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Belkin SurgeCube.

Most surge suppressors come in the form of bulky, multi socket units on long trailing flexes. Instead of electrical spaghetti mayhem all I wanted was a small, unobtrusive protector for one item so I was very pleased to discover the SurgeCube. For about a fiver I now have peace of mind for my expensive new £900 fridge freezer and its contents - it's a no brainer!

Surge protectors are a wise precaution for any electrical goods you value or would be inconvenienced losing the use of. Not just the usual computers but freezers, boilers, washing machines and any audio visual equipment could be protected too.

Surges are more common than you might think - not so long a go a whole street locally lost every electrical item plugged in when a faulty transformer on a nearby electricity pole converted them into blackened smouldering rubbish. I seem to remember a fire broke out in one of the houses too. Lightning strikes within a mile can enter your house through incoming services and faulty electronic goods inside your home can also generate spikes that do damage. The use of surge protectors seems a small price to pay for avoiding such trouble.

Just a quick note on the rating of surge protectors in general. You should be aware that the figures quoted are an aggregate! So, when it says this unit can handle 25,000 amps what it really means is that it can cope with up to 12,000 amps on a line to neutral fault and 6,500 amps each on a line to earth or neutral to earth fault. So in the real world the maximum it will cope with is lower and will depend on the nature of the fault. The 861 joule rating is likewise an aggregate. Don't let this put you off - all protectors are quoted in this rather optimistic way and what we have here is ample.

In summary a small, neat and well made surge protector from a major brand at a low price. You can't do better than that.
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on 24 March 2007
As with all Belkin products you receive top quality manufacture and goods that really work.

This 1 way surge cube is designed to plug straight into your mains socket and it has two neon lights that give a comforting glow indicating that you are being protected from electrical surge and that your electrical system is correctly earthed.

I use mine combined with Belkins four socket mains adapter which also has surge protection thus giving double the protection.

If you think im being over cautious then thing again because early last year i actually put the entire system to test during a electrical storm.

Really i should have closed my computer down long before there was any danger of overload but true to form the serge switch on the four way adapter cut in aswell as this excellent Serge Cube.

Belkin also provide a comprehensive insurance against damage to equipment whilst using their products aslong as you can prove their equipment was to blame which is not that easy but when you have seen these products actually do their job of cutting power safely to your equipment then really a claim on their insurance should not be needed.

I have several Belkin products in use in my system and every one of them feels well made and bulit to last.

Their products are neither expensive nor complicated to use and my favorite is definately their extension lead sockets with built in surge protection.

They are beautifully made out of above average quality plastics and depending where you buy them do not cost the earth and used with this clever Serge Cube will give you peace of mind in protecting expensive electrical equipment of all kinds.
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on 16 March 2015
This device has been replaced with a new model, the Belkin BSV102 to be exact. The new model does not offer as much protection and costs nearly twice as much.

When buying a surge protector the key things you should look for are.

1/ Indicator lights - Surge protectors do not last forever, they protect your electrical items from surges and sacrifice themselves in the process. You need to know if and when this has happened especially when connected to a fridge or freezer. This model has 2 lights that indicate that it is powered and the other that it is protected - Thumbs up

2/ Response time - This is how long it takes for the surge protector to detect a surge in electricity, you should not consider anything with more than 1 nanosecond response. This model has a <1 nanoseconds response - Thumbs up

3/ Joule rating - This is the maximum amount of energy the surge protector can absorb, the higher the joule rating, the more energy can be absorbed by the surge protector. 600 for an average household item is acceptable (please check individual needs especially for high end or non consumer products). As noted the 861 rated joules of this product isn't exactly true in all aspects. The true ratings for this product are L-N 385J,
L-E 238J, N-E 238J. For my Fridge & Freezer this is more than ample - Thumbs up

4/ Warranty & financial protection - A lifetime warranty and erm £25k or £35k protection. Belkin site and Amazon description both state £35k protection and yet packaging states £25k. I have reported this discrepancy to Amazon so expect them to clear it up soon enough. Regardless £25k is still genuinely very good, I have a couple of Masterplug 4 and 6 way surge protectors that cost 3 times as much as this and only offer £1000 or £3000 protection. The Belkin product data sheet states that they will replace the product "even if it expires protecting your devices". Thumbs up

Other good news
1/ Continuous duty electrical rating 250v / 13a / 50hz / 3,250w
2/ Maximum spike current 25,000 amps (L-N 12,000 amps, L-E 6,500 amps, N-E 6,500 amps)
3/ Maximum spike voltage 6000 volts
4/ EMI/RFI noise filtration 150khz - 100mhz up to 43db reduction
5/ 300v oversized metal oxide varistors ( MOVs ) absorbs excess electricity across live, neutral and earth
6/ Safety shutdown, uses thermal fuses to power to system
7/ Made of impact resistant abs plastic
8/ Two can be used side by side on standard double socket

All this good news and it only adds 4cm to the depth of a socket and costs less than £5

I suppose if you wanted to be very picky the indicator lights are not very big or bright, but then again would you want them to be... I use these on my fridge and freezer so personally for me yes I would; the one on my freezer is actually behind the freezer. With no power indicator light on the freezer and the lights on the surge cube obstructed, it is a bit of an unknown.
review image review image review image
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VINE VOICEon 30 November 2006
Surge protection devices are usually clunky great things you want to hide away, but this neat little package does everything you need to protect one expensive computer, TV or DVD. I bought loads and scattered them throughout the house.
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on 8 July 2007
The picture shows the version with the phone but the version supplied does not include a telephone socket. Beware, the version with the telephone socket is somewhere else in Amazon (with exactly the same picture).

The prices are all over the place, often cheaper to buy the telephone/modem/fax version anyway.
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on 18 October 2014
I had no idea until very recently that you could buy an appliance to prevent electrical surges, so was delighted to be recommended this by a friend. Power interference between electrical goods and sockets is often one of the commonest reasons why flat screen televisions rarely last their advertised lifespan, rather than just pixilation failure, many people, myself included, assume this is the main reason as to why even cheap brand name appliances break down so suddenly, yet largely it is do with how an electrical current is administered and managed between wall sockets, that generate disproportionally higher electrical voltage to modern televisions, (not designed) to withstand it. Many retailers are aware of selling brand name appliances for which they offer little consumer protection or refund, so had to fight to get my money back on many of the new TV set's, also had my electrical sockets professionally examined.

Why I had reached the electrical-current issue conclusion myself, after having replaced 4 brand new television sets within six months, within this last year, and why I had asked around for help to look for any device that would stop me from dipping readily into the little savings I have - was recommended this Belkin Surge-cube - I believe that will extend the lifespan of my new television set regardless of which brand of television I choose to buy that is affordable to my budget.

In all, this purchase a priceless plug-in for the very reason it will balance the electrical power supply between device and socket, and highly recommend this to anyone who has regularly found themselves having to replace new technical goods within short periods of time - I am told it really performs magically so anticipate that it will no doubt about it. Super-fast delivery can also be expected - mine received me within 3 days.
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on 6 July 2013
I have used Belkin surge protectors for years and will continue to do so, after experiencing a massive power surge, which blew my hard wired immersion heater controller off the wall and melted it into a black blob of smelly plastic, whilst the appliances protected by the surge protectors survived unscathed. A fridge-freezer was not protected and the fan blew out, preventing the cooled air to circulate and eventually clogging up the hidden area in the freezer compartment with ice and the whole unit to stop working. This SurgeCube is perfect for protecting single appliances, such as fridge-freezers, where multi sockets are not needed. Remember though, that Belkin grade their products, to reflect the level of cover required; this one provides 'Essential' cover, their lowest level, which should be perfectly adequate for small appliances but is not intended for computer or home cinema set-ups, for example. Some reviewers have obviously used this item where they should have invested in the unit intended for the circumstances.
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on 16 June 2012
I purchased three of these (as well as some more expensive ones from another brand) before moving to Africa as I had been warned that power surges were common. Well for the last two years I had lots of power cuts but no noticable surges....until last week. We had a huge power surge due to a faulty transformer which burnt out all three of the Belkin surge protetors as well as the TV, washing machine and microwave that they were connected to. The other brand burnt out also but the appliances connected survived intact. Have learned the hard way that true protection cannot be guaranteed by cheap solutions so would not recommend this product.
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on 1 August 2014
These wonderful surgecube's have just saved some very expensive electric items.Piece of farm machinery brought down-some power cables,cause all 9 house's in the lane to have a double power surge. The plugs did their job, they burnt out but the equipment was saved. The electrician, asked where I had them from as he thought they were wonderful. He also added if everyone had them, it would put him out of a job.:-)
So now I am buying more to replace the burnt out ones and to put them on all my electric stuff. I have had to have loads of stuff repaired, that did not have a surge plug. This plug is also neat and compact for the price. One tine detail, the picture is misleading, you only get one plug. I did expect two. Think how much electric stuff you have, from chargers, [mine all blew] TV, radio, microwave etc.
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on 4 November 2009
Excellent little product, quality make and name and great price.

I needed this as my Sky HD box kept going into stand by and crashing everytime I removed a plug from an extension gang on the wall. It obviously did not like another plug being taken out of this surge protected extension gang. As I did not want my Sky HD box unprotected, I needed this and was able to use this in a spare wall socket, isolating it from the extension gang. Since then I have not had the box crashing so it solved my problem perfectly.

Highly recommended.

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