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4.7 out of 5 stars35
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 18 June 2005
Devil May Cry 3 is a prequel game, and returns the series' status to number one in Stylish Action, practically redefining the genre. I was jealous of XBox owners when Ninja Gaiden came out - but now PlayStation 2 owners will have the satisfaction of knowing they will be holding the MUST HAVE Stylish Action game of the year.
So to start, an overview of the story. As a prequel, Dante is younger than in previous titles and isn't afraid to show it off. He trash-talks to any enemy who stands in his way, and happily runs the game shirtless, his trademark red trenchcoat the only top he needs.
Then there's Dante's brother, who finally makes a human appearance. Vergil appears to be enacting a plan to unlock the seal their father, the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda, had once placed to stop demons from pouring into our world and destroying it. His goal is to attain true power from the Demon Realm, and as Dante you have to stop him. Well, that's the plan but most of the time Dante will be too busy shouting "This is gonna be one hell of a party!"
Graphically, the character models are better than in previous DMCs, although the backgrounds are slightly less vibrant than DMC 1. The sounds are nice and chunky, the usually good work we can expect from Capcom. The music is nicely done, with work from Capcom and Shootie HG performing the demonic lyrics, the combined work resulting in a powerful soundtrack, especially the magnificent 'Devils Never Cry', the trademark track of the game (with additional vocals from David Baker).
The gameplay though is definately where this game is at - throughout the game you can acquire 5 different Guns and 5 different Devil Arms, giving you a total of 10 weapons to play with. You choose 2 of each at the start of a Mission, and you can swap between them during gameplay with a simple push of L2 for Guns and R2 for Devil Arms. Combined with the expanded movelist for each Devil Arm, you can rack up some SSStylish combos that will leave you gaping in awe, as you watch yourself pummel enemies senselessly with your zweihander Rebellion one moment, and then whirl into them with increasing momentum with the triple-pronged nunchuku Cerberus.
Additionally to the on-the-fly weapon switching is the inclusion of Styles. By choosing a Style at the start of the Mission, you can use the Circle button to execute moves unique to that Style. They are levelled up by defeating enemies and bosses, and once you get them to max level, you'll have a powerful ally by your side.
Use Trickster, and you'll be able Dash through enemy attacks unharmed, perform Wall Hikes (wall runs) and even dash through the air with the power of SkyStar.
Choose Swordmaster, and you will gain an even larger movelist for your Devil Arms - perform a devastating twister as scorching fire is whipped about violently by hurricane winds courtesy of Agni and Rudra's Tempest attack, or launch an insanely powerful uppercut known as Real Impact by using Beowulf, gauntlets and greaves of light.
Gunslinger expands your Guns movelist and allows you to tackle multiple enemies at once with your twin pistols Ebony and ivory via Twosome Time. Or choose the Shotgun and dash into enemies, blasting Charged Shots straight into them with Point Blank.
Royal Guard allows you to block, but just mindlessly blocking results in enemies chipping your health away slowly, and maybe even breaking your guard. Those who can block at the exact time of an enemy's attack will be rewarded by sustaining no damage, and rapidly charging a Release Charge Gauge. Release the charge you collect and you can perform a powerful attack that if used correctly, can bring even the strongest boss to their knees.
You can change your Style and Equip during gameplay by going to special Divinity Statues located in Missions, often before Bosses to allow you to prepare yourself sufficiently. Also, they allow you to buy things like health expansions and items to make your life a bit easier, although true veterans will disregard these in favour of higher ranks, which is one of the defining points of replay value in this game. Trying to better your ranks for each level is extremely fun, and the satisfaction of SS Ranking an entire difficulty level is an absolute joy (SS Ranking requires you to attain an S Rank in all categories of gameplay - Time, Orbs, Style Points, Damage and Items).
This is just the tip of the iceberg - if you are looking for Stylish Action that will leave you wanting more and more every time you play, then this is THE must have title to pick up.
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on 24 March 2005
After the disappointing DMC2 there needed to be a change to bring the series back to its glory days. After playing DMC3 you can see that Capcom have made some major changes. One change is the new fighting styles that can be used to match the situation. For example, if you are facing a number of tough enemies you can change to a defensive style and counter attack. There are four styles to choose from and it adds a lot to the game.
The combo system has been overhauled with a new status bar for each combo that fills up after hitting an enemy which is another good idea. The upgrade system from DMC1 also returns where you can buy moves which is a welcome return.
I think that every DMC fan should purchase this game as it is brilliant. It is slightly hard on the default setting though. Anyone new to the series should definitely pick this game up to as its one of the best available.
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on 29 June 2005
DMC3 is the most stylish game out there at the moment. Cool, kickass Dante is back with a slice of pure slash, hack and blast gameplay. The storyline is great, the characters well thought up, the setting stunningly gothic, the deamons nastier than ever and the weapons send them back to hell with the coolest, most stylish combos seen on the PS2.
So why not give it 100%, 10/10, 5 stars? Despite most of the most important parts of the game being polished up to the highest standards, some of the basic core elements of any game are lacking. Most importantly, the dialogue. With the greatest set of characters of the DMC series so far, with decent intertwining storylines, who could have thought the dialogue would be so poor. Also, the difficulty of the game could be a major problem for those people who need an A ranking after each level. Even on easy mode, it is nigh on impossible to achieve this on more than 5 or 6 of the missions first time round. I started the game on NORMAL difficulty, but it was much too difficult the first time around. I tried EASY, and the general gameplay did become much easier. However, some of the missions and bosses still had to be tried 3 or 4 times before I managed to win them.
In general the game is a truly stunning work of art. However, it is let down by some really quite embarrasing cut scenes (because of the por dialogue) and not having a difficulty setting for those who have not had the pleasure of playing the DMc series before.
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on 5 April 2005
Let me put it in simple terms, wow! I have been playing through Devil May Cry, and I am astonished!
This game starts off before the first 2 games. Devil May Cry 3 is set when Dante is young (in other words, a cocky youngster) and before he gets his true devil powers.
Oh and before I say anything else, Devil May Cry 3 is going to leave your orb wallet empty for most of the game, due to the difficulty of the game. You are going to be constantly buying health items and life items. You won't get far (even on easy mode) without them. The demons in Devil May Cry 3 are hardcore beasts. They will keep getting harder and harder, bigger and bigger, tougher and tougher. You have to fight a 100 foot tall, 3 headed dog for peat sake!

Characters-(spoiler) Dante's brother, Vergil is a bad guy (what a surprise...) Virgil has an accomplice with him during the game. This Person is called Arkham. Although he is human, he ends up be driven into turning into a demon. There is also a female character in Devil May Cry 3, her name is Lady (why her name is Lady I don't know???)She is a devil hunter like Dante, but, she is human, and she wants to kill every demon she can lay her hands on (including Dante!)For a woman, she is s seriously hardcore gal; she carries a missile launcher around with her! (Spoiler end) That pretty much raps it up for the characters. Now onto the weapons and the fighting styles!
The new weapons are so cool! And the new style system. The styles provide a massive variety of move and techniques. (When I say massive, I mean massive)
The new weapons that have been put into the game are amazing! (spoiler).For example, when you get to mission 5, you have to beat this boss, and once you beat this boss, you receive its weapon(s)The weapon is a pair of swords, one is a sword with the element of fire, and one with the element of wind.(spoiler end).
When you first start of in Devil May Cry 3, you get to choose from 4 different fighting styles, Trickster, Swordmaster, Gunslinger and Royal Guard.
Trickster-Enables you to dodge enemy attacks with ease, e.g. Say an enemy is about to lunge at you with an axe, if you press circle and hold the direction you want to go in, you will do a little speedy dash. This fighting also enables you to run up walls and run across walls.
Gunslinger-This fighting style enables you to use a variety of guns to your advantage. e.g. if you are suing Ebony & Ivory, you can shoot in 2 different directions at once, so if to enemies are standing either side of you, you can use this technique to demolish those enemies. Also, with gunslinger you get to execute this move called Rain Storm, to execute this move you must jump into the air and press circle(or repeatedly tap, if you want the move to last longer), when you execute this move, Dante aims downwards while in mid air and spins around fast, rapidly shooting his pistols! Trust me it is awesome!
Swordmaster-This style makes you a master at swords! (Hence the name swordmaster, no? still don't get it?) Anyway, the Swordmaster style enables you to do a variety of outstanding moves with melee weapons. There is this move called Aerial Rave, first you have to throw an enemy straight up into the air, then you jump up and start hitting circle to start performing mid air slashes against the enemy. There are also a variety of moves available for purchase with Red Orbs that are impressive to.
Royal Guard-This style is all about using the enemies attack against them, and using advanced blocking techniques. E.g. If you hold circle and a direction on the left analogue pad, you will counter the enemies move and throw them in the chosen direction. There isn't really much to say about this style, but blocking and countering. Don't get me wrong though this style is an essential in some of the later levels. That pretty much raps it up for the style's as well.
All in all, Devil May Cry 3 is an awesome game, with slick, cocky Dante, style. Devil May Cry 3 is a must have for the fans of the previous title's in the DMC series. 10/10
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on 17 February 2006
OK, so you like a challenge, sure, but after a few unsuccessful tries you might go back and try it on 'easy'. This is going to be a problem as DMC3 has an 'easy' mode that is at least as difficult setting of most game. You will be killed, slain, and otherwise removed from our plain of existence; over and over again.
However, having already said that, if you are willing to spend quite a few hours of having your life scrubbed out, this game is actually very enjoyable but it will take a while to get used to it.
Eventually this game becomes one big freeform combo, with the ability to switch instantly between swords, nunchuckes, twin pistols, shotguns, crossbows and more in the middle of a combo, leading to some truly metal attacks. You will eventually learn to love this in all its gut-filled and visciouse glory. Bring it on!
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on 12 May 2005
You can't get many games that are as good as this. The graphics are amazing, gameplay superb and the characters flawless. Dante returns looking younger and slicker and the demons he battles are more inventive and sinister than DMC 1 and 2 by far.
The bosses are fresh and exciting, with a new turn on Greek myths when you battle a three headed guardian dog.
Four styles of gameplay are available, with Gunslinger allowing you to learn amazing new gun attacks, Swordmaster letting you master melee weapons including a blue set of ice nunchucks which RULE! Then Trickmaster gives you evasive manouvers to dodge enemy attacks and finally Royal Guard gives you the skills to manuver into a tactical position to win the battles.
This new game kicks ass and is by far the best of the DMC series. Go out and buy it because believe me, you won't regret it.
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on 30 January 2006
DMC 3 is the best game I have played this year thusfar!!!!After being blown away with the first DMC game and the slightly disappointing sequel, this third DMC game brings back our hero Dante looking younger as the game is a prequel of the first two games. Set in familiar gothic like cities, with a new storyline involving Dantes brother Vergil and his apprentice Arkham along with a young lady named Lady!!
The story is the way it should be: simple! Dante is the good guy slaying demons as usual while his brother Vergil is trying to open the demon world thus enabling him to be more powerful. Vergils apprentice Arkham is a creepy looking (despite human) figure, but not for long as he turns into some massive blob that Dante fights later in the game.
But what really makes this game so awesome is the unique swordplay and gunplay system and DMC fans who loved the first game so much will know what I mean. Okay we dont have the alaistor sword or the flaming Ifrit armbands BUT what we do have is: Rebellion, Agne and Rudra (two unique blades one of fire one of wind, Cerebus (an icy version of the legendary nunchaku), Nevan (this ones a bit strange but funny!!) and Beowolf (similar to Ifrit from DMC1 but with different moves).
Hold on a minute! thats just the beginning because you also have five different gun weapons, Ebony and Ivory (of course!!), shotgun (returns), missle launcher, Artemis (some high tech weapon!) and the Spiral weapon. WOW!! and not only that Dante also has four (altogether six) different styles to choose from:
Trickster: best used for dodging oncoming attacks, can also be used for walking on sides of the buildings (a style that was implemented from DMC 2.
Swordmaster: my personal favourite, with this technique the amount of swordplay is increased and so can aerial sword attacks can be administered. This is the most common style used for most missions.
Gunmaster: Like shooting demons? With this style option, the guns can be fired additionally making your guns a lot more powerful than the usual button bashing.
Royal Guard: Aha !! This style requires you to get up close and personnel with your target. Its main strength is blocking and being able to replenish health at the same time but its more of an advanced option and only experts would love to give this style a go. Otherwise a very difficult style to master!!!! Not recommended for most of the missions.
Quicksilver: Interesting to say the least. This style allows you to “pause” the screen so to speak, appears as time control, so that you can inflict more damage to any foe without them knowing what hit them. A very useful skill and interesting style.
Doppleganger: Another useful style which allows you to create a mirror image of yourself thus enabling you to maximize the amount of damage at double the expense!! The trouble is though with this style you need to Devil Trigger in order for it to work and once the DT gauge is empty the doppleganger disappears.
With all these styles to master and an enormous arsenal of weapons and action skills, Devil May Cry 3 Dantes Awakening is one hell of a game. Whether you are a longtime fan of DMC or not this game deserves to be played, and those who have yet to play it are missing a lot!!
My opinion of it is simple: excellent, non stop action, engaging story, attractive characters and above all a beautiful soundtrack to top it off.
Excellent work Capcom!! Now I await until the day arrives and DMC 4 is with us!! presumably though it might have to be on the future Playstation 3. I cant wait!!!
Five stars (although I wish I could give it 10 stars!!!)
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on 27 July 2005
Believe me when i say, that this game will not and cannot disappoint. Any fan of the original dmc game will automiatically approve of number three in the series.
While great things were expected of the second dmc game which failed to deliver to such standards, the third did not.
The graphics have improved from the original game, the plot is as always engrossing, the musical score is again, breath-taking.
The new battle system is interesting and can incorporate some stylish techniques mid-battle, thus boosting the style grade.
I have lent to a few of my friends and I haven't heard any complaints so far, nothing but appraisal. I would recommend devil may cry 3 to anyone, whether they are new to the series or a fan already.
This games oozes style and charisma, and as ever an arrogant, cocky but amusing dante.
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on 26 March 2005
Dante returns to a amazing prequel to the first 2 games.The plot is simple,Dante(looking younger and cooler)is the son of the legde demon killer sparda.But Dante is not an only child.Sparda also spawned another son,Virgil.Virgil is a evil dude with bad things on his mind.As dante you must penetrate Virgils fortress and kill him and his band of undead mo fos.The game play is great with thousand of moves for your gun and sword.1 cool feature is the ability to ride on a dead enemy and dish out some flaming death in the form of pistol bullets.Quality stuff!
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on 18 October 2005
Believe me , this game will be one of the best game you EVER play . You'll control Dante a half human half demon , who is the son of the heroic Sparda . Your mission is to stop Dante's twin brother Vergil from breaking the seal to the demon word ... with your kick ass demon hunter skillz :D
You have 4 style to choose , each style determines your actions during combat . You can have 5 guns and 5 weapons during the game ( you can only equip 2 guns and 2 weapon at the same time ) . You can display dozens of combos from EACH weapon , and on top of that , you can SWITCH weapons INSTANTLY , that's mean the numbers of combos are very vast . Use your porny brain to create the craziest combos ever :P It will be extremely fun I swear .
And like the previous DMC , DMC 3 features a combo rating system from Dope to SSStylish . Try to have the best rating possible by using different combos slaughtering everything on your way ( I hope it's not the other way around :P ).
If you are new or even a skillfull player , I am pretty sure this game's difficulty level still kick your ass .... these monsters are insane . Each monster have its own movement and attack pattern . Dante acts really cool in the cut-scene but in game he is really a weakling if you are a button spammer :D
When you die few time in Normal level , you can have a option to choose Easy level . Please do yourself a favour by chosing it !!!
The hardest level is Dante Must Die after you've done Hard level . Well , nothing more to say about this level . You have my blessing :D
The heavy metal music really fit the atmosphere of this game . The story is very good with a dramatic ending . Help us to undertand more the story in the original DMC .
The gameplay like I said above is extremely fun and extremely HARD as well and has high replay value . Best way to spend your money !
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