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3.5 out of 5 stars28
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 24 June 2004
Everyone who critises this game, arent true football fans..this game is great! Being able to qualify for Euro 2004..experiencing the highs of success and the lows of failure...some people complain that it is too hard to score, and that the keepers are too is because you arent good enough to get it past...i would much rather it being hard to score, then too easy to score...this is a great game...people who knock it are obviously in love with Pro Evolution Soccer 3, and cant accept that other football games are good too!!!
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on 14 August 2004
FIFA Euro 2004 continues the franchise's slow inexorable transformation into a clone of Pro Evolution Soccer.
Whereas FIFA 2004 had a through-ball feature that was difficult to master, Euro 2004 sees this move refined to become as integral to the game as it used to be to Pro Evo. Not only that, but players make intelligent runs that you'll need to be able to spot and anticipate.
Another refinement is in the off-the-ball system introduced in FIFA 2004. This was so easy that my top scorer had 45 goals in a season because all I had to do was pick him out with an L2 pass. Now it's a much more difficult thing to complete, as defenders block the passes or prevent the target man from getting in a shot.
Of course the graphics are as realistic as you'd expect from the FIFA franchise - almost TV quality. You can choose from playing the full qualification route or going straight to the competition, as well as having a random selection in either. And a new feature introduces the ability to set up your own situation for a one-off game - the score, time left, yellow/red cards etc.
This certainly whets the appetite for FIFA 2005 - finally it's approaching the intelligence and subtlety of Pro Evo, although if forced to choose, I'd still stick with the more intuitive and controllable Pro Evo.
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on 3 May 2004
Although it has been said that Euro 2004 and Fifa 2004 are exactly the same you could not be more wrong. Euro 2004 feels a lot different. For a start many new skills can be done using the right analog stick. Some more established players even have their own signature moves.Also as well as offering the the usual career mode it offers a situation mode and more intrestingly it offers a fantasy where you can put together a team of Europe's best. Another new mode that has been added is the home and away mode(nothing to do with the channel 5 soap). Home and away is exactly what it says it is, you play a two legged match against a certain team annd see who wins on aggregate. Overall even if you do own Fifa 2004 you should buy Euro 2004 because it is a fantatstic game and lets hope they put some of Euro 2004's excellent features into Fifa 2005.
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on 5 May 2004
UEFA Euro 2004 gives you the chance to lead your country on the road to Euro 2004 glory. In the deepest championship mode ever released, you will be immersed in the highs and lows of qualification and the challenge of selecting the perfect team to win. This is authentic national team football, where you'll have to pit your wits on and off the pitch to qualify and win for your country in the only official game for Euro 2004.
As we have come to expect from EA Sports (also the makers of the amazing FIFA titles) the graphics are crisp and there is a huge amount of realism in the likeness's of all the players.The game play is seemingly endless and continues the authentic football experiance. Not only do you have all new skill moves, but futher enhanced player movement,passing,shooting,heading and dribbling have been introduced making UEFA Euro 2004 easy to pick up and play but a challenge for the real football gaming fan.
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on 5 May 2004
Should you by Euro 2004? Well it goes without saying that for simulation and gut and glory of actual football PES3 is still the best footie game out. There are problems with Euro 2004 the players are still oddly heavy and not enough differentiation between the stars and normal players. Also EA has failed to eliminate the persistent visual stutter that has been an unwelcome feature of the series on PS2. Fifa's 'off the ball' feature is still the equivalent of a mad old relative living in the attic. You know they're up there but don't want to visit that often. Although it includes no online feature it makes it up with allowing you to play through the whole tournament including qualifying, 51 European national sides, a fantasy mode allowing you to create your own European dream team and situation mode which enables you to start a match with specific parameters, so for instance you might be one-nil down with nine men with only 20 minutes left. There is a lot of depth in Euro 2004 also with numerous managerial factors to consider, ranging from the fluctuating player morale to a club vs. country row. Fact is authentically recreating the tournament on PES3 would take weeks in edit mode. Euro 2004 plays well, looks great and you should feel no shame about buying it. Verdict - Graphics 8/10, impressive and superb 'facials'. Sound 9/10, excellent McCoist/Motson commentary. Gameplay 8/10, a marked improvement on last year's model. Lifespan 6/10, you'll play until Euro 2004 ends, but after? Overall 8/10, Not essential, but Euro 2004 outplays its predecessor (FIFA 2004) comfortably.
- Simon King
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on 20 May 2004
I rented this game hoping it would be better than fifa, and it was. you can finally make your own team which can have the best european players. in the teams there is atleast 25 players. you can be 51 teams in total. if you want to play euro 2004 you have to qualify first and you can arrange friendlies. My opionion buy it!
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on 24 July 2004
This game is a fun good game I have enjoyed playing, it could be improved though by having play offs when a nation once a nation with the same number of points as another nation are at the end of the group stages of the tournament as you would get in real life!
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on 2 January 2015
UEFA Euro 2004 (PS2) Gameplay in action
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on 30 May 2004
this game reminds me of the mega drive games but worse, slow, unrealistic, poor graphics, glad i only rented. The only game i`ve ever taken back early.
Shockingly bad
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on 20 May 2004
I enjoy playing Fifa 2004 with my mates and noticed that euro 2004 was coming out. Knowing that Fifa are USUALLY good, I bought the game.
What I expected was Fifa 2004 + better.
Much to my suprise it was more like Fifa 1996 - less.
This game really does look like it has messed up fifa's reputation.
There is a new fake shot skill that can be used, this is rubbish because the keeper comes out and takes the ball from you.
The through ball skill has now lost its point as there is an un-directed through ball (L1 + X) or a normal through ball (triangle). I mean, the whole damn point of through ball is to have it undirected. Surely a directed through ball is the same as a pass.
There is a new cross option, the driven cross has now been ditched and there is a quick cross, which I am still trying to work out the point of, as if you cross you always expect it to be quick.
There is a new type of shot, which is chipping over the keepers head (L1 + circle), generally the keeper catches this every time.
The corners have now got a lot worse and are virtually impossible to score as the keeper always gets the ball.
Another problem is that all the commentry is the same and all the loading is slow.
I was playing my mate earlier on Euro 2004 and every time I got near his defence all he has to do is press circle and it would tackle me even if I faced the other way.
You can now use a lob through ball, which I tried but of course, it really doesnt work.
whenever a pass is made or a through ball and another player is quite near in front of you, the ball hits the player and the other team get possession.
If a foul is committed from behind the ref ignors it and most fouls are ignore from from on as well.
I also counted that I had 8 one on ones in the last game I played, scoring zilch of them.
The reason so being that, you cant fake shot because the keeper gets the ball, you cant do a lob shot because the keeper gets the ball, you cant take on the keeper because it goes to slow and the keeper gets the ball, you cant shoot normally, because the keeper easily saves.
My advise is to maybe buy Fifa 2004 if you dont have it or to buy pro evolution soccer because this game is not very good at all.
Also, bringing the keeper out doesn't always work and my mate crossed a ball from the half way line, it went straight at my goal, so I held bring keeper out (triangle) and the keeper stood there and the ball went straight into the net.
the game modes are bad, the game play is bad, the music is bad. What is the point of this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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