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4.6 out of 5 stars51
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 8 March 2005
I've got the original album what do I need this for? Good question, what would a Killswitch fan want with an album they already have? At least that's what I though when I first heard about yet another re-release.
Well for a start, they don't already have this album, they have 50% of this album. With this special edition version of Killswitch Engage's massive selling 'The End of Heartache', you get a whole other CD, as well as brand new art work, and two much talked about videos.
Unlike many re-releases, you won't have to wait until the end of the CD (or press skip an agonising 13 or so times), to get to the new, unreleased material. With this package, there's so much extra material that it has to be put on a whole new CD. Meaning you can either listen to the original album, or throw in the new CD and listen to all the good stuff straight away. All of which is a must hear for any KsE fan, with live versions of songs new and old, and even older. This CD is an essential release for anyone with even a fleeting interest in the New England metal merchants.
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on 23 May 2004
What is there to say about the new KSE album? Quite a lot actually.In two words..f*&^ing awesome!!!
After the superb "Alive Or Just Breathing" they have only gone and moved the benchmark again.From the crushing riff as "Bid Farewell" kicks in and Howards vocals enter,I instantly thought "bring on the pit" in anticipation of their upcoming tour."Take This Oath" is equally good,the combination of Howards amazing vocals,Adam and Joels twin guitar onslaught,new drummer Justins superb drumming style and the rumbling bass of Mike shining through showing many bands how to do it."When Darkness Falls" with its catchy melodic chorus going into the albums stand out track "Rose Of Sharyn"..simply one of the best tunes in recent memory..amazing.Then KSE give us a minute odd instrumental entitled "Inhale" which could easily be extended into another fine tune which then goes head first into "Breathe Life" then the catchy as F*"& title track where the vocals really stand out showing Howard as more than worthy of replacing original singer Jesse Leach.Then "Declaration",the awesome "World Ablaze",another superb instrumental "And Embers Rise" before the final pairing of "Wasted Sacrifice" and the hardcore feel of "Hope Is..", with a Hatebreed style chant chorus round off this amazing album..
If you do not know this band yet or havnt heard NEED to.KSE are gonna be around for a long time...BUY THIS ALBUM!!!!!!!!
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on 21 May 2004
hello buddy care to lister to what i have to say for a mo?
if so read on,
klllswitch engage have been my favorite band for some time now well a couple of years. i was starting to feel there was a hole as they have only visited the uk a couple of times, but then i heard the had a new cd coming out. excelent! i bought it strait away and it blew me away. i was slightly anxious to hear howard jones' lyrical content for killswitch engage. i mean ive heard him with blood has been shed but it is not as good as jesse david, but still pretty heart warming. having seen howard jones singing with KsE i think he is a great front man but i wish i could have seen Jesse!
i love jessed david's poetic screaming, if you do, you should check out his new band seemless.
so my tip to you is get a hold of the end of heartache by killswitch engage and seemless' self titled debut and turn the volume way up and the rock will blow your brains out.
oh and by the way Adam D is the one playing drums on KsE's first 2 studio albums, Tom Gomes just played the live shows until howard introduced Justin Foley from blood has been shed.
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Well it's been seven years since Howard joined Killswitch Engage, and five years since 2004's End Of Heartache,' so all the initial feelings of the lineup change can be laid to rest and we can all look back with fresh eyes at an absolute genre classic. Great music, great vocals and great production, The End Of Heartache has it all.
Chugging riffs, uplifting guitar harmonies, catchy choruses and heavy double kick drum filled verses have always been the Killswitch sound, but that style sounds particularly fresh and inventive here. The music is so well written, thoughtful and just plain good that it's not hard to see why the bands are so successful. The production is also amazing, which is especially impressive when you think that it was self produced, with guitarist Adam D handling a lot of the responsibilities in the studio.
We all remember what an upset was created back when Howard joined the band but newcomers will likely wonder what all the fuss was about, with a singer this talented it's really difficult to find fault. Howard Jones quite simply has one of the best voices in metal, an absolutely majestic singing voice and all the furious bark and shout you would expect for the heavy sections. The integration of Howard's outstanding vocals into the band's perfect light and shade formula make Killswitch Engage one of the most vital and important bands out there. Sure, the vocal style isn't identical to Alive or Just Breathing and you may notice a slight change in how things are done however, you still get Adam D's excellent backing vocals so the change is not as extreme as it could have been. Former vocalist, Jesse Leach, even appears on `Take This Oath,' delivering both a message of `no hard feelings,' and a fantastic vocal performance.
Adam and Joel have a really enjoyable style of playing that mixes Fear Factory influenced playing with twin guitar harmonies in a very particular fashion that not many bands can successfully replicate; heavy, full of catchy staccato rhythms and laced in melody and emotion. The album contains a lot of the finest work Killswitch have ever done and of course the concert favourite singles `End of Heartache' and `Rose Of Sharyn.'
Standout tracks include the previously mentioned song `Take This Oath,' the very enjoyable `A Bid Farewell,' which so perfectly encapsulate that Killswitch style and the really heavy yet typically melodic `When Darkness Falls.'
The End Of Heartache is a undeniably classic album, and I can't recommend it highly enough.
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on 13 May 2004
Initially, when Killswitch Engage came out, me and many other metallers could not believe the power they exude on every track. Jesse Leech was a godsend - never before had we heard such a voice. Unfortunately, this didnt last long, because Jesse had to leave due to vocal strain.
However - not to worry, out pops Howard Jones, and suddenly Jesse is not so important. The new singer is so much better - he is just as powerful, but his melody adds a new element to Killswitch. The new album is epic, truly holding their place as kings of the newly made genre - 'new wave of american heavy metal'. Rose of Sharyn is by far their best song ever now - it is both unbelievably heavy and melodic at exactly the same time. Wow!! Anybody that likes anything from Chimaira to Korn needs to buy this because a part of you life is missing without it (trust me).
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on 28 July 2005
This Album Is Amazing!!!!
The Tracks That Really Stood Out To Me Though Were End Of Heartache, Rose Of Sharyn And When Darkness Falls
These Three Tracks Alone Were Worth Buying The Album For And Boy Am I Glad That I Did, This Is Such A Great Album That I'm Having Some Difficulty Putting It Into Words
Even Better Is That It Has A Second Disc Which Unreleased Tracks, The Resident Evil Remix Of End Of Heartache And The Videos For End Of Heartache And Rose Of Sharyn
To Sum It All Up, This Album Is Worth More Than They Are Charging Us And I Am Glad I Own It
The Only Bad Point For Me Was That Is Was Nicked After I Had It About A Week, S0o It Really Must Be A Great Album For Everyone Else To!!!
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on 25 April 2004
This album is truly one of the best metal cd's ever released. Ive beenlistening to heavy metal for way over 10 years and I have collected over600 cds and this has to be one of the best I own. The musicianship on thisalbum is far better than Alive or Just breathing, Howard Jones is justsuperb. The guitars are insane! Adam Dutkiewicz has swapped his drumsticks for the axe and does very VERY well! Both Howard Jones and JustinFoley (drummer) are from the metalcore band Blood Has Been Shed (who arealso awesome).
If you like any sort of metal, be it Metallica or Soilwork I guarantee youwill LOVE this album. Words cant do this cd Justice you'll have to hear itfor yourself.
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on 3 March 2005
to be honest when this record was re-released i was a miffed, i love KsE and i knew i would end up buying it even though i already had the original, but once i bought the re-release i forgot that feeling immediately! its great! the new cd of material is awesome + very interesting to hear some unreleased/new to me material! so i would definately recomend this to anyone who likes KsE, it is well worth getting the re-release even if you already have the first one, and if you don't have either, what are you waiting for???????
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on 13 April 2006
This is Killswitch Engage's third album, but their first with vocalist Howard Jones; who replaced Jesse Leach in 2003. The album itself it absolutely superb. Real Metal at it's best, with heavy grungey guitars, acompanied Bass, and fast drumming. However, Killswitch Engage show a very melodic feel to their music. Even the super heavy start of 'When Darkness Falls' has it's area of "singing"; most songs beginning with rage, but entering an emotional chorus or bridge.

The guitar work is truly superb. Tight playing, and well written riffs. The drumming is also very good, the double bass drum being used on many occasions. But the vocals, people may differ in oppinion on this subject. Jesse was an absolutely fantastic front man. With his rageing screams and growls, and his emotional singing, he really was the best "Heavy Metal" could offer. Howard Jones is also very good in his own way, and I think the veteran Killswitch Engage fans are the ones who dislike him. I personally prefer Jesse, but I know many who prefer Howard Jones, I guess it's all just down to personal taste.

I think the album is absolutely fantastic, and Killswitch remain my no.1 favourite metal band. Stand out tracks like 'A Bid Farewell', 'When Darkness Falls', 'Rose Of Sharyn', 'The End of Heartache', and 'World Ablaze', really show off their musical talent, and I would seriously recommend this album to anyone who likes Metal with an Emo backing.
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on 27 January 2005
The Killswitch album 'Live or just breathing' is an amazing album full off heavy guitar riffs and power lyrics, this being the case you would think that the follow up albums may not cut it but killswitch engage self titled was jsut as good. End of heart is brillant, with a new singer the lyrics are more powerful then ever. Their guitar riffs still full filling their orginal fans needs. The album is still killwitch style yet fresh and new which makes it addictive to listen too. If you like strong emotional music with guitars and drums colliding together to make bloody good music this the band and album for you.
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