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on 6 June 2012
It's startling to realise that this is now twenty years old. This is still a shocking piece of work. Although, for a gangster film, there isn't really all that much violence, what there is is powerful and dark. It's also a masterpiece of plotting on a budget. Set largely in a warehouse, where a gang of criminals are set to meet after an armed robbery that has gone wrong, it's a tight claustrophobic setting, where the confusion of the robbers as to what's gone wrong is matched by our own, as the film is told out of sequence. We see the bloody aftermath before we even know what they are trying to do. As they piece together who's alive and who's dead, and whether it all went wrong by accident or if there is a rat in the house, so we piece together who is in this gang, and what roles they all played in it.

There are examples of Tarantino's now famous naturalistic dialogue, where a bunch of guys just sitting around a restaurant table, or cruising in a car, really can sound like a bunch of guys just sitting around a restaurant table, or cruising in a car. The characters come to life, and the plot keeps us glued to the screen - we're involved but always playing catch-up - a tight line that Tarantino walks with perfection. Complete with great dialogue, iconic scenes - any bunch of guys walking down the road in suits, or especially in sunglasses too, will always get someone commenting on it, or starting to hum the tune that goes with it, or how about the Mutually Assured Destruction showdown between Keitel's Mr White and Buscemi's Mr Pink ("I didn't create this situation. I'm dealing with it!") and the infamous scene involving Michael Madsen's Mr Blonde with a captured policeman - this film still feels fresh and dangerous, and I get the feeling that is unlikely to change. With this as a debut feature, and following it up with Pulp Fiction, Tarantino established himself as one of the most important names in 90s cinema.
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on 28 May 2008
Having watched this movie for the first time in ten years (yesterday-June '08), I was blown away by its brilliance and power. Lets get down to the brass tacks- this is a low-budget movie and it has the patina of a cheap amateur production. First movie from the big-chin Quentin Tarantino who came out of nowhere (i.e., a video store in Manhattan Beach, California) and turned Hollywood on its ear in 1992 with this breath of fresh air.

Reservoir Dogs has a fantastic unconventional structure, cleverly shuffling back and forth in time to reveal details about the characters-- experienced criminals who know next to nothing about each other.
From the start we know something has gone wrong, and the plan has blown up in the criminals faces. One by one, the surviving robbers find their way back to a prearranged warehouse hideout and from there we are treated to two hours of blinding genius motion picture.

This movie will forever remain a piece of 1990's nostalgia. This is the kind of movie that you can watch again and again. Upon first seeing this film back in 1997, I was struck by the occasional outbursts of bloody violence and vulgar language. I found myself confused towards the direction of the plot which made me dislike the movie at first but that all would change.

On second viewing I realise this movie was going against the grain at the time. It wasn't like any of the cliche' and lame crime films of the 80's and early-90's (eg. see K.Costner in the typical Hollywood garbage REVENGE). Resevoir Dogs was original and set the standard for the crime genre for the rest of the decade. It broke new ground and surprised the viewer at every corner.
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on 22 December 2009
To address the lack of reviews of the actual Blu Ray so far.

This transfer has really improved the look of the film in a way only a few films have benefited on Blu Ray. The colours are razor sharp and the texture of the scenes in the hide out are spectacular.
The other benefit is the sound, we all know what a great soundtrack this movie has and the increase in clarity and bottom end just makes the whole deal even sweeter.
In short this is a great movie that has made the trip onto Blu Ray in stunning fashion.
Oh yeah and it's really cheap, buy it!
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on 18 April 2002
I saw the movie before buying it on DVD. I liked it so much, that I bought the Special Edition. Unfortunately, the special edition turned out to be a huge box, that would not fit with the other DVD's, that contained the normal cheaper DVD of the same movie, plus some post cards, and a not so interesting book about Tarantino.
The movie is excellent. BUT, steer away from the special edition. Buy the cheaper version and save some cash (for pulp fiction).
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on 5 January 2010
I can't understand some of the previous reviews of this film. If you don't like violence or lots of dialogue, then Mr Tarantino is not for you. I suggest you try someting like Transformers which should be less taxing.

The transfer of the film is fantastic and improves on the patchy sound on most of the DVD versions. I was concerned that the improved clarity would detract from the grittiness of the film, but it was almost like watching a new film. The extras are very entertaining and original, and make a difference from the usual boring 'making of'.

I would strongly recommend adding this to any blu-ray collection, especially for less than seven quid. Bargain!
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on 12 December 2013
This is one of nicest blu-ray films that I have come across in a while. 'Nice' might be an odd choice of words when talking about Reservoir Dogs but the experience of revisiting, what is arguably , Quentin Tarantino's best film to date, is an absolute pleasure.

The blu-ray initialises with the menu screen as opposed to dropping you straight into the film. This menu is well polished and well thought out. It consists of snapshots of the great scenes which are replete throughout the film and done in such a way that if you have not seen the film in a while, you are instantly re-introduced to much of what you loved about it. It really is very well done.

The quality of the blu-ray release is good. It shows it's age but I am all for that in a picture. Unless a studio is going to go all out with a 4k master, or is it up to 8k these days!?! A sympathetic transfer to the source material is all that is needed and you get that and more here.

It's graphic, it's gritty, it's great.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 26 December 2013
Somewhere along the way, opinions on Quentin Tarantino have become divided - some still loving his work, others calling it bloated and unnecessarily inflated. However, those are two criticisms that cannot be levelled at his first (major) film, Reservoir Dogs. It's the very definition of `minimalist,' focusing on the aftermath of a bank robbery gone wrong and it's shot (in some places) in `real time.'

The story is simple: a gang of bank robbers thinks that one of their number is a `rat' and has tipped off the police. How do they deal with this? Watch the film and find out.

It's hard to choose a `stand-out' performance among so many great actors. Everyone from the stoic Harvey Keitel, to the psychotic Michael Madsen plays their roles to perfection (and let's not leave out Tim Roth and Steve Buscemi).

Basically, if you like gangster or crime films then you probably should have already seen it. However, even if you're not a fan of the genre and simply enjoy cinema then this one is worth a watch because it is very arty in its approach and the performances alone should make up for the fact that some may consider it to be a little over the top on the violence (not to mention explicit language).

Tarantino's next film, Pulp Fiction, may have been cleverer and more stylish, but Reservoir Dogs has all the raw appeal of a real cult classic that will definitely stand the test of time.
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on 24 January 2011
Looks great on Blu-Ray, I was expecting worse for an old-ish movie. Still such a classic film with some of the best one-liners ever. And the soundtrack in the movie is just brill under Dolby Digital. It's such a raw and involving movie. Watching it on b-ray, really makes the difference.
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on 2 August 2004
Reservoir Dogs, 2 disc Special Edition. Think about it. It should be in YOUR collection.
Never had a film been made quite like Reservoir Dogs when it was released in 1992. Unknown video shop worker turned Director, Quentin Tarantino propelled himself into the Hollywood stratosphere with this unique tale of pride, betrayal and friendship among gangsters. The story has now became legend: an organised jewellery heisst has gone terribly wrong, and the remaining survivors try to find who the 'rat' of the gang is. The story then goes into a series of flashbacks to each individual gangster, to inform the viewer where the betrayal originated from. What's in-between I hear you ask? Well, try ear slashing, Stealer's Wheel, hundreds of swear words(literally) and a conversation about Madonna's hit song 'Like A Virgin'.
What made Reservoir Dogs one of the most unique movies ever made was its array of emotions - its hysterically funny in many scenes, savage in others, and very touching in the conclusion for example. Like Tarantino's other films, the dialogue is really special and it transports the audience into a real-life situation which portrays real-life people. The actors are all brilliant, from Harvey Keitel to Steve Buscemi. For me, I think that Tim Roth, who plays the unfortunate Mr Orange, is the stand-out of the bunch. He was to later recieve an Oscar nomination for his role in Rob Roy, and here shows what an emerging talent he was. There is no doubt about it, all the actors give memorable performances and give the film that added class.
This 2 disc set is really the edition every Reservoir Dogs fan should buy. My favourite extra is undoubtedly the lengthy interviews for each character in the film plus Quentin Tarantino and Producer Lawrence Bender. Check out the ultra-relaxed Michael Madsen talking about his pets, and Tim Roth's night out with Quentin. For many, it is the sound and picture quality which makes this edition worth purchasing or not. Compared with earlier releases, there is not that much of a difference, but the soundtrack does blare that bit louder and crisper. I have been a keen DVD collector for quite some time, but the packaging for this 2 disc set is one of the best I have seen. You have a deluxe outer covering, and the inside folds into three, revealing the warehouse where the basis of the film is shot. There is also a collector booklet, which fans of the films will treasure.
Reservoir Dogs was Tarantino's gateway into the movie business and stands now as a 90's classic. Never has a film been deemed 'perfect', but Reservoir Dogs goes damn close. Should I buy it I hear you contemplating. You know the answer by now surely.
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on 13 October 2015
Low budget and simple yet very powerful and explosive. Amazing directing (Tarantino's finest in my opinion) great performances/acting all around with a very simple yet quite complex to follow (1st time you watch it) plot line make this a masterpiece. I don't want to ruin any of the plot for anyone who hasn't seen this yet so I will just say that you definitely MUST watch this movie.

*Blu Ray Review (UK Region 2 version).
Having watched the normal 2 disc special edition version DVD several times, I bought a Blu Ray player & HD TV so also decided to upgrade my Reservoir Dogs DVD to 1080p Blu Ray as it's one of my favorite movies. Anyway, the picture on the Blu Ray is fine, crisp and clear. There is definitely a noticeable enough difference from DVD to Blu Ray so it's well worth the upgrade. The best part of the upgrade however has to be the audio which has a massive upgrade and the quality is superb. If you are a fan of the movie you should only buy the Blu Ray as it's the finest picture/audio quality currently available for this movie.
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