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4.7 out of 5 stars48
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 27 March 2006
I don't have the DVD, but I have the original televised concert taped. It was unbelievable. I absolutely peed myself laughing. He was a fantasitc storyteller. The stories about being disciplined by his dad and grandma were hilarious. When he talked about his stepmothers funeral, he reminded us that awful things in life still have the power to make you laugh. But the absolute best bit was the sex at the end. There will never be anyone bigger or better than Richard Pryor. RIP
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on 10 March 2006
I have seen many stand up comedians but by far pryor is the best and out of all i think this is his finest performance. and from then on black comedians like eddie murphy jamie foxx chris rock and so on have tried to perform like him.He brings his life and past on stage for all to see and makes it funny.In my eyes if u wanna laugh BUY this dvd u wont be dissapointed.
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on 22 October 2007
I first saw this on TV sometime late at night on channel 4, as a tribute to his memory, and I'm surprised i didn't wake everyone up laughing!
No-one can argue that Richard Pryor isn't funny if they haven't seen this first. Put plainly, Richard Pryor is both amusing(to say the least)and enthralling in his mixed style of comedy and storytelling. The woods part is my favourite! Snake!
Look, I'm only 15 (yes, I know, I'm not old enough) but my friends don't really take me seriously when I say that the stuff you'll hear today, like Peter Kaye and Lee Evans, just don't compare to the comic genius of this man. All I can say is: Buy it. Watch it. Enjoy it.
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on 1 June 2004
Although some of his films (Stir Crazy and Hear No Evil... in particular) hint at the comedic genius of Richard Pryor he is funniest in stand-up, and until the release of this DVD there was precious little available on Region 2 DVD.
Is it offensive? Well, I'm not offended by it, and while I can understand that some people might be, they're not the type of people who would impulsively purchase this DVD, so what the hell? And anyway, no-one (not even Bill Cosby if you believe Eddie Murphy) is going to stop Pryor saying what he wants to say of stage, and that's what makes this material so great. People who have been turned off by other comedians who take this approach need not fear Pryor, however. Whereas Bill Hicks, Sam Kinison and George Carlin might be too in-your-face for some, this show is every bit as thought-provoking as anything done by these three without ever provoking anger or outrage.
Most importantly, the material is funny. Very funny indeed. So funny that by the time you've watched it all you will probably be in pain. You can't remain in any way dignified when watching Pryor at work, so don't even try - just laugh until you drop.
Make no mistake, Pryor is at the very top of the Premier League of comedians and, at a time something as banal and mediocre as Peter Kaye is considered cutting edge stand-up, we need this stuff more than ever.
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on 20 August 2006
While the past few decades have seen the emergence of many comedians who spit out swears and graphic subject matter with reckless abandon, precious few have taken offensive subject matter and turned it into something intelligent and entertaining at the same time. Denis Leary, Bill Hicks, and Dave Chappelle come to mind when I think of such a select group, but Richard Pryor may well have towered over them all. And 1979's Richard Pryor: Live in Concert may have been his definitive document.

This 90-minute standup DVD sees Pryor giving a manic, imaginative, occasionally profane performance that had the audience in the palm of his hand from beginning to end. Pryor was a master impersonator with a vast pantheon of characters and voices. Pryor didn't just talk about his subjects, he became them. He acted out every person (lady in the wood taking a pee - ha,ha), every story, and every idea to the fullest extent possible, constantly blurring the line between real and make-believe. Jokes about animals quickly gave way to spot-on imitations, whether of the inner thoughts of Dobermans/ Great Danes or of his pet monkey's illicit sexual activities (NEEP, NEEP- ha,ha..).

There are also plenty of brutally honest stories about Pryor's life with his father, ranging from his father's death in mid-coitus ("he came and went at the same time"), to the one time Pryor stood up to his old man ("It wasn't really a fight, but I did the best I could"), and their time hunting together ("I hated being the dog"). Pryor's honesty and insightfulness come out in plenty of other places too, from his troubles with the law "Cops dont shoot cars; They shoot Nig-cars" to his heart attack. All throughout, though, no matter what the subject, Pryor piles on joke after insight after impression with pitch-perfect timing and plenty of scatological language. For those of any age, race, or political leaning, this is a must-see.

Richard Pryor and Bill Hicks are the greatest, no doubt about that.
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on 24 October 2006
This is one fantastic dvd Richard Pryor is a legend, this is the most funny stand up concert i have ever seen, well worth getting and its cheap aswell , worth every penny, if you want a good laugh then get this and hear things about he pet monkey and his gran. cool dvd
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on 22 December 2006
Richard pryor's performance is astonishing he has to be the greatest comedian in our era and definately needs to be acknowledged, if you are a stand up fan and want to see a true comedic genius at work and laugh till you cant laugh no more, buy this dvd or you'll die without ever seeing the greatest and funniest comedian ever to grace us!
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on 7 December 2006
richard pryor was a comic that brought the idea of good honest family fun stand up to its knees,slaughtered the idea and brought obscene and hilarious comedy to the people,innovative,his influence is everywhere you look in the world of stand up,without this there would be no eddie murphy raw,no chris rock,no martin lawrence and so on,perhaps comics have released better shows than this,certainly for my money raw and deliarious are better but then they arent far removed from this.

The jokes are racey,controversial and ahead of their time with few subjects left unturned,now that the man has passed away,interest levels in him may pick up the way they did when bill hicks,who is slightly overrated in my opinion did.
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on 11 May 2004
Finally available in the UK, this fantastic DVD contains the footage from one of Richard Pryors first taped performances at Long Beach California in the 1970's. Richard Pryor was at the top of his game when he gave this performance - he's a natural and his conversational style influenced a generation of comedians.
This guy is a smart, rude and incredibly funny. The whole show is a masterclass in comedy and has to be seen to be believed.
Special features include unseen early concert footage, exclusive footage of the NBC TV Shows and a Pryor biography.
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on 5 January 2016
Today Richard Pryor’s legacy as a brilliant stand-up comedian has been overshadowed by the mostly mediocre movies he churned out in the 1980s. He is now best known by some as Gene Wilder’s sidekick, and for such atrocities as The Toy. This is a travesty of the same magnitude as the fact that Frank Sinatra is now identified mostly with ‘My Way’ and ‘New York, New York’.

This profanity-laden, feature-length, 1979 stand-up concert film - recorded in front of a largely white audience in California’s Long Beach – shows where he is really at. Over an hour-and-fifteen minutes it captures this fast-talking storyteller, with pitch-perfect timing, at his casual and conversational best. Loose-limbed, shape-shifting impressions of psychotic Doberman, and a prissy lady taking a pee in the woods, are piled atop brutally honest stories about Pryor's life with his father, ranging from his father's death mid-coitus ("he came and went at the same time"), to their time hunting together ("I hated being the dog"). This comedian’s comedian also proves as sharp in lampooning the white-collar whites of suburban America as the alcoholic philosophers of his own dysfunctional backstreets, and is eye-wateringly funny as he recalls the time he got drunk, and blasted his wife's car to pieces with a .44 Magnum. He does it all without falling back on any of his seasoned characters for easy laughs either. (For instance, there are no sermons from Rev. du Rite, or Mudbone monologues, to be found here.)

Because of the relatively short running-time of the 18 certificate main feature it has been bundled with some extras trailing other material being issued by Revolver. How much of a bonus are they? Early stand-up footage from 1971, and rare excerpts from his cancelled NBC TV specials, are potentially quite interesting, but at barely 5 minute they are irritatingly brief. There is also a 3000 word biographical booklet that repeats the myth that Pryor had a bit part in the 1968 film The Green Berets (that was actually an older white actor called Richard "Cactus" Pryor).
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