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4.1 out of 5 stars132
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 1 April 2006
Predator 2 is a bit of an underrated sequel. It's vastly different to the first Predator film but offers so many new things. The film takes place in LA where drug lords are being killed and chaos has overrun the city. A Predator, drawn by heat and conflict, finds its way there and starts killing people. The film offers plenty of insight into the predator's background and shows off its new weaponry and vision modes. We also get to look at a Predator ship and how can anybody forget the infamous Alien skull in the ship. Danny Glover plays the lead role and he plays it excellently. It's a far better film than AvP in every aspect but I am glad a special edition of this film was released. I guess that was thanks to AvP.
Special features are plentiful in this set. There's plenty of featurettes, and other extras. There's also a couple of commentary tracks. I listened to the Director's one and I found it quite interesting. One thing I did note is that he said Predator 2 was originally rated NC17 in the US and they had to cut quite a few gory shots out of it. It's a shame this footage never made it to the DVD and I suspect this will be the only special edition we'll ever get of this film.
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VINE VOICEon 24 May 2010
Predator 2 see's the location change from the steamy jungle in Pred 1 to the Urban Jungle. Danny Glover of Lethal Weapon fame takes the lead role a lieutenant in the LA PD caught up in a drug war between two rival gangs in LA. Throw into the mix a "government" group who seem to be taking over the investigation and a Predator who is on the roaming the city and you have the backdrop for this film.

The Blu ray transfer of this film is very good. Its a clean, sharp and clear copy and unlike its predecessor shows little to no grainyness. The audio track is also HD and a real joy. Unlike so many older films that find there way to blu-ray there are extras on the disk although they are SD they are a welcome addition. My theory is SD Extra's are better than none.

So if the price is right for you, then at the moment there isn't a better vesrion of this movie and to be honest this version is pretty darn fine.
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VINE VOICEon 10 October 2010
'Silent, Invisible, Invincible. He's in town with a few days to kill.' Has there ever a tagline cooler than this? I'm telling you there hasn't. Long, long, long underrated Predator 2 seems to be finally getting the recognition and respect it deserves. Why all of a sudden? Because when standing next to the extremely crap AvP, it looks like pure gold to those miserable cynics who disregarded it when it first came out because Arnie was not in it. Fair enough, a Terminator, Conan or even Commando film without Arnie just wouldn't work. But the 7-foot tall, Rastafarian, otherworldly hunter is the star of this film and this time round he gets much, much more screen time. We all know what the Predator is so Stephen Hopkins shows off this ace instead of hiding it up his sleeve.

The year is 1997 and the City of Angels is boiling under a 109-degree heatwave. Columbian and Jamaican drug lords have turned the streets into a war-zone. The police are out-manned and out gunned and incompetent. The last thing they need to deal with is the Predator.

The titular hunter has returned with an increased arsenal of weapons and is keen on slicing and dicing the aforementioned druggies for fun. During a brutal gun-battle on the streets he watches Lieutenant Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover), a slightly-crazed renegade cop, blow away half a dozen Columbian scumbags and chooses him as his ultimate prey. Naturally, Harrigan and his ethnically diverse team of cops have enough problems without having to worry about their skulls ending up in the Pred's intergalactic trophy cabinet.

Making matters worse is faux-DEA Agent Peter Keyes (Gary Busey) who pretends to be after the druggies but is really more interested in swiping the Pred's advanced technology. Yeah, good luck with that! From start to finish Predator 2 is brash, unsubtle, in-your-face wall-to-wall action. A hectic, breathtaking succession of non-stop, increasingly exciting set-pieces. The final 45 minutes will you wetting yourself with excitement I kid you not. While Hopkins (fresh from his Nightmare on Elm Street 5 debut) has remained constantly employed he's never really become a star director, which is a shame since he has a slick, cartoonish style and is far more talented than most other anonymous directors. Like John McTiernan did in the first, he provokes a dusty, sweaty and overbearingly hot atmosphere in the daytime scenes and an alien, Gothic feel to night (pun intended). The way he captures LA on film just makes you NEVER want to go there.

Fans of Alan Silvestri's score of the first film can take comfort in the fact that all of his cool themes are back (they were rudely ditched for the awful AvP movies) and more evolved. It's probably the most engaging score he's done. His Latin drums, sinister, shrieking, Hermann-esquire strings, yawning, haunting urban sound effects and occultist voodoo chants dominate every scene and give each one its own unique voice.

But it ain't just that. Everything from set-design and cinematography to sound-design and film editing is nothing short of brilliant. If you think I'm overreacting just watch the film and see for yourself. There's nothing mass-produced or conveyor-belt about Predator 2. Twentieth Century Fox chucked loads of money at it to make it the most sophisticated sequel it could be. Everyone involved seems to have made a huge effort and done their absolute best.

It's sad that action films like this are not made anymore. Predator 2 is a classic, the kind of movie that feels torn straight from the pages of a 1950's pulp detective novel and crossed with a Twilight Zone episode. 5/5, no doubt.

This Blu Ray looks and sounds brilliant.
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on 8 June 2014

PREDATOR 2: New director, new cast, new style, completely new playground. More or less the same story.
Danny Glover makes a great substitute for Arnold Schwarzenegger - a very different character - a superb choice. Rubén Blades and Maria Conchita Alonso can be seen as fellow cops, also appearances by several familiar faces: Gary Busey, Bill Paxton, Robert Davi and some from TV shows Adam Baldwin and Kent McCord all deliver good performances.
Behind the camera John McTiernan was replaced by Stephen Hopkins whose best work up to now is PREDATOR 2.
The scenery is changed from the jungle to Downtown L.A. during a heat wave (we get a little global warming propaganda courtesy of your concerned Hollycrap leftists).
The Special Effects are very good - although notably tamed down by the MPAA. Don't bother looking for the Unrated version - there is none. The movie still is pretty bloody, it sure is no PG-13.
A very good sci-fi/action movie with some humorous scenes, criminally underrated.


Reviewed version: 2011 Warner Bros. UK Blu-ray
Feature running time: 107 mins. (cut by the MPAA - uncut not available)
Rating: R (MPAA) / 18 (BBFC)
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 / 16x9
Audio: English DTS 5.1, French 5.1, German 5.1
Subtitles: English for the Hearing Impaired, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, French, German
Extras: Commentaries, Featurettes, Gallery
Region: A, B, C

Picture quality: 4/5
Audio quality: 4/5
Extras: 3/5
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on 23 December 2007
What is wrong with people? Predator-1 had more Arnie than Predator. This movie simply has more Predator. It also greatly expanded the Predator universe and franchise. It introduced a whole new bunch of Pred weapons, tactics and behavior which never ever seemed out of place and were perfect fits. It explored their race further. The urban (steel jungle?) setting contrasts against the previous jungle setting and is a major plus for this movie. This movie was also extremely realistic and gory. All in all, this movie is fantastic and a few ignorant critics just want to bring it down by comparing it with the uniqueness of the original.
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on 12 May 2011
Obviously this is nowhere near as good as the original, but still quite a good effort none the less. This one is set in 1997 Los Angeles where the Predator lands in the middle of a battle between the rozzers and Colombian and Jamaican drug dealers. Cue lots of blood and gore as the Predator with his new array of weapons and gadgets dispatches the baddies with relative ease. Cue copper Harrigan (Glover) who has a go at stopping him, ably assisted by such stars as Bill Paxton and Robert Davi and the genius that is Gary Busey (legend). Like I said, not as good as Predator 1 but still definitely worth a look. This probably wouldn't have been any better had Arnie been in this, I think Danny Glover's sweaty charisma just about wins the day.
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on 11 February 2014
nothing like the first one at all was a real let down, the first one is so good i thought this one was bound to be even more brilliant, but it was a total let down. there were a few good bits but mainly was just boring, the story seemed to be so mudled its like they couldnt decide wether to make it about south american drug dealers gettin killed or these other men with super weapons. they tried to make it about both meaning it was to confusing there was just to much going on it was a bit of a head spin, it got to the point where it was like watching and saying "oh yes more random killer"

wouldnt bother, just stick to predator 1!
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on 9 January 2016
I am a huge fan of the first 1987 Predator movie & this 1990 sequel is not quite as good as the first. Schwarzenegger is replaced by Danny Glover in this film and the jungle is replaced by the then future of 1997 Los Angeles & drug gangs & the police. Nobody seems to get on with anybody in this film & everyone seems to anoyed with one another & at eachothers throughts. We already saw the Predator in the first movie so it's no big suprise in this film with the slightly changed predator. It is still an entertaining movie. but the violent streets & subways of LA are no match for the Jungle of the first film and there really aren't any characters to root for as everyone seems angry. We see inside the Predators Space craft where a collection of sculls is on show & unfortunately the scull of the Alien from the Alien movies is seen among them & you could say this was a seed for the terrible AVP movies that we could have done without. I do like this film but compared to the original there are things in this film I don't like where as the first film to me is exelent. I'm not a fan of the Bill Paxton Character who is playing the same anoying kind of role he played in True Lies & similar too to his role Aliens. Danny Glover & Gary Busey are fine in their roles but to be honest Glover is no Schwarzenegger. plus point is Alan Silvestri's follow up score. As for the dvd if like me you like your extras with a movie you can't go wrong with this two disc set. There is also Directors commentry too which for me is always a big bonus.
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When you have any movie as awesome as "Predator," a sequel is bound to be a disappointment. This is doubly true if you set it in Los Angeles, with a side helping of "shadowy government agency."

So it's fairly obvious what is wrong from the start with "Predator 2," which takes the primal hunter-and-hunted struggle out of the primal jungle, and sticks it right in the middle of a late-80s city. It's not a horrible film -- especially since it has Danny Glover -- but it doesn't have the viscerally fascinating quality of the first movie.

The Colombian and Jamaican drug gangs are currently in a massive war for Los Angeles, and the police seem to be helpless to stop them. But when several Jamaicans are brutally killed when they are murdering the Colombian drug lord, Lieutenant Michael Harrigan (Danny Glover) sees a rippling, invisible shape -- and finds a mysterious weapon made out of an unknown element.

It turns out that an extraterrestrial Predator is hunting the gangs of L.A. -- and occasionally the cops too. And in turn, the Predator is being hunted by a covert government agency who want the scientific secrets that his technology may give them. But naturally, the conflict boils down to a battle between the deadly alien and the never-say-die Harrigan.

One of the best things about "Predator" is that it was a visceral, primal movie -- sweaty desperate people in the jungle, trying to escape/fight an unknown foe who can skin you alive. It's also very timeless, since the conflict could be easily transferred anywhere in the world, with any gang of hardened warriors.

"Predator 2"... does not have this feeling. It's very urban, very 80s/90s, very cop-movie. Now, it's not a terrible movie -- it has some nice gritty action scenes, and director Stephen Hopkins slips in some truly awesome horror moments (like the Predator carrying off the Jamaican drug-lord's head). However, it's a little too... civilized at times, with too much police politics and too big a cast.

And while the shadowy government agency seeking to capture the Predator is a realistic twist, it feels a little too X-Filesian. It would have been awesome if there had been a real fight between the Predators and the government slime, but the agency just doesn't really factor in very much.

BUT... Danny Glover is staggeringly awesome as Harrigan. He's a normal cop who is fiery, uncompromising, tough and he never gives up no matter what -- he feels very much like a real guy. Glover's performance alone raises this movie above mediocrity, and María Conchita Alonso gives a good performance -- although Morton Downey Jr. and Bill Paxton are intensely annoying.

"Predator 2" doesn't live up to the primal jungle suspense of the first movie, but it's worth watching for some nice gory moments and Danny Glover.
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on 15 January 2014
Harrigan is a cop fighting the good war against drugs. But recently, the major drug lords have been killed off in a very brutal fashion.

His superiors tell him to stay out of it, but Harrigan knows that something is wrong. His instincts are right when he discovers that the person behind the murders is none other than a human-hunting alien who likes to make trophies out of his victims' skulls.

But how can Harrigan stop the Alien when it can turn invisible and kill him without him knowing it.....

Predator was so ahead of its time when released, and such a fool proof high concept movie, it will stand the test of time, and will always be heralded as on of the standout movies of the eighties.

So a sequel was inevitable, and while its nowhere in the same league as the Arnie movie, its a lot of fun, despite many plot holes and stereotypes.

I was an odd choice for Glover to play the lead, and one cannot help think that it's just Murtaugh on a really bad day, but he does the job well, and comes across as a more human hero, much like McClane in the greatest movie ever made (Die Hard).

It's plenty more gruesome than the first, and there are some good set pieces, but it references the first movie heavily, from lines, to connotations, and even the soundtrack is more or less the same.

It looks slick, and the editing is pretty cool, and their is plenty of good, if a little pointless support from some very good actors, its just that they are given very little to do, apart from Busey, who is Glovers little nemesis.

The last fifteen. I uses is a lot of fun, and you all know by now the huge reference to AVP come the end.

It's not groundbreaking stuff, and the effects are a little duff, but its still a solid action movie.
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