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4.8 out of 5 stars73
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 18 December 2004
I've read some reviews of The Party in which Peter Sellers plays the Indian actor Hurundi V Bakshi, and these reviews make out it's a racist and offensive film.....and if you think so, you're probably not an Indian. Speaking as an Indian, I don't know any Indian who hasn't fallen in love with this film.
Sellers is in Hollywood, playing the part of a really bad actor. After causing disaster on the set, he is fired, and through an unfortunate incident, accidently invited to the film producer's house for an A list Hollywood party. At the party, he causes havoc and mayhem, and his lovable character is a fish out of water, showing up the Hollywood celebs for the grandiose, pompous self-indulgent people that they are.
Hurundi will make you laugh so much, you will hurt from getting stitches. As an Indian, we all have relatives living in Europe and the USA who just do one or two things which seem strange to anyone who isn't an Indian (I only found this out after marrying a Scot), however, Hurundi does all of these things. He is a painful reminder to Indians how ridiculous we can all be, and he is an even more painful reminder to non-Indians of how ridiculous the rest of the world can be.
If you love Goodness Gracious Me, watch it, you'll love it! I guarantee it!
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on 28 May 2004
Some may find his portrayal of an Indian offensive. Some may say it's not politically correct.
I am an Indian (UK born though). Speaking from an Indians point of view , and having shared viewing of this movie with family and people of other ethnic backgrounds I can honestly say this has to be the best amalgamation of typical Indian traits I have ever had the pleasure of watching.
I have met so many people with parts of the quirks and ingrained politeness that Sellers so accurately put together. I watch the movie and at least one person watching with me can say that is so like someone they know. It really is genius!
Watch this movie. If you're Indian I would recommend it even more. Take it as it's meant - fun!
Fave bits: the scene when he is too polite to excuse himself to go to the bathroom while a pretty lady sings for the crowd.
The bird cage bit and how he manages to bungle things up and still manages to....well that would be telling now!
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on 8 December 2006
'The Party' is something of an archetypal Blake Edwards film in that it was dismissed by both critics and audiences on its first release, but over the years has subsequently become something of a cult favourite. In this case, the film is not only considered (rightly) to be a classic Edwards-Sellers collaboration, but also something of a milestone in comedy cinematic history with its largely improvised style hanging off a very thin, almost non-existent plot.

What makes it all the more a remarkable achievement is that it was made at a time when both director and star were in the middle of something of a career rut - neither having had a solid hit since 'A Shot in the Dark' 4 years previously, Sellers was to appear in the hideously overdone 'Casino Royale' before sliding into virtual obscurity, appearing in a series of minor and largely forgettable films (two of which where considered so poor by the distributors that they were never released!), while Edwards was to go on to make the hugely expensive flop 'Darling Lili' and fared no better with his big screen version of 'Gunn' and his John Ford-esque western 'Wild Rovers', both performed badly at the box-office and nearly made Edwards give up moviemaking and retire to Europe! Only with 'The Return of the Pink Panther' in 1974 did both their careers finally get back on track.

As mentioned before, 'The Party' was largely improvised, with a slender script of just 60 pages being used as a basic outline for scenes. This is perhaps why the film is so well loved as it gives both star and director a chance to work on their greatest strengths: Edwards for setting up farcical slapstick comedy situations, and Sellers the chance to give a glorious character-based interpretation. As for accusations of political incorrectnness, the main character of Hirundi V Bakshi is very much the hero of the story, with the audience sympathising with him every step of the way. His inpetness makes him endearing and there is none of the "funny foreigner" antics that make other comedies like 'Mind Your Language' and 'It Aint Half Hot Mum' embarassing to watch today. Sellers was a great admirer of Indian culture and his mannerisms displayed here are not played for laughs or to stereotype but are part of the characters reactions to the mayhem around him. The villains of the piece are the snobbish Hollywood moguls and moneymen who make up Tinsletowns ruling elite (Edwards was to treat them much harsher in his later satire 'S.O.B.').

The DVD presentation is excellent, with a beautifully sharp anamorphic picture and remastered digital 5.1 stereo sound. The extras include a making of documentray and a rather technical feature about the early use of videotape to replay scenes just shot (a standrad practice in all moviemaking nowadays).

A highly reccomended comedy classic to cherish, with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
I love Peter Sellers, especially when he's on top form and here, he is most definitely. So much so, feeling a little poorly I stuck the DVD in the player as soon as it arrived. Normally, DVDs can take days/weeks, even months before I get round to seeing them.

I had seen this on TV many years before and after purchasing the Pink Panther complete set online, I added 'The Party'. Why not, I thought.

The gags are both visual and spoken, expected and unexpected. When you expect the expected, the unexpected actually happens, no doubt helped by seasoned Sellers director, Blake Edwards.

Many have written reviews going into those gags in detail and the validity of an English comic actor playing an Indian but all that takes up valuable laughing time. So, watch it, laugh and soak up the crazy late swinging '60s fashions and furnishings. Watch out too, for the tiddly waiter who says almost nothing but is almost as funny as Sellers.

The 2 disc Special Edition has a short colour accompanying booklet which is fun and on the bonus disc, it is listed as having 'The Party Revolution:"A New Technology" featurette (whatever that might be!), a documentary and several profiles, original trailer and some extra Sellers interviews and clips. Subtitles for the main film are in 12 of the most common European languages.

If you enjoy Clouseau (and who does not?) then this a must and should be on prescription (the DVD is currently about half the cost of an item on prescription - and gets to work straight away!)
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29 of 31 people found the following review helpful
on 5 May 2004
Peter Sellers greatest, and (possibly) least known comedy is coming - June 7th
It's previously only been available to those that have multi-region DVD's - so for us luddites the wait is over !
Peter Sellers plays an Indian actor, who finds himself at a top movie producers Hollywood party - enjoy the ensuing mayhem.
There are so many reasons why I love this film:
It's classic Blake Edwards 60's comedy slapstick
It's Peter playing the bumbling Indian actor that make's this film such a classic - he does the innocent fool so well!
So many superbly timed jokes - the bird seed scene is among my favourite
A fantastic script
It's my single most sought after DVD
If you haven't seen this film before, & you enjoy the Pink Panther series - Slapsick comedy - get this on pre-order.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 8 October 2011
The notion of an actor "browning up" for a role seems pretty odd in modern times but, for me, The Party does not suffer for it at all. Peter Sellers has the talent to carry it off convincingly.

Also, the fact that the film doesn't have a plot to speak of is not important to me. It's simply 100 minutes of good, clean entertainment with a great mixture of slapstick, more subtle visual gags, and charm. Matching up to Sellers' role in the film is the excellent job done by Steven Franken of portraying the increasingly intoxicated waiter, Levinson. The scene around the dinner table and in the kitchen is priceless.

J. Edward McKinley also deserves mention as the long suffering party host, General Clutterbuck. In the latter stages of the evening, with the party spiralling out of control, he is told his wife has just fallen into the swimming pool. His deadpan response is, "Get her jewellery".

Director Blake Edwards' affection for Laurel and Hardy shows in some scenes, such as Hrundi Bakshi trying to pass a telephone over to General Clutterbuck who is already holding a couple of glasses of whiskey. The ensuing tangle of arms and telephone cable is pure L & H.

Buy this film and enjoy some clean, light hearted humour and some real belly aching laughs.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 12 December 2007
This must be without the best portrayal of an Indian character in the film industry. At the same time the movie utilised some ground breaking technical techniques (as explained on the second DVD) that were used ever since as a standard (such as instant video reviewing of scenes, provision of only a loose scripting framework with much of the moves and dialogue developing on set, and more).

If you need a guaranteed laugh this is the movie for you. Mr Bean is a pale shadow in comparison (and that is not saying that you have to like Mr Bean to like this movie ...)
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 31 December 2010
This reminds me so much of my childhood where my and my dad would watch this together. My very inexpressive and serious father would then laugh till he cried. Lol. This film really is hilarious and not offensive at all - I am British Pakistani and love this!!! Birdie Num Nums was particularly funny (you'll know what I mean when you buy it and watch it)! :D

Peter Sellers was a genius - to think he improvised through most of the film really demonstrates his talents to the world. RIP dude - you're alive through our laughter!

Buy this people!
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on 16 February 2009
This is one of my favourite films, and has been ever since I first saw it.

Peter Sellers plays an Indian actor with great dignity and honour, as well as some delightful Clouseau-esque tomfoolery. The plot is very simple - Sellers is accidentally invited to a high class party, and wanders through the luxurious house, interacting with the other guests and catering staff.

What I most admire about this film is the way the viewer is invited into the party with such intimacy. There are several sub-scenaria, into which Sellers wanders. Each time I watch The Party I notice something extra "out of the corner of my eye" in these scenes. It is quite exquisite.

How to compare it? I suppose there is an element of Inspector Clouseau, but this is not the most powerful ingredient. I cannot think of another film that occupies the same place as this one. There is a feel of mid-to-late 1960s psychedelia, and also a degree of the dominant, older generation letting its hair down yet remaining staid.

Definitely recommended.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 6 July 2009
Hurundi (Peter Sellers) is an Indian actor seeking to make it big in Hollywood, whilst on scene multiple takes go wrong, the last straw occurs after the unfortunate actor mistakenly blows up the most crucial scene, the Producer goes frantic and sees to it Hurundi is struck off from ever working within the movie industry again but, instead of striking the actor off the Hollywood Actors list his name is mistakenly entered onto an A list Hollywood party at the film producer's home where only havoc and mayhem occurs.

Hurundi is a funny, lovable character

Peter Sellers, a true professional at his best!
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