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3.5 out of 5 stars38
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 8 October 2004
I'm happy to say that finally with the 2005 edition of Fifa EA have gone some way to making a decent football game. Every aspect of the 2004 experience has been improved as standard but most importantly the new 'first touch' gimmick actually works. No more passing to a player on the wing who almost immediately loses control of the ball and knocks it out, instead with a flick of the right thumb stick your player will turn with the ball not only keeping it but often creating space.
Many of the most overt problems inherent to the Fifa franchise have been addressed such as retarded goal keepers who can save one shot but always fumble the rebound, or the limited player stats that provided a completely inaccurate picture of a players skills. Some of these problems however remain, most notablely the inability of a team to press up on the opposition despite changing every single formation and tactic in the game. The somewhat useless 'off the ball' is still here although it's much easier to use the x button to cross. The players moves are also still very generic rather that the best players having signature moves as in Pro Evo.
This is without doubt the best Fifa since it's debut on the Megadrive in 1995, great graphics, wonderful player models, a ball that doesn't just stick to the players feet and EA's usual slick presentation. Fifa finally feels like your playing football despite some often poor player positioning and the player creation tool offers a interesting addition. The most anticipated feature however has to be Live play which by the way is excellent, the interfaces, options, and actual football all feel right and the Fifa sponsored world cup will attract I suspect a huge portion of the Live community.
The career mode has been vastly improved; featuring 15 seasons from the bottom leagues to the top, a champ man style simulator if you decide your opposition won't provide a challenge and much greater level of managerial options available. So a good Fifa game? In my opinion yes, better than any I've previously played but will it contend with Pro Evo 4 released on Nov 12th? Perhaps not but we'll see, oh and EA where the hell are the Dutch national team?
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on 11 May 2005
Ive played nearly all of the Fifa football games and yes alot of them had the same problems of "lack of real movement and AL."
but tell me can you play as a lowly league side playing in the second division... NO! lets face it at least Fifa has the correct player names which must be always a plus and not some silly name the pro evo usualy use.
Anyway the commentry on Fifa is far better than that of pro evo 4, i know that this is only one small thing but at least you get to hear the excellent Motson who has always been my fav. comentater.
So what to chose Fifa 2005 or pro evo 4
For me it has to be Fifa 2005 because for me it has longer playabilty particually if you buy Total club manager 2005 as they both play together (which i have) and i have been playing Fifa 2005 and Total club manager 2005 for months as it has huge appeal anyway heres a sum-up
Graphics 7/10
Sound 9/10
Playability 8/10
Lastability 10/10
Overall 34/40
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on 17 August 2005
I have played many Footy games on all platforms as well as PC. Games such as Championship Manager and Football Manager , but these simulations never let youy play the game itself. I wondered why there wasn't a more complete game that would let you buy and sell players and play the actual game. Now there is with FIFA 2005. It is beautifully put together with great graphics and a very addictive career mode that I have been glued to. Even the crowd chants are accurate for each team. EA has obviously put effort into finding out more about the fans and the individual clubs. If you like Football on the xbox, then look no further than FIFA 2005. Great Game
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on 4 July 2005
The EA Fifa train keeps on going. this is one of the better versions on the genra. for one thing the management mode has been improved. thought you need to start at a small club and work your way up the football ladder. more of the clubs stadiums have been personalised i.e. Newcastle play at St. James Park not closed oval. you also have to get win all the trophies which can be shown off in the trophy room. the best feature is that you can create your self in your team. changing things from hair type and hair colour to boot colour and squad number. the only thing that lets it down in my eyes to that the Middlesbrough shrits don't have the sponsers on the shirts and thehome shirt doesn't have the white band. you can have the old version of squad management where any player can go to any club, not the swap method in fifa 2004. so if you get fifa 2005 their is no point in getting fifa 2006 when it comes out unless you need to have the new shirts aswell.
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on 7 October 2004
Having previously owned the FIFA football titles there was no way I was going to miss this one, especially as it is XBox Live enabled. On opening the game, I connected to XBox Live immediately and was very impressed with the wide range of features and options. There are chat rooms (you can create your own), a nice EA messenger facility and various competitions (you can create your own). After each game you can also have your stats emailed to you automatically. The game play online is very good. I played with a Man United fan this morning and we had a good laugh. It was very smooth and there was no sign of any lag. There wasn't many people online but that will change within a day or two when the game is officially released. Offline play is also very nice. Great graphics, smart tunes. This is the dogs. It's an improvement on previous formats and I would suggest you buy the game, especially if you are a fan of XBox live. I'll be trying Pro Evo when that is launched but the official Premier League licence is what makes FIFA 2005 more attractive to me.
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on 27 June 2005
I think this game is fantastic, the graphics are great and the career mode kept me entertained for months. Loved the fact that i could play my total club manager games in it as it means tht i am more likely to win and get promotion. I would reccomend getting this over pro evalution soccer anyday as it has all of the teams that you will ever need where as pro evalution soccer has none of the real players or teams.i can't wait till next years instalement as i am sure the graphics and gameplay will improve until you could mistake the graphics for real photographs. i give this game a 10 for graphics, 9 for gameplayand 11 for the career mode.
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on 8 October 2004
I was lucky enough to get a copy of FIFA 05 a day early in London, no idea why but I wasn't complaining. I was a little dubious especially after FIFA 2004 but I decided to go for it any way and I can say it is so much better this year.
In most FIFA's before 2005, winning possession when being marked was more of a crapshoot left up to the game engine - sometimes you'd win, and other times the strength of the CPU player's stats would win out. The problem with this was that the system used to determine player strengths in possession were too similar, causing the roll-of-the-dice feel during possession situations.
This has all changed in FIFA 2005 with the First Touch system, which works in conjunction with the player stats within the game's database.
Brand new fluid animations and natural human kinetics help to magnify the importance of the First Touch by allowing gamers to have a better "feel" of their star players.
You will notice how Henry explodes from a check and neatly traps the ball in front of him. Or you may notice how Nedved has the ability to see his next touch before he even traps the incoming goalie kick.
Create and Coach
FIFA Football 2005 expounds on the career mode in last year's game, giving gamers more control over the coaching and management duties, plus the ability to create their own star players.
The create-a-player includes similar depth to those in the Tiger Woods series, with a myriad of adjustable facial, clothing, and style sliders. Created players can also be tweaked in twenty-three different areas of performance, including more obscure items such as composure and marking ability.
Individual players already in the squad can be trained, or a batch train option will condition the entire squad. The transfer market, similar to baseball's free-agency pool, can be mined for diamonds in the rough, and is the true key to assembling a world-dominating team.
The coaching staff is another integral part of a good organisation and it will be under constant scrutiny. The staff can be upgraded, so long as enough points from the virtual money system are in the coffers. Eight different pieces of the dynasty puzzle are available for upgrade, including a striker coach, a financial planner, and even a team MD.
Every time a staff member receives an upgrade star (after a one hundred point upgrade), the team benefits in the form of things such as a stronger overall offensive or defense, or less proneness to injury. The fifteen year career mode is a rough road, which is why a coach may move from team to team.
A coach's satisfaction rating will pretty much paint the picture, allowing gamers to know if they will be even asked back for another season or not. An extremely competent coach will want to farm their abilities out to the bigger leagues; interested parties will keep you up to date of their intentions with the handy-dandy EA PDA. With eighteen different leagues and thirty eight national teams, there are over 15,000 players in the world looking for guidance, and you may just be the counselor that has all the answers.
Much work has gone into making FIFA 2005 appear more like a professional broadcast. There are new camera angles for the full length replays, and a bigger emphasis on the crazy fans in the stadium, with greater intensity and participation during tense moments.
Players are sporting better detail and the upgraded lighting and shadowing helps the stadiums to come a life a bit more. There are the popular, authentic fan chants in every officially licensed stadium in the game, and the environmental conditions even lend a hand, with weather playing a major role in pitch conditions while also affecting how the game is called from the booth.
Pro Evo 4 is no match for FIFA this year, go and buy it!
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on 4 October 2004
FIFA 2005 is the latest in the series of EA sports football game. However once again the game which promises so much delivers little again. The controls have been improved but if you looking to play zippy one touch football forget it. The movement is cumbersome and as with FiFA 2004 it is nearly impossible to play a through ball pass.The new fangled one touch is more of a gimmick than a useful feature. You really get the feeling that not a lot of development has taken place.
This year heading the English commentary yet again is John Motson with special comments by Ally McCoist. It's more fluent than ever. I found this year they didn't fall behind the play as they did on occasions last year, where sometimes the commentary was delayed and out of order. This year the commentary seems as good as any other sports game I've played.Definitely the best commentary ever in a football game.
Player creation is better . The face making feature especially is improved butit's not as good as PES4 Unfortunately you cannot shape the body in a specific way and original faces (for example a face of figo) cannot be used on your own created players.
Editing original players is also not possible.
If your interest is in customised leagues with the right badges then fifa 2005 is the game, but if your looking for an authentic footballing game there can only be one choice Pro evolution 4. The gameplay of PES4 is untouchable, the players look and move more realistically,and you also have the ability to beat players with your dribbling skills. the artificial intelligence of the defenders is fantastic making it very difficult to win games on the hardest difficulty level.The new freekicks and penalty options also add realism that FIFA 2005 can't match. As a professinal gamer I get both games free. However if you have to choose one, then PES4 take the plaudits for another year FIFA 2005 has improved but still has a long way to go before it can match PES4 for gameplay, authenticity, and difficulty.
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on 21 October 2004
Fifa have improved so much on previous attempts, the first touch is the highlight of the game, but also United fans chaniting 'RUUD' when RVN scores a goal. Anyone else notice that? Also a purchaser of Pro Evo, admired the realistic gameplay above all. Its not as licenced as Fifa in autenticity but still at least they bothered to make a real face for Kaka. Fifa make them look like a monkey's. Few of the other key players they missed out on likeness include Fabregas, Edu, Heinze, King, Robben, Luis Garcia, Toure amongst others but yet could make likeness for EVERY South Korean player in the K League. The Carear mode in Fifa is fun, signed Vicente and Ballack to replace the retired players of Giggs and Keane. Dont know why Giggs decided to retire at the age of 32 tho. I prefer the night stadiums such as playing at places like Nou Camp, San Siro, Olimpico, Old Trafford, Santiago Bernabau et al at night gives a atmospheric touch to it. However, you have to earn the right for night stadiums by winning leagues and gaining points. 'Kudos'. Overall, the gameplay has improved beyond comprehension for Fifa and somehow Pro Evo has got better. You decide which one you prefer, Ill go for both, best of both worlds, Give Fifa the thumbs up and 5 stars.
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on 7 October 2004
this game is going to be great unlike pro evolution. pro evolution is such an over rated game i have played on fifa and pro evelution and i have to say that pro evulition is the most rubbish game i have ever played on. fifa on the other hand is brilliant you have simple controls. and you have realistic characters beat that pro evolution.
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