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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 26 November 2015
I feel obliged to point out that the Warner Brothers U.S. Blu-Ray is Region-free, and happily plays in my Region B U.K. Blu-Ray player :D
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on 22 March 2016
I can confirm this Blu-Ray does play on a standard (not hacked) UK player.
The disc and case are bare bones, the disc only has the name of the film on it, no artwork, and the case is extremely flimsy.
I'm no expert but the film itself looks good and clean with no film damage or speckles etc.
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Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed is probably the best of Hammer's Frankenstein sequels thanks to a good script by regular Hammer assistant director Bert Batt that throws in a few new spins to the formula. Rather than settling for reanimating dead tissue, this time the Baron is going in for brain surgery - in his own homicidal way, of course, which involves removing brains from unhealthy bodies and putting them in healthy bodies. So what if the body donors die if a few brilliant minds are saved for posterity? Reluctantly blackmailed into helping him are a pair of young lovers, Simon Ward's junior doctor at the local asylum, dealing drugs on the side to pay for medical treatment of girlfriend Veronica Carlson's mother, and, this being the jaded late-60s, an unhappy ending is guaranteed for all and sundry.

The scenes with Thorley Waters' blustering detective and Geoffrey Bayldon's wearily resigned police surgeon, apparently a last minute addition, have little to do with the plot but don't get in the way, and even compulsive overactor Freddie Jones underplays to good effect here, particularly in a touchingly human moment where the creature hides his new face from his wife behind a screen. Cushing is at his best here, gliding through the film with a callous indifference and blunt arrogance ("Had man not been given to invention and experiment, then tonight sir, you would have eaten your dinner in a cave; you would have strewn the bones about the floor, and then wiped your fingers on a coat of animal skin - in fact, your lapels do look somewhat greasy. Good night."), and there's an especially neat moment with an inconveniently burst water main. Good unwholesome stuff.

Warners' DVD includes the original trailer and offers a good transfer, though there's a bit of background noise on the English soundtrack.
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on 24 February 2012
the film is entertaining and like the revenge of frankenstein does not have a monster but an ordinary man which to me defeats the object.apart from that it is a well acted film but the story is standard and does not stand out but hey its a horror movie and not supposed to be a great work like shakespeare.the other thing i thought was not right was the rape scene frankenstein may have been a murderer and graverobber but not a rapist as his crimes were committed for the betterment of mankind and rape does not fit with this.for all its faults it is still a good hammer movie and should be in any hammer fans collection.
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VINE VOICEon 30 November 2009
PETER CUSHING brought integrity, artistry and class to every role he played in a remarkable career lasting over fifty years. Some of the films he appeared in may have been variable in quality, but the man himself was a gentle, natural asset and never less than a joy to watch. FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED is the best of the Hammer films to bear that character's name and Cushing's portrayal is not only confident, but assured.

When Dr Brandt dies at a mental asylum, the evil Baron seizes the chance to transplant the brain of his former colleague into the body of meek Dr Richter.

You'd think that after having created woman (only to see 'her' repay him by committing suicide not once, but twice) even VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN might have got the message and be somewhat anxious to step away from the scalpel, but no. Driven to ever more unethical behaviour through an obsession to prove the medical establishment wrong, he continues to cross every line in the quest to create life from death; blackmail, kidnap, assault and even murder - nothing more than the simple byproducts of a hard day's work.

But when his latest 'creation' - having learned the awful truth - traps him inside a burning house at the film's climax, we're left in no doubt that 'the monster within' has just as much to answer for. And thus are the books balanced. (Note: a clear reluctance on the part of the producers to forgo what was then a lucrative franchise sees him return to make the same mistakes all over again in FRANKENSTEIN AND THE MONSTER FROM HELL, but that's quite another story.)

Enriched by an intelligent script, first-rate direction and a vigorous pace (courtesy of some excellent editing and Cushing's boundless athletic dexterity), FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED is one of those shining examples of classic late-sixties British-made horror. It's also perfect late-night entertainment.

Soak up the (blood-soaked) atmosphere, it'll never be this good again.

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on 27 June 2000
Of all the Hammer/Frankenstein films made, this must surely be the best. From its dark 'Jack the Ripper' style opening (combined with a truly heart-stopping fight scene and surprise unmasking)to its nail-bitingly clever and intense climax, this film must be one of the most under-rated ever made. The great Peter Cushing gives us one of his finest and most detailed performances. Unusually, the script has now turned Frankenstein into a twisted and fanatical villain, who blackmails and murders his way through the film, ruining the lives of his victims Simon Ward and Veronica Carlson with cold-blooded ambition. With an intelligent and thoughtful script, an excellent supporting cast (Thorley Walters as the Police Inspector deserves a special mention), moody lighting, a great score and director Terence Fisher at his very best, this really is a cracking film. Don't miss it!
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on 14 September 2013
It is all rather worrying; a genteel doctor is decapitated with a scythe, a pock-marked ghoul stalks a poor old burglar, and a corpse is chucked into the sewer - all in the first five minutes. Later, Peter Cushing rapes and stabs Veronica Carlson. What's going on?!!!

Director Terence Fisher goes all-out in this, his fourth entry in Hammer's Frankenstein cycle. So much so that it seems like a young man's film rather than that of a genre veteran.

He is aided by a script from Hammer's AD, Bert Batt (some welcome subtlety here) and early roles for Simon Ward and Freddie Jones.

Some of the dialogue might be a bit daft but Peter Cushing delivers it with such conviction that you don't really care.

The Gothic ingredients are toned-down in favour of cool, crisp Modernist sensibilities, nevertheless, it is good nasty fun and one of Hammer's best.
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on 6 June 2013
i love thses old hammer films peter cushing is a great actor reminds me of the goodold days love it
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on 4 January 2011
Here we have Frankenstein from Hammer, the fifth of such films. This film I am happy to say is very good, and well worth the purchase. Peter Cushing as ever is excellent in the lead role. Here he gives a wonderful example of cruelty- he is plain evil here. Its a performance par excellence given how kind natured he was off screen. The gore comes thick and fast, there is a nasty rape scene and the whole movie has a dark cloud over it, but if one can say in a positive image. This is how films used to be made, its plain and simple hammer classic. It is true you could well nit pick at the story, for instance how naive and weak Cushing's captors are, but this only adds to the power of Cushing's character an almost unstoppable force. My only two problems here are not with the film but with the awful packaging. Ok nice cover but you can tell that the write up on the back has been performed by somebody who has no interest in horror movies or the movie itself. It comes over as overly patronising. The dvd itself contains a picture of the climax. Come on total fail. It would have been ok if the pic had been of an earlier scene but to show the final part is totally unacceptable. Corporations aside this is a must buy for any horror fan.
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on 19 January 2014
This film was originally released in 1969 and was the fifth Hammer Frankenstein film and the fourth to be directed by the great Terence Fisher. Peter Cushing gives an exceptional performance, as usual, though the film is considerably nastier than the ones that came before it, the violence is much harder and there is even a mild rape scene thrown in for good measure. It is a much better film than the Horror Of Frankenstein that came the year after, which is best not talked about in the same breath as this film. However, this film is extremely slow in some scenes and not much happens for vast sections of the film, so I would not recommend it to anyone who is easily bored. I also think that younger, modern audiences would be bored with this film too, so it is really only for Cushing or Hammer fans, or fans of classic horror cinema in general. I do not consider it to be Hammer's best Frankenstein film, though. I think that the Curse Of Frankenstein, Revenge Of Frankenstein and even Frankenstein Created Woman are better and much more enjoyable than this film, but that is just my personal opinion. I give it three stars, because it is flawed but still worth watching. You could certainly do a lot worse than this film.
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