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4.7 out of 5 stars57
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 25 June 2004
Highly recommended - some of the most well constructed and comic episodes are included in the DVD - the intricate classic 'Matchmaker',the farcical 'Innkeepers', and the unforgettable 'Agents in America', to name three of many triumphs. Each displays a difference in approach, but each delivers wit, compassion and a number of lines worth tucking away for future quotation.
Now that the series has finally finished, what pressure can be applied to Paramount to accelerate the dvd-ing of the rest of the series?
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VINE VOICEon 13 April 2007
The second season of 'Frasier' is almost as good as its first outing, with the characters now established and the actors performing with increased conviction and confidence. Some of the episodes are simply inspired, with 'The Matchmaker' among the very best of 'Frasier': the plot revolving around Frasier's attempts to set Daphne up with his gay boss, who actually has a crush on Frasier himself! There's plenty more classic moments in episodes such as 'Seat Of Power' where Frasier and Niles hire their high school nemeses to fix a broken toilet and 'You Scratch My Book...' where Frasier falls for a gorgeous self-help writer but has to conceal from her his utter contempt of her insipid books. We also see the return of Bebe Glazer, a brilliant Harriet Sansom Harris playing a sharkish agent who has succeeded in luring Frasier into representation. The scenes where she exploits Frasier's ego are quite simply not to be missed!

There are far too many great lines in this show to list here but, needless to say, even the weaker episodes have sparkle and wit. As ever, the best moments tend to come from David Hyde Pierce as Niles and he is given more room to shine in Season 2. Episodes such as 'Flour Child' and 'An Affair To Forget' are made by his terrific performances. The other members of the cast are great too of course and old faces from 'Cheers' are welcome additions in the form of Sam and Lillith (always great value). If I have one slight criticism of this season, I would say that a couple of episodes miss the mark more frequently than in Season 1. 'The Club' is a touch irksome and not the best example of the one-upmanship games constantly employed by Frasier and Niles, while 'Duke's, We Hardly Knew Ye' is forgettable. But they still have their moments and, nonetheless, this season remains as potent as comedy gets.
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The title of this review comes from Frasier's reaction to the banal tune that is played when he opens someone's birthday card to sign. In many ways, it also applies to season two of `Frasier' (1994-95). Not that it is banal - far from it - but the pageantry of badinage and farce in the Crane household continues.

This season includes the episodes where Frasier is thought to be gay by the new radio station manager; where Niles carries around a bag of flour as his child; where the brothers open their own restaurant; where we see the return of Lilith and Sam Malone; and we see the inside of Frasier's bathroom, Daphne's bedroom, as well as the home of Niles and Maris. Frasier's agent Bebe also returns, and Bulldog appears in eight of the twenty-four episodes.

The writing is still young and fresh - "the stress of not worrying is starting to get to me" - led by the likes of Joe Keenan. There is none of that mushiness between Niles and Daphne that the later seasons possess. Just as you think it might start to become staid and predictable, some genius of a joke occurs.

As for extras, `The Matchmaker' episode has a commentary by the writer and the director. But there is very little else. In an interview, the executive producers say that, despite the success of season one, things got better in season two. Probably. The other extras comprise really mere compilations from scenes of various episodes rather than offering any detailed look behind the scenes.
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twenty four episodes from the second season of frasier, classic american sitcom that took supporting character psychiatrist dr frasier crane from the show cheers and successfully spun him off on his own, and ran for eleven years. Some say the show lost it's edge a little in later years, but let's not get into that here, because it's definitely at it's peak in this one. biting wit, characters you like, funny situations, brilliant one liners. one of the best sitcoms ever.

Twenty four episodes of the show are spread over four discs.

the first three have one single extra, compliations of scenes from episodes with people calling frasier's radio show.

the last, in addition to these - and you have to go via the set up menu to find these - has as special features a short chat with two of the producers, and short compilations - each with a contribution from a cast member - about certain aspects of the show.

The discs have language tracks in english spanish and french and subtitles in english dutch danish and swedish.

Sheer sitcom perfection, and definitely worth five stars
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on 29 June 2004
The second series of Frasier contains some of the finest episodes of all - the matchless 'Matchmaker', the incomparable 'Agents' and the farcical 'Innkeepers'. What is compelling is whilst each is constructed so differently, each delivers the highest quality. Another key component of this is that the five main characters are superbly backed by a cracking support cast.
Highly recommended - as is the thought that Paramount should extract the digit and issue the rest on DVD
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on 22 September 2008
The second series of Frasier is by far the best. It's pure comedy, focusing more on Frasier's desparation for love and Nile's desire for Daphne. Daphne in later seasons leaves her original role of quirky and slightly wierd and takes on a new serious persona, which still at times is comical, it's nothing in comparison to the original character we all grew to love. Series 2 contains one of (if not the best!) episodes of all 11 series, 'The Matchmaker'. The acting and the relationship between Niles, Frasier and Martin in this episode is at it's peak. It guarantees a laugh from you regardless of the number of times you've seen it! Although, that is a fact which run thoroughout the entire series. This truley is a timeless comedy.
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VINE VOICEon 25 March 2008
Season 2 of Frasier carries on where the brilliant Season 1 left off. There is such a great mixture of sharp (and often subtle) wit and sophisticated humour, that you almost wish you could be more refined yourself.

This season saw more sibling rivalry and pomposity from the Crane brothers. It has my all-time favourite episode "The Inn-keepers" where the Cranes take over a French restaurant (naming it "Les Frères Heureux" which means "The Happy Brothers") but it ends in disaster on opening night. It has to rank up there with the greatest of comedy farce. There are several other very funny episodes too like:

The Matchmaker,
Adventures in Paradise,
Roz in the Doghouse,
You Scratch My Book,
Daphne's Room,
The Club
An Affair To Forget
Agents in America pt III.

Having watched all 11 seasons, I would say this is arguably the funniest. Season 2 of Frasier also won the Emmy award for best comedy series, (in fact, all the first 5 seasons won this category, between 1994-1998), and Emmys for best acting in a comedy series by both Kelsey Grammar and David Hyde Pierce. Surely that says it all.
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on 30 March 2005
After an excellent first season I didn't see how 'Frasier' could possibly improve, but believe me it has! This second season is just one classic episode after another, with excellent character intereaction, wonderful, deep writing, perceptive performances from all the lead role, and best of al it is actually funny!
Basically Frasier Crane is a radio psychiatrist living his entirely different father Martin, and his out-spokem Manchester bread physical therapist Daphine. With regular visits from Frasier's snobby brother Niles and producer Roz, this Seattle based sitcom is guaranteed to always make you laugh! However this review cannot do this brilliant show justice, so you'll have to buy it for yourself. Some episode bighlights would include 'Matchmaker', which is perhaps the best piece of farcical television ever made, 'The Innkeepers', which sees Frasier and Niles open a restaurant together, as well as a furhter 22 classic episodes that you can watch again and again. Highly recommended.
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on 13 March 2010
Fantastic series every character just gets more and more appealing. Niles and Frasier are hilarious together and the writers and producers have done brilliantly to find so many characters that gel so good together. Best comedy series on tv.
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on 13 January 2014
After watching the first series of Frasier I was worried about the second on account of the fact that in the television world it is rare that the second movie, or the second series ever surpass the popularity of the first. This is not the case with this series, I felt that the writers had obviously listened to what people had said about the first series and then made some real improvements. Although the first series was excellent I believe that there are some differences in this series that just put it above the first. Niles is much more present in this series and it is obvious that they wanted to explore his character more, it is not longer based around Frasier and his Dad but rather the whole Crane family. Roz in the first series was potrayed as a woman with only one trick although I feel like in this series they delve a little further with her character and really start to introduce her as part of the extended family which was nice to see. Lastly I think the fact that half the episodes arnt simply Frasier desperately trying to make his Dad feel more comfortable shows that the show has evolved and made way for much more light haerted comedy.

Do not be discouraged because this series is a little different from the first, it simply shows that the writers had funally become more comfortable with the characters they were writing about.

Buy it! it's a great DVD box set, well worth the money!
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