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4.7 out of 5 stars36
4.7 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 9 September 2013
Supergrass have always been one of my favourite bands to emerge from the heyday of Britpop, and they managed to stick around and have hit singles for longer than most.

This decade spanning compilation is essential in any good indie music collection. Riding high on hits, it's quite incredible when you think of just how much quality music the three lads, led by cool frontman Gaz Coombes, made whilst they were still so young. The songs aren't in chronological order, but in an order which is pleasing to the listener.

From the evergreen student anthem 'Alright', the classic and exhilarating 'Caught by the Fuss'' and the brilliant 'Pumping On Your Stero', the album is great fun from start to finish. As time went on, the material matured, but the boys' energy remained, 'Sun Hits The Sky' was an excellent rock ballad, and the equally brilliant 'Moving' has lyrics which really speak to me. It's a shame that Supergrass aren't as well respected as Oasis and Blur, but I don't think the band ever took their music all that seriously anyway. They did however manage to successfully go from '90s Britpop to sound just as modern as any indie rock band in 2004, the year of this album's release.

Despite their many hits, Supergrass aren't just a singles band, I think that their studio albums are just as consistently brilliant, so if you'd never bought one before, hopefully one listen of 'Supergrass is 10' will encourage you to do so.

Note: There is also a DVD equivalent of the greatest hits CD avaiable here: Supergrass: Supergrass Is 10 - The Best Of Supergrass 1994-2004 [DVD], which is the perfect visual package for fans.
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on 8 July 2004
This is not an album of new songs but in fact a collection of all the singles that they have released over the course of their music careers and when you listen you think wow what a collection of singles they have actually produced! Currently this album has hit the UK album charts at number 4 which shows they still mean business. With songs like 'pumping on your stereo' and 'alright' this album has the right mixture of sing-a-long pop mixed with indie anthems. All those people out there who think that Supergrass are a bona-fida indie band and that's what made them last 10 years I disagree with, personally I think it's the fun loving Britpop that makes them so successful today.
The band is made up of Gaz Coombes - lead vocals & guitar, Danny Goffee - Drums & Vocals, Mick Quinn - Bass & Vocals, and Rob Coombes on the Keyboard. They came together to form Supergrass in 1994 and soon became very successful and over the years as they continued to churn out hit after hit, the public started to take them for granted not noticing what fantastic music they were still making. It is hard to understand how this band ended up so under-rated while bands such as oasis and blur were flying through the Britpop scene with such success. This could be put down to the facts that even though they are highly talented they still know how to laugh at themselves.
All the once loved but now forgotten hits are there, 'Alright', 'Moving', 'Late in the day' and of course the more recent hit 'Grace' this is the perfect album for chilling out, kicking back and remembering what summer is all about. The single released and made for this album 'Kiss of Life' is a great funky piece of pop which gives across a different side to the usual comical fun-loving face that Supergrass are most well known for. With a grand total of 21 songs it's a sure thing that your getting value for your money, so whether you want to relive the good old days or you have never listened to Supergrass and you fancy a refreshing change this is the album for you!
All that is left to say is raise your glasses here is to another 10 years, Cheers Supergrass!
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on 25 July 2008
Gaz Coombes and pals had it made. A number one album with their critically acclaimed debut 'I Should Coco' and a top 3 single with the perennial 'Alright'. As an incredibly tight three piece they made a big, big sound and received consistently rave reviews for their live shows.
Over the years Supergrass's star may have diminished somewhat - they are probably more Radio 2 now than Radio 1 - but a recent support slot at Wembley Stadium with the Foo Fighters ably proved that the band can still pull out all the stops when required.
This compilation is a couple of years old now but, with the recent high profile Wembley gigs and their own well recieved shows keeping the group in the public eye, there has never been a better time to revist the singles that kept us smiling through the 90's and into the naughties.
'Alright', 'Caught By The Fuzz' and 'Richard The 3rd' fizz with the energy of invention and youth - recorded quickly with minimal overdubs - all three big hit singles and deservedly so. Less in-thrall to the Beatles and Kinks than peers Oasis and Blur, Supergrass threw in lashings of attitude, a pinch of Jam, Pavement, Undertones and The Who. Everything was 3 minutes or less and melody and chorus ruled.
Their second long player 'In It For The Money' showed greater maturity and added ballads to the mix, 60's beat group pop and orchestration. 'Going Out', 'Sun Hits The Sky' and the lovely 'Late In The Day' all made the top 20 and highlighted Gaz Coombes expressive voice and the bands impressive musical versatility.
Whilst these tracks may represent Supergrass's zennith there was still much to enjoy during the latter part of the 90's and 00's - 'Moving' is possibly the funkiest and greatest single they released, 'Grace' a flab free belter and 'Pumping On Your Stereo' a cheeky throwback to 'Alright' with a wonderful video.
Supergrass are often overlooked in the grand scheme of things, but they continue to release impressive new music, remain signed to a major label and still all look 12 (even though now in their 30's).
If you like your home grown Powerpop, and are only casually aware of Supergrass's output, then this compilation is a great introduction to their singular adventures.
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VINE VOICEon 29 June 2005
Speaking as someone who spent much of his student life in the late 90s going to indie clubs and alternative nights, this kind of album comes as a godsend. I slot it alongside Ace A's and Killer B's by Dodgy, Intergalactic Sonic 7s from Ash, Singles 93-03 by Chemical Brothers, and Going for Gold by Shed 7. In other words its a classic collection of singles for all those people who forgot/couldn't afford to buy the original albums when they were released. Consequently you don't get the songs of dubious quality and you are left with gems like "Moving", "Sun hits the Sky" and "Alright". It's also a very long album, so its good value for money.
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on 28 February 2014
This band deserved more credit. A shame they separated. They had the looks, the attitude and the skill to write unique jewels.
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on 3 June 2004
I love Supergrass. Everyone else should too.
The only reason they aren't as 'big' as Blur or Oasis is they have never blown their own trumpet or made prats of themselves in the tabloids. Their music has been more consistant, their line-up has remained intact, their run of singles has been amazing and all their albums are great too.
Some see Supergrass as a festival band who are good for a laugh but never to be taken seriously. It's a shame because they have displayed many musical styles and directions over the years, especially on their b-sides and album tracks.
I've seen them play around 8 times over the years and they are always tight and energetic. They also look the business, like they were developed in a test tube or something and their videos are brilliant too.
So if you have never bought a Supergrass album but like their singles this will hopefully encourage you to get into the band. Forget all the other Britpop bands, Supergrass were built to last and long may they continue.
Not the most prolific band, with only 4 albums so far, the two new tracks are great for us fans. Kiss Of Life and Bullet are not out of place here and deserve to be included.
Negatives - the album is a tad I Should Coco heavy, with a few album tracks included for no real reason - not that its a problem from a value point of view - and their vinyl only single Never Done Nothing Like That Before is strangely absent.
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on 20 October 2009
Until I heard the album "Road to Rouen" I was never a major fan of Supergrass. I think I'm now one of their biggest fans! This album is a must for any fan and is a good way of testing the water if you're unsure. Great rock/pop anthems to sing along to in the car!
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on 25 January 2012
I had to use that title. Should have had a song called "5 star review". Loads of good to alright songs, and a few great songs. Nothing bad at all here. Upbeat britpop. Maybe they should've done that tv series with Spielberg after all.
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on 27 July 2009
My wife and I felt, as expected, the CD was well worth the money and made for very pleasant listening. Our three dogs enjoyed it as well and to show their appreciation joined in several times!
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on 8 June 2004
This, the celebration of 10 years of Supergrass, is a fine addition to any record collection. That the band has never reached the same heights as fellow British stalwarts Oasis and Radiohead may be in part due to their 'we're just having a laugh' attitude (hence the sheep noise which arguably detracts from the otherwise excellent 'Seen The Light'), but one thing you cannot level at Supergrass is that they cannot write cracking tunes.
So, what have we here on this compilation? What is missing? What should not have been included? To be fair, the band have got it mainly correct. If it were up to me I would have left off any two from the 'It's Not Me', 'Time' and 'Lenny' trio and replaced them with 'Standing Up Straight' (in my opinion one of the finest tracks on debut 'I Should Coco' and 'Funniest Thing', a glammed-up stomp from most recent title 'Life On Other Planets'. I would tend to agree with the guy before me who reckoned the album is slightly too heavy on the 'I Should Coco' side of things. I don't know how close tracks such as 'Cheapskate', 'Tonight' or 'Never Done Nothing Like That Before' got to getting onto the record, but their appearance would possibly have balanced out the share of each album's best tunes a little better.
What of the new tunes? 'Kiss Of Life' is a slick, funky piece of pop with slightly weird vocal effects and a catchy chorus ('Your love is like a heart attack'). Bullet is what I consider to be the best of the three new songs, giving across a dark and broody image of the 'Grass, rather akin to the furious mood of 1997 hit 'Richard III' portraying itself with heavy, pressing guitars and menacing lyrics. 'Wait For The Sun' is a lounging, laid-back acoustic sounding tune with a feel-good amount of 'la-la-la' about to drench the song in a summery atmosphere. 3 diverse and cracking tunes which prove that there are plenty more top tunes in the Supergrass vaults even after 10 years.
So, to Gaz and the crew, I raise my glass. Here we have a band who convey proper enjoyment and energy into their work, happily free of the pretence their colleagues have so often shown. Here's to another 10 years!
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