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3.8 out of 5 stars62
3.8 out of 5 stars
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Dating from 1994, this is a second tier actioner starring the muscles from Brussels, Jean Claude Van Damme. Based on the popular video game, it follows Van Damme as he heads up a multinational force trying to bring down international terrorist General Bison, played with a manic gless by Raul Julia. The film suffers from too many characters and too little screen time for Van Damme, and when he is on screen his fights aren't particularly interesting. It's a bit confused as it tries to get screen time for all the characters, and you feel a bit shortchanged as Van Damme gets star billing but doesn't really get into action until the final reel. Raul Julia however is excellent, as the evil General Bison, in a performance worthy of a much better film.

There are some nice stylistic touches with various poses to resemble the video game, and some fights being seen on screens as they would in game play, and there is a great performance from Julia that largely carries the film. It passes an hour and a half, but it's not great. 3 stars.
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on 14 August 2012
This is such a classic film. It is funny and fairly light hearted and takes your memory for a walk down memory lane. Don't expect the latest special effects or cgi's as some people do even though it is an old film but this makes it an excellent film, no flashy displays and showing off of technology.
It is just pure, simple and fun.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 15 October 2012
Streetfighter 2 - the arcade so popular, it reinvented one-on-one beat-`em-ups. It was only natural that Hollywood was going to try and cash in on it. However, as Mario Bros found out, making a movie out of a (pretty plotless) video game is no easy task.

First of all, let me say that Streetfighter the Movie is rubbish. Secondly, let me say that I loved it.

There was no story to the arcade, so the film's writers were always going to have to take a hell of a load of creative licenses to try and gel it all together in some form of narrative format (after all, how much story can you get into sixteen people from around the world knocking the hell out of each other?). And, I think they did a pretty good job - at least with the story anyway. It follows - mainly - the film's biggest star Jean Claude Van Damme, As Colonel Guile, who leads an A.N. (that's `Allied Nations' - think United Nations, but with a different name) task force of soldiers against the warlord dictator of (made-up country) Shadaloo, namely M. Bison. The `Mussels From Brussels' is joined (and hindered) by almost all the other main Streetfighters (not that any fighting is ever done in any street, but never mind...).

Unfortunately, what the film does well in coming up with a coherent and (nearly) believable story, it lacks in what fans want to see. Sadly, none of the actors are particularly good. There are too many characters and none of them are given enough screen time to particularly develop their characters. Plus many of them don't really look much like their on-screen counterparts. Not only that, but their computer-generated incarnations are also better at delivering their lines. The actors' dialogue is pretty clunky and cringeworthy. However, all this could be forgiven if the fight scenes were better. Okay, so it was released a few years before The Matrix redefined martial arts battles, but the fights are more similar to old James Bond fights where people just roll around on the floor a bit. The `special moves' taken from the arcade are pretty hard to spot and, despite having a pretty big budget (for 1994), it makes you wonder where it was spent.

So Streetfighter is a pretty bad film. And I still love it. Maybe because as a teen I played the arcade, or maybe because Kylie looks pretty hot as Cammy. It's camp, it's stupid, it's mainly for die hard fans of the arcade. If it ever finds a new audience, it will probably be with twelve-year-old boys as they would find it pretty much action-packed and exciting.

The Matrix it is not. Stupid fun it just might get away with, even if Mortal Kombat is actually a better film.

Don't be too harsh on it - at least Raul Julia gives one hell of a cape-swishing performance in his last ever on-screen role.
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on 19 April 2012
This movie is a classic game to movie conversion - back at a time when they used to be almost guaranteed flops.

However, if you were a fan of the game, in any format, then this will hit the button. If you missed out, prepare to take a step back in time to a campy, costumed world of Streetfighter.

The characters are pretty honest to the game mythos, a few outfit changes, mainly to Cammy, played by Kylie. The actress Ming Na-Wen as Chun-Li is a stand out. She is actually a superb actress, not stretched in this role of course but she certainly does the job.

The story is largely irrelevant. We have a cruel mastermind, a wronged Chinese girl, a do-gooding UN and a couple of cool fighters - stick this is the blender with some excellent locations and set and you get the idea...

The rest of the gang are there in some funky and colourful costumes. What I liked about this movie is that the violence and fighting is clearly comic book stuff. The sets are bright and the whole thing is a camp fantasy.

Sit back and enjoy it. Don't judge it too harshly and don't over-think what plot there is. Enjoy the villains and the heroes in this quirky piece of kitsch which I think has developed some form of cult following - or maybe that's just me!
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on 29 January 2013
A good bluray transfer for the fans of this classic brought to life from the video games. Gotta love it! hehe
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on 26 September 2015
Col. William Guile leads an army of soldiers into the country of Shadaloo to find traces to lead him to General M. Bison, who has captured many people including three missing soldiers. Among them is Carlos "Charlie" Blanka, in which Bison decides to turn into a hideous mutant. On the other hand, Chun Li is a reporter who seeks revenge against Bison for the death of her father years ago. Then two small time hustlers Ryu and Ken, are arrested along with Sagat, a powerful arms dealer and Vega for dealing of illegal weapons. Guile recruits them in order to find Bison's base. Now Guile, T. Hawk, Cammy, Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Balrog and E. Honda have three days before Bison murders the hostages and takes over the world.

Nicely directed by Steven E. de Souza. As for the cast i thought they got some characters right apart from a couple. I thought Van Damme did alright as Guile and Raul Julia puts in a good final performance R.I.P. There are too many characters and are not are given enough screen time to show what they can do .It has a simple storyline to follow, decent action scenes, the film never has a problem with pacing, rolling along fittingly enough to keep you interested. Some decent acting by other actors. The props are bright and the colourful costumes and makes a change from filming in america.

In conclusion watch it if your a van damme fan (i'm a fan)and street fighter fan as your favorite characters come to life but dont take it seriously otherwise you won't enjoy.

Overall a decent action flick.
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on 25 October 2015
Everyone loves the Street Fighter game franchise. So, when everyone heard there would be a movie... THIS is what they came up with.
This movie is just mish mash. The storyline is incredibly weak and the casting is just damn right bad. Cheesy lines and bad acting leads to this awful movie.
The blu ray print is not great. Even if it was, it would not make this god awful movie any better!
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on 16 May 2015
I really don't know what the big deal is about this film. of course it's going to be criticised, it's a movie version of a video game where you beat people up, with Van Damme and Kylie Minogue!! What do people want? Guile and his army are stationed in Shadaloo, which is trying to be ruled by the evil Colnol Bison (he wears red). there are some sub-plots involving other characters from the video game, which explains why they all come together on the fortress at the end for the big showdown.

yes, the film is poorly written and directed, with some of the worst one-liners i have heard. No, the acting isn't very good, and at times the whole thing looks cheap. The makers and stars knew this was going to get a bashing from the critics, so they camp it up a lot.

it's fun, and the main thing is that it entertains from beginning to end, even if you do forget it straight after seeing it.

it's a good ninety minutes of brain rot, when you just want to forget about everything else.

Yoy know you like it really.
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VINE VOICEon 24 March 2008
Filmed in the early nineties this was one of the first computer game to movie adaptations that I ever watched and it still ranks as one of the worst that I have seen. What little plot that the film has revolves around M. Bison, a South-East Asian dictator capturing some hostages and the Allied Nations mission to attempt to retrieve them. Throw in some sub-plots about revenge and con-artists, some lacklustre special effects, some awful casting and badly choreographed fights and what you get is a movie that fails to deliver for both fans of the game and general action movie fans.

There are very few redeeming features to this film but I would say that Raul Julia is one of them, giving a brilliant pantomime performance of the villainous General M. Bison but even his performance cannot rescue this film from a dreadful script a god-awful plot. Many of the characters from the game seem rather shoehorned in and have some rather odd characterization as well as some rather dreary performances by the actors playing them. This film isn't even in the so bad its good stable of film making, it is simply bad and serves as a poor memorial to the great Raul Julia.
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on 12 March 2016
Please do not think i have a problem with Jean Claude as i don't. What i am saying is that his physical acting is perfect but his dialogue ieaves a lot to be desired. as for the film itself, the characters are all wrong and the action was subdued to a crawl rather than a run. but hats off to Raul, even though this was his last film, he looks as though he really enjoyed himself. Only watch this if you are a diehard fan but if you liked the games and the anime then stear very far away from this.
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