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4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 4 November 2004
Upon opening the box my first impression was something along the lines of, 'Is this it?!' I knew it was suppose to be small but photographs do not do it justice. The automatic DVD drive mechanism from the larger PS2 model has been replaced with a PSOne style lid which lifts up to reveal where any disc would go, meaning it is very easy to get to the laser lens. This will hopefully prevent the common problem of disc read errors with the large models, as any dust built up inside can now be easily removed. Another difference from the larger model is that the power cord now has to be plugged into a supplied adaptor (much like the kind found on laptop computers) before it can be plugged into the mains. I'm assuming that it was not included in the PS2 unit itself to save space. The final difference, is that this smaller model is DVD+RW/-RW compatible, meaning home burn DVDs are playable in full colour. The promise of the system being 75% quieter has also been kept as I only occasionally notice a slight buzzing sound as I'm using the system. This model also includes an ethernet netword port, two USB ports and a built in infra-red detector for use with a DVD remote control.
Overall, a great games console made even greater. Does exactly what it says on the tin.
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on 22 February 2005
Admittedly the PS2 is now getting on in years however this shouldn't put anyone looking for a console off. The PS3 is still part of the rumour factory with no one even knowing what it looks like never mind when it will be released. Sony do have a good record of making their new consoles backwards compatible (ie the PS2 played almost the entire catalogue of PS1 games meaning anyone who upgraded from 1 to 2 could still play their old games. In fact in many cases the PS2 improved the graphics and load speed of the old games) however there is no guarantee that this will happen with the PS3. The PS2 has by far the largest selection of great games available and many times the customer base of the other consoles meaning games manufacturers will continue to produce games for this unit for many years. The PS2 outsold the X Box on the X Box day of launch and has continued to out sell it day on day since. This alone should be a great indicator of the quality and breadth of games available. The old unit did have disc read problems, presumeably from dust on the inaccessible lens, (I myself went through 2 in 4 years) however the new slim line unit should cure that as the lens is is easily got to for cleaning if required.
A word of warning though, DVD region free DVDs will not work on this unit due to the electronically operated door being replaced by an old stlye CD flip door operated by pushing a release catch. This means the unit knows it's been opened when you try and put your region 1 DVD in and won't play along. There are, as always, ways around this however you should be aware further equipment purchases would be required. The cost of DVD players available make this a false economy (Check the Sony region free player available from amazon that I also reviewed.)just buy this for the games and think of DVD play back as a bonus.
In short (about time, I know) the sheer enjoyment obtained from this unit for so little outlay makes it an essential purchase. Even if you own other consoles, are waiting for the next generation of consoles to be released or your old unit has given up the ghost you will get many times your moneys worth in enjoyment from purchasing the slim line model. Some of the games alone are worth the purchase price. My own humble recomendations are GTA San Andreas and Call of Duty.
Despite its diminutive size the new model also has the ethernet connection built in. This is what is required to play the many on line compatible games actually on line. To purchase this for the old one is £40 making the slim line great value on many levels from casual gamers to those who want to take it on line. Be aware that a minimum of 512kps broadband is required for this though.
Sorry for the length of this review but I would hate folk to miss out on years of great gaming experience for the sake of a bit of doubt and less than £100.If your looking for a console make it this one.
Hope this helps. (No, I don't work for Sony, really just love the machine that much!)
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on 13 August 2006
I got my PS2 late in its lifespan, and decided to buy it instead of an Xbox 360. In fact, I got the PS2, a memory card and 7 games and still spent £100 less than I would have done if I'd bought the X360 on its own!

So what convinced me to buy the aged console (aside from the price) when there are more technologically advanced options available? It boils down to the games. No, the graphics are not as good as on the newer consoles (but still quite impressive), but that doesn't matter. Late in its lifespan we are finally seeing some real AAA titles for the console, and with lots more to come well into 2007. Add to that an already well established library of games, and there is something for everyone to enjoy, from family friendly party games to more adult-orientated action games. As everyone knows its also plays DVDs and CDs, which saves a lot of space as I no longer have to have a separate DVD player.

The slimline PS2 is incredibly tiny, but it still does everything its bulkier predeccessor does (and it even includes a network card for online play, but I have never used this feature). Because of its size it fits quite well next to my TV and is not too intrusive. Aesthetically, you cannot fault it. It is also extremely quiet as there is no fan buzzing away, but mine has never overheated even after having it turned on for prolonged periods of time. Another bonus of the redesign is that discs are no longer tray loading, and so the lens is easier to clean, and you also don't have to worry about it coming dislodged, or the tray itself breaking.

The slimline PS2 is cheap but cheerful and has many great games available, so rather than procrastinating over whether or not to buy an X360, buy a PS2 instead!
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on 21 February 2007
I mean...I'm big into brand loyalty and I've never really had any desire to own an X box, gamecube or an X box 360...but even back when the PSX, N64 and dreamcast were around, all of which I owned, I always got a better feeling playing the playstation. It's the same with the PS2, it isn't about the graphics or the sound quality (which, quite frankly, are very good and people need to stop freaking out because their game doesn't look and sound like real life) it's about the gameplay: the controls seem to be much simpler than other consoles, it's just fun...and surely that's all you look for in a games console. I know that people are notorious for supporting the underdog, but I genuinely think that it is the best of its kind.
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on 3 December 2006
Having been asked what i would like for christmas ,i decided on the new simline pink playstation brother said why not get a wii or playstation 3 or an xbox 360,but i still wanted a ps2.why i here you shout ......... the games are fantastic (i especially like eye toy ,singstar and buzz),it can also play dvds and cds, the grapics are good(maybe not as could as the newer consoles but still fantastic),and its great value for money (the new xbox 360s are nearly £300 if you want the headset and speial cables,wheras my mum has only payed £150 for my playstation 2(which includes singstar and microphones,as well as a travel bag,).i personally think the playstation 2 is still going strong in its later years and still has plenty more to offer the gaming world.dont give up one this little beauty you've not seen the last of them. playstation 2 are also very quiet so you dont have noise fans buzzing over the sounds in the games.the new slimline version fits very snuggly next to my tv ,so im not constantly getting told to put it away or tidy up the wires.It never over heats .and finally the cost of games is going down so you can have a large collection with out needing a loan (most xbox 360 games are around £40 ,wheras playstation 2 are around £20 - £30).be prepared to see more from the playstation 2 in 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 30 April 2011
It's hard to believe the PS2 is over a decade old now, and is still ticking in sales and having its library expanded even today (Although naturally less so compared to the current generation of consoles). But if you are looking to buy a cheap system to keep both the casual gamer and the dedicated gamer satisfied you can't do much wrong with this.

The PlayStation 2 plays DVDs as well as PlayStation 1 games, and supports different controller imputs such as EyeToy and Guitar Hero controllers (Now also on the cheap), so looking for things to play around with on the PS2 isn't that difficult. On the downside in order to get 4 player controller action you have to buy a multi-tap.

The PS2's vast library is an excellent reason to buy one if you have previously missed out. This includes the Prince Of Persia series, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, Ico and Shadow Of The Collosus, Persona 3 and 4, Final Fantasy 10 and 12...the list goes on for ages. Take the time to check out the library and grab something that interests you! The games may be slightly aged but that in no way decreases their entertainment value. The same goes with the PlayStation 2.

Have fun.
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on 5 September 2014
The first game I ever played on my PS2 was Grand Theft Auto, and my mind was blown by the graphics, and the freedom of it all. I don't think I slept that night because how I could I, this game was awesome. I think most of my friends thought I was on holiday because they never saw me come out for a solid 2 weeks.

The PS2 has to go down as the best console I have owned simply due to value for money, and the hard work that developers did producing thousands upon thousands of games over all those years.

I owned many consoles before the PS2, such as the NES and Sega Master System, and even though all these consoles were great, the PS2 just came out at the right time of my life when I was really interested in video gaming.

The only thing from my past that beats the PS2 was my Amiga 500. That was not a console though, just one hell of a gaming machine, with the most amazing retro games ever to be made. So good that they even remaster a lot of them now because people still want to play them.
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on 4 February 2005
Just to let people thinking of buying one of these, Yes you will need to treat it with care (as you should with anything costing £100) but it won't break in everyday use, also I have seen various reviews saying it overheats and this can cause damage.
Well mine, was left on (accidently) all last week by my loving girlfriend (who still claims she switched it off) and 5 days later when we returned home it was still quite happy playing GTA to itself. It still works perfectly and my flat hasn't burnt down.
So all in all, it's a nice (and safe) new ps2
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on 3 March 2005
i bought my first proper games console and it was this - ive had it now for 4 weeks and havent had a sigle problem with it other than at first trying desperately to find the lid !. I havent found it to overheat and it loads new discs quick as a wink! what a great console and much better looking than the old one.
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on 20 November 2004
Ok the age-old question asked when you are in the market for a new console - do I get an Xbox or a Playstation 2?
The Xbox is probably the more technically superior console that runs slightly faster than the PS2, but really, when this boils down to game play there is little difference felt for the average console user. The biggest difference is really the Xbox has a built in hard drive that can be used to save game data, however you must purchase a Memory card costing around £15 here on Amazon.
I opted for the Playstation 2 (slim) and I can honestly say that I have not looked back on the decision. Sony has shrunk the new model by 75%, and when I first removed the PS2 from its box I was like "is that it". They have also changed the mechanism where you insert the disk. It feels much flimsier compared to the older model, but apparently, it reduces wear on the laser and should therefore eliminate disc read errors that can be found in many of the older models.
As for choice of games Sony wins easily, unfortunately the Xbox cannot rival the amount of choice available.
Have a search around for your new PS2 but when I did, checking all the high street and online retailers, no one was cheaper than Amazon was, although you maybe able to combine a number of games for better value in a high street retailer. Just make sure you know what you want before you go out and get it.
I hope this review helps you.
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