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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Package Quantity: 1|Style Name: 57 cm P51-F hedge|Change
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on 2 October 2007
I've been a professional gardener on and off for nearly ten years now, and owned a pair of these shears for about the last two or three of those. The price tag comes as something of an eye-watering surprise; you don't really expect to shell out that sum of money on something as mundane as a pair of garden shears. Believe me, though, when I say you get more than your money's worth with the Bahcos. The maxim that cheaper tools are a false economy, since you'll end up buying them twice or three times as often, has never been more clearly illustrated.

I don't so much use the Bahco shears as utterly abuse them on a daily basis, regularly using them to hack through branches that should really call for loppers or a pruning saw. I would never have believed a pair of shears could stand up to so many months of conistent punishment without losing their sharpness, or the evenness of their shearing action, before using the Bahcos. In all the time I've owned them, I've never sharpened them. They've only suffered from 'loose, wobbly blade syndrome' once, which was easily cured by a half-turn of the nut and bolt that holds the two halves together.

Heaven alone knows how much damage my elbow joints have been spared by the small rubber buffers mounted on the inside of both blades. These bounce off each other every time the shears close, so that the blades almost open themselves in readiness for the next chop. Such a little innovation, but one that comes as a pain- and labour-saving revolution when faced with several hours of continuous shearing work.

Truly a professional piece of kit. When it comes to petrol-powered gardening tools, look to Stihl and Husqvarna. When it comes to anything with a bypass shearing action - secateurs and shears, for example - then Bahco rule the roost with no competion. Swallow your concern over the cost and lay your money down.
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on 5 May 2011
I'm just your average enthusiastic amateur gardener, but I do have several box hedges and a large beech hedge to keep in check. I prefer to trim by hand, as I think you get a better finish, plus I've found electric hedgecutters make my hands and wrists vibrate horribly for at least a day afterwards! This is my fourth pair of hand shears in about as many years - with all the others, having persevered for a few months (the "Oh, I just need to get used to them..." syndrome), I've ended up giving them away rather than use them again. I bit the bullet and bought the Bahcos after seeing how enthusiastic people were, especially the professional gardeners, on Amazon. I can only echo everyone else's sentiments that as soon as you start using these, you'll wonder why on earth you ever fretted about the price. They're the epitome of quality and simply do the job better than the rest.

They don't have the ergonomic wishbone-type handle, but they are still more comfortable to use (I've had 2 with wishbone handles to compare with). The rubber buffers between the handles, as mentioned by other reviews, are brilliant - it is really worth noting that the buffers on these have a proper spring-type mechanism behind them, so they really have a bit of 'bounce' in them to protect your joints. Other cheaper shears CLAIM to to have a buffering or cushioning action, but you'll find that most merely use cheap, hard rubber stoppers that don't in reality have sufficient 'give' to make much difference. Just one of those extra little details that you might not notice or appreciate when comparing shears online, but so important in the flesh - and one of the many reasons why these cost more. The weighting of them is great - not too heavy (I'm a woman, five foot three) and well-balanced. But the ultimate test is obviously in the cutting quality - simply superb. Ultra-sharp blades, lovely smooth action, slices cleanly through any type of foliage, even something densely packed like box, with consummate ease. Excellent finish, doesn't tear the leaves like some others, so I found there was less browning of the cut edges afterwards.

I never thought I'd find myself writing such a detailed and gushing review for something as ordinary as a pair of shears, but after having so many disappointments with garden stuff over the years, I feel I need to give credit where it's due. I wouldn't go as far as to say I now adore cutting my hedges, but it's sure as heck about ten times easier with the Bahcos! If you've only got a small shrub or two to trim, you might get on perfectly well with something cheaper (for the record, the best-of-the-rest I tried were a pair of wishbone handle Spear and Jacksons), but for anyone with a bit more than that to do, trust me, these are the ones you want.
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on 3 July 2009
These shears are superb. Super-sharp blades and very sturdy construction. Yes, they are expensive but I expect them to be still be giving good service in 10 years. I also have Bahco secateurs and loppers and the shears continue the same quality of construction and design.
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on 20 July 2009
These shears are light, balanced, sharp, manoeuvrable, and do the job that is required of them exceptionally well.

My electric hedge-trimmer has been confined to the bin!
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on 2 July 2008
These things are the dogs john noakes, forget the junk these will chop you hand off if it gets in the way. What a tool, if you need a shear you need these.
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on 9 November 2014
Bahco tools have for years been admired by myself, and I have a number of them. However these 'Made in France' shears haven't quite lived up to the brand's reputation. I find it difficult to cut other than quite thin twigs, and the tips of the blades don't cut at all as they don't meet, meaning that two goes are often needed to achieve the intended extent of cut.

My old, low-cost, well-worn shears did just as good a job, if not better - but unfortunately I dropped them off at my local recycling centre when these new ones were ordered!

I still rate Bahco highly in general, but will no longer buy their products purely on trust.
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This is an early review after opening the packaging and using them for an hour or so. They appear to be absolutely brilliant - the best hedging shears I have ever used.

I've had various pairs of cheaper shears over the years but generally have found that in due course they start chewing more than cutting and are so constructed that much maintenance isn't possible. When looking for another pair, I settled on these as I have bought Bahco tools before (saws and shifting spanners) and have never been disappointed.

When I took the plastic box off the blades, I was amazed how sharp they were and how smooth and tight the operation was. To test them I tried cutting an envelope (see attached photo). They cut more cleanly than some scissors I have used.

The documentation that comes with them is minimal, but does include a diagram showing how to disassemble them for sharpening and maintenance (other photo attached). I was really pleased to see this as it means I can sharpen them on a whetstone and keep them at the right tension. I was also pleased to see that the diagram gives part numbers for bits that can be replaced.
review image review image
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on 13 March 2014
Not as sharp as I hoped they would be, so was really disappointed. Cut the privet hedge ok. However, on pruning a large bush I found it to be hard work. I think they expensive all things considered. Would not recommend.
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on 12 November 2010
I'd agree - this is an excellent pair of shears; well balanced, well made and efficient. Indeed, everything that other commentators have already said. But I still prefer shears and loppers made by another equally famous Scandinavian producer of hand & gardening tools (who's name I can't mention in a review without contravening Amazon's guide lines - but it begins with F).
I guess it boils down to a matter of personal choice and familiarity - I'll still give these 5 stars.
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on 8 March 2013
I wasn't immediately convinced... but after six months occasional use around a rather rustic one-acre garden I have to say that these shears have come into their own. With the notches at the base of the blades you can open the shears wide and tackle quite substantial stems; this can abe very useful when up steps re-shaping an overgrown laurel when otherwise you would have to put the shears down and find the secateurs instead. They will trim the softest yew neatly without chewing instead of cutting, so a neat finish is obtained. They're ground in an unusual way; I was always taught that shears or scissors should only be sharpened on one side of each blade so that a true 'shearing' action is obtained. These have the blades ground on both sides, but they definitely cut very well indeed. They hold their sharpness and, dried after use (and preferably oiled), they do not seem to rust easily. I've noticed that some reviewers say that the rubber cushions are augmented by being sprung. Not mine; they're just very effective rubber cushions. Yes, these shears are expensive, the price of a budget electric trimmer. But with their quality I think they will outlast any such powered gizmo. Oh, and they're much quieter than their electric cousins, and give a degree of healthy excercise, and thus much more therapeutic!
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