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4.6 out of 5 stars168
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 22 May 2004
You'll either like Vol. 3, or you won't. It is as simple as that. If what you like about Slipknot, is its hate fuelled aggression, packed with swearing, and shocking lyrics, Vol. 3 is not for you. "Slipknot" and "Iowa" would be your better choice, but Vol. 3 is the new and improved Slipknot. It hides away from the typical nu-metal scene that floods our TV screens. With suprisingly good use of melody, and song structure, and even decent guitar solos, at last! This is what "modern heavy metal" (as metal-mutha from Edinburgh's review, well classified it) should sound like. Definate reflections of Stone Sour, it was like listening to Stone Sour's next album. Though you Murderdolls fans won't find any "Love At First Fright" on Vol. 3. The help of a legendery producer Rick Rubin has saved Slipknot, and many other bands. Slipknot HAVE NOT sold out. Rick now to save Metallica please!!!
gmcourtney2k2 from South Wales review well describes each of the tracks, if you are looking for description on each of the tracks. By the way if you are confused, yes "Don't Get Close" isn't on Vol. 3.
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on 21 July 2004
Slipknot have gone 3-dimensional at last. This album is not just the album of the year - it's the album of your LIFE.
I firmly believe that critics and future musicians alike will be discussing this album 30 years from now. 'Volume 3' is the 'Dark Side of the Moon' for the Maggot generation.
Volume 3 is an eloquent concoction of downright brutality and mellow, moody pieces which hint beautifully at the vulnerable, aching vocal expression of which Corey Taylor is so obviously capable. Vascillating between sweetness and menace, Slipkot fastens your seatbelt and takes you on the ride of you life weather you wanted to be there or not. They will not be ignored.
Hardcore Maggots will be reassured by the merciless, driving pace of song like 'The Blister Exists' 'Three Nil' and 'Welcome'.
However, what is striking about this album is its willingness to explore unfamiliar territory, thanks in part to the influence of producer Rick Rubin and his uncanny knack of enticing artists to stretch out of their comfort zone and produce something truly astounding.
A beautiful example of Slipknots' new-found confidence is in the heart-breaking masterpieces 'Circles' and 'Vermillion Part 2'. The latter being a stripped down acoustic guitar and vocal arrangement that allows us behind the masks to the more delicate aspects of their musical prowess.
As a guitarist I am glad that Jim Root and Mick Thomson have been allowed to 'Take the bit between their teeth' and express themselves fully. These two guys aren't your average black-clad axe men, they're far more gifted than that and at last the world knows it.
So, there's something for everyone here. Shred and screaming for the kids and beautiful melodies and stellar musicianship for the more discerning listener.
The Iowa nine have grown up. Expect them to keep growing for many years to come.
Embrace the change or bail out now - apathy is NOT and option.
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on 6 April 2006
When they broke into the music scene with Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat in 1995, they were written off. When they composed their self-titled album and released it in 1999, they were still not given a heartbeat by critics. Their material simply demanded attention. When 'Iowa' was released in 2001, the world started to fear this beast that was 9 men from Des Moines, Iowa. Finally when Vol.3 - The Subliminal Verses shook the world in 2004, it was time to listen up. Slipknot were never going to lie down and receed due to criticism, they never will.
With more mellow tunes through 'Vermilion Pt.2', 'Circle' and 'Danger - Keep Away' this album only broadened Slipknot's fanbase, while cleverly maintaining their faithful Maggots with heavier tracks such as 'The Blister Exists', 'Three Nil' and 'Pulse Of The Maggots'..stunning work, awesome band, simply
inspirational and courageous. KUDOS SLIPKNOT!!! STAY (Sic)!!!
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on 14 September 2009
My own musical preference is for stuff like Smashing Pumkins, The Pixies, Led Zep, i.e. well off the speed metal radar. The idea of Slipknot and bands of that ilk were a huge turn off to me - I couldn't see myself humming a song by them or liking it much.

I caught the 'Duality' video a few times on Scuzz and as well as being a great video, the song caught me enough to buy this album. I am absolutely shocked at how good this is and how much I like it. 'Before I Forget' is an even better song/video combination than 'Duality' and I'm now a big fan. I don't like their earlier stuff that much (too heavy) and their latest album is not as good as this one (not bad, mind).

Clever lyrics, mega drumming and an all round wire-tight unit. This is now a Desert Island disc for me. Ace.
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on 14 May 2004
having just finished listening to this album about 20 times already im going to be reviewing each track:
1-prelude 3.0:totally different knot dont expect a rage fuelled opener like 742617000027 or (515) this is a far more matured and melodic knot sounds at times like tool it remnds me aswell of pink floyd.5 stars
2-the blister exists:total knot style song definately my favourite from this album percussion heavy song clearly defined instruments, and the marching snare drum is awesome.5 stars
3-three nil: rage fuelled song typical knot again good song. 4 stars
4-duality: weve all heard it, definately the single of the album ,out of all the album this reminds me of the old knot the most, very melodic chorus. 5 stars
5-opium of the people: i love this song, catchy chorus kinda reminds me of iowa's the shape if rick rubin had his hands on it first. nice guitar work. 5 stars
6-circle: this is where the old knot sound has left the building more like a slipknot unplugged song! acoustic knot who woulda thought it. but still has the slipknot sound with its creepy sound effects to open and close again another pink floyd feel love the string work. 5 stars
7-welcome: reminds me of iowa and s/t rolled into one maybe its me but i feel as if this reminds me of mudvayne's internal primates forever with slipknots style thrown in(i.e percussion, samples and guitar work). 4.5 stars
8-vermillion: i love this song very gothic, different knot again very melodic best chorus from slipknot ive heard, nice solo. 5 stars
9-pulse of the maggots: another war type feel song, heavy metal definately.craig and sid shine on this song. 5 stars
10-before i forget: different knot again very melodic chorus has a punky feel. 4 stars
11-vermilion part 2: kinda reminds of incubus's mexico,obviously another acoustic but again very good. 5 stars
12-the nameless: this is a masterpiece from the knot its amazing brutal as hell then corey goes into an acapella sounding like a chorus from an unreleased backstreet boys song then back into brutality knot,percussion is amazing, its a different knot but a masterpiece none the less. 5 stars
13-the virus life: feels again like a pink floyd for a new generation with marilyn manson onboard, very good percussion you can hear shawn and chris amaizngly on this song, every member shines. 5 stars
14-danger keeps away: can i say pink floyd again! the knot take us on a journey knot style. 4 stars
this album is a masterpiece you will grow to like or like straight away this album, its amazing who woulda thought a band who wrote a song as brutal as surfacing write a song as brutal and psychaldelic as this this is a journey from beginning to end, hats off again to rick rubin for another masterpiece for his walls. and the best slipknot album yet. the man with the beard is definately the missing touch to what coulda been slipknot day 1, 5 star album *****
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on 4 July 2004
Being a musician Slipknot rank as a weird band when it comes to playability. I have all the Knot's albums including MFKR but ever since I picked up their debut in early 2000 they have started to fade from choice mainly being that it just all sounded to much. I wanted solo', acoustic peices, black metal drumming and the melody which Corey experimented with Stone Sour. None the less I had to buy the album the day it came out, Just like I had done with Iowa. So I did, To my suprise the music had evolved.
Its a real instrumental album which kick starts with Melody, awsome lyrics and just Slipknot showing the world that they really talented.
The solo's kick arse, The acoustic work is sheer genius and the drumming is phanominal!!
Simple as, this is a great instrumental album and I recomend it to every guitarist who enjoys his metal!!
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on 10 June 2004
Two years in the making, but worth every second. Radio friendly songs such as Duality and Pulse Of The Maggots ensure to create a whole new army of maggots, with songs such as Vermilion Pt 2 and Circle confusing, but never disappointing. Slipknot's most experimental album to date, also their best. Tracks like The Nameless go back to the old Slipknot style, with catchy melodic choruses thrown in, just to show the strength of Taylor's voice. Ripping guitars and pounding drums, this is Slipknot at their best, showing not only their ability to continue what they are good at, but also to progress to a different, more mature level.
The (sic)ness has returned, and it doesn't look like it'll be going away any time soon.
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on 18 June 2004
Before playing the new Slipknot CD abandon all your preconceptions of what you think of the band, be prepared to have the envelope pushed and enjoy the ride.
"Prelude 3"
This lulls you into a false sense of security, before building into a monster of a song.
"The Blister Exists"
This is more familiar fair and is heavy, rhythmic and enticing to listen too. "Three Nil"
Is pretty much what you would expect from the guys but= never the less very good.
The first single from the album, including a piano ref= rain, a real cool rap and a chorus to die for, Top 10 easily and as catchy as hell
"Opium Of The People"
Takes up where Duality left off but heavier with sharp= er edges.
Believe it or not this is an acoustic song and has an Eastern flavour to it that is full of spice. "Welcome" This is much more familiar ground and the knot as we love them.
This is quite melodic in intent and typical of the new strings to Slipknot's new bow.
"Pulse Of The Maggots"
I don't need to describe this one as you know and love it already.
"Before I Forget"
This is the other really big sounding track in a similar vein to "Duality" and to my ears should be the next single
"Vermillion Pt. 2"
More acoustically driven than the first but just as good
"The Nameless"
Is another slab of Metal that will soon be taken into the hearts of all Maggots?
"The Virus Of Life"
This is very schizophrenic, it doesn't know whether it wants to Rock or be acoustic, so it does both.
"Danger Keep Away"
This is a very, very haunting, enigmatic song to finish off with, it reminds me of "No Quarter" by Zeppelin and has a beautiful, yes beautiful yet simple keyboard refrain over some jazzy harmonies and draws you in like a moth to a flame and then it's all over.
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on 2 June 2004
Well, I've been waiting for this album for along time, a very long time. I am not sure what I was expecting really, I think I was expecting another Slipknot or Iowa, if you are you are wrong.
This is definitley a new direction for Slipknot and they have clearly evolved. The first song on the album (prelude 3.0) hints at this new direction. This is contrasted by the next few songs which are reminiscent of the other albums. These are done excellently and you would be hard pushed to find something heavier than these songs.
The middle of the album is where things really start to come together. Circle is a slow, near accoustic song. When I listened to this first time round I was not impressed with the slow songs at all. But after listening several more times I am amazed. Circle has a clear influence from the band's side projects, as do other songs. This helps make the album even better and suggests a more experienced mature Slipknot. Vermillion and Vermillion pt2 are surely some of Slipknot's best works.
There is one song that I can assure you will become an anthem of rock. Pulse of the Maggots is a masterpiece, it is an excellent song both lyrically and rythmically. It also has a hint of Manson's Antichrist Superstar in there which is by no means a fault.
In summary Slipknot have really matured and Vol.3 is the result. Amidst rumours of splitting up this album shows just how strong the band are. If at first you don't like it, take time to listen to it again, it will grow on you. Slipknot have evolved into something new, something better.
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on 17 March 2005
This is a masterpiece. Not only have Slipknot made a sharp turn, they've spun off into a 360 and by chance gone down the right turning. This was a risk, but it was for the better. MUCH better.
There first outings of Rap and Death metal were good but this overpowers them both. Their new masks also portray there music a lot better. Starting with the slow keyboard and clean guitar intro-Prelude 3.0-, you hear Corey Taylor sing in a way never heard before. It is a joy to listen to, before it goes into the fast and pure ferocious track-The Blister Exists. It is then followed by 3-NIL, Duality and Opium of The People (the only 4 star track of the album) before a pure winning streak of songs-Circle, Welcome, Vermilion, Pulse of the Maggots, Before I Forget, Vermilion pt2,The Nameless, The Virus of Life, and a mellow, soft ending-Danger Keep Away. This is one of the only albums EVER I have wanted to listen all the way through with out skipping any tracks. It's THAT good. Now, rather than portray a foul, tough man image, they are portraying their feelings through music (and masks). The songs all seem to have a message or theme not clear from the first guess. One of their new T-Shirts reads "We Won't Die". This is a line from Pulse of the Maggots and rather than say 'we're invinsible', they're trying to say "We have loads of fans, we don't care what you say, we love making music and you can't stop us". BUY THIS ALBUM NOW.
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