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4.8 out of 5 stars119
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 2 June 2004
The DVD features several of the best Laurel and Hardy short films as they try (and fail) in doing various jobs. "Busy Bodies" shows us the pair working at a sawmill, "Double Whoopee" has Stan and Ollie working at a plush Broadway hotel and thats when the Prince arrives... In "Hog Wild" Mrs Hardy insists that Mr Hardy must put up a rooftop aerial so she can listen to the radio, Mr Laurel does his bst to help (granted the plot is dated but amusing all the same). "Dirty Work" is one of my favorites as the duo show up at the house of a mad scientist offering to sweep his chimney before getting wrapped up in his experiments. "The Finishing Touch" has Laurel and Hardy in the building trade and "Hats off" shows us stills of an extinct classic which inspired the best short on the DVD "The Music Box". In which the pair have to deliver a piano up a never-ending flight of stairs, their task isn't helped by passers by including a policeman, a young woman and a big headed Professor. After afew up hill and down hill trips the due reach the top only to be told that they could have taken the road! "Double Whoopee" and "The Finishing Touch" are both silent with a music score, but it doesn't make them any less entertaining. The others are all available to watch in restored black and white and in a computer-colour version!!
All in all these classics are delightful. To me they're better than many modern day comedies, even the menue screen is amusing to watch!! If your in the mood for good old giggle don't hesitate to buy these much loved classic.
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on 28 September 2006
If you were to buy only one volume of this series (though they've tried to spread the goodies as thinly as possible) this might well be it. It features three fine films in `Dirty Work' (chimney sweeps), `Busy Bodies' (sawmill) and `Hog Wild' (radio aerial); whilst many consider `The Music Box' the best thing they ever did. These all have the simplicity and concentration of L&H at their best; bewilderingly, inexplicably (to them, I mean) the mayhem escalates until at last the whole house falls down. Or whatever. The two silent shorts aren't quite in the same class, but they're good enough fun.

The restored prints look great, but an irritating feature of these DVD re-issues is that you can't run them continuously - partly because the running time is bulked out with superfluous colourised versions. This means every twenty minutes you have to fiddle about with the menus.

The genius of Stan and Ollie can't be pinned down to any one, or even half-dozen films, but if this disc included `Towed in a Hole' it would come close (yes, that's the fishing boat one).
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on 9 November 2006
Ah, here is the U.S. we can't get really great copies of "The Boys", like you have here in the U.K.. I concur with the Reviewer who said: "If you could own only one copy of Laurel & Hardy, this would be it".

Let me tell you that this has been a lifetime search for me, and probably for many in the U.S. Our copies of Laurel & Hardy movies are terrible. I have copies made from 16mm films, copies made from schlock houses, and regular copies sold from (it's not Amazon's fault) in the U.S, and they're all terrible.

This DVD is a stellar transfer and restoration. I thought I might not like to see "The Boys" in color, but I have to tell you that I still enjoyed the movies.

Anyways, "Thanks", I'll be buying my movies here. Oh yes, I do own a PAL VCR and a PAL DVD player - that's the expense I'm willing to incur to see Great Movies.
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on 2 November 2009
This Laurel and Hardy DVD has got one of the funniest Laurel and Hardy episodes called The Music Box. In the Music Box Stan and Ollie take a piano up some stairs to a house and something always distracts them and the piano falls down the steps. The other shorts are also very good.

Classic Shorts on Laurel and Hardy Volume 14:

1. Busy Bodies
2. Double Whoopee
3. Hog Wild
4. Dirty Work
5.The Finishing Touch
6. The Music Box
7. Hats Off
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on 11 August 2009
These shorts are real classics, and contain some of the best Laurel & Hardy sequences of all time. The Music Box, in particular, is perfectly suited to the antics of Stan and Ollie and this short film shows off their talents particularly well. But in addition to great comedy which in my view has never been equalled, these short films provide a fascinating glimpse back into a time which now seems long ago, when pleasures were simpler and the world was a less complex place. Altogether a charming, delightfully funny series of shorts by the greatest comedians of the 20th century.
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on 18 October 2009
Raising a laugh and a smile without swearing or smut. Not that I'm against that in the right context. My comedy collection emcompasses Billy C, Chubby B, Bill Hicks, Jethro, Brand (both sexes), Carry On, two Eddie's, Rik and Ade, Lloyd, Rock, Python, Goodies, Marx Bros, J Dee and both Carrs to name a few. What I'm trying to say is, it's simple (but oh so clever) mainly visual comedy that's a joy to watch. Keep it in the black and white format, the colour enhnacement is clever but not how it was meant to be viewed. Basically, enjoy it for what it is, genius.
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on 29 December 2009
Great fun. Bought it for my son's 7th birthday party. It was a great hit with the children, as none have seen it before. All 17 children (6-7 years old) really enjoyed it and found it hilarious. They watched The Piano and The Saw Mill and could not stop laughing and talking about it. My two year old daughter loves The Piano and keeps asking about it. It was fabulous entertainment and a great addition to our Black and White theme party. Good quality DVD, fast shipment.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 14 February 2013
This is quite possibly the best £3 you will ever spend. 'The Music Box' is peerlessly brilliant and endlessly re-watchable, and on its own is worth ten times the price of the DVD. But there's more! 'Hog Wild' is a hoot, 'Busy Bodies' likewise, and 'Dirty Work' is perfect if you want to torture your OCD partner. 'The Finishing Touch' and 'Double Whoopee' complete a bumper package of wall-to-wall laughs. Having the option of the colour versions is a fantastic bonus on this DVD: purists will always prefer the black and white originals, but the colour has been well executed and actually brings a fresh new dimension to these timeless classics.

If you don't know Laurel and Hardy, this is the perfect place to start. If you're already a fan.. why don't you already have this?? Either way, you can order this DVD with complete confidence. It's 100% comedy genius.
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on 27 April 2016
A job to do is considered the best set of shorts from the two but so is towed in a hole and helpmates im my opinion these are the best they ever did so is helpmates so is towed in a hole but everyone has their own favourite , this dvd has one bad side the colour versions helpmates is horrible with the colour and is cut to pieces missing out some of stans best moments .Hog wild is a classic from 1930 with the two on screen delivering original comedy to us ollie has some funny falls as stan attempts to fit a airiel on the roof the ehole short looks dangerous and just goes to show that they were great actors and greaat stunt men the ending is icionic , dirty work is a classic as they sweep a chimney for an eccentric proffeser the short is 17 minutes of original gags ,ollie flying and falling in his trademark of stan always causing him to fall , the short has so many dangerous stunts it just is amazing to watch and the ending is of a few suprising and classic scenes ever.Busy bodies is the famous short where ollie gets too big for his boots and annoys charlie hall but ends up all over the place thanks to stan the whole film is classic with not just original gags going on but scenes set ul for ollie to end up in dangerous and halarious endings of him going throo a long pipe and ending up smashing onto a nearly ready built house , and the music box is 20 minutes of classic stuff with laurel and hardy deliviering a piano jp a largd number of steps the short won there only award for best live action it is their most dangerous one with olie ending up being dragged down the stairs after running after the piano , stan has some of his hilarious lines and bily gilbert in his best role as the piano ends up smashed and so does some of gilberts orniments in his house , if hour going to watch these make sure you skip the colour versions and watch the shorts maybee with a drink or something these are great shorts bug so are others and the silent on here the finishing toutch is an easy wat hing entertaining silent short with some classic moments .
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on 2 January 2015
I got this DVD for a couple of quid and what a bargain! L&H are frickin' hilarious and I found myself laughing out loud several times while watching this. This selection contains the classic short 'Music Box' which is worth having alone. There are a couple of silent shorts too. I don't know why they offer superfluous colourised versions of L&H as they only really serve as a bit of a distraction from the comedy action - great comedy doesn't need irrelevant tinkering with!
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