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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars57
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 12 May 2005
I really recommend this to anyone I was addicted from the first episode so recently decided to buy the DVD, which doesn't disappoint. The storylines are really addictive - as you follow five FBI agents in a special Missing Persons unit that beleives they only have 48 hours to find the missing person before they are "lost" as agent Malone, who heads up the unit, puts it. You never know more than the agents themselves and there are soo many red herrins along the way which just adds to the tension. This unit beleives the only way to find someone is to find out as much as possible about their life often with very unexpected revelations - nothing or should I say no-one is as they first seem in this programme.
Overall a brilliant programme and fully recommended even in todays world which features many good cop shows such as CSI etc. but in my opinion none can compete.
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on 4 December 2004
Without a Trace is a fantastic TV show. It got me hooked instantly! It gets you drawn into the situations, and you feel as if you are part of the missing persons team with them, and you feel every bit of frustraion, sadness and joy as the missing are looked for and found.
Every episode is as interesting as the next, and the story is easy to follow if you miss parts of it.
The first season is superb at introducing the missing persons agents characters lives at work, and at home, to make you feel like you know them. It would be an excellent choise for anyone who loves to solve mysteries, and enjoys the mind bending plots of kidnappers and run-a-ways.
Highly recomended.
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on 2 November 2004
Without a Trace is arguably the best thing on British TV right now - the only thing that gets me through Mondays! The release of Season 1 on DVD is a real treat for devotees like myself, especially for those who missed the recent repeats on E4. This series has it all - engaging storylines, interesting cameos, great views of NYC and the 5 lead characters provide pin-ups for all tastes (my fav is Martin, he's got great hair!) Amongst the standout stories for me were the season's closing episodes, a love letter to New York in the aftermath of 9/11. So roll on Jan 2005 - when the current run finishes on Channel 4 the Season 1 DVD can fill the gap in our lives - until the arrival of Season 3!!
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on 10 March 2009
For some reason this series had not appeared on my radar before and I chanced upon it by accident when I was, funnily enough, reading Amazon reviews. It's not brilliant, it's not 'must-see' television but it does provide consistent entertainment throughout the programmes and there are a couple of episodes that are very good indeed.

Each episode follows a set format- we briefly see the person who goes missing and then we follow the FBI agents in their efforts to find him/her/them. Sometimes the reasons for a disappearance can be obvious, whereas other times the reasons are not as clear. The entertainment is derived from how the team follow the case and the interaction between the individual members of the team. Season 1 is very episodic with each story standing on its own and there are very few overarching storylines that run throughout the series (with one brilliant exception), an issue that was addressed in Season 2

None of this is ground breaking stuff- we've seen it all before on procedural shows like Law & Order and C.S.I. However, the cast are a likeable bunch and Anthony LaPaglia is a revelation as Jack Malone, the leader of the team. It is difficult to believe that he was Daphnes really annoying brother in Frasier- here he slots into his role as if it is what he was born to do. In fact LaPaglia is the main reason to watch the show! The only disappointment in the acting stakes is Poppy Montgomery as Agent Sam Spade (what were the writers thinking of?)who has one expression (a mildly confused pout) for every emotion.

Season 1 is a solid introduction to the programme and Season 2 delves a little more into the private lives of the characters and is all the better for it. I've just ordered Season 3 and am looking forward to seeing how the storylines develop.

Why buy this? If you're looking for a moderately well-acted, well-scripted procedural crime drama with a couple of stand-out episodes then this is for you. It certainly isn't anywhere near as good as The Shield (what is?)but it is a pleasant enough way to fill the time when, once again, the only things on TV are celebrity reality shows!

The box set is well packaged but I really don't like the way the discs themselves are presented- they are double sided and the marking on them is so poor that it is difficult to tell which side is which (if you have poor eyesight like me).
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VINE VOICEon 26 August 2008
The first couple of episodes are thinner than expected and I wondered what I'd got myself into but patience is rewarded as the series develops: the plots improve dramatically and the actors settle in to their roles. Not as good as the HBO/Baltimore shows but it may evolve some more.
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on 4 January 2005
If you have not watched this series on channel 4 you have really been missing out I have had to buy the series even though I have watched it. The story lines are brilliant. When someone goes missing this starts the ball rolling for the fbi they retrace the persons last steps and deduce from each movement where they may have been. I couple of the episodes are links to later ones especially when Jack (the boss of the team) has become emotionally involved ih helping a man whose son disappeared 5 year.s previous you get to see this man in a couple of episodes which leads into his story. sometimes you will cry with joy othertimes you cry for the loss but you never know which way the storyline will go. Every so often little bits come out about the agents lives, which adds to the whole storylines. I just wish they would release a cd to some of the music played.
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on 28 January 2012
Having seen random episodes of Without a Trace on Universal Channel, I decided it was about time I watched the series from the beginning and I wasn't disappointed!
It's a gripping programme about FBI agents finding missing people in New York. I like that it's different from the usual crime dramas, as it's specifically about missing people, but also combines murder, mystery and lies. Be it a missing high school student, a doctor or a bride.
The best episodes in my opinion are:
Between the cracks
Maple Street
Hang on to me
Clare de Lune
The Source
Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been?
Fall Out part 1&2

*The disks are double sided
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on 30 April 2011
The first bonus was that the parcel arrived as schedule. In S.A. this does not always happen.
The next bonus was WOW what a series.
Our family are great series watchers - CSI, CSI Miami, Law & Order, House, Magnum PI etc. I had not heard of this series before but it was offered as a special to introduce the 1st season. I read the synopsis and thought it sounded interesting. So my order was placed. The parcel arrived on a Friday and Friday evening I watched the first episode. Well I was hooked. The weekend was spent watching only this series.
I do not know if these are true stories of people who disappear without a trace, are sought and in some instances found, but this series seems to extend a very plausible investigation process with plausible out comes. Some of the stories are so real that I was reduced to tears of empathy for the people involved, particularly when the result of the investigation was not very positive.
The cast is very well picked and each one represents their part as FBI investigators in a real and honest way, showing at times that they are torn between the restriction of the law and the compassion for their fellow man.
Some of the stories really make you think about mans inhumanity to man.
If you enjoy police investigation and results, with a little bit of muder and mayhem for those who enjoy the bloody side of things, this is the perfect series. Not too much of anything but enough to keep you going to the end of each episode.
Well done Amazon, I have already ordered the next 2 series and cannot wait to receive them.
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on 10 November 2012
It's a great drama, that was was originally on channel 4, imported from the US. Consistently good, only getting better as the cast grew stronger together and the stories and plots improved. This is a great opening season to a great drama.

People may compare Without A Trace to CSI, which I get, especially with the crossover episodes with Vegas but all I will say they are similar but perhaps in terms of similarities being found between cousins. It's in the same family as it tackles missing person crime but tackles it in a similar manner to CSI's.
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on 27 October 2013
The series took a while to get into but it's worth sticking with and getting to know the characters better with each episode . The title music is absolutely appalling though and enough to put you completely off .
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