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4.7 out of 5 stars66
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 19 January 2012
WARNING: This show is not for the faint of heart! No, really: it's edgier and more pointed than a shuriken, sharper than a scalpel, and potentially more offensive than the smell of a roadkill skunk in high summer. When one of the more sympathetic characters is a serial killer who's released after 27 years (only, he never done it; he only said he done it so they'd give him his fingernails back), you have to wonder what possessed the BBC to release this series. I'll tell you what: it's laugh-out-loud FUNNY, is what. Taking a skewed, extremely dark, and unnervingly prescient look at Broken Britain years before it had even been given that name, "Monkey Dust" looks at all that is wrong in our society and pummels it with merciless, unrelenting, uncensored satire.

Using about two handfuls of talented voice actors (plus guest appearances by the likes of David Baddiel and Stuart Maconie), fun animation, spot-on writing, and the best and worst of modern music, "Monkey Dust" takes jabs at pretentious baby names, changing times, perverts, automated phone hotlines, incompetence in authority figures, mendacity in the downtrodden office-worker, the plight of the divorced dad, middle-class attitudes, repressed urges, sneery cyclists, corporate rebranding practices, theme pubs, celebrities, and scads of other topics, including a few of one-off quickie sketches and several recurring skits. Almost always set at night to better reflect and enhance the dark nature of its humour, the sketches stab straight to the heart of the matter with rapier wit, unerring accuracy, and the subtlety of a charging rhinoceros. You can play the episodes with Standard Audio or with Commentary from the writers, and with or without Subtitles or with or without Credits. If you choose the "Credits" option, the beginning of every sketch lists the artists, writers, and actors who worked on them, including the music used within the sketch. And it was this option that led to me spending a lot more money on Amazon recently.

An unexpected offshoot of my purchasing this DVD many years after the series was first shown on TV in the early years of The New Millennium is my sudden appreciation for modern music (and some music dating back to the 1970s, as well), which gets listed in the Sketch Credits. Not the cloned manufactured pop bands or carefully groomed wannabes courtesy of Agent Orange that dominate the charts these days (whose tunes are used throughout the show for purposes of irony and derision), but musicians like Paco Fernandez, Wasis Diop, Air, Pulp, Eddie Warner, The Eels, and several others, whose works are often complex, inspired, and supremely evocative. This show apparently gave us Goldfrapp before it became a well-known name. So I've been tearing around Amazon's listings lately to track down all the "good" music that is included in this show which I'd passed over in the last decade or more, and my music collection is much richer and all the more enjoyable for it. Thank you, "Monkey Dust"!

At the moment, all that is available of the three "Monkey Dust" series is this first volume, with "no immediate plans to clear and release further series on DVD," according to an e-mail sent to me by DVD publishers 2entertain when I enquired about the possibility of completing the collection. This state of affairs is highly unacceptable. So, if you liked this show, and you want to see the next two series, with great new characters like hysteria-monger The Pædo-Finder General, join in and give this product a favourable review, then I suggest you pester 2entertain with e-mails until they cave in and release Series 2 and 3. Scratch that -- See the Comments below. Another company has apparently picked up the rights for Monkey Dust. Pester them instead.

I feel I can safely recommend "Monkey Dust" for fans of other modern, no-holds-barred cartoons, in-your-face comedy sketch shows, and vicious satire.
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on 27 August 2012
Oh Monkey Dust Monkey Dust Monkey Dust. Nearly 10 years later and still it is hands down one of the greatest black humour series ever made. Personally, I think the mark of any truly great piece of comedy lies in whether it can make you laugh out loud when you're watching it alone, and this is certainly the case for the vast majority of sketches in this series, bar a few which are less comedy and more of a realistic, grim view on some problems that continue to affect British (and generally Western) society today.

Yes the backdrop of the series is dated now (Broken Britain circa 2003-2005), but the five star ratings rolling in nearly a decade later proves that Monkey Dust has not lost any of its greatness with age. The humour often carries an incisive social commentary, but does so with a blunt delivery. In all honesty, there's not too much else for me to add; other reviews have said it all and hit the Dobsky on the head.

Series 2+3 really should make an appearance on DVD, it doesn't matter how politically incorrect it is; slap an oversized 18 rating on it along with some warnings on the back and I'm sure adults even taking a look at this in a store would have enough brain cells to work out if it's acceptable viewing (and if not, I still think they 'd be missing out big time!). Seasons 2+3 are apparently available via illegitimate means but each one to his or her own as I do not wish to publicly condone piracy.

Make no mistake my fellow Amazonians, this is black humour at its very finest.
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on 31 August 2006
This is the most depressing programme ever made. Here is why you must buy it: the nightmarish portrayal of New-Labour Britain in Monkey Dust is so extremely shocking and ruthlessly bleak that you sometimes wish you could just dismiss it. Yet the way it manages to ring true throughout makes for deeply disturbing and always compelling viewing. The fact that it is consistantly hilarious as well is an incredible achievement. Monkey Dust demands repeat viewing and remains just as good each time. Absolutely essential. Come on BBC, put series 2 and 3 out now!

N.B. To the reviewer who said "the creator is seventy something", you're a fair way off - Harry Thompson sadly died last year at the age of 45.
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on 18 January 2005
Deep in a dark, nocturnal world lay the surreal goings-on of a quirky bunch of cartoom character. But these aren't your average cartoon characters, they're profoundly disturbing, violent and bizzaire. If you're scared of the dark, this comedy DVD isn't for you.
Monkey Dust is DEFINITELY not for the faint hearted or for those who take offence easily. You need to be pretty open minded to stomach Monkey Dust, you need to like your comedy satirical, dark and twisted and you need to like the idea of someone dying at least ten times an episode. If you think you can handle the above, you'll find the world of Monkey Dust like a second home.
This animated six part sketch show is marvellous and sick. It introduces a cavalcade of characters who you wouldn't want to meet in real life but love to watch on screen. There's Ivan Dobsky (the meat-safe murderer) and his space-hopper, Mr Hoppy. There's Jeff who struggles to come to terms with his sexuality, a foul-mouthed baby, a dreadful liar who interperets Lord of the Rings as daily life, the divorced/suicidal dad who feels that he is being pulled away from his young son and the Bloke Who Obviously Did It? Did what? Buy it and find out...
The majority of the sketches are brillinatly funny but as with any television sketch there are few weak sketches that don't cut the mustard, sorry in this case the skull. The extra's include a commentary by the writers and subtitles that tell you who animated it, wrote it and voiced it. A wonderful addition to any comedy collectors DVD shelf.
'And that is what really happened!'
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on 2 December 2011
Monkey Dust is an incredibly dark, satirical cartoon series. A slice of British life circa 2003-2005, the characters include; 'divorced dad' who kills himself in each 'sketch', Geof- the first time cottager, seventies obsessed murderer Ivan Dobsky and compulsive liar Clive Pringle. The series perfectly mixes laugh-out-loud moments with really, uncomfortably truthful observations. The series has its fair share of resigned, melancholy too; especially as Clive makes his walk home every night to the strains of 'Lovely Head' by Goldfrapp (before they went all glam/kylie/pop). The use of the Eels manic-sounding 'That's Not Really Funny' as the theme music is also very appropriate. Perhaps my faveourite musical moment in the whole series however comes with Pulps' 'Sunrise'; the song building and building while Ivan Dobsky...well, that would be telling... It's a shockingly good series; intelligent, original and very, very funny. Think of it as Brass Eye in cartoon form (kind of). Essential stuff. It's a real shame series two and three aren't available on dvd too.
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on 29 January 2014
If there's one thing us Brits do well it's black dark humour. This ticks all of the boxes and is quite simply excellent! I know it's animation but it will have you questioning yourself why can't stop laughing at all of the characters portrayed in this series (i know i did). The subject matter isn't just near the knuckle it's way beyond that. My only complaint is that the other two series ARE NOT AVAILABLE TO BUY! Get this sorted BBC and whilst your at it how about getting the original team together to produce some more!
Long live Ivan the Meat Safe Murderer and Mister Hoppy!
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on 24 September 2012
Slow, dark and relentlessly bleak Monkey Dust manages tickle the funny bone by inviting you to really enjoy the misfortune of others and the idiocy of the mob.

Some brilliant and truly grotesque characters populate a dismal world with all the charm and warmth of motorway service station restaurant. Not for the easily offended, with laughs coming from broken families, suicide, murder, online grooming and cyclists, there is something tickle and upset everyone here.

If it does have fault, and of course it does, it would be that it falls into the trap of many character driven sketch shows - the catchphrase (or the repeated punch line). This is, in my opinion lazy but the jokes are of such quality I can forgive it. If Monkey Dust had gone on to many series this would have killed the concept but because of the programs limited run the repetition is not too irritating.

The second series is even better but alas it is unavailable.
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on 9 November 2004
Dark, surreal and brave (comedy about a chat-room paedophile anyone?), this is simply one of the best Britcoms in recent years.
The DVD loses a star, though, because of something that is quite commonplace on BBC releases - for contractual reasons certain music edits/changes have been made, which is something that annoys the hell out of me! (See also Big Train and Fast Show Series 3 amongst others).
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on 19 January 2005
WARNING - If you are easily offended or are a political correctness junkie THIS IS NOT FOR YOU!
This is what fans of black adult comedy have been waiting for. Each episode is flow of skeches that tackle issues concerning Urban British life/society. Highlights include "Labia Marketing" , The Swearing Baby, Dinner Party People , Liar Clive and Ivan Dobsky. Everything else in the series is good but the above are the real genius sketches.
BBC give us the Series 2 dvd now!!! please...
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on 10 November 2004
Great DVD I have already seen every episode of monkey dust series 1 and 2 and am glad to own a copy of the first series.
Series 2 made it from BBC3 to mainstream BBC2, After watching the first series I am not to sure if they would have got away with showing Series 1 on mainstream tv as it crosses over the line slightly more.
Overal this must be the funniest program I have ever seen especially Ivan Dobsky the meat safe murderer
And of course no surprise to see England manager Sven Goran Erikson in the crowd!.
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