girl will give you the creeps.

Action wise its very good with great looking zombies getting gunned down in style,Alice facing off against mutated canines,a horrifying Licker stalking the team in the shadows before they meet it on a train in the finale and the epic standout laser grid sequence that bumps the film up a star,it really is a nasty and gory sequence but truly superb and is quite possibly the best five minutes in the franchise up to now and really is not for the faint hearted,there are also tunnel scenes full of zombies which are gripping and quite scary.

The Hive itself looks phenomenal with its office type blocks and corridors leading off into labs and separated from that is the tunnels where most of the carnage tales place with zombies picking off the group and dragging them to their fates,some of these deaths remind me of The Walking Dead.

Not the best zombie movie that's for sure and not as good as some of the follow ups and certainly no match for the video games but still its underrated with two great lead characters in Alice and Rain,chilling zombies,creepy isolated locations,it never once drags and has some corking action sequences and very nicely sets up sequel Apocalypse with a very strong last few minutes that show utter devastation.

'You're All Going To Die Down Here' says the Red Queen.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 31 January 2014
I found this action/SF/horror/zombie flick inspired by the video game "Resident Evil" quite watchable and entertaining, although it is really not a very good film. Below, more of my impressions, with some limited SPOILERS.

Deep underneath Raccoon City exists a large, secret genetic research facility called the Hive, owned by the Umbrella Corporation. The whole site is controlled and managed by an artificial intelligence called the Red Queen. At the very beginning of the movie SOMETHING happens which makes the Red Queen seal the Hive and start killing everyone inside.

Exactly at the same moment an attractive young woman named Alice (Milla Jovovich) wakes up in a deserted mansion - bruised, naked and unable to remember jack... Then she realises the manor is not as deserted as it first looked... And then the film really begins.

Well, as adaptations of video games go, this one is better than most and actually it is a pretty decent action film. Personally, I never liked much zombie flicks (with the only exception being the old black and white classic "Night of Living Dead") but this one is quite watchable. Action scenes are not bad, there are some rather good (sometimes pretty cruel) twists, Milla Jovovich is very sexy and Michelle Rodriguez offers a great performance as a Very Macho Commando Girl With Big B@lls Of Fire...))) Also, the Red Queen is a pretty interesting villain.

On another hand dialogs are not so great and there is little humour. Even if there are some twists the whole story is rather predictable and the ending, albeit necessary for the already then planned sequel, is really silly.

Bottom line, this is a honest action/SF/horror/zombie flick, mostly enjoyable because of two main actresses - but it is nothing more and I don't think I will keep the DVD for future viewings. Still, a honest watch, especially recommended for viewing after a very hard day at work, when one is simply too tired to think much and just needs something to go nicely with beer.
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