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4.0 out of 5 stars129
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 15 October 2004
Having bought FIFA 2005 on the day of release, I have played it 5 hours a day until Pro Evo 4 was released (I work nights so it's easy). It is deffinetly a step up from last years version. The career mode is very addictive and all the usual EA glossy presentation and official licensing is very nice. But the game play, though slightly improved is still not a match for Pro Evo 1 let alone 2 and 3. It just does not quite feel like you are in a real football match in the same way that Pro Evo does. It feels more like an arcade game than it's rival and goals are to easy to come by for both teams. The extremely satisfying feeling of hanging on to a 0-0 draw to go through on away goals is just not there. That said, it is a very good football game and it is bridging the gap to it's Konami rival little by little each year. The good news for FIFA fans is that I have now played about 15 matches on the new Pro Evo and my first thoughts are that it seems to have taken a slight backwards step for the first time ever. For the record I would not give Pro Evo full marks for the first time ever and I would only give it 4 stars.
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on 4 December 2004
Superb game with just three faults:-
1. Most open play goals are scored either by crossing the ball for your striker to head home or by threading a through ball into the penalty area for your striker to run onto. There aren't enough scrappy goals. As a result 95% of goals are scored by strikers - more if they take the free kicks and penalties. In the last season I played Darius Vassell scored 55 goals (for Brentford!)
2. The one fault with the commentary is that they declare you Champions before you've won the title. It's annoying to have McCoist say "He won't mind missing that as they're already the Champions" when you're 8 points clear with 9 games to go.He will then say it four times a game thereafter until the end of the season.
3. I can't say this for certain but I believe the computer fixes certain cup games. It was really frustrating to lose 3-0 away after taking a 2-0 lead into the 2nd leg of a European semi final. I hadn't lost a game by more than a goal all season but suddenly their 'keeper makes 6 outstanding saves while thier strikers produce flicks, chip through balls and vollies that you simply can't defend against.
Apart from these few gripes (the last one could be sour grapes on my part) the game is well worth the money and the attention to detail is incredible. I only hope that by 2009 Ashley Cole, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Ledley King, Darius Vassell and Alan Smith have all really signed for Brentford and we're on our way to our third successive Premierhip title!
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on 14 April 2007
First of all here are the footie games i've played and enjoyed, - 'Fifa 99','Fifa 2001','Fifa 2003'and 'pro evolution 3'. Fifa 03 was the best one out of the lot, till now...

Fifa 05, (which i must admit i got for 99p on another auction site) is all about setting. Let me explain. I started the first few matches in tornament setting on semi - pro and at normal pace. Quite enjoyable, but something was was very slow! I changed the settings to 'amethur fast'like i had for Fifa 2003, and i had changed the whole feel of the game! Ok, you won't score 20 plus goals a game like the brilliant fifa 2003, but a 2-0 or 4-3 scoreline is must more realistic. I also found that your skill is just the same as proffesional except not quite as fast and therefore just like a real game as you sometimes have a few seconds to pick out the best build up play or move. Another great bonus is that you can actually tackle players! This is the first game i've played where you don't lose the ball after running or dribbling past a defender. Saying that, you may lose it, or the ball rebounds, or you get a free kick, or your nearby striker takes the ball before the defender can get it etc! What i'm trying to say is Fifa has really come on, it's a bit like the freedom of pro evolution but easier while still being a challenge. As i've said, it depends on the settings you use, the players you rotate from your squad to the pitch (Keep checking their fitness levels, Yellow cards, and swopping your formation), and most of all it's about enjoying the experience which is different every time. Sometimes it's best to build up to attack, sometimes use the wing players, other times boot it forward. Never a dull moment. I've played this game solid for a few days and am nearing the end of a season, i'm waiting for the transer date to bring Robbie Fowler into my Liverpool side! I haven't tried the career mode yet so i can't comment on far as i'm concerned thats just a bonus, i love this game apart from the free kicks, where i've scored just once in 20 odd games!

As for 'short legs' in some of the games, yes i noticed that a few times, but it depended on the lighting, the sun etc, and most of the time the players look top class and very realistic in looks and movement. Yes there is some slowdown but that seems to be because i play with every player on sprint, which drains them untill you play them back without sprint. Pressing L2 to sent players forward is great when attacking, but if you're playing a 353 beware of giving the ball away!!

5 star game, lots to do and enjoy, Liverpool play better against Man United, Chelsa and Arsenal!!!
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on 9 January 2005
This game has got to be one of the most aggravating, unrealistic football games i have ever played. Fifa has been on a downhill slope for a few years now and this game proves it is getting near the bottom. If you are a gamer who can get angry with unrealistic games this is certainly not the one for you, the gameplay is so far from real life its a suprise they have sold as many as they have. On this game it is blatently obvious around the sort of time the computer is going to allow you to score and the free kicks are so easy, i prefer them to a penalty. Very dissapointed, would love a refund.
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on 24 February 2005
This is my second review for this game. My first did not even touch into ONLINE.
How the online works.
There is a huge growing community here. Around 50000 players are registered and that means people to play all the time. The game plays much like a normal 2 player game on the playstation with a friend with little comprimise in game speed usually none at all.
There is a massive ranking system in place that takes into account: Your rating, Your opponents rating, Your teams strength and your opponents team strength and how many goals were scored each way. Then it goes through a formula and tells you exactly how good you are. In place throughout the world. Eg I am roughly 2500 th.
There are a few different catogories for games:
RANKED 8 minutes
UNRANKED Any settings you choose
Tournament Knock out style tournament can be ranked or unranked
This game is also compatible with a headset which makes the game a whole lot better, for the simple reason when you score, you can rub your opponent in the dirt (not literally)
There is also "Ea Messenger" Which serves as a database for your FRIENDS, BLOCKED, Event opponents etc. Which lets you easily talk to people when you need to.
Virtually everyone speaks English eg. I played a hungarian and a portugese with out trouble.
I have many online games. This is the best thanks to Ea's effort to make this a excellent Game without the offline sector.
So if you have completed the game on World Class, Get this for another game entirely.
The human mind is incredible and people always have a few suprises up their sleeves.
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on 19 January 2005
ok i bought this game a while ago now and i've gotta say the novalty has already warn off, at first the kits and the new stadiums which had been added like St James' Park really gripped me but since about november the games been gathering dust. the main offering seems to be the new career mode which offers you 15 seasons to get to the top, well that great but if i want that i'll buy a manager sim on PC. though the kits are as always for me the thing that sets fifa aside from pro evo the idea of starting with teams in the low divisions is a drag and you will find it dull not being able to play Man U or Juventus rite away and thus my career save has been wiped after 3 seasons with rubbish sides.
the idea of insentives is ok and makes you want to play on to earn them but then a lot of the stuff is pretty poor as out of 80 extras nearly half are third kits and some are just new balls. the return of a create player mode is welcomed but again sticking your self in Man u etc will mean that it's be some time before you're playing with you own creation.
in the end this is a manager sim parading as a footie sim, lets get back to the roots of just picking you fave team and whooping everyone 8-0
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on 29 November 2004
I got a ps2 earlier this year and one of the first games i bought was FIFA football 2005. I used to have Fifa 2004 for PS1 and it was ok for the first 5 minutes but after a while you get fed up with winning every game 8-0 but on 2005 winning is a challenge. However I advise you start using the Amateur difficulty level before moving on to Semi-pro, the new first touch control is brilliant, its simple and easy but very effective. I suggest you put some time in on the practice pitch first to get used to the game. So buy it.
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on 14 October 2004
this game is really good, i've played it non stop. the graffics are great, the gameplay in greatly improved, the speacial control is also great. there is one strange thing about this game, the comentary is not in time. i gave away a penalty and after he scored it, motson said "its a penalty kick!" now that made me laugh, but it might not make serious gamers laugh.
so, the good points-
great improved gameplay
much improved transfer market.
great (as usual) graffics
realistic players (henry plays alot more different than say owen)
the bad points-
you cannot choose who are manager of in career mode-you have to pick from avalaible jobs
the comentary is out of time
so buy it, pro evolution may be better! but this is definatly a good solid football game. the best fifa yet!
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on 9 October 2004
I got this game on the day it came out and the first time i played it,it was crazy.EA have made the players able to take the ball out of their feet with first touch.Also if you want a challenge they have made it more hard to more shooting from 30 yards out you have to wok hard to score.if you want you can create a player and represent a team.but EA have made the career more challenging as you will have to do a 15 year career will the teams that are available on the list.With the more skillful player like ronaldo hold down r2 and r3 for skill and it is amazing.i would recommend this game and give it 5 stars cus it is class and so are the graphics as most the players lokk like the actual ones!!!!!!!
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on 4 December 2004
I think that FIFA have done a great job. Last year I was amazed by how much everyone slated FIFA 2004. The first touch let's you create fluid, exciting football, and the free-kick control is great. I like the way that, in Career mode, players get older and retire as the game goes on, which gives it an added sense of reality. However, I can't understand why you buy players with points now, rather than money. The off the ball control is a bit unrealistic, however. Having not tried PES4 yet, I couldn't say if it's better. However, it's just as good as the outstanding PES3, if not better. All in all, Fifa 2005 is a joy to play - if you haven't already done so, buy it now!
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