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4.2 out of 5 stars595
4.2 out of 5 stars
Style Name: Black Widow|Change
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VINE VOICEon 17 September 2008
I have had several joysticks over the years. I was tempted to stick with Saitek, despite their calibration weaknesses. However, I decided to take a chance and buy the Black Widow Flight Stick.

I'm so glad I did. It's superb and fantastic value-for-money!

It is solidly built and feels weighty. I don't need the optional suckers to keep it firmly on my desk. It's far more impressive than the images suggest.

The buttons are nicely placed and have a nice "feel" to them. There is a trigger and three buttons on the stick (+ hat switch). There are also four large buttons on the base of the unit. No buttons are placed where they can be pressed in error.

The throttle lever is a meaty affair with a satisfying drag. It's much more realistic than the usual small levers offered by rivals.

It has a built in vibration system, which works better than some of the force feedback sticks I've owned in the past.

The icing on the cake is the rudder control. Instead of the usual twist grip (which I always find awkward) it has a solid-feeling finger bar at the rear of the throttle lever. It acts the same as rudder pedals.

The only down side for me is that I now want to replace the Saitek joystick on my secondary PC...
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on 6 December 2011
I am a British licensed private pilot, and I wanted to try this because I intend to learn to fly on instruments properly, in cloud if necessary - which I am not legally allowed to do at present. With flying lessons costing about 150-200 pounds per hour depending on the craft flown and a minimum of 15 hours to fly to complete the course, it makes a lot of sense to practice instrument procedures, approaches, etc on the ground. That way, I can achieve my goals with the minimum hours possible spent training.

I use FS2004 for this, mainly. I had a Logitech Wingman Force Feedback joystick for ages that I used to use with it, but I could never get the smoothness that I can get in the air. It really was like flying on a bad day, even when FS2004 was set up with calm conditions!

I was thinking of going for the Saitek flight yoke and throttle quadrant, but I'm not a bottomless pit of money and I thought I would try this out and see if I can save a hundred pounds or so.

Well worth it. I have completed two flights that I don't think I could have achieved with the old joystick, these being Cardiff to Gloucester flying a DME arc/NDB approach, and Cardiff to Bristol flying vectors followed by an ILS approach.

I found that the throttle is very sensitive and has a good amount of friction, perhaps a little bit more than I am used to in the aeroplanes I fly; no bad thing.

The joystick centres really well, and I have been able to set the dead zone to almost nothing. This is so good that you can take your hands off the controls in smooth enough air for minutes without setting the autopilot, and if you have set the attitude and power correctly, the aircraft will fly straight and level for you. That's just like how it is in a real aeroplane. (The spam cans I fly don't tend to have autopilots.)

I set up F3 and F4 as my elevator trim. Trimming is more difficult on the flight simulator than in the air, but it is just about manageable. I don't know anything that could simulate trim well, since it is so sensitive.

I do not recommend the use of the vibration feature which caused problems with my Windows 7 64-bit system. It worked, but it heavily taxed the computer while doing so. Apart from the buffet you feel through the controls when you are close to the stall, you don't really feel much if any vibration of the flight yoke or control stick in the air, so this really is just a gimmick.

I don't know if I'm allowed to quote the price on here because it could vary, but let's just say this is the joystick you're looking for if you want to do accurate flight simulation on a budget. Excellent!
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on 16 March 2009
I bought the Speedlink Black Widow Joystick to use with Microsoft Flight Simulator X and have been delighted with it.

It has a USB connector and the software loaded first time with no problems.

It's a robust, sizeable rectangular-shaped unit with whacking great suction pads underneath, but they're not really needed that much as the unit is reasonably heavy per se.

The throttle unit is nice and firm and includes yaw control. The joystick is similarly robust and the stick shakers operate superbly well.

Also mounted around the joystick assembly are a trigger for brakes (or guns I suppose), Top Hat all round view button, and three further buttons (F2 to F4) for various functions. A further 4 buttons (F5 to F8) are mounted at the base of the rectangular assembly and can control the flaps.

In summary, a fine product and worth the cash.
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on 20 February 2008
Really pleased with this; great little stick, throttle and rudder package for budget money that doesn't feel or look cheap (it's German made so that should give you a clue as to its quality). Was easy to set up and works first time with my sim of choice.
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on 14 January 2011
Be careful if you are planning to use this with FSX on Windows 7. Do not install the included driver disc, just let windows recognise it as "plug and play". The driver is not compatible with FSX and WIndows 7.
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on 6 March 2009
This joystick is falling into middle-price category, but actually it is first class. My earlier joystick was Cyborg Evo, which is even more expensive than BW, but not so good - not at all.

First, this joystick has rubberized grip on stick and power lever, which is so appealing, that sometimes I put my hands on it even without playing games - just to have that fantastic feel.
Than, it is very precise, comfortable, heavy-feeling, solid piece of hardware. For me, it changed whole game (Il-2). Its feedback vibration system is giving you a lot of warning if the plane is about to stall or spin. Original idea to put rudder control on throttle lever is just incredibly well-thought and executed.
All in all ,(and there is many more good features to mention, but that will lengthen my review too much) I am thankful to people who wrote reviews here about Black Widow, because they were very accurate.
This is smashing stick&throttle , enormous value for money, the best joystick I ever bought.And it works better than advertised!
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on 17 June 2009
This product is worth the money, in comparision to the other joysticks out there in this price range, i would say this has to be the best. The only trouble that i've had with this product has been with the drivers, there dont seem to be any 64 bit drivers for it so i cant get the vibration feature working, apart from that theres nothing else to complain about and this is well worth buying.
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on 15 June 2010
I agree with the comments that this is a very competent joystick. Nice feel and solid build.
With regard to the problem with FSX and win 7 (64bit) I agree the supplied driver does not work and neither does the updated driver on the speedlink website. The way round this problem is to unplug the joystick - uninstall the driver - plug it back in and win 7 recognises it as a HID compliant USB controller. It then works fine with FSX. Hope this helps.
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on 9 April 2012
I bought the BlackWidow as it seemed to have everything I needed in one control device. Namely throttle control and flight stick in one.
I needed such a device as I have just decided to take up flying a real C42 microlight and wanted to practise on MS FSX.

What made it stand out was the additon of a rudder control on the throttle stick.
All of these functions have worked just as I hoped.


What I hadn't appreciated, until it arrived, was how well placed all the extra buttons are.
Not just the four large buttons along the front, two of which are used for flap control, but also buttons on the stick roughly where they are on the real C42 stick, to contol trim up and down and the brake.

What's more all controls and buttons get AUTOMATICALLY configured when using it with MS FSX! An extra stick button shows you two outside views and the top of stick mini-joystick allows you easily look around when flying.

Using it with MS_FSX really is true to life I can assure you.

CONS: Causes Vista to crash until you DISABLE the microsoft "HID-compliant consumer control device" driver in control-pannel/device_manager. The supplied driver then works with no problems. If you uninstall it it just gets reinstalled next time you turn on. (Perhaps better not to install BalckWidow driver at all? - Not checked this though).
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on 23 February 2015
I initially wrote a really positive review of this stick, but in the short time I've owned it, the build quality has revealed itself to be quite poor. The rudder control, which is a trigger built into the throttle, snapped today. This makes the stick impossible to use, as the yaw is now all over the place. Having searched through negative reviews on here I realise it's a common complaint, SO BEWARE. It might be great for 25 quid, until it breaks on you! I'll now have to bin it and see if I can get Speedlink to refund me since I'm outside of Amazon's 30 day refund policy!

I'll keep my original review below, because most this still applied during the brief time I was able to use this stick.
ORIGINAL REVIEW:[Easily the best budget stick you're likely to find. I bought this as I wanted a stick to play Elite: Dangerous with, and it's been perfect so far. The throttle is satisfying to use and has an analogue left/right trigger built in for yaw. There's a good number of buttons on the base and the stick itself, including a handy 8-direction thumbstick that can be used for cockpit-look or other purposes.
Even though I look like an UTTER nerd when using this stick, and my girlfriend laughed for a full 5 minutes when she saw the word "VIBRATION" printed on the shaft of the stick, it's a purchase I do not regret. And nobody can take that away from me. NOBODY.]
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