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4.8 out of 5 stars25
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 7 October 2015
Film: 'The Electric Horseman' (1979)

Well, this was an interesting one. I wasn't expecting a film that was so solid and thoughtful, although anything featuring Robert Redford has a good chance of being both of those things. He has always been the private man concerned about selling out, and in this movie he plays very close to home as the 'electric horseman' himself. This is a film about a champion rodeo cowboy who sells out and loses himself, before coming back to his senses with a bang and rescuing... Well, I won't say what or who he rescues. It's a very interesting film, and one that almost succeeds in pushing you away with the hero's unpleasant life before turning the corner to his redemption. That nastiness is often a very potent deterrent to watching a movie, and can easily be misjudged. For an example of a movie going a little to far, perhaps, check out the the beginning of my much beloved 'Joe Versus The Volcano'. I love it, but it does go too far into the land of nastiness.

So, we have a film, and it's an old fashioned directed by movie legend Sydney Pollack, which stars Redford and Jane Fonda, with a host of other memorable faces. It's thoughtful. Is it worth watching? Yes. It's a film, and one with its heart in the right place. Is it overwhelmingly original? Well, no, but it does what it does with a great deal of skill and expertise, and its success rests entirely on the uniqueness of its leads. As (mutter mutter) Ebert said, it's the equivalent of an older style star vehicle, where the quality is as much in the actors as the script, and that is true. It's a star vehicle for two stars. He also said that they didn't make movies like this anymore, and they still don't.

Hang on, how did this become a tangent onto movies and Roger Ebert? This is supposed to be about 'The Electric Horseman', the titular character's hideous fluorescent show costume, Willie Nelson in one of his first screen roles, Jane Fonda's stupid boots, John Saxon continuing his string of creepy villain performances, country music, and the joys of 'little and big' movies. 'The Electric Horseman' is little AND big, a quality that features in many of my favourite films. Than can mean a small story with large themes, or a large story with personal themes and implications, or many other implications. The point is that it's doing more than one thing, and operating on several scales at once, making it more than just story about a simple cowboy who turns a corner and does something rather heroic, or the redemption of a reporter who may have lost the trees for the woods. There's something very special about 'little and big' films, so seek them out wherever you may. See also: 'African Queen' or 'The Truman Show'.

Good? Yes. Excellent? Depends on your taste. Eerily beautiful in places? Definitely. Is there a token police chase, involving horses, cars and motorcycles? That would be telling.

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on 10 January 2014
I love it. I am a fan.Nostalgic, programs. I love these old programmes so much more funny than the modern sitcoms nowadays. don't you agree?
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on 20 March 2004
washed up rodeo star and beautiful news hack, meet and have stormy time. Theres a fantastic horse chase, visual images of the horse covered in light bulbs, and some awsome scenery too.
It a moral tale and just good eye candy for the lovely Robert Redford and lovely Jane Fonda.
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on 22 August 2014
An absolute favourite from my teenage years, Redford is fab.
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on 21 August 2009
I first saw this film some years ago and enjoyed it then. When I managed to get the DVD from Amazon I was very pleased to have the oppurtunity to view it again.It is a warm story about two people pursuing differant goals ad how the come to appreciate each other. The cowboy, played by Robert Redford, is incensed by the tratment of a champion horse so steals it to set it free. The reporter, played by Jane Fonda, just sees it as a story that can be milked for all it is worth to boost television ratings. The story of their journey with the horse in the wilds of Utah shows how the hardbitten lady comes to appreciate the motives and basic goodness of the cowboy. It is a feel good story where the simple man outwits corporate America.
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on 16 October 2014
very pleased with purchase, would use seller again
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on 20 January 2015
A great film, with two of the most famous actors to grace the screen, both in their prime, a real chemistry between them. And the horse is beautiful! Willy Nelson plays his part in his usual laid back style.
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on 4 September 2013
This is a great movie from the 70's with Redford playing the still raw, unrefined male character he goes on to develop and mature in The Horse Whisperer and An Unfinished Life . Fonda also plays a female character she returns to many times.The two together have great chemistry in this movie about, well..the loss of the American Dream.
Short plot.
Rodeo star and hard drinking man's man Sonny, gets himself a cushy number as the sales figure of a breakfast cereal owned by sinister corporation.
Sales pitch puts him together with prize stallion acquired by corporation in tacky Vegas media event where he realises said horse is being abused.
He rustles the horse in true Hollywood cowboy fashion.
Fonda's ruthless but neurotic LA TV journo pursues and a comparison of lifestyles and world views follows with some sweet, sensitive lovin' in the mix.
It's a romantic piece, part comedy, part serious statement about gender roles and the rape of the envirnoment for profit and greed.
Highly watchable; two serious, and seriously good looking, heavyweight actors at the peak of their powers in a movie you know they believed in.
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on 31 March 2016
A real blast from the past where the story and the music come together for a great film.
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on 5 May 2015
love this film first time around and it is still as good as the first time I saw it
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