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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 26 March 2004
1. Looking For Love 9/10 very nice opening for DJ
2. Damita Jo 10/10 definitely single material
3. Sexhibition 8/10 this song is a play on words. JALW is the better Dallas produced song
4. Strawberry Bounce 8/10 a lot of people seem to like this song, maybe it'll grow on me
5. My Baby (featuring Kanye West)9/10- Kanye West songs are always amazing this is no exception,
6. The Islands 10/10 this album is almost speak-easy, this is a good example of that
7. Spending Time With You 10/10 this song can be called that's the way love goes part 2, an excellent song!
8. Magic Hour 9/10 another great interlude where Janet talks about dusk
9. Island Life 9/10 another favorite, has a very summer fun vibe
10. All Nite (Don't Stop) 9/10 a possible next single
11. R&B Junkie 9 1/2/10 - I love this song, this song will make you dance!~ very old-school, has an 80's disco vibe to it?
12. I Want You 9/10 I love this song especially the boo-hoos, the original version is a classic also, very Stacy Lattisaw
13. Like You Don't Love Me 9/10 another sweet sexy Janet song, a mellow R & B groove, one of those songs you blast driving around in your car and you just BUMP! lol
14. Thinkin' Bout My Ex 10/10 a touching Babyface-produced song
15. Warmth 7/10 my least favorite track just me I'm a bigger fan of Moist ;), think would you mind part 2 total baby-making song!
16. Moist- 10/10 Moist is very sexxy. This song is influenced heavily by Jazz, if you like Jazz you're sure to like this song, one of the best songs on the album
17. It All Comes Down To Love 9/10
18. Truly -9/10 this is a very sweet song, Janet's vocals really sound like feathers in this one
19. The One 10/10
20. SloLove -10/10 this is my favorite dance track on the album,
21. Country 10/10 my favorite interlude, it's really funny, gotta hear it, Damita Jo is country! LOL
22. Just A Little While 10/10 I love this song, the guitar songs amazing, brings back the guitar memories of Black Cat, What'll I do, & If
notice I didn't mention the superbowl! oops LOL
but the last few tracks are definitely the best on the album
also Could this be love 10/10
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on 22 June 2005
First off, i'm a Janet fan. I've loved her music since the beginning of time (well, when she started!) and even though the last album (All For You) was a bit of a let down, i was hoping for something stronger in Damita Jo.
In my opinion, this album has it's high points and it's low points. The low points being the "sexy" songs which Janet just sounds like, well...desperate. The high points are definetly the singles (including the US only released I Want You) along with "RnB Junkie", "Thinkin Bout My Ex" and "My Baby".
If Janet had used these songs on All For You and merged them together, we would have a very strong album. Thiso n the otherhand, doesn't seem to go anywhere...if you like going up and down mountains, then this is for you
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on 5 September 2013
I can't understand why this album sold so little there are 22 songs on here and there are many diffrent genres on here
I adore All Nite (don't stop), I Want You,Sexhibation,Strawberry Bounce,Just A Little While,R&B Junkie i could go on haha
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on 6 April 2004
This album is yet another amazing piece of art from Janet Jackson. There is a very 80's sounding style to the music very retro sounding.....simply amazing. Miss Jackson has knocked me off my feet once again.
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on 25 April 2013
ok i bought this album as i saw a documentry about her and this is the only album i didnt have in my collection it was described as a flop however they played a snipet of all nite (dont stop) i thought well that sounds great so i ordered the albulm and i really enjoyed it worth buying.
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on 21 October 2012
Janet has come out and produced an album uncovering more of her! It's a look into her more personal nature, it's about love, and most of all Damita Jo! From all her past releases this is one of the albums aside "All For You" where she states it's her growth as a person, her spiritual connection to God, and her release of repressions! The cover artwork is just a reflection of those things and the title is her "personal" name! Enjoy music with all kinds of tempos geared for R&B junkies, loveaholics, and dance fanatics! This is a spectacular production filled with love, positive messages, and much creativity!

The opening track [1:29], "Looking For Love" has the words that reflect nicely the overall effect of the musical listening experience. Some are: "...So many different characters live within us all looking for love." It's about the energy, creativity, confusion, contradictions, faith, and moments many face! It's a journey into the beauty of love, moments of fun, exciting dance cheerful attitudes, and most of all belief that all will be okay and even more exotic than your wildest dreams!

For the curious, this is the Clean Version and has differences quite satisfactory! The explicit version has a track titled "Sexhibition" but in this you will have "Exhibition". Other differences include this one does not have certain songs like "Moist", and "Warmth". Also worth noting, the Japan Import includes the explicit songs, lyrical sheet, plus the tracks "I'm Here" and "Put Your Hands On".

Top favorite and stand-out tracks include: "Exhibition" with the edgy lyrics, "I Want You" displaying a strong attraction toward someone that has that magic not ever felt. "All Nite (Don't Stop) highlighting much dance vibes, and rhythmic beats, "Strawberry Bounce" for the bouncy R&B dance styles combined with the so so sensual lyrics. Every song is sensational. R&B junkies will definitely enjoy the track titled, "R&B Junkie" showing much dance flairs, uplifting tempos, and bouncy pumping rhythms, and effects.

Romantics will enjoy songs like, "Spending Time With You" and "Thinkin' Bout My Ex". The soothing melodies can entice to light candles, drink some wine, make-up with that special ex, and cozy up together. Her vocals are breathy at times, soft, then a bit higher in sound all creating a nice positive, warm feeling!

Worth mentioning is the fact that few featured artist are on the album. There is Kanye West on the track titled, "My Baby". It's a very mellow sounding song with lots of romantic elements. Janet's vocals sounding excellent. Then there's the chorus on many of the songs that are off the charts. All in all, this is an album that revolves around love and most of all "Damita Jo".

Recharge your thoughts with positive energy, creativity, and most of all love! While her previous albums were totally different this one is for those who like to explore, fantasize, and get away from life's troubles! Janet's inspirations for this album are read in the inner booklet that reads: "God thank you for allowing this creation of yours 2 flow through me." Her spirituality is definitely present! Janet is special and this album is just another one of her masterful creations that will always be played for years to come and generations more!
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on 28 May 2004
Janet Jackson's "Damita Jo" is one of the best albums of 2004.
It has Charisma, Soul, A Lot of Effort and Talent mixed in one CD at the same time. I Really don't understand why this album is so underrated, it has great tracks and lots of standouts, Janet should be proud of her work.
This Is A Review of the tracks of "Damita Jo":
Looking for Love / Damita Jo / Sexhibition :
"Looking For Love" was the perfect song to start the album, followed by Damita Jo & the Brilliant "Sexhibition". Those tracks put me in the Janet Mood. The Only problem is that those songs are very Short.
Strawberry Bounce / My Baby: Upbeat Songs, Very Good Ones.
Jay Z is featured in Strawberry Bounce, making a great but again, Short song. My Baby is more like my style, on this track is featured Kanye West, the Rapper and R&B producer of the moment in the states.
The Islands / Spending Time With You / The Magic Hour / Island Life:
One Of My Favorite parts of "Damita Jo". "The Islands" is an Interlude, a very relaxing interlude. Followed by "Spending Time with You" an Amazing R&B Track, Deliciously performed by Janet. After this "The Magic Hour" starts, this is another relaxing interlude with Janet's Voice. To Finish with this part of the album is "Island Life", an Upbeat R&B Janet track.
All Nite (Don't Stop) / R&B Junkie / I Want You:
All Nite is one of my favorite singles of 2004, Janet simply puts all her soul in this track - Catchy, Seductively enough to atract the public. R&B Junkie is another Upbeat track, this song has a very Old School Feeling for a strange reason. I Want You is a R&B Ballad, very sweet and lovely, one of the singles from "Damita Jo"
Like You Don't Love Me / Thinkin' Bout My Ex:
Beautiful Janet Songs. This tracks now put me in the "Slow R&B" mood for the next couple of songs.
Warmth / Moist:
Sexy, Fresh & Great tracks. Perfect ones for those rainy days, Janet really mastered the art of the "R&B Slow tracks" and this songs shows that.
It All Comes Down to Love / Truly / One:
This Songs are Nothing Special in this album. Again, Janet is adding to the album Short Songs, We want more Janet !
Slolove / Country / Just a Little While:
Slo Love is my favorite song of the album, it's Very Catchy and Should be a Single, the best song of "Damita Jo". Country is a short Interlude that lead us to "Just A Little While", the last track on the album & the first single of "Damita Jo". I didn't liked "Just A Little While" at first, I must admit that It has grow on me a lot, but I still thinking that it was a mistake to release this track as the lead single of the album.
Overall, Damita Jo is one of the best R&B albums of the last years, I think it's better than "The Velvet Rope" and that says a lot. Buy It, I'm sure that you won't be dissapointed.
Thanks for Reading this Review =).
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on 3 August 2011
Janet Jackson attempts to make a bold statement in this album, about her well-communicated interest in sex and promiscuity.
As a newbie to Janet Jackson's music, I bought this album unfamiliar with any of Janet's music and I instantly fell in love with it. Although most of the songs have explicit, sexual lyrics, I couldn't help but stick the entire album on repeat for days.
I recommend 'Island Life' and 'Like You Don't Love Me' - these are lush, summery, pop songs that could have easily influenced modern artists such as Rihanna and Beyonce today.
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on 29 March 2004
If you want real music this is the album.Its got life,love,feeling and sex.The first thing about this album its diffrent from her last album ALL FOR YOU which was a masterpice.She has chossen the right produces and style its just outstanding,a very diffrent type of R&B its frash and beutiful its a masterpice.The song ISLAND LIFE is just amazing its peaceful funk.Other great tracks are DAMITA JO hip hop sounding tune with a good bass line.SEXHIBITION is a funky song to dance to with a sexy ruff edge,thats only a few good tracks to name theres many more good tracks.Janet has put alot of affot and soul on this great album.THIS album has got it all, the best album i have heard for a long time,every music lover should own a copy. GET IT YOU WONT REGRET IT. Its the best album of the year.
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on 7 December 2009
The first time you play this album you cant disinquish anything amazing but this album really grows on you!!

DAMITA JO - Its an good track, should grow on you. 7/10

SEXIBITION - when i heard the title of this track i thought it was going to be another would you mind/discipline however i was pleasently suprised its almost a rocky sound- maybe my favorite on the album 10/10

STRAWBERRY BOUNCE - Its a lot like damita jo to me, should grow on you, i also luv the opening to this song lalalalala 8/10

MY BABY - A really nice song!! again it grows on you .though it is a bit repetive after a while

SPENDING TIME WITH YOU - I LOVE this song to bits! really relaxing! 9/10

ISLAND LIFE - Alot like spending time with you still good in its own right though 8/10

ALL NIGHT (DONT STOP) - Everbody says this songs amazing, however i feel its probably my least favorite on the album, its got a really good beat yet i feel janets voice is a tiny bit too weak for this song. as much as i love her angel like voice, this song does not suit her 6/10

R&B JUNKIE - A really goood song, its like a better version of damita jo 9/10

I WANT YOU - a good song, shouldnt have been released as a single in my opinion, there are better songs on her album 8/10

LIKE YOU DONT LOVE ME - a good song, funny lyrics - 8.5/10

THINKIN ABOUT MY EX - again really relaxing love this song 8.7/10

WARMTH - probably the most sexual song on the album, now usually this is the song that i usually rate 3 out of 10 but this song was not that bad compared to would you mind or the later discipline, 7/10

MOIST - a better version of warmth 7.5 / 10

TRULY - a sweet song 7.8/ 10

SLOLOVE - a nice song to a bit more jumpy then the last 4 songs. 8/10

JUST A WHILE - I LOVE THIS SONG, got a great rocky edge to it, a fun video too! x

btw, u shud really look up the unrealeased songs on this album there all 10/10 for me, seriously if you pput together all her unreleased songs onto one album it would probably be the best janet album ever!! xx
ly janet
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