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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 8 June 2006
My mum had the book the swiss family robinson, and she gave it to me to read. I found it very exciting and interesting. I was soo happy when i found the video of Swiss family Robinson.

The family consists of Mum, Dad and three brothers.

They get ship-wrecked, and they get on a lovely Island, but there are pirates and wild animals. will they survive? its a really good watch for kids and big kids too!!
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on 26 October 2004
This is without a doubt one of Walt Disney's greatest live action films. Originally released in 1961 and feauturing a stellar cast including John Mills. A New Guinea-bound family is shipwrecked by pirates and manages to transport the goods from the stranded ship to an island where they create their own paradise. There they build their own breathtaking treehouse and have to find a way to survive using only what nature provides. With some wonderful cinematography (especially in the dramatic opening of the shipwreck and then the journey on raft by the Robinson family to exotic shores and yet. They begin to enjoy life in this 'paradise' carelessly on the island with a variety of wild animals and inevitably they begin to have run ins with some dangerous creatures. Along the way they encounter many threats including pirates, but will their island paradise prove toi be a paradise or a prison?
It's a high quality production and I rate it highly.
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A family is shipwrecked on a seemingly uninhabited island. Using the remaining recourses of the wrecked ship they build an elaborate tree house. They have a realy nice Christmas scene. Then the adventure begins.
This movie has a great family feel to it and I really liked the animal races; it is a classic Disney. The pirate attack scene was suspenseful. You are kept wondering if, and how they will get out of it.
You can see John Mills play a more serious side with his real daughter Hayley Mills in "The Chalk Garden" (1964).
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You can't get much more wholesome than this. This film definitely has the Disney stamp all over it. The Swiss Family Robinson are on their way to New Guinea. Chased by pirates on the high seas, their ship runs up against a reef, and they find themselves shipwrecked by a deserted tropical island. They manage to get themselves and all their belongings and animals ashore, intact and none the worse for wear.
The mother, played by the lovely Dorothy MaGuire, is always clean, perfectly groomed and coiffed. The father, played by the wonderful English actor, John Mills, is positively cheerful the entire film. Talk about optimism. His three sons, played by the hunky James MacArthur, the adorable Tommy Kirk, and the cute-as-a-button Kevin Corcoran, work tirelessly to make their new home into an island paradise.
In record time, they build a multi-level house to die for, high up in the trees. Somehow, they manage to get a pipe organ off the wrecked ship, ashore, and up into their multi-level tree house, so that they can sing Christmas Carols at the appropriate time. Kevin Corcoran even has a baby elephant for a pet, and they parade around their sculpted lawn which is surrounded by what appears to be a manicured, English country garden.
After a while, two of the boys set out on a home made sail boat to check the terrain around the island. They discover yet another casualty of the pirates' onslaught, delightfully played by Janet Munro. The two older boys are sweet on her, which causes a little fun loving tension. All is well, until the pirates come a-calling on the island, and all you know what breaks loose. Never fear. Rescue is on the way.
Who in their right mind, however, would ever want to be rescued from this magical island, where nothing can possibly go wrong, and everyone loves each other? Pure Disney fantasy, this film is a lot of fun to watch and, better yet, can be enjoyed by the whole family.
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on 28 May 2004
You can tell as soon as you start watching this film that it is definately a disney production, and this "stamp" remains right the way through the film, even in the climatic battle at the very end, with the nasty pirates.
Based on the classic novel by Johann Wyss this film is simply about a European family who leave their home country to start a fresh in New Guinea. However a huge storm leaves them stranded on some jagged rocks just off-shore from what appears to be an unihabited island. By using the timber from the boat, they construct a raft and within no time they have landed on this new island, and created a wonderful, multi-story tree house complete with running water, a fridge and they even managed to salvage an old organ from the wreck.

Still wanting very much to continue on to New Guinea, the two sons, Fritz and Ernst construct a small boat, and sail round the island to see if there is any way off it. On their journey they come across an old man, and a young boy, both being held prisoner by a group of nasty and very mean pirates, with big swords, and proceed to free the boy and make a daring escape.
After arriving safetly back to their home, the family bagin to set up loads of bubby traps, including tiger pits, cocanut bombs, and even a collapsing draw bridge, so that when the pirates come, they won't win so easily.
There have been many adaptations of this classic novel Johann Wyss but i have to say that this one is one of the best, and deserves the five stars which i have given it. Overall, a great disney adventure film, that the whole family can sit down and watch and enjoy together.
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on 1 August 2003
This is the Walt Disney version of the story,done as only Disney can. There is, as always, excellent performances from John Mills and Dorothy Magiure as the parents. Here also we see a young James MacArthur pre Hawaii 5-0 giving an excellent performance as Fritz. The scenery is glorious, it almost makes you want to be stranded there.
The only drawback, if there is one, is the stilted pirates. At times you almost want to go out and help them they are so clumsy. But on the whole, the film is one for the entire family. I sat through it with my 2 hard to please sons aged 9 and 6 and hardly heard a peep out of them. I suppose it shows that even a film which was made over 40 years ago, on a smaller budget than todays films, can be just as enjoyable without all the special effects.
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on 3 October 2015
Fantastic family film, (although the explanation for the wide variety of the animals, originating from different continents, in one place, is not there!). I loved it when I was a kid.
Great story with lots of mishaps and it shows kids how much fun it is being outdoors ( even though they have much better weather, it's a good message) When you've seen it, it can be used as the start of imaginary play or story writing/telling. They can talk about their fears ( there's a shipwreck at the beginning - shows how important it is to learn to swim) and learn useful skills ( see grandparents or library books for proper knots that you can actually undo). I was surprised how much thinking this generated. The downside? Be prepared for your children to ask you to build a tree house complex as your new permanent home.( and fob them off with camping - it's just as character building)
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on 10 July 2015
This was unwatchable for me although my boys aged 6 and 7 loved it.

For me I wasn't prepared for the 1960s approach to filming with animals. I found the techniques unkind - whilst maybe the animals weren't being abused as such, they were definitely distressed.

This was so different from anything you would see today that I really can't recommend it. Time for a remake if it hasn't already been done.
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on 5 January 2016
What can I say about this film !!! It is "brilliant". I watched this film many years ago and had only just recently remembered it so found it and got it. I lovely good old family film with brilliant actors both female and male. No sex, a little fight at end but that is part of the story brilliant and very funny I recommend it highly
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on 14 February 2010
Swiss family Robinson is definitely one of Disney's best live action films, it was enjoyed by the whole family from my young children to the parents and grandparents.

This film has everything you would want from a family film there's plenty of action and lots of fun, with kids, animals, pirates and some amazing surroundings you end up wishing you were shipwrecked there too.

I can't recommend this enough, don't be put off by the films age as we don't normally buy older films and we loved it, I will definitely be buying a few more older live action Disney films.
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