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4.4 out of 5 stars16
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 19 September 2007
This album nearly caused tindersticks to split up. Stuck in a marvellous rut, they couldn't see a way out. It's a dilemma that hangs over this record. On 'Curtains', Tindersticks are desperate men. The relationships described are fraught with frustration and confusion....rented rooms, another night in....wanting more than you have even though what you have is already too much, not knowing why you've done what you've done. Occasionally, it's hard to listen to. Doomy, raw, despite the lush arrangements and beautiful melodies. Staples seems to write very personally. The songs are intimate, introspective, slow....probably why they never that popular. They were never going to sell out 02. The words ask difficult questions about how to keep feelings alive and chart falls into the oblivion of sex, drink and obsessive behaviour. It's the headiness of stale perfume, a sweet rot. It's what they were best at. After this they tried to use Stax as an inspiration, but you never felt their heart was in it. Their heart's in this even though you can sense they wish it wasn't.
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on 14 September 2000
When I was writing my review on Tindersticks latest CD 'Simple Pleasure' last night I forgot to list 'Curtains' as one of their masterpieces. Actually, everything this group produces is a masterpiece.
Their first CD, affectionately known as 'Tindersticks One' is their lyrical masterpiece, but the CDs that followed increasingly showed a greater perfection of style and reproduction. 'Curtains' in many respects could be a sequel to the Tindersticks second album with its sweeping melodic and complex instrumentation combined with Stuart Staple's crooned and mumbled lyrics.
There is a sense of theatre in Tindersticks compositions, as each track exposes a subtle panorama of compassion, romance and introspection. But their music is so articulate that we are drawn magnetically into it.
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VINE VOICEon 8 August 2004
The most underrated band in the history of the universe? Repackaged? With sheeny clean sound AND a bonus disc? Bout time.
This sort of situation might sound familiar with the Bunnymen and other artists receiving the same treatment in the past few years but it is nothing to be complained about (let alone paint a vulgar picture about) as the some of the real classic records are now beginning to meet the digital age and sound like the real classics they are. Curtains is a typical Tindersticks record- which makes it a fantastic one. Though change hasnt really been the Tindersticks thing, this more recent album is undeniably more like the first two albums as if it was completing a trilogy (Tindersticks III if you will).
It all kicks off with 'Another Night In' which is, for me, their best song ever with its melancholy strings and oppressive laments. Its not all gloom but alot of it does swing that way... this kind of thing is actually more of a selling point to me but each to their own so if youd like something a little brighter try perhaps 'Simple Pleasure' or something. Other highlights on the record include 'Fast One', 'Buried Bones', '(Tonight) Are you...' and of course the amazing 'Bathtime'. Maybe then though Im forgetting the 'Ballad of Tindersticks' and 'Rented Rooms' which wouldn't be fair. However this would mean Im forgetting 'Desperated Man' and well... we could be here all night.
Being here all night wouldnt be a problem though because as with all Tindersticks records, Curtains complements it perfectly. For those of you new or unawares, Curtains is the soundtrack to lonely nights in smokey bars with solitary pianists and nursing whiskey and wine. Interested? You should be.
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on 6 February 2000
I can't beleive how amazing this album is. Not to be cliche but it has literally changed me. To be honest i didn't like it much when i first heard it but it grew on me and hasn't stopped. i love it more and more each time i hear it and i sit in front of the stereo strainning my brain to decide on which song i want to listen to first. This is one of (if not possibly the top) of my favorate albums of all time. It can't be compared to anything cause nothing i've ever heard is like it. On a humorous side my brother says his voice sounds like "barry white meets elmer fudd" although i adore his voice, but i have to stop writting this cause i want to go listen to it now.... buyit!
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on 23 February 2003
This album... It holds so many memories, and at times I have not dared listening to it, being afraid I would drown in its depths. It holds an air of restlessness, of failed attempts to have a functioning relationship, of fear of having a relationship. A friend of mine decribed it as the most beautiful album he knew, but also as one of the darkest. And yes, this is music to play on a late autumn evening, allowing yourself to indulge in loneliness and despair, and perhaps a glass of red wine. Its beauty will leave you panting on the floor.
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on 9 December 1999
Every song is a symphonic masterpiece. Tindersticks' tested style of bringing together mellow songs, both sad and uplifting, with velvet vocals and stunning string, piano and guitar backing comes to a head in this third studio album. Buy it. Buy the whole back catalogue. Become a sad figure like me. You won't regret it.
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on 9 May 2006
This is still the best album by the Tindersticks. It may well be the best album by anyone. Honestly. Just listen to it and have your guts turned inside out and your views about love, sex and life completely transformed.
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on 13 August 2015
I love stuart staples hes got such class. The greasy hair sleepy eyes deadpan vocal style. And the strings washes of melancholy. This album is so beautifully depressing so its my kind of thing. Tho i expect it isnt to everyones taste
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on 14 September 2012
Tidersticks presenta -a mi gusto- una de sus mejores producciones.
excelente calidad de audio y un lado b con versiones para disfrutar.
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really good job. quality product.
i really recomend the cd and the store.
fast shipment and protection for the product.
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