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4.5 out of 5 stars30
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 1 July 2004
I gave an overall review of this album here on amazon. (Search for it if you will) But here's a breakdown of each individual track.
01: WHO I AM - A great opening to the album and the most autobiographical song on the record which sums up the reasoning behind her break up with her ex husband and how she felt in the relationship. It's a beautiful song with a great beat and nice vocals. The kinda song that will make you smile. [Album highlight]
02: AFRODESIAC - The first of the records several club tracks and this doesn't disappoint. A very bubbly up-tempo track which is guaranteed to make ya dance. It has an attractive vibe to it; almost as though you've heard it somewhere before. [Album highlight]
03: WHO IS SHE 2 U - Another track from Timbaland and a mid tempo track with very old skool r'nb twinge to it. The kinda song that'll get a smile on your face and get ya groovin'. [Album highlight]
04: TALK ABOUT OUR LOVE - I'm sure this song needs no overview, but none the less...a great track. [Album highlight]
05: I TRIED - Timbaland back to his old tricks. A very Ginuwine and Aayliah style track. A nice mid tempo number to kick back to and Brandy even sings us a line from a Coldplay song! A remedy for a hard day. [Album highlight]
06: WHERE YOU WANNA BE [featuring T.I] - The second cut from Kanye West and it shows a different side to his productions skills as he delivers a very smooth mid-tempo number. A classic sounding track which showcases Brandy's sexy voice as she sings in low registers. [Album highlight]
07: FOCUS - A sexy track with a nice mellow vibe. Timbaland hits again with his trademark unconventional beats. (Can this man do no wrong?!?) Not a track I was keen on at first, but it grew on me.
08: SADDIDY - Timbaland seems to have adopted a somewhat new style on this album, but here he returns to his usual funked out beats. The kinda track you'd expect to hear Jay-Z flow on. Another club banger that is guaranteed to make ya dance and Brandy informs us that she's not the sweet girl we think she is... [Album highlight]
09: TURN IT UP - Another club track from 'Timbo'. The beat is repetitive, but otherwise a feel good track that will get you dancin'. It's likely to be a track you may have heard before as it was the only new Brandy track to circulate on the internet and in the clubs when word was out she was working on new material. WAY before "Talk about our love" went out as a single.
10: NECESSARY - One of the more sensual tracks on the album. With a very OutKast style beat that sounds out of sync and off key until Brandy comes in. A great song and one of my more favoured mid tempo tracks on the album. [Album highlight]
11: SAY YOU WILL - A nice smooth track, with Brandy back on familiar territory. In the same kinda vein as LIKE THIS ('Full moon'). A nice sensual song.
12: COME AS YOU ARE: The albums' best track in my eyes; one of the albums most infectious tracks and the most up-tempo. Brandy would be wise to release this as a single as it would tear up any club and soar up the charts. Timbaland returns with his Arabian / Indian style melodies and thick bass-lines. One of the best tracks on the album by far.. [Album highlight]
13: FINALLY - Epic; in a word. This track is amazing and the sampled strings and Brandy's vocals give this song a very dramatic, yet beautiful like quality. Brandy gives her best vocal performance on this track without a doubt. An empowering song. [Album highlight]
14: HOW I FEEL - A nice mellow groove, but it feels out of place sandwiched between FINALLY and SHOULD I GO. Very reminiscent of a Toni Braxton song mind you. A nice song overall though, but not one I'm majorly keen on.
15: SHOULD I GO - The second track to which a Coldplay track is sampled. Here, it's "Clocks" and it's used to great effect. Brandy sings about her place in the music industry. Usually such songs grate on me, but this one really is touching and a great finish to the album. [Album highlight]
SIRENS [featuring Timbaland] - I have no idea why this track wasn't placed on the official UK release of the album. I managed to get a hold of it online and this track is unbelievable. Why was this not placed on the UK release of the album? Timbaland switches it up again with his Arabian / Indian style melodies. This track is in the same vein as "Come as you are" a track begging to be a single that would get a club live in a second. Try and hunt this track down or if you find an import copy of the album which has this on it, BUY IT. Don't miss out, this track is amazing.[Highlight]
So there you have it! Overall a great album. It's a shame there isn't more of it and that SIRENS wasn't put on the UK release as it's a great song. A definite MUST BUY and if you're in the mood for more things Brandy, I suggest you buy Full Moon if you don't already own it. Still a great record. Well done Bran, you did it again! EAT THIS Beyonce!!! *smile*
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on 29 June 2004
This album is hot from start to finish. Unlike previous Brandy albums which feature a handful of great tracks and lots of filler, Afrodisiac is solid stuff throughout. For the most part, Brandy knocks the slushy ballads and slow jams on the head in favour of mid to up tempo 21st Century RnB, highlights of which include the title track, Turn It Up and first single Talk About Our Love. Brandy also shines in her more melancholy moment on tracks like I Tried and Should I Go. Brandy reflects on the break up of her marriage on many of these tracks and truly wears her heart on her sleeve making each song all the more 'real' for it. Timbaland's production is tight through out and pushes the album on to another level. Highly recommended!
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on 3 July 2004
Brandy releases Afrodisiac after a long awaited return to music.
Afrodisiac is the kind of album that you wait and wait for and then start to think 'What If It's Not As Good As I Think It's Going To Be?' and then are surprised to the very core when you first listen to it.
Brandy, being one of those artists who's revolutionary sound makes us go crazy was bound to bring a new flavour to hip hop and she manages to do so with Afrodisiac. She talks about all sorts of topics ranging from the usual love and even the industry. She manages pay her respect to Aaliyah without losing any meaning from her songs.
The songs are an assortment of ballads, dance tracks and the mid tempo songs that are standard in any album. BUT, what Brandy has manged to pull of with this album has took this genre of music to another level. The sound is so fresh, although some of the recognisable Timbaland beats are present even he (as a producer) has outdone himself and created a classic.
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on 1 September 2004
Though she's all of 25 years old, Brandy Norwood has already experienced as many ups and downs as some women twice her age. In addition to having three platinum albums and a string of Top Ten hits, Brandy also married and divorced the father of her baby girl. But the heartbreak seems to have worked to her advantage: "Afrodisiac" is her best album and a clear departure from the cutesy bubblegum fare of her prior CDs. Replacing collaborator Rodney Jerkins (who was running out of fresh ideas on 2002's "Full Moon"), Brandy ropes in producers Timbaland and Kanye West for a more grounded, mature sound. Brandy no longer wants to be down; she IS down. Musically, "Afrodisiac" hardly reveals anything new; Timbaland's presence is immediately recognizable on infectious cuts like "Who Is She to You" and "I Tried." What really matters here are the honest lyrics, some of which seems to directly refer to her dissolved marriage ("Say You Will" and "Should I Go"). Other tracks of note include the kickoff single "Talk About Our Love," a hip-hop flavored jam produced and featuring West, as well as "Should I Go," which samples Coldplay. Timbaland has openly declared his love for the British group, and his sample of their hit "Clocks" works surprisingly well. After three albums of kiddie r&b, Brandy finally appears to be growing up. "Afrodisiac" is a step in the right direction and gets my nod of approval.
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on 26 August 2004
This is in my opinion the best of all of Brandy's albums. Her music has matured substantially. Afrodisiac is probabley the best song on her album, i can understand why she has chosen it as her favourite song. Her music is relaxing and has great beats. I loved this album and I listen to it alot. I would recommend this album to anyone.
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on 5 July 2004
Well, Brandy is back and what a treat it is! This is, without a shadow of a doubt, her best album. Having said goodbye to Darkchild, who produced most of her last albums, she welcomes aboard Timbaland. With his signature beats and baselines he has gently steered Brandy away from the slushy ballads that filled the last albums. Instead the have some excellent up-tempo shake ya booty tunes. If you where a fan of the mush, there is still some there for you! A guest appearance by man of the moment Kanye West is a treat too! All in all a great album with thought provoking lyrics and a few suprises, you won't be disappointed. 4 and a half stars! Enjoy!
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on 4 June 2016
The album was largely produced by Timbaland. Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins had no involvement on this album. The album contrasts nicely with her previous efforts. The album sounds different as a result, but the impact is still a very good one.
1. Who I Am – 8/10 – A somewhat autobiographical track where Brandy sings about her failed relationship. It is a very good song
2. Afrodisiac – 10/10 – This is one of the standout tracks on the album. It is a great pop record with a solid production effort from Timbaland.
3. Who’s She 2 U – 8/10 – This is a very good urban pop song. Another Timbaland production.
4. Talk About Our Love – 7/10 – Kanye West does a good job on this track, on the production and in his rap. It is a solid track.
5. I Tried – 8/10 – Another great Timbaland track, which samples Coldplay. You can feel the passion in Brandy’s voice when she sings about how she tried to be blind to her partner’s misdeeds, but deep down she knew.
6. Where You Wanna Be – 7/10 – TI is featured on this track, with Kanye west opening the song. This is a very chill track. Brandy sings for the most part in her lower register, but sounds very girly on the high pitched adlibs.
7. Focus – 8/10 – Another lower pitched track. The track sounds similar to “I Tried” in several respects. Brandy sounds sexy on the track.
8. Saddidy – 10/10 – This is a very sassy track. I love the adlibs on the track and how Brandy harmonises in her upper and lower register throughout the track. Great production by Timbaland once again.
9. Turn It Up – 9/10 – Timbaland here again with another unusual, but great production. The track sounds very “90’s”. You can’t help but bop along to the uptempo track.
10. Necessary – 6/10 – A good album track. Brandy’s adlibs and riffs are great.
11. Say You Will – 6/10 – This is a very chill track, with Brandy almost cooing over the track (apart from the higher pitched adlibs).
12. Come as You Are – 8/10 – Another Timbaland track. Very nice production effort. I like how Brandy sings in her lower register in the background. The call-and-response type of singing present in her earlier work is replicated here to good effect.
13. Finally – 8/10 – This is another autobiographical track similar to “Who I Am”. A nice listen.
14. How I Feel – 9/10 – The soft instrumental opener is really beautiful. The general vibe of the track is a melancholy one. There are no vocal theatrics on this track. It is a very easy listen.
15. Should I Go – 9/10 – This is a great closer. A very introspective track, where Brandy addresses how the music industry has changed since it was just her, Monica and Aaliyah on the scene. It is a nice slow song with whispery vocals.
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on 25 June 2004
wow, all i can say is that the wait has been worth it. this album is mixes new technology with a soulful voice. on most tracks you can here the pain and soul in her voice. who i am, is probably the most truthful song on the album. afrodisiac is just of the chain. so is i tried, neccessary, turn it up, should i go and who is she to you.
if u like soulful rnb with good instrumentals. then this is it. and its fun too
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on 6 July 2004
Brandy's albums are always easy to listen to from start to finish and this one is no different. Her signature husky voice is complemented by Timberland's great beats (reminisenct of Aaliyah if you listen carefully)to keep her up to date with the current R&B crowd.
My favourites are the title track 'Afrodisiac', 'Come as you are', 'Who is she to you', 'I tried' (which reminds me of Cry me a River)& 'Finally'!
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on 29 June 2004
Brandy is back with a long awaited album and it does not disappoint. Brandy hits with a solid record that deserves a look from all r'n b fans. Brandy (in my eyes) is one of the most talented solo artists; her records are consistently good and despite not having the pipes of Aguilera or Beyonce, her voice has a quality that goes with any kind of melody.
Brandy's sound isn't entirely new, though very fresh and a lot more club and dance orientated than her past records and a lot more radio friendly and urban. As with her previous efforts, Brandy show cases her vocal production talents and provides some of the best harmonies and backing vocals ever heard on a record. The brilliantly epic "Finally" showcases this to the best effect.
This is a play right through record; every track has a unique quality and no 2 songs sounds alike, which is refreshing and a testament to Timbaland's productions skills as he delivers 9 of the 15 cuts on the album and none of the 9 sound alike. Aaliyah and Brandy fans who were scared Brandy would try to come off as 'Aaliyah like' with her newfound alliance with Timbaland are in for a shock. Brandy takes Tim's beat making talents and comes with something refreshing and new and the 2 of them combined never falter. As sad as it is that Rodney 'Darkchild' Jerkins ("What about us?" "The boy is mine") doesn't contribute to the mix; Tim does a more than stellar job here.
Afrodesiac opens with the beautiful "Who I am" which is an autobiographical look at Brandy's relationship with her ex-husband and baby's daddy and then leaks straight into the album's title track "Afrodesiac" which will get any club bangin' and get you on your feet and would make a storming single. The highlights are the old skool funk style of "Who is she 2 u", the Kanye produced "Where you wanna be", the dancehall tinged "Saddidy", the kick back flow of "I tried" and the Arabian-esque "Come as you are" which has HIT SINGLE and CLUB BANGER written all over it. If Brandy doesn't release this track, then she needs help. It is easily the records' best track and is the first time Brandy has come with an all out club record that radio would soak up completely, no doubt; thanks to Timbaland. And "Finally" is definitely the anthem of the album. Tim shouts "This is the Champion's song!" and I can't disagree, it's a brilliant track and beautifully sung and produced.
Coldplay also get shout outs as she sings lines from their song "Sparks" and Tim samples the piano from "Clocks" on the albums final track "Should I go."
Overall Brandy's album is a solid record and a must buy for Brandy fans or r'nb fans looking for something fresh and new. It is 100 times better than Miss Knowles efforts, however only time will tell if it garners the same volume of success. A must buy and essential listening!
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