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on 5 July 2005
Why on earth did this series get cancelled??!! It is such great fantastic writing and is so brilliantly cast. The character of Bill played by Martin Starr is hilarious, a real comedic discovery. The deleted scenes and bloopers are well worth watching as they have some real funny stuff and the commentaries are always interesting as some 3 or 4 years has passed at the time of the recording.
It's just really great, and I would recommend it to most. If you liked Wonder years growing up and think 'The Jerk' is a comedy master class then you won't be dissapointed.
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on 31 December 2006
Why this show was cancelled truly escapes me. In my opinion, Freaks and Geeks is the finest series to have ever aired on television. The characters are hilarious, but real, making it impossible to hate any of them.

The music within the series is excellent, featuring The Who, Van Halen, Supertramp and Queen, and the presence of special features, including bloopers, feeds the viewers' thirst for more when all 18 episodes have been watched.

Knowing that F+G's only holds 18 episodes is a real shame, but with the complete series, what does exist cant be cancelled or revoked.

...Never gets old, boring or tedious, but better with every watch.

Also a word to the wise, since Freaks and Geeks is American, and therefore is formatted to American/Canadian programming, a multi-regional dvd player may be needed for those outside of 'region 1' viewing. (Always check imports are 'PAL' compatible). Since freaks and geeks isnt, and i reside in the UK, it was necessary to purchase a multi-regional player. However, since such players are cheap and allow you to watch imports in the future...oh and the fact that Freaks and Geeks is a phenomenal series, it's more than worth it.
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on 14 December 2008
I got this TV series in March this year and have watched the whole of it about three times since then. It is absolutely brilliant, if you have no experience in the period that it is set (the 80's) it makes no difference because the characters, storylines, and script are all put together so well.
The characters never get tiresome, although some of them are a little annoying this is just part of the brilliance of the show as it reflects real life. Plus the actors are great; it was an open-audition for the show so professional actors as well as amateurs will have auditioned, and so they got the best of what was out there.
The storylines in the series are very creative but not too outlandish (but I have to say the one disappointing episode for me was the school mascot/Lindsay and Nick breakup)and so, although it is just set in everyday school life, you never get bored with what's going on.
Finally, of course the script just makes the show. Each character is consistent, and if you re-watch the series you realise just how much they grow throughout. Although it is not described as a comedy series, it is funnier than many of the sitcoms around today, with some hilarious (sometimes subtle, sometimes outrageous) moments.
A perfect TV show, definately buy it!
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on 7 May 2012
The great thing about Freaks & Geeks is that although its set in an American high school, it isn't about rich, beautiful kids that create their own dramas. It's about as realistic as TV gets, with an array of embarrasing teenage experiences that make the show totally relatable. Entire episodes are based on the 'geeks' misunderstanding of sex and the 'freaks' trying to cheat their way through maths, which is a rare treat amongst the mass of ridiculous 90210 type shows that populate TV today.

I knew nothing about the show going in, so found it quite surprising that I recognised half the cast. Stars include Jason Segel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall), James Franco (Pineapple Express, Spiderman), Seth Rogen (Knocked Up) & Busy Phillips (Cougar Town), aswell as cameos from Ben Stiller, Lizzy Caplan, Shia LaBeouf.

I am gutted there is only one season, and that it isn't wider known. Needs to be released in the UK (Region 2?) or at least re-run on Channel 4!
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on 5 September 2011
Great show, great DVD. Watched it for the first time this year, after hearing about it from a friend who watched it when it was broadcast that one and only time in the UK. I wonder if I had watched it then, or even when I was in high school, it would have been too much, too honest. But watching it now, it comes across fresh, despite being made in 1999, and set in the 80s, and hysterically funny. It's a show everyone should watch, especially over any teen drama in which the teens are played by actors well into their 20s. Having actors close to the age of the characters is what made this show so much more relatable.

The extras on the dvd are great fun, with 2 commentaries on nearly each episode. Mostly entertaining, sometimes informative, and it's great that all the cast members were available to take part.
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on 21 February 2010
I'd heard good things about this series, which is set in a midwest town in 80s America. I wasn't disappointed - this is a cracking little show, and it's a shame it only lasted a season.

The talent have since gone on to do Good Things (Forgetting Sarah Marshall / How I Met Your Mother's Jason Segel, ER's Linda Cardellini, Superbad/Knocked Up star Seth Rogen, etc.); here they are perfectly cast, pre-fame, as disenchanted high schoolers trying to work out who they're going to be. Follow Lindsay Weir, her younger brother Sam, and their Freak and Geek friends through 18 episodes of perfectly pitched teenage awkwardness - each one chock full of dark wit, pathos and just the right amount of nostalgia.

Well worth adding to your DVD collection.
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on 13 March 2012
Decent soundtrack, pretty good actors, lots of funny scenes. If you've seen Pineapple Express, 40 year old virgin or Forgetting Sarah Marshall (and liked them) you're probably going to like this. Comfortable 4 stars.
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on 7 December 2004
In a world of gameshows and reality TV this show really stands out against the mould - probably why it run was so short lived. This DVD is as close to perfection as physically possible. Buy this DVD and you won't leave the house for days untill yoyu've watched every episode, commentary ann extra feature. BUY THIS DVD!!! - you will not regret it
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on 21 March 2013
If you ever went to high school and weren't among the top 5% popular persons, or just felt out of place from time to time, this is the show for you. If you went to high school in the late 70's or early 80's, this is definitely the show for you. Well-written, well-played, still brilliant (after all these years).
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on 18 May 2005
Simply put, this is the best thing on TV to come out of the USA. I nearly bought cable for the chance to see it again but assumed Channel Four would show it - no such luck.
Brilliantly written, acted and directed, this show hit a chord with so many people in the States. The 'Freaks' are the older pot-smoking, Led Zeppelin fans and the 'Geeks' are the younger-acting Mathletes and the main character's younger brother's crowd. The best episodes are when the two groups do battle, of a sort, over the lovely Lindsay Weir, the main character of the show played by Linda Cardellini. You might recognise the name, she's also in ER in the UK at the moment.
A stand-out episode is the fantastic Beers and Weirs, where the younger kids try to stop the older kids from drinking and wrecking the house when Lindsay's folks are away for the night. I don't want to give the storyline away, but whenever I'm in the museum of television and radio in New York, I always put it on my slip to watch. It's worth travelling halfway around the world for, it's honestly THAT good.
There's a fair comparison between this show and My So Called Life - let's hope that Linda Cardellini's career goes on to be as succesful as that of Clare Danes. It's a really heartwarming series, and some of the episodes are a little bit out there too, there's a really awkward scene in one of the episodes where you're just watching one of the characters watching TV and eating messily for what feels like 15 minutes. Its cult status is well deserved and this series will pass the test of time - it still feels fresh six years after it first aired.
When will they release a UK version DVD, or rerun it on Channel Four? Looks like we'll just have to buy it in NTSC format for the time being!
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