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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 4 July 2004
Lloyd Banks is (as we all know) a member of G--Unit, and after their successful album, "Beg For Mercy", news aroused that each member was working on a debut solo album of their own. For Young Buck, it's "Straight Outta Cashville", Tony Yayo is working on his, but for Lloyd Banks, who released his album earlier than the others, it's "The Hunger For More".
I have purchased the 1 Disc album,(YES, there IS a 2 disc, but it will cost you extra), but that album has two bonus tracks on it already. Not much difference from the 2 Disc, with the exception of 2 new videos on the bonus CD, and the album wrapped up in the same paper used for money.
The songs on this album are good. The anticipated "On Fire" is on here, but after hearing the rest, you wonder why he didn't share them with the rest of the world. They're just so brilliant!
1. Ain't No Click-A good song to start the album that has deep beats, with Yayo yelling in the background.4/5
2.Playboy-Has an arena-type crowd, quite fast but weak beats. Has a bass/rhythm that seems to go on forever.3/5
3.Warrior-Good beats, with a catchy rhythm and brilliant lyrics.4/5
4.On Fire-THE BEST! So much energy and slyest orchestral beat that will make you jump and bounce. The lyrics are easy and cool, but hard to resist!5/5
5.I Get High-Normal beat with percussion and quite funny lyrics about smoking and rolling. Good techno thing in the background every few bars.3/5
6.I'm So Fly-Good beginning to start off, with great "echo" effect of the beats. Nice piccolo and synthesizer heard behind the fast-paced and scorching lyrics. 4/5
7.Work Magic-Overreacted beats with so much use of drums, it's as if the whole song is a chorus.3/5
8.If You So Gangsta-Cool piano with sound effects fitted in rightly on time, to go well with the expressive lyrics.4/5
9.Warrior Part 2-Strong intro, with effective lyrics from the big stars. Good use of the empty gun/metal "clicking" sound, mixed well with the beats and the string instrument. The Lyrics are more to do with "A True Warrior", than Warrior, (Part 1). Nothing in common with the first "Warrior" song, which is good since you won't be ripped off.5/5
10.Karma-Nice happy song for the girls, (in a way). It has a sunny feeling in it, and if you liked "Ride Wit You" from Joe feat-Unit, then with slower tempo, you'll love this!4/5
11.When The Chips Are Down-A depressing, (good) song, about going down. Cool slow melody, with the voices and Lloyd Banks being heard. The best bit is the chorus though.4/5
12.Till The End-Good beginning with melancholy sound effects, but the fast lyrics are okay. The high-pitched melody is possibly the best thing in this song.3/5
13.Die One Day-Ignore the cheesy 80's rock bit in the first few seconds, and you get something that is quite lighter than "When The Chips Are Down", but with more percussion, and skillful rhyming. Has "Chip and Dale" voice in one part like "Through the Wire" by Kanye West.4/5
14.South Side Story-Good lyrics about his history, and others. Real hip-hop dealing about (fairly) real life situations. Again, the whole song, even the verses are overreacted, as if it's the chorus throughout the song.4/5
15.Just Another Day-You wonder if that and "Die One Day" has anything to do with "007's Die Another Day"! Anyways, good and soft beats with light melody barely heard in the background, muffed up by the fast but average lyrics. Nothing special. Precisely, Just another day..3/5
16.Take A Good Look-Deep and strong piano, with hazy but fast lyrics. Gets you to bop your head, although, tiny bit the same, it's nowhere near as big as "on Fire". 3/5
As you can, see, none of the songs are below average, and a few receive the special 5/5 mark, unless, you are a REALLY BIG G-Unit fan, for years. Worth buying it, if you like 50 Cent.
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on 30 July 2004
The debut album of G-Unit's Lloyd Banks is a strong one filled with solid tracks that all hip hop fans will respect and enjoy. The lead single 'On fire' is undeniably the biggest hit of the album yet Banks' album is in some way like 50 Cents as it grows on you with every listen. Tracks like 'Warrior Part 2' and 'Aint No Click' are promininent with the first listen but its the tracks 'Playboy', 'I Get High' & the timbaland produced 'I'm So Fly' that really grab the attention of any real music and hip hop loving fans. Banks' album is most definately up their with the 50Cents and Eminems yet I feel that the album will struggle to attract the attention of general music fans. The fact that Banks is the second out of the blocks of G-Unit, behind 50 Cent, means that he will struggle to win over everybody like 50 Cent did. If Banks and 'Hunger For More' had been released first I see no reason lyrically why this album would not be hugely successful. Yet Banks remains in 50 Cents shadow and unfortunately for all hip hop fans his quality will not be as widely received as 'Get rich or Die tryin'
Hopefully Banks will prove me wrong and the album will be every bit as successful as 50 Cents' so theres an incentive to buy it for anyone out there. It is worth it if you can appreciate previous G-Unit records and hip hop in general.
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on 26 June 2004
After signing for Shady/Aftermath and going onto 50 Cent's G-Unit label Lloyd Banks has probably been one of rap's best kept secrets.
I first heard Lloyd on Obie Trice's debut album 'Cheers' on the track 'We All Die One Day'.
He was amazing on that track, and then later showed us what he can actually do on G-Unit's debut album 'Beg For Mercy'.
On 'Hunger For More' Banks is showing us all he can do, with guest appearences from Young Buck, 50 Cent, Tony Yayo, Snoop Dogg, Eminem & The Game, Banks clearly is showing signs of a legend in the making.
'Ain't No Click' is a fast-paced track that tells people that no one has a better group than G-Unit.
'Warrior' is another track with a good beat which talks about Banks' fighting spirit.
I think that either 'I'm So Fly' or 'Warrior Part 2' are the best tracks on the album.
They both have nice hooks and lyrics.
Lloyd Banks has finally been able to unveil what he has to offer to the rap game and it is a very good effort.
His fellow G-Unit member Young Buck is to release 'Straight Outta Ca$hville' in July and if it has been produced as well as 'Hunger For More' then a lot of other artists will be aware of what G-Unit has to offer.
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on 26 January 2009
This album for me, is on par with 50's G.R.O.D.T and massacre. Class act!
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on 5 July 2004
At last, the debut album from arguably G Unit's hottest property, Lloyd Banks, has arrived. This is certainly an eagerly anticipated album that has been waited for since Banks dropped verses on Obie Trice's Cheers and of course 50 Cent's 2003 success Get Rich Or Die Tryin', as well as the successful G Unit group debut Beg For Mercy. Banks undoubtedly stood out on the latter record and is most probably the Unit's most talented wordsmith as far as lyrics go. This debut solo album is yet another superb album that will appeal to fans of the Shady/Aftermath camp although, as with Beg For Mercy, this is released on G Unit/Interscope.
The album has stand out tracks such as the single On Fire and both Warrior tracks, with Warrior Part 2 being a track that was initially pencilled for Eminem's next album, but ended up here. In the middle of the LP every track is a highlight. I Get High is a bouncy track featuring 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg while I'm So Fly and If You So Gangsta both have decent beats and addictive hooks. Towards the end the album tends to fade out with Til The End, a raw and dark track, becoming somewhat monotonous and Die One Day, probably one of the poorer tracks along with Playboy, having a forgettable beat and basic hook.
However, overall there are very few flaws to the album. Ain't No Click is a great opener and South Side Story is a tremendous end to the album, possibly the best track of all. The bonus tracks on this version are also decent, with Just Another Day being the better of the two. The album has enough good tracks to make it another classic. The lyrics are exceptional but the beats are not too memorable. Fellow G Unit members Young Buck, Tony Yayo and the newest acquisition The Game all impress on the guest list, meaning solo albums of this quality are bound to keep hitting shelves in the months to come.
The guest list in full includes Eminem, 50 Cent, Young Buck, Tony Yayo, The Game, Nate Dogg and Snoop Dogg.
In a nutshell, this album is well worth buying. What we have here is lyrical perfection with some amazing punchlines from Banks. However, while he has the best intentions in introducing us to some fairly unknown producers, including some who remain underground, the beats are not of the standard I would have predicted from Shady or G Unit Records, although the raw beats suit Banks' gritty voice. This is the only thing that lets the album down. I would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of Shady Records and G Unit Records' previous outings.
Banks is truly On Fire. While he has no doubt satisfied our hungers we know he still has a Hunger For More. Next up is Young Buck's Straight Outta Cashville. Let's have more of the same please.
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on 2 September 2004
lloyd banks first in a number of gunit album releases lloyd banks the hunger for more is a great albut featuring production credits from eminem, 50 cent, tiberland and even d12 and guest apperances from eminem, nate dog, snoop dog and fellow gunit members tony yayo, young buck, the game and fifty. here are a list of just some of the tracks
on fire
aint no click feat tony yayo
work magic feat young buck
warrior pt 2 feat 50 cent eminem nate dog
most people know lloys banks for his heavy punchlines, grimey style and more beef than a slaughter house but this album definetly shows a more lyrical and depper side to lloyd banks with tracks like southside story telling you what its like to live in his hood if you dont own a copy of this album buy, steal or borrow this now this album will definetly have gunit fans coming back for more. sd
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on 12 July 2004
With 2Pac, Biggie & now Jay-Z & DMX gone, rap has been taken to a stage where it shouldn't be, and that is main stream commercial rubbish!!! With artists like JaRule, Nelly and Fabolous riding the commercial band wagon, where does true hip hop stand?
Well, LLoyd Banks is our new saviour as this album hits the mark with every track deliverd in his traditional laid back style. There truely isn't a weak track on this album and if you liked the lead song, 'On Fire', then you will love this!!! The opening track ('Aint No Click') instantly reminds you of the GUnit debut- 'Beg for mercy' with the beat flickering and tapping into your blessed ear drums. However, the absolute peak of this album is 'Work Magic' an amazing duet with Young Buck which has some tight lyrics ('I'm the young gunner with the raspy flow, I got every boyfriend thinking his girl's a nasty hoe') and an amazing beat that truely electrifies goosebumps to every pary of your now rocking & bobbing body.
The production is truely exceptional on every song though, which is a rarity on most albums today!
So in conclusion, this may well be the only true hip hop record out for a while with Ja and Nelly releasing more girly records, so lets cherish this album as a true classic. Much love to Banks for releasing such a gangster record in times when we needed one most!!
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on 3 June 2015
Got to say I was disappointed Lloyd! Very mediocre background music type album. No real bangers on here and just very toned down g g g g g unit! It sounded as if he couldn't decide what direction this album was heading and every track was very samey... Cmon Banks, you can do better than this!
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on 3 July 2004
This album is what rap should be minus the swearing all the time
but still a good album and it is better than 50 cents because i've just got LB'S album and i cant stop listening to it because it has snoop dogg and production by timbaland ( he's just getting better and better)and some sick beats are on this album and i like 16/16 tracks thats all of them!!!
Cop this album now because i had to buy it online because it was sold out at every shop i went to which explains why this albums good. ps listen to the following traks as soon as you get it: 2,5,6,7,8,10,11,13 and 15 their all the hottest tracks on the album, track 6 is timbaland produced hottttttt!!!!
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on 17 July 2004
Is it just me or is the world crazy. This album is awful and comes from one of the least skilled, lazy and dumb artists from quite possibily the wackest crew of all time. Lloyd Banks seems to be a very poor mans version of Prodigy of Mobb Deep but he dosen't have anywhere near the worldplay or grimyness of the Mobb. Some reviewers are clowns if they think this is the antidote to commercial rap. This is as commercial, bland and lacking in any substance as rap gets today. Just compare it to 'real' rappers albums this year like Ghostface and Jadakiss and you shall see what I mean. Total wack wack wack from a wack rapper. "She's happy with Mickey D's" - worst line of all time?
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