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4.9 out of 5 stars50
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 29 November 2004
The masterful Dave Gorman makes it to DVD for the first time and you won't be disappointed. The book is one hell of a funny read, but there's something genuinely beautiful about Dave's performance that makes this a must have item for any comedy fan. He's been loathe to film his previous shows for genuine concerns he had as to whether what works on stage would translate to the small screen and whether those fears are rightly or wrongly held, he's spot on to have released this.
I confess I'd read the book before this and loved his previous adventure meeting 54 namesakes after a drunken bet (hint for the BBC: time to release that one now please), but the tale of the Googlewhack adventure eclipses his former antics.
This tale has highs and lows. Real lows. Really low lows. Really insane low lows but Dave manages to wring gag after gag and laugh after laugh out of even this dark period in his life. Whilst there's a whole heap of other incidents described in the book that haven't made it to the stage show, every minute of this two hour tale will have you roaring with laughter (unless you just don't have a sense of humour), and after watching it you'll want to do nothing beyond watching it again.
It's a simple tale of how co-incidence and work avoidance affect a man with a competitive streak that may need a little more controlling, struggling to mature from his reckless youth, but now egged on by 'friends' who maybe ought to have known better finds himself once more travelling the world over to win a stupid bet. Don't believe that one e-mail could spark thousands of miles of air flight, the frankly reckless sqandering of an entire book advance, a brush with mental illness and one of the most improbable adventures ever conceivable ? Then you've never encountered Dave Gorman. Superb.
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on 9 November 2004
Anyone who has read any of Dave Gormans books, seen any of his TV shows or seen any of his live performances will know how funny and unique his own brand of docu-comedy is. This ladies and gentlemen is no exception.
He has you gripped from the start with his excellent and some times intense storytelling, but you never forget what this is, a pant wetting comedy show.
The extras are also well selected, if a little sparse. You get an excellent photo gallery, which shows many more photos that are not shown in the book or the stage show. There's also a little bit of b3ta magic in the googlewhack music video. And just to make sure you didn't miss anything from the live show, Dave has also included his best out-takes and ad-libs.
Follow Dave through highs and lows with this fantastic adventure. And remember, it's all true!
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on 31 August 2005
Amazing! I don't think I have ever laughed so much before in my life! Fast-paced comedy with a storyline (which I wouldn't dare ruin) that will have you on the edge of your seat - then falling off it in fits of laughter! I can't recommend this show highly enough - it will have you in stitches! Mr Gorman.... BBC..... More please!!!
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on 3 November 2005
Before I saw "Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure" I'd never heard of him or a Googlewhack. "Googlewhacking" is a pretty pointless game that people play using the Google search engine. I watched this DVD three times in two days and ended up spending three days of my life "Googlewhacking". I didn't succeed in finding a googlewhack and that's where my story ends. Dave Gorman's story however goes much further than mine.....91,000 miles further in fact.
Dave Gorman is a brilliant story teller/comedian who tells us his amazing story about his googlewhack adventure, which will make you both laugh and cry.
Everyone should see this DVD. A must have.
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on 15 February 2005
I have been aware of Mr Gorman since "The Dave Gorman Collection" hit our TV screens some time ago. Then I was avidly glued to his next outing "Dave Gorman's Great Astrology Experiment" and was again charmed by his superbly presented crazy antics. (The BBC has yet to release these on DVD so if you want to see them on disk, write them a letter)
So there I was wandering round town and I spied Dave's latest epic on the shelf (Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure). I snatched the disk of the shelf and scuttled back home to view it.
What can I say? Simply it's funny, really funny. Dave's performance timing and delivery is spot on. My friend barely survived the most recent viewing mainly due to finding it hard to inhale for laughing.
If you are in the mood for a tale that runs the emotional gamut while keeping you laughing then this is it. The only thing funnier I've seen recently was Team America, but rather than being crude and offensive (but heinously funny), DG's GWA is a polished and well crafted comedy gem that will be a credit to your dvd shelf.
Go on buy it is great.
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on 29 December 2004
You can take for granted that Dave Gorman's comedy is funny. If you've seen the sort of thing he's done before, you'll know what you're in for when he takes you on his Googlewhack Adventure.
But Dave Gorman is also a very warm performer. You know he'll make you laugh, but you don't always expect to be moved as well. After all, this is a show about a nearly middle-aged guy becoming obsessed with a geeky internet game. You'll probably know the sort of geeky thing I'm talking about, otherwise you'd be buying this DVD from a shop like normal people.
This particular internet game for geeks (present company excepted) involves thousands of miles of travel and a plurality of people called Dave Gorman. Comedy value, yes, as you'll know if you've seen him before. But will it move you?
Dave Gorman is a brilliant story teller. He talks for the best part of two hours, and a very tiring two hours it looks too, with enough shouting to make John Cleese proud, and a couple of naughty words creeping in. And one very naughty word. And he speaks with real and vivid affection about the people he meets and who help him in his quest, whom the tiny probabilities that googlewhacking involves bring his way.
And he hands you his vulnerabilities on a plate. His story runs the gamut from elation to despair, and he really draws you in, till you forget that it's just an internet game for geeks - it's his obsession, and while you're watching him, it becomes yours too.
Plenty of laughter and some tears - if that's the sort of thing you like, this is for you.
I wish Dave all the best with this show.
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on 6 February 2005
I once travelled over 4000 miles each way to meet people I'd only communicated with through the Internet, who were quite possibly axe-wielding murderers masquerading as someone I might like to sit down and have a chat with face to face. Lots of people I know have had the same experience involving different people and places. Dave Gorman takes this to extremes, racking up the air miles worldwide in the space of a few weeks, spending money he's only got as long as his publishers don't find out he isn't writing the novel they paid him for - in a desperate attempt to win a bet. It all started with the seemingly innocuous query 'Did you know you're a Googlewhack?'
To tell anything about Dave's travels and experiences here would be to give away stuff that's better saved for viewing. You might already know the story if you've read the Googlewhack Adventure book, but don't let that put you off as here Dave relates the tale differently, with material that isn't in the book. He bounds through the show with stamina that puts the Energizer Bunny to shame, and more thrills and surprises than trying to get round London Underground on an 'engineering work' day. Is he funny? After hearing me howling my neighbours asked what my secret was.
Buy this DVD, but before you watch it take the phone off the hook to make sure you won't be disturbed. It's worth wrecking your social life for a couple of hours. The extras are darn fine too.
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on 4 September 2005
Doesn't take many words to review this absolutely brilliant DVD. Incredibly funny and definately not something to watch when you're tired- I was worn out after 2 solid hours of laughing!!
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on 2 January 2005
This is the funniest DVD I have ever watched. Dave Gorman is a brilliant story teller and takes stand up comedy to a new and different dimension. If you like a laugh, buy it.
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on 29 December 2004
As a fan of stand up I was a bit concerned that Dave Gorman's style would not translate well to DVD. I need not have worried because this is a fantastic story and told in an extrordinary way. There are few live DVD's were you, as a DVD viewer, feel as though you are being talked to as well as the audience on screen. This is a great show and told in such a way that you actually feel all the ups and downs of Dave Gorman as he tells his story and you quickly become engrossed in his adventure.
If you are looking for a unique piece of stand up then this is it. It's a case of being talked to rather than talked at, as is so often the case.
If you are already a fan of Dave Gorman you simply should not be without this DVD. If you have not encountered him before then this is a great introduction. If you just like a good laugh and being told a cracking story, then grab a copy now.
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