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4.2 out of 5 stars70
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 29 March 2005
Sandra Bullock plays a habitually drunk or hung-over, pill popping party girl who arrives late and dishevelled for her sister's wedding and dances so wildly that she goes careering into the cake. In an attempt to buy a replacement, she then steals the wedding limo and ends up sentenced to 28 days in rehab for crashing it into a house. So far, so wild and outrageous. The bulk of this thoughtful movie deals with her character's efforts to get sober, despite her carefree boyfriend's sabotaging visits. There is a fine ensemble performance from her fellow inmates. Steve Buscemi also puts in brief appearances as her counsellor. This is not Bullock's usual light-hearted fare. She shows she can cut it in a serious role too. Worth watching.
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on 1 April 2006
Sandra Bullock usually has a pretty reliable formula in films - a bit ditzy, hippy-ish, lovable and girly while kicking butt the whole time. Not here - In 28 Days she plays an entirely different character, and the result is quite surprising. This is a great film that takes you through the trials of addiction, but not at all in a depressing way. In fact, considering the subject it's actually really uplifting as you follow Gwen (Bullock) through coming to terms with her problems and learning to help herself. You laugh, you cry, you think about it and you come away feeling pretty good. It's good in that it doesn't try to preach to you or impart some cheesy moral, but still makes you think about addiction without being too serious.
If you're a fan of Sandra Bullock's more conventional style movies then it does take a few minutes to adjust to Gwen's persona & a more serious plot line, & for a while you can't help but expect a lighthearted chick flick. Do stick with it, Bullock pulls it off much better than you'd expect.
This is a fab film & well worth watching, especially if you're already a Bullock fan. It does have a good few funny moments & makes for enjoyable viewing, & doesn't ruin its originality with any expected romance sub-plots - all in all it's a great film & definitely worth a look.
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on 19 January 2003
This was a great film to watch. Sandra Bullock plays Gwen Cummings who has a drink problem but hasn't realised it/won't admit it. At here sisters wedding she turns up late and drunk. But she doesn't stop, the wedding is a bit of disaster with Gwen wrecking the cake. She goes to find another cake and ends up crashing a car... drunk. She then has to spend 28 days in rehab, hence the name 28 Days! Its got humour, emotion and a message about life. Its even funnier to watch with friends but just as funny watching it on your own. Viggo Mortenson plays a good part too, didn't recognise him to start with!
Very good film, recommended!
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on 6 January 2005
This is the kind of film that everyone would like... Its the kind of thing you could watch during the day for something to do, its easy going, lighthearted, and makes you laugh.
Sandra Bullock plays 'Gwen' a woman who lives her life from party to hangover to party again- and as a result of getting wasted at her sisters wedding, and behaving badly she is asked to spend 28 days in rehab.- It might sound depressing, but it really isnt, its very very funny...
A well done movie with a subtle message...
Essential DVD
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on 1 May 2001
Although this is a very serious subject, the film does not make light of it in any way. Bullock is perfect in this role as the outrageous sister who's cake splattering antics ruin her sister's wedding. Buscemi is the 'seen it all' counsellor whom she has to fight to stay put, and although his part isn't huge, he's almost the sober voice of God in her struggle to become clean. However, if we're talking howls of laughter here, then the prize goes to the camp German guy, who was just so wonderful I can't begin to describe him. It's almost worth watching this just to see what he's going to say next. All in all - kind of predictable in places, but Bullock is so watchable, you don't want the film to end.
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on 4 December 2000
Sandra Bullock just never fails to impress me! She was sensational in Speed, incredibly cute in While you were sleeping and brilliant in Demolition Man. Now she's come back with a film to rival them all. Playing another character that you inevitabely fall in love with (as is always the case with any Sandra Bullock character it seems)she pulls off a truely heartwarming and genuinly funny film that will have you reaching for the DVD time and time again! A real must for all Sandra Bullock fans and a great first film to see if you are still unknown to the wonder that is Sandra! Definitely recommend!
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on 15 September 2003
Sandra Bullock is brilliantly casted as main character Gwen in this equally brilliant film! Gwen is a wild girl who doesn't seem to notice that her partying and drinking is getting out of hand until she ruins her sisters wedding and crashes a car while she's drunk. She then has to spend 28 days in rehab or she'll have to go to jail otherwise. This films potrays how serious addictions are and the hell that addicts go through. You don't just finish watching it and think 'that was a good film', along with that you start to think about life in general and people who are in Gwens situation (both the adult and child Gwen). Although the film is serious in some parts, there are also some very funny moments which lightens the film up nicely. Look out for a german man with glasses in it - he is hilarious and has all the best comedy lines!
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This is not a new movie but I have only recently finally got round to purchasing my own copy of this great film.

Sandra Bullock is one of those actors that you can't help but like. Here she is in a more serious role as Gwen,who is a very lively drunk who appears to be laughing and having a great time and people around her appear to be having an equally great time.

However, we see the layers of the onion gradually being peeled away. She turns up late and already drunk at her sister's wedding, smashes the wedding cake and then steals and crashes the wedding limo while attempting to buy another cake. She exercises a choice after this by going to Serenity Glen rehabilitation centre for 28 days rather than go to prison. The setting of the centre is truly beautiful with a lovely lake and woods. However, the experience appears be as uncomfortable and cheesy to the audience as it does to Gwen. There is chanting and lectures and many of the other inmates are a strange mixture of embittered and cynical people. Gwen is also held back by her charming but irresponsible boyfriend (played by Dominic West).

Gradually, Gwen starts to confront her demons. It turns out that her mother was a similar fun drunk like Gwen, who frequently passed out and eventually died when her children were still young. Gwen's sister, despite having the same upbringing has become much more buttoned up and seemingly in control but also very judgemental of her sister. In many ways, these are the most painful moments of the film to watch.

It's not all grim though. There is plenty of comedy along with the seriousness with a strange fixation with a dreadful American soap opera.

The film is hopeful and is one that I am happy to watch again.
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on 22 September 2011
This must be one Sandra Bullock's best film roles. It begins in a very hillarious way. She plays Gwen Cummings, a writer and fun loving, drinking, party and pill-popping clubber, with her English boy friend Jasper, played by Dominic West, and a boistrous group of friends.
They drink in the taxi, in the locomotive bar, and devastate her sister Lily's wedding, with Gwen finally falling all over the Wedding cake. This is all done in fine style with Sandra Bullock funny, sexy, and beautiful all at the same time. Is this going to be a film about one drunken excess upon another? No, after trying to shop for a new cake and crashing the Wedding Limo, Gwen is sentenced to 28 Days at a lakeside Rehab Centre.

The film takes on a serious undertone, exploring some of the characters in the centre, and in spite of Jasper's disruptive visits, and his proposal of marriage, Gwen finally accepts the therapy and the chance to 'dry herself out' and leave her old lifestyle. With help of counsellor Cornell (Steve Buscemi) she realises that she has the natural ability to help other people through their difficulties even after her 28 Days are over.

All the characters have an ammusing side, and there is a spoof Soap Opera 'Santa Cruz' within the film that the inmates watch. In the Illuminating Special Features there are interviews with all the cast and crew, and Director Betty Thomas. There are even instructions on how to make a 'gum wrapper' paper chain, which Gwen makes to ease her frustrations in rehab. They are allowed sweets and gum to stave off their cravings for other substances, as well as Horse therepy.

There is a choice of 17 different language subtitles, and a fast moving soundtack by Richard Gibbs. Very deservingly, Sandra Bullock was the highest paid American Actress of 2010.
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on 17 August 2013
As an alcoholic myself, I can heartily recommend this to anyone either worried about their drinking, or a family member / close friend of an alcoholic.

True, the American way is a little different to over here, but the essence of the film, the struggle with admitting there's a problem, the excuses made, and the way in which the madness that is the alcoholic mind works is cleverly shown here. The confusion, the highs, the lows...a really good attempt at trying to show how much addicts suffer. I'm so glad I was recommended this - I'm passing on the recommendation.
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