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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 7 March 2004
Absolutley stunning!! This DVD is packed full of superb musicianship and skill displayed by these three in their own unique way. We first see Satch on stage (who has achieved his best live tone) perform a magical Starry Night and an inspiring Midnight.
Secondly, Vai silences the crowd by coming on stage with a triple-neck guitar on which he plays two necks at the same time!!! Vai really does show off his skill in his final song by him and his bassist and his two rhythm guitarists standing in a row and reaching over, playing each others necks!!! Finally, Yngwie comes on and lets say, "frightens" the crowd with his speed, accuracy and "straight out of the 80's look!!! He plays an inspiring piece on an acoustic guitar (a true talent from a man that cannot read a note of music!).
The G3 jam at the end is superb! Vai performs Hendrix's Little Wing beautifully (with the exact tone as Hendrix), which brings a tear to the eye to see all three of them play a great tribute to the man himself. Malmsteen plays the intro to Voodoo Child with an incredible wah beggining then showing us what speed actually is. At times though, it is a shame to see Malmsteen put scarily fast arpeggios in the middle of Little Wing.
But this DVD is a must buy for all guitarists and even people who just like Rock. The camera work is top class, with the camera crew focusing on what the each of them are doing on the guitar instead of focusing at there face.
For a live DVD, the sound quality is as good as it gets, with nothing slightly muffled, instead you can hear everything perfectly balanced. There are not as many bonus features here, but the reason for that is so you can see the concert as it was, without having to edit bits out. This is the whole concert, as it was on the night.
For those guitarist's out there, there is an extra camera angle for you, called "Fret Cam" which zooms in on just the fretboard so you can see how they play it and to see the incredible talent that these three have.
Each player brilliantly shows the crowd what each of them can do and shows what no one else in the world can do. Do not miss out on this inspirational and jaw-dropping DVD - BUY IT NOW!!!
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on 6 April 2004
I've been waiting a long time to see this DVD and its amazing!! its amazing to see the same six strings, the same notes, same instrument, but interpreted in totally different ways!
but, and its a big but, i was dissapointed in one main thing.
joe satriani played 5 songs, yngwie malmsteen played 5 songs, but steve vai only gave us 3?? aren't we worthy anymore? the three songs given on the dvd was a major dissapointment. the original G3 video was a better performance! im glad though that he played three songs not found on the first G3 and his new DVD.
anyone that does not have a clue who he is and watches this DVD will obviously think that steve vai isn't all that, and may forgo them watching the live at the astoria dvd, or anything else he's done.
i'd give the dvd "5" if it weren't for that. but in terms of joe satriani: excellent as usual! malmsteen, regardless of what people say, brilliant! yngwie is so used to playing his way, what he wants, and when he wants, i was really glad to see him be a musician. in the "jam" section, he doesn't play all the time, but actually stops himself in favour of the other, and for the song!! wow! we can all learn something from that!!
my advice: check out the joe satriani live dvd, and the steve vai live at the astoria dvd FIRST, then go for this one.
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on 6 June 2005
Well first of all I would like to say that this in my mind has been the best ever G3 lineup. Each player plays a 3 song set individually. I would say the best tracks for each of them are:
Joe Satriani - Starry Night
Steve Vai - Juice
Yngwie Malmsteen - Acoustic Guitar
The main part for me was the 'G3 Jam' towards the end of the DVD, they all play together and to be honest it is completely breathtaking. They start off with Neil Young's 'Rockin In The Free World'. Then Jimi Hendrix's 'Little Wing', this track has to be the best on the DVD; they extend the original with their own guitar work from 3 minutes to 5 minutes! Yngwie then plays Jimi Hendrix's 'Voodoo Child (Slight Return)', ok his vocals don't match the song too well but what amazing guitar work, I don't know how Yngwie sings and plays like he does without even looking at the fret board! Amazing solos by all 3 guitarists on these 3 songs.
Each person has their favorite guitarist as you can see from other reviews of this DVD, but it has to be said: All 3 of them are outstanding. A must have for any guitarist out there!
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on 16 March 2004
Ok, anyone who's seen the previous G3 DVD will know how disappointing it was. So, the big question is, does this DVD make up for it?
You're damn right it does! The trio of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and guest, Yngwie Malmsteen is just perfect; Satch provides the coolness, technical wizardry and innovation, Vai provides the all-round amazingness (even with a TRIPLE neck guitar!) and Yngwie provides the...emmm...comedy!??
Yes, it seems as if Mr Malmsteen is stuck in a time warp! It's impossible to date this madman and he's totally off the wall what with his mad hair, weird dress sense and awesome stage presence; throwing his guitar up in the air and round his back at every available opportunity. It's these traits that ALMOST distract you from the fact that Yngwie is probably the fastest guitarist in the world, looking scarily like something from an 80's pop-music video.
So what's the content actually like? Well you get more than the original three songs per guitarist, as was the case on the last G3 DVD and Satriani's first filmed performance of the awesome "Starry Night" fits in nicely but it's still not the same as getting the full show. Satch performs his set slightly on the quiet side with not quite as much heart as he shows on "Live In San Francisco" and he doesn't even have the same, awesome backing band. Vai, however, outperforms his teacher with the aid of the aforementioned triple-neck guitar which is totally crazy. Yngwie (pronounced 'ING-Vay') Malmsteen's set is awesome although his song writing skills aren't quite up to Satch's of even Vai's standards although he really does make the former two guitar Gods look slow.
And so, the famous G3 jam rounds off the show. Each guitarist sings on one track and all three play guitar in their selected styles. Satch lays down some beautiful melodies, Vai fills in all the technical parts and Yngwie fills in every available quiet moment with a zillion notes-per-second and a lot of roof-raising stage mannerisms--something that viewers who aren't total die-hard fans will really appreciate as he really does bring a new dimension to G3. His gruff voice on the cover of "Voodoo Child" works really well and it was the perfect choice for him.
All in all, awesome for die-hard fans of Satch and Vai. Plus, it'll also provide enough entertainment for people who just want to see some crazy speed playing and generally the spectacle of some great guitar players having a good time.
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on 29 February 2004
Guitar shredding refuses to die and this DVD shows why....these guys,once poster boys for budding eddie van halens in the 80's/early 90's and now in their middle age just keep getting better!! The highlight of Joes set,for me is The Mystical Potatoe Head Groove Thing which features one of the hardest mothers of arpeggios you could ever have to play - and he nails it every time! Steve brings out his triple neck Jem for I Know Your Here (previously unreleased) and has the audience hushed in amazement as he does what only Stevie Vai can do. Malmsteen's appearance (looking like he just stepped out of an eighties timwewarp with his big hair and 'lets rock' guitar slinging antics) defies his playing ability - he plays his strat at a million notes a second with the same level of effort you and me might muster to brush our teeth..this is truly amazing. The finale is OK - i personally could live do without yet more Hendrix covers (Jimi said it all). All in all a great DVD if you like rock guitar you must buy this. The only down sides - there could have been better bonus material (we only get text biogs, photos of tour date listings and lighting plans). Some behind the scenes interviews, footage would have been great too, but still cant complain - this is excellent - BUY IT!!!
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on 7 March 2004
Firstly, I should point out that this is a massive improvement on the last G3 DVD.
Any Satriani or Vai fan knows how disappointing the last G3 was. While it was an amazing show, we only got 3 songs from each artist which simply isn't enough. Here we get almost the whole show.
First up is Joe Satriani - my personal favourite.
His tone has changed for, in my opinion, the better. While I listened to Satch Boogie I was took back abit by this change but I had got used to it by the time he played The Extremist - and he ripped through that song. Starry Night and Midnight sound great, although midnight is a bit quiet in my opinion. Then the mystical potato head groove thing. This is always a treat because of how technically hard the song is. Again, with the new tone, it sounds and looks great.
Then, after a quick backstage shot, we are introduced to Steve Vai. Joe is my favourite guitarist of all time, but there is no doubt that Steve steals the show. I do love Vai almost as much as Satriani, but I couldn't help but think he had gone a bit over the top when I saw the triple neck for the first time...after looking at it, I heard the song and completely changed my mind. Sure, it looks over the top but the music is amazing. The new song is great, and Vais voice is top notch as well. Juice is played with almost perfection - one of my all time Vai songs. The last song which involves a bit of stage antics (Steve, Tony, Dave and Billy exchanging riffs and playing each others guitars - all I can say is wow) and ends the set with a bang.
Next is Yngwie, and part of the reason why this only gets 4 starts. First thing to say, Yngwie is one hell of a player and he is probably the fastest in the world. But man...his tone really sucks. Far Beyond the Sun is probably the best song in his set, but it all gets a bit repetetive after a while...we all know he can shred like hell, I just wish he would write some better stuff, or get some better pickups.
Finally is the Jam, and what a jam it is...Rockin in the Free world is probably the best song on the dvd in my opinion...I loved the original but this is an absolutely amazing rendition of it. Little wing is great too, but Yngwie overplays a bit in it...he should have saved it for a more rock-type song the final song; Voodoo child, with Yngwie on vocals. Great performance too, but not too hot on his voice.
The special features aren't special at all. I just wish we had gotten some more backstage footage - does anybody really care about the lighting diagrams? And the tour schedule can be found on the internet.
While it's not the full show, it's still a great buy for any guitar fan, and while it's not as good as Satriani live in San Francisco or Steve Vai live at the Astoria London, it's still a great performance and a thoroughly entertaining experience...I just wish it was the full show.
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on 5 September 2013
At first I was mainly interested in the contribution of Steve Vai. It is excellent especially I know you're there. But I was most pleased with the contribution of Joe Satrani. Very musical rock. Yngwie is mentally fast as usual. Very good but a bit predictable (sorry Y)
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on 5 February 2005
Joe Satriani & Steve Vai are old friends and are brave to bring Yngwie onboard. Equally he is brave to come on board with these two. In the end I think they have great fun and I, as a sad old thirty something who remember these guys coming onto the scene, really had fun watching it. Now to get more Vai stuff..!
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on 3 January 2008
Satriani is all class and humbleness - anchors the show. Yngwie made it special with his unique playing and composition - I think he is one of a kind and suggest you ignore comments in reviews about his "Meatloaf mates Joan Jett" appearance - I guy gave it his all to make a mark among two of the worlds best peers and scored with original sounds and apparent passion. Vai has a great band but bores me - sounds like Satriani without the "Satchness" factor. Vai's triple neck guitar and lacy lingerie outfit leave me cold since his music while technically flashy never delivers the soul of a jimi hendrix lick (with fewer notes). All 3 playing together provide a truly enjoyable performance. Check it out.
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on 30 August 2004
Everything in this DVD shows amazing guitar coming from the three guitar gods of this earth!!! Joe Satriani's setup up showz some of his best work.The only thing that made me unhappy that i bought this was the fact that at the end of malmsteens performance he smashes up such an amazing guitar but that doesnt out weigh the amazing guitar skills. All together they are the greatest performers i have ever seen so if you havent got this DVD then buy it!!! you wont reget it.Trust me
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