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on 14 December 2004
Wow. I've been playing this since the day it came out over here, September 17th. Ok, it takes a goodfew hours to install and setup (the worst part is updating...) but is it worth it?? Yes definatly. Graphics wise it's just another boost from Final Fantasy X-2 on the PS2 which were amazing alone. The lifespan of is impossible to gauge since there are updates every month which give you alot of extras. It is a really huge game and there are multiple servers, which are named after the summon monsters from the previous games (eg. Ramuh, Shiva, Ifrit, Pandemonium etc....). And all that is just the bare minimum. With 5 different races and 15 jobs to explore this game, with no updates, could easily last a good few years. But of course, there are consequences. It's a MMORPG, Massivly Multipayer Online Role Playing Every month costs you around £3-6. And the first month is free and then its £3-6 a month for your main character and £0.20-1.00 for every other character you get. Annoying but worth it. The pack also comes with Playonline which is an email, chat room, update software used for Final Fantasy, the game itself, the two expansion packs and Tetra Master Online. Yes its true, Final Fantsay 9's old favourite is back and its online aswell!
So overall, nothing can possibly beat this ever. Money wise I'd say we're lucky, Americans have to buy all this seperately!
P.S If you join and happen to end up on the Asura server, my name is Alipay.
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on 19 September 2004
So, I received the box - containing 7 discs! - on Saturday 10.30. I had this preordered, and was really looking forward to it - I had already purchased the Strategy guide to help me through (had played Star Wars Galaxies for a few months but found myself way behind the 'competition' so decided to get a heads up this time around).
Anyway, I immediately started to install. This takes ages - the worst bit is the 'Play Online Viewer' which is the connection software through which you have to play the game. I holds your username, account details, and any personal stuff you wish to add - It looks kinda cool - and definitely built around being part of a community of gamers. Like I said it's a long process and way more indepth than it needs to be (and a bit of a nuisance when all you want to do is install and go).
So, I eventually start to install the game - this is much quicker cos there's nothing odd here just six discs of data - in fact a massive 7 gigs of the stuff!
Ok, ready to play!
Or so I thought...
Because things are changing almost constantly through the gaming world, you get automatic updates. Now I am on broadband, and I have a quick connection, but this takes another 6, that is S I X, count them SIX HOURS to download - and you can't skip it (obviously)!!
So, a day that started at 10.30am is now 6.30pm and I'm only just ready to play.
What's the game like?
It's cool! The graphics are great - I have a Athlon 2500, about 700 meg of ram and a 128meg Geforce 5900XT and can run it with pretty much full tweak. The default is horrible though - obviously done so lower end machine can play it - but uggghh! Open the game config and change them as soon as!
It's the usual fare as gameplay goes - beat animals to death while levelling up - take a few jobs - get more powerful - beat bigger animals to death! - meet some people (Everyone seems nice enough). It seems you will pretty much be left to it by the more advanced players until you require assistance - so don't feel everyone is watching you!! This is essential as the controls take a while to get to grips with - everything is hidden away in menus which really take some time to navigate well. If you do find yourself in trouble, being beaten to a pulp and by a puny looking 'walking sapling' (it can happen!) there is usually someone around who will throw a cure and protect spell at you and then be on there way! Honest - it happened to me three times! Didn't even get to say thanks!
So all in all, once you get over the install, a glorious world awaits. But as with all MMORPG's the game will be what you make it. It's your adventure and it will take a good portion of your 'real life' to gain rewards in Vana'diel. You have been warned...
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on 10 February 2004
now i have been playing the US version since october and it is a great game and very time comsuming but dont let that put you off, there is so much to do ingame, exploring, fighting, crafting, fishing, chatting, missions, quests and more, and you can try out all 15 jobs, currently ive played monk for a while and now having go with bard.
there is a real sense of community ingame as you will often see people who you might have partied with or just chatted to, you will also get to talk to US and JPN players since we share the same servers, and their is always some excitment to doing something new, like going to a new area for the first time or get a new spell or ability in a job.
there is a monthly fee to play this and its online only but ive not bought another game since getting FFXI so it has saved me more money than i have spent.
in all this is a great game and well worth playing
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on 30 November 2004
i think this is one of the best games ever! after u install the game (wich took me 4 hours!) u get 2 make your own charater(s) and then u can play! the game controls are a little confusing at first but soon u get used to them, the people are very nice and help u out. the game takes a long time 2 get in to, as theres so much to do and they keep upgrading it to make it better. the graphics are ok even with a low graphics card(GF5200). because it is a online game u have to pay a certain amount of money each month, after 1 month u have to pay £11 then £5 each month (50p extra for any extra charaters) i think this worth it. well, i hope this has helped u make a decision in geting this game or not and if u do get this game and need help im always willing 2 help,look for fred (taru red mage) bye!
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on 17 March 2005
first of, if you think this is just a plain old final fantasy game, then your wrong! this game has any new things to the final fantasy series.
FFXI is Square-enix's first final fantasy to offer online play, but theres no offline mode here though. To play FFXI you will need to pay a monthly charge of around £8ish(depending on how many content ids you have)
The fighting system of ffxi is very unique in ways. This is because you can have jobs, these jobs are black mages, white mages etc. You can unlock other jobs too like the dragoon and dark knight etc. You can unlock these by completeing missions set out to you by people at your location.
All in all FFXI is a huge game, and will take a very logn time to explore all areas and to level up your character to be strong enough to. There are also loads of jobs, crafting, weapons, armour etc to see and collect! and the game is always getting better due to expasions. 9/10
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on 4 May 2004
First,I am american and have been playing this game since january. Upon reading all of the reviews here on Amazon UK I have noticed one big piece of misinformation, the billing prices. I would like to put this rest. The first month is free. Afterwards you have to pay around $24 (U.S.), which I believe equates to about 13£. There is a one time charge of $12 or £6 for your first character, $1 for every character after that (i'm not intimate enough with the British monetary system to convert that, sorry).
Aside from the money issues, this is an amazing game. I'm running with an ATI Radeon 9600 pro with the graphics settings turned all the way up. Even better is that I only have 256 MB of RAM with an AMD 900 MHZ, I don't have any lag at all, which goes to show that it truly is the video card that handles this game.
There is one downside though, the intruction manual you recive with the game does not really give you a very good run through of the controls. That is ok though because the controls are fairly easy to handle and there are always people online willing to help out a new player. Just don't go around asking for freebies, people hate that.
All in all this is a very addictive game, if you do decide to get this and end up on the Bismarck server i'll be willing to help you out. The name is "Junkbunny" give me a shout.
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on 3 January 2005
This is an excellent game, you'll need a good 6.5 gigabytes for this game!! It takes a wile to install but is well worth it in the end. Then if you got a good internet connection like broad band it takes about 5 minutes to update the programs. This game is a totally online game, there is no way of playing it offline. And there is a charge to play, the first month is free, and then you have to pay £10 and £5 monthly after that. Like all final fantasy games, well the recent few, this is one of the best, don't think that because I have to pay, if I don't like it I wont be able to play it off line, trust me, you wont want to play it off line!! With all the people that you meet on hear, it's an excellent game, especially now that so many people have the game, it's very unlikely that you will go online and you'll be the only one there! And the best thing is if you buy this game you get 2 expansion packs! I've never seen a deal like it! Okay maybe you need them if you still having second thoughts, go to [...] select pictures and type final fantasy xi and do the same in google! Check out all the images! And a little advice, don't be fooled by all the fancy wallpaper images, the smaller ones are from the game but scaled down in res and size! The game is much better, the images just will give you some sort of idea of the game, but don't just write it off cos some of the pics look crap! It's a real good buy!
Hear are some system requirements that might help you!
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® 98/98se/Me/2000/Xp
CPU: Intel® Pentium® III 800 Mhz Or Faster Processor
Memory: 128 Mb Ram
Graphics Card: Nvidia® Geforce™ Series Graphics Processing Unit With 32 Mb Or Ati® Radeon™ 9000 Series Graphics Card (Agp)
Sound Card: Directx® 8.1 Compatible Soundcard
Hard Drive Space: 6 Gb free hard disk space
Cd-Rom Speed: 4x Cd-Rom Drive (Required Only At Installation)
Internet Connection: 56kbps Modem Or Better
Other: Keyboard, Mouse
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® Xp
CPU: Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor
Memory: 256 Mb Ram
Graphics Card: Nvidia® Geforcefx™ series graphics processing unit (AGP) With 64 Mb Of Vram
Sound Card: Directx® 8.1 compatible soundcard
Hard Drive Space: 6 Gb free hard disk space
Cd-Rom Speed: 32x Cd-Rom drive or faster (required only at installation)
Internet Connection: Always-on internet connection
Other: Keyboard with numeric pad, mouse with scroll wheel
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on 4 July 2004
I got the American version of FF11 I couldn't wait to play it anyway you can choose to play as either a Human (A basic Human), Taru Taru (A small but cute character), Elvaan (An Elf character), Galka (A massive beast with great strength Galkas are all Males)or Mithra (A cat like character Mithras are all Females).
Anyway I think FF11 is the second best Final Fantasy game the graphics are incredible and the gameplay is out of this world
Graphics: 9/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Music: 8/10
Storyline: 6/10
Anyway to make things easier for those who are confused FF11 is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game meaning you play with real people every other character you see is human there are no Bots.
Computer Requirements Needed:
Operating System: Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP
CPU: Intel Pentium III (Pentium 4 Recommended)
Memory 128MB RAM (256MB Recommended)
Graphics DirectX8.1 AGP compatible (Nvidia GeForce 3 Recommended)
Sound DirectX8.1 compatible
Harddisk 4.56GB Free Space
PlayStation 2 Compatible Mouse/ USB Mouse SCE USB Mouse SCPH-10230
Logicool Optical Mouse OM-44UPi, OM-45UPi
CD-ROM 4X or Higher (32X Recommended)
Modem 56k or higher
The Cost Is:
7.58 Euro per month for FF11(You Get 1 Free Month To Begin With)
0.59 Euro per month for Tetra Master (You Get 1 Free Month)
Final Fantasy 11 comes with Tetra Master which is the Card game from FF9 and FF11 has no Single player its a total Multiplayer game
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on 10 February 2004
Now before you criticize me for giving it a rating (which by the way is deserved, and not a rating just because the review needs one), let me say that I do own the game, a US copy imported back in October on it's NA release.
This game IS amazing. For an MMORPG, the graphics are amazing, and it is one of the most addictive games I've ever played, and I've played a lot of games. Although there are some small niggles (eg the control system can be seen as fiddly, the game doesn't introduce the controls as well as other MMOG's) this game is simply brilliant once you get the hang of it. The job system is incredibly versatile and the Sub-Job system allows you custom create your character even further. The integration of Japanese and English speaking players means that there is always a wide variety of players at various levels. THe auto-translate function also allows you to communicate with these Japanese...whilst it is certainly not comprehensive, it is much better than nothing at all.
Almost all of the players are very helpful and nice, so if you start up and are lost, just ask and you'll get some help. Also, the lack of PK means that griefers and PK'ers won't bother you.
You may think that its just another game where you fight lots of monsters, level up, big deal. Wrong. You can try your hand at many other things, such as fishing, cooking, carpentry, smithing etc. And, if you feel the need to unleash hell, there are dozens of huge areas (with many more promised in later updates) for you to fight. Soon sees the addition of PvP between nations, which promises to be very exciting.
Pre-order this game now, or you'll be missing out.
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on 22 September 2004
I have played this game since Day 1 of US release and have to say it's brilliant. Theres alot of games to try out and amazeing spells and Equipment. They kept the orginal Final Fantasy party type system after lv 10 you need to join one but it's really cool. The lag on Bahamut server is very low and alot of friendly players. The Summoning System is BRILLIANT you can control them like in 10 but you can fight too. Avatars(Aeons) can now cast Buff and Debuff spells aswell as there Trait Move(EX: Shiva's Diamond Dust)They have added afew new faces to the Avatars like Garuda the Wind version of Shiva. I love this game theres so much to do you won't get time to cram it all in. Theres lots of quests, missions and EVENTS whioch are held every season. The game really is amazeing and such value for them cost. A*****
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